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CDROM Motor as a USB Controller - Is it possible?

Thanks for the replies. Sorry, I will try and explain better...I have dismantled a few CDROM drives and stripped out the stepper motors that move the lens around. I wanted these to make a mini laser engraving machine (which I have all the parts to do now, but that's another project)I am also making an arcade cabinet and was looking to make my own 'spinner'. The spinner acts like a mouse but with only 1 axis. I figured that it should be possible to use the CDROM stepper motor as some sort of input controller, but getting it's electrical output converted to a digital signal is completely beyond me. It will require some sort of USB controller board obviously. I would be surprised if it was impossible to do.I asked the question partly because instructables was asking for suggestions/challenges and maybe I posted in the wrong place.Something like this USB joystick controller board in the images is what could be used to get a signal to the computer. It is quite basic and accepts on/off signals from microswitches in a joystick (left, right, up, down, fire etc).The bit I have no idea about would be getting a stepped on/off signal from the motor(generator) to the board when the motor(generator) was being turned. It would also be critical to know whether it was being turned one way or the other.Once that signal gets to the board (assuming the board is fast enough to read the fast on/off signals) then it is down to the program running on the computer to do what it will with that information, and that part is not what concerns me here.As you can probably tell from my terminology, electronics is not one of my strengths :)And yes Jack A Lopez, using a stepped motor as a stepped generator. Basically that's what I'm asking how to do and if it is possible to know when each step happens and in which direction. :)

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CDROM stepper motor problem with movement

I have been having intermittent problems with my cdrom stepper motor. I had a four pin motor soldered to a bare copper wire. I used the pins not the little ribbon cable and I left the ribbon cable attached because I figured, as soon as I snip it off I would regret it later. The other end connects to a breadboard that is in line with the stepper input to the EasyDriver motor controller. I have been using GRBL controller on my PC and when I tested it the first time in a vertical position it would just wobble around, not moving up nor down. I thought the stepper motor was bad so I got another one. The second was wired the same way, 4-pins, and it worked in the vertical no problem. Then later, while working on the rest of my project the second cdrom motor that was working did that same wiggle without moving up or down. I realized that the solder connections were very close together and that two pins were electrically connected. I modified the wire to basically a homemade male to male jumper wire. The extra pin made the room I needed to unsolder the two pins. Once again the motor worked up and down with no wobble. I have done nothing to modify the cdrom stepper any further and went to test my motor today after a couple weeks hiatus and once again, wobble with no up nor down motion. At this point I am stumped. I have reason to believe that my solder skills are lacking and that my homemade jumper has broken internally inside my shrink tubing where I cannot immediately see it but If anyone else has had this problem and knows how to rectify it please let me know. I hope there is enough info here laying out my problem and that someone can lead me in the right direction. If it also helps, I have checked my pin out and I do not feel it is backwards or crossed. I checked the resistance between the four pins and the end of my "jumper" and is approximately, 40, 20, 40, 100 ohms for A-, A+, B-, B+, respectively. I am really not sure what these number would mean but my buddy told me to check the continuity from end to end.

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UPDATE: CDROM stepper motor moves up and down now! wiggle problem resolved

To anyone who read my previous post about the CDROM stepper motor wiggling and not moving while being controlled by GRBL and the EasyDriver motor controller, I got that same motor to work. What I did was I completely took off the wiring system of jumpers I had made. I took off the male pins and kept only that. Then, I tinned four new 22 AWG stranded wire (which is a larger gauge than I was using previously), attached the male pins to one end, and soldered the other ends to the motor directly using copious amounts of flux and verifying resistance continuity between all wires and connections. My Take Away: A. The previous gauge wire was too small, B. My splicing of the wire failed miserably, C. The solder pins were in fact touching each other, shorting the system I am guessing that a combo of all three (honestly, mainly B) caused the frustration. Now it is one solid wire from motor to breadboard for each of the four connections. I believe by unsoldering everything and cleaning it up fixed the wiggle jiggle of the CDrom motor. So if you are having these problems with your CDrom motor/ motor controller, check the wiring and the solder joints. I hope this helps anyone having these problems.          

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Can I make helicopter with cd rom brushless motor and is there is any cheap brushless motor driver IC??

I was trying to do a helicopter. When I search internet about that all I found was done by using brushless motor with a module  that costs really high, to me , as I'm a student. So I decided to use brushless motor of my CDROM. Can anyone help to make a helicopter by using this motor. And also I need to know about a Cheap Driver IC or something that acts as a control cirucuit for that brushless.

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how can i use this mac g3 cd rom motor as a power generator?

hi guys im not a wizz at electronics at all, but i would like to use this mac g3 cdrom motor to create electric when spun i see it has some sort of coil inside to propell it around but if i put magnets on the out side could i create power? and also were could i put wires for the out put of power? here is some picks of what i have, ps all power im trying to creat is for leds of somthing not the entire house lol cheers for your help. (SORRY THE PICS ARE POOR)

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