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CMD full screen

I'm new and need help with batching. My question: Is there a command or command line that will make a .bat file full screen with-out going through the properties/defaults for each computer you want it to run on? Thanks much!! Batches Unite!!!!!!!!

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How do you send e-mails through Command or Command Prompt?

Hello Instructablers... I need to know if anyone knows how to send emails through Command or Command Prompt. If you do, please leave an Instructable or how to do it below. I saw this on YouTube somewhere but I can't find it now. Please leave an answer if you know how.

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Cmd Shutdown -i help

Hello Okay i run Cmd as Administrator and i got the correct ip adress that i wont to shutdown. When i try it in the Shutdown-i program stop working and it will not work

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cmd prompt timer command? Answered

The -t function (timer/countdown in seconds) for my cmd prompt is not working properly, is it just me, or is there something wrong? here is the command I was trying to use: shutdown -l -t 15 but when I hit enter, it logs off immediately.  Any suggestions?

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Obtaining Vista CMD Commands

In Vista command prompt, there are loads of commands that weren't there in XP, some of which are needed for a utility program I am writing. I run XP, and therefore am in search of a 'pack' of these added commands that I could download. Know of one?

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Hi! I'm new in batch coding using cmd. I need help. My teacher gave me an exercise where once you put a grade it will show the equivalent standing of that grade: 91-100 - excellent 81-90 -Very Satisfactory 71-80 - Satisfactory 61-70 - Very Good 51-60 - Good 0-50 - Failed ******************* Now I tried the code if %num% GRT 91 echo Excellent If %num% LSS 50 echo Failed But the problem is I don't know how to do with the rest. As per my teacher there's no code such as '<=' or '>=' there are other activities with such problem. I just need to know how to figure this one out then I will be able to to do the rest. Please help me.

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how do i type a path in the cmd(command prompt) to my files that are in a usb (d) drive.

Well i have a file that i want to manipulate using the cmd promt and i cant find the proper term to use to refer to my usb (d) drive to tell the cmd to go to my usb (d). i know how to go to my hard (c) drive but i cant for some reason get to my usb (d) using the cmd.

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How to make a custom CMD window have custom commands (or commands at all) Answered

Hey guys, I made a simple cmd program: @echo off color 0a title %CD% echo DBAC(R) Windows DOS echo (C)Copyright DBAC 2009+ echo. :CMD set /p cmd=%CD%^> %cmd% goto CMD I just have a question: How do I give it commands? Where do I tell it where to find them? If anybody knows, comment please! Thank you! EDIT: Resolved. @echo off color 0a title %CD% echo DBAC(R) Windows DOS echo (C)Copyright DBAC 2009+ echo. :CMD set cmd= set /p cmd=%CD%^> if not defined cmd goto CMD call "%CD%"\Commands\%cmd% echo %cmd%>"%CD%\Commands_Log\%cmd% goto CMD

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bat to .app?

Im making a text based cmd game and i know how to change a .bat to exe, but i was wondering if theres a way to change it to like a .app or .dmg mac extension executable?

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Save feature??

Is there a way to make a save feature in batch?

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Able to color text?

For example your using a computer in the batch game and it prints out something normally the text is black, but is there a way for the computers msg to be yellow

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I have figured out how to make an inbox setup, I just need help. I am not asking for someone to give me the whole answer, but rather help me figure out what the problem is. This isn't the program itself (obviously), just a section Please take a look:if %command% EQU 5 (chdir C:\chdir Documents and Settingschdir All Userschdir Desktopchdir %global.username%IF EXIST Mail.txt (type %global.username%echo You have mail!pause > nulset command=goto AccountPanel) ELSE (echo No new messages.pause > nulset command=goto AccountPanel)For some reason, I can only get it to say "You have no new messages" or "You have mail!" rather than the right one for the situation. Now, It keeps appearing and disapearing in a window whenever I select the number five. All users have the same exact Account Panel, so %global.username% just represents the user that is currently logged on using set globals. I am kindly asking for help, not for someone to do it for me. I know that batch isn't a real scripting language, but it is fun to work with, just... confusing. I am sure I have all of the directories correct. Please help!

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How to calculate the percentage using cmd? to calculate the percentage of two numbers using cmd?

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how can i get the cursor position using cmd?

How can i get the cursor position using cmd?

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CMD Batch Can Anyone Help? Answered

Hey guys i was just wondering how do i make the image start AFTER the last message?my batch is down there@echo offmsg * hellomsg * whomsg * aremsg * youmsg * immsg * themsg * hackermsg * youvemsg * beenmsg * verymsg * badmsg * somsg * immsg * goingmsg * tomsg * teachmsg * youmsg * amsg * lesson!start

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Is there a way to create a messaging system using cmd, but also hide who it came from?

In a school system, everything is monitored. but if there was a way to mask the user, it would be like texting in school. but without the mask, the administrators will know exactly who and where it was from. any ideas?

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What Happened?

I was fascinated by batch programs at the time. It was about 2 months ago. I was copying the code for ScrewTheLotOfYou's Whack-a-Mole file when something I can't explain happened. After I saved the program as Whack.bat, I opened it up and... It was a Notepad program made with cmd type format. It even had a pointer that followed your mouse around! It was a small rectangle that was the opposite color as the thing you were highlighting. You could Open/Save programs and everything! I checked the code for it, but it was the code for Whack-a-Mole. I was mad a first because I couldn;t play the game, and didn't think much of it. Now, the game works perfectly and I'm mad because I can't get back to the Notepad program!

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is it possible to make a .bat file so when you open it it displays a message like hello?

Please help i want it so when you open the file it says hello in the middle of the screen but i also want to know how to get the writing off aswell

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How to give your administrator account full administrative privileges?

I have a basic administrator account on my computer, but I can't access everything for some reason.. Even if I run as administrator. For example.. I can't use the remote shutdown tool because access is denied, then I try "Shutdown -i" the program comes up and all that, but it says that the program is not supported when I try to use it.. Please help.

Question by Mossi  

batch to change .bat to cmd or .exe

I was just wondering how could i make a batch file to convert .bat to .cmd (or .exe if possible) i tryed wtih this but it didnt work @echo off ren %1 *.cmd im just a beginer atm, just learning from examples

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can you give me cool cmd tricks? Answered

Give me cool cmd tricks and your email and I send you $50

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I want a cool, easy to edit batch program that has every thing in it, e.g: change user passwords, apps, ect.

Who can make me one? please hurry!! P.S it needs to be a batch program, not exe. P.S.S i will put your name in it!!!!

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Help me at "for" command (Batch/CMD)

Can anyone help me? I've got a problem with the "for" command. I can't include decimals (like 0,1). Here's the code: @echo off :Start cls echo. & echo. echo Let's play a game! It's called echo NUMBER! Type in any number echo between 1 and 10: set/p "choice=>" for /L %%G in (1,1,10) do if %choice%==%%G goto Add :Wrong echo. echo Choose a number between 1 and 10! ping localhost -n >nul 2 goto Start :Add if %choice%==10 goto Tie set one=1 set /a result=%choice%+%one% echo I choose %result%! ping localhost -n >nul 3 goto Loser :Tie echo I choose 10, too! ping localhost -n >nul 3 echo. echo -=-=-=-=-=-TIE-=-=-=-=-=- echo. echo Press ENTER pause>nul goto Again :Loser cls echo. & echo. echo %result% is bigger than %choice%. echo Sorry, you lose. echo Press ENTER pause>nul   goto Again :Again cls echo. & echo. echo Wanna play again? (y/n) set/p "choice1=>" if %choice1%==y goto Start if %choice1%==n goto End :Sorry echo. echo Choose y or n! ping localhost -n >nul 3 goto Again :End exit The problem is at line 9: "for /L %%G in (1,1,10) do if %choice%==%%G goto Add" With (1,1,10) the sysem can only recognise Integers. So, if you know any way to solve that problem or to make the code more compact, please tell me :P PS: I'm from Brazil, so I'm sorry if there are any grammar mistakes.

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Batch Help(randomization)? Answered

Hello Im workin on a batch file and i would like to have help with with making Cmd randomize between two selected numbers Example: Random 1-10 Answer: 3

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Batch pause command

I was just wondering if there was a way to customize the message in a batch file to say something other then "press any key to continue....." or hiding the message with ">nul" thanks Batchers Unite!!!

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Once again, I need Batch Help

Is there a command that can count the times a code "plays/runs" and then do something with that number? such as....@ECHO OFF echo.Echo HiEcho. pause >nulEcho.:againstart Blah.txtgoto :againIf goto :again = 5 times goto :end <---- concept Idea:end echo.echo now its opened 5 timesecho.pauseNow if it went to again 5 times is there a way that i can send it another anchor in the script?

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Does anyone know how to download the star wars batch file off telnet? Answered

Today I found out about the star wars batch file on telnet.  For those of you who don't know, search it on instructables.  I want to download it for school, but I don't know how.  Does anyone know how to get it?  There was a youtube video but my mom installed a filter that blocks bad sites (I am glad for that) but it also blocks youtube, facebook, etc.  Help!!!!

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how do i hack with out a cmd??

I need to learn how to do things on a school computer but i have no cmd cause you need to be an admin so i need some tips and help please

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Does anyone know a cool CMD console that the background gives a view of the hardware?

The program would be a command prompt and the background of the command prompt would be as if you computer had a glass casing so you could see all the wires and connections and stuff. I don't know if it exists but it would be pretty cool. Or even other cool CMD prompt backgrounds

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General Batch Discussion

The Official Batch Homies Discussion Forum

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I need to make a batch file to run a designated zip program

I need a batch file to run a zip program, select files, then create a zipped product.

Question by Dauntless  

What is wrong in my batch file? Answered

@echo off title Camo echo what is the location of the folder that has the files (e.g C:\x) set /p file=C:\x echo what is the name of the file that you are trying to hide in set /p namefile=picture echo what is the name of the 7z file that you created (including format) set /p zip=File2.7z echo what will be the name of the new picture that will be created containing the files set /p namehider=newpicture echo what is the picture's format? set /p format=PNG cd %file% copy /b %namefile%.%format% + %zip% %namehider%.%format% I am attempting to automate a process that I do manually but can't seem to get the desired result. First i must have 7zip compress a couple files from a specific folder, which, I haven't attempted to write commands for yet (taking suggestions). Next the below is intended to run in CMD using the created zip file and a picture like so cd\ enter cd x enter copy /b Picture.png + x.7z NEWPICTURE.png The product should be deposited back into C:\X

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how to do division and rounding within the string?

Hi all, I am new in scripting and I'm working with a tool which is exactly like windows cmd. My input text file is :     age=min;age_1D_param_min_64;meas_time = My batch file reads the lines from this input and splits the lines by “ ; ” then executes a function with the token and age file from the second field and after all parses the output for the third line. in the following you can see my current batch file:     setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion     for /f "tokens=1,2,3* delims=;" %%a in (input.txt) do ( REM create token file echo.%%a>current.tok     sinoparam -p D:\product\%%b 0x0100001F current.tok> out.txt     for /f %%y in ('findstr /C:"%%c" out.txt ^| sed "s/.*%%c .............. )do SET RESULT=%%y     echo.%%a;%%b;%%c;!RESULT!>>finaloutput.csv     )     GOTO :EOF now I have problem with one string in out.txt which is the result of executing my function:     meas_time =31.9999 in my batch file I want to do the followings: 1.find the value in string dActual_age =31.9999 by findstr/C 2. if the value is lower than 1000 round it and show the result 3. if it’s greater than 1000 first divide it by 32 and then round the result Does anyone know how I can do this ? thanks for any help! HOda

Question by hodarahmati  

Choice command works in CMD but not in a batch file

I was trying to use the Choice command in Windows7 and when I tested it in CMD it worked fine, but when I try to use it in a batch nothing shows up it just stops the batch from doing anything on a blank line. So lets say my batch file was... @echo off echo Hi echo Person choice /c YN /m Will you be my friend? if ERRORLEVEL==2 goto :end if ERRORLEVEL==1 goto :a echo If you see this it failed... :a echo YAY! Pause>nul :end exit Then I would see Hi Person Then nothing after that. It would just be blinking like you have to type in something on a blank line. Any Ideas?

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Batch file-Change the target directory to wherever the file is?

I need to make a batch file change the directory to wherever it is currently stored. I know how to use the "cd" command, but I don't know how to get the current directory of the file. Can someone please help?

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How to remotely shutdown a computer on ANOTHER (EXTERNAL) network?

Just like the question states i am trying to remotely shutdown a computer on another network . basically: MY computer ( ---------> my Router-------> Internet--------> other router (> other computer ( I would not like to use vpn or port forwarding. Any Help is appreciated. ps both computers are running windows 7/10 (dual boot)

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Batch file programming help

Hi, I've been recently working on a batch file program that can multitask, and open and close various programs on command. Currently, the main interface file is called "DBat"(without the quotes, and its a batch, so I guess its really DBat.bat). The folder it is in is on my Desktop, and called "DBat"(no quotes) I would like to make it so that when I open the folder, it automatically runs DBat. How would I do this? To explain it clearer: I open the DBat folder DBat.bat runs Anyone know how I should go about this?

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Web design & development series

Hi, I am web designer & developer form Nederland. I've been looking around here for some time and it seems like there are not many series that cover everthing about how to design and then develop a website. I thought it would be awsome to create a instructsble serie that let's someone develop there own website in pure HTML & CSS. So I have a couple of ideas. - explaining the basics of flat design (todays standard in web design) - creating a website in pure html & css from the ground up - creating a compleet wordpress theme - much more If you like one of the above ideas or if you have one of your own, please let me know. Thanks for reading. And let me know what you think! Greetings from Holland.

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How do you use special characters in cmd?

I'm looking for the arrow (or triangle) symbols to put into a batch program. I know the alt # codes, but I want the codes compatible with ANSI. I have the down arrow, but it's an invisible symbol. Anyone know how to get them? (ASCII numbers are 16, 17, 30, and 31) Thanks!

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external links wrapped &amp; prevented from opening new window/tab with cmd-click or middle click

Any links in an instructable that go an external site use some sort of javascript trick to prevent these links from opening in a new tab if cmd-clicked (on both Firefox & Safari) and middle-mouse button clicked (on Safari). A website should not override standard browser behavior configured by the user.

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Anyone know how to make a bootable USB?

I've done it before using cmd... But now I forget :-/ Anyone know how to make a USB thumb drive bootable using either cmd or a free graphical program?

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how can i make a batch file that will start its source dir?

When i open this batch file i need it to open its source dir

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Batch project

I need people that can script/batch to bounce some ides off of. through ideas out and let them get heard, talk about them, ask for help, I will ask some things along the way I'm sure :D!! Batchers Unite!!!!

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Software that will help with batch programming? Answered

I love to program in batch, but I would like to know if there is a software (Text Editor) directed at people like me (That like batch). A text editor that will correct most errors or that will tell me more info on the different commands OS: Windows 7 Thanks to anybody that answers or suggestions some softwares.

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what are the codes for controlling someone's computer using cmd?

Using remote controll to connect your computer to other computer

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