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Scented Candles

Hey guys. I'm paying my way through college and I'm trying to find a way to make a buck. I'm looking into making scented candles and I'm hoping i can get some answers. 1. How much would it cost to make one candle? (medium sized? 6 inches) 2. How much profit can I expect per candle? 3. Is it in demand enough to make a decent profit? I'll be selling small scale like craft shows and family friends. 4. How are fragrances made? I ask because I want to try some unusual scents. I've got ideas along the lines of freshly mowed grass, bacon, and apple pie. There's some far stranger ones but I need to know if this is even possible. How would i go about making these fragrances. 5. Where can I buy supplies cheaply? Obviously a higher margin for profit is better so I'd like to spend very little. Thanks in advance. Any other tips are helpful.

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Candle Cannon

These guys built a huge version of the AirZooka and are able to send blasts of air strong enough to knock out candles at well over 100 feet. I want to make one! via Neatorama

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fogging candles

Recently I had bought a foogging candle but it does not work as well as I had hoped, so I want to know if anybody has a idea on how to make one that fogs really good. Any ideas would be apprecaited.

Topic by steven123  

Bravit Candle

Has anyone seen those Bravit Candles? I've thought about instead of buying some I'd like to make my own (I could also customize the path of the wick then). Any ideas about the best way to make something like these? I'm thinking fix the wick then pour in a layer of wax,say an inch or two, then cool it. Wait for it to solidify (or mostly) then move the direction of the wick and pour in another layer of wax, wait for it to cool and repeat. Any other thoughts?

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My candles are sinking? Answered

I made some candles earlier today, by melting existing candles and pouring them into a mould ( a pepsi can) 2 hours later this has happened (see below)! Why has this happened and how can I reverse/ stop it?

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LED tapered candles?

Is there any way to make a battery operated flickering LED candle? I've seen them for sale on the net but they cost like $12 a piece? I was thinking 1/2 inch x 9 inch PVC, CPVC or copper tubing with 3 AA's and an LED from a cheap tea light. How do I make it flicker tho? I would like to use these in a candelabra in our church. they don't allow live flame.

Question by shockedbythelight  

Lighting candles on command?

I have an Arduino (not super relevant, I will buy a different controller if necessary) and am trying to design a very unique marriage proposal (hence my throwaway account name and lack of details). I want to know if it is possible to light candles on command using a microcontroller....Has anyone attempted this? The ignition source only needs to work once, and to be as inexpensive as possible so I can scale this up without killing my budget. Thanks for your help!

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LED candle help

Hi folks! This site is so inspiring! I'm looking to hack a battery powered holiday LED window "candle." The missus likes it because it has a timer to shut off automatically after 6 hours; however, we don't like the way the "flicker" looks. We'd much rather bypass the flicker, but the timer and flicker are all on the same sealed bit of circuit. So, my question: is there an easy way to put a tiny (maybe 3/8") 6-hour timer on an LED? Thank you in advance! --Kiribub

Topic by Kiribub  

Hanukah Candles (Left Overs)

Hey guys, I was wondering if a heat pad would work for melting wax. Since each year in Hanukah I use the left over wax to TRY and make candles. Here are the things I did. 2006: Used small tin foil molds. I didn't know how to make a wick then so I just used string. That was a FAILURE TOO. The string or so called wick didn't burn and just went to flames and didn't melt the wax and all it did was stay lit for 5 seconds. 2007: Kept wax and saved 2008: Kept wax and saved 2009: Used wax and try to put two blocks of wood together with a vice and drill a hole through the crack of both blocks of wood. It didn't work like I thought it would. The drill went all the way down the drill bit was atleast 5 in. long and it won't all the way down but when I poured the wax it didn't fill and over flowed. When I opened it up to try and see if there was a candle... well lets just say it turned out to be a half inch tall candle... and was about 1/5 of inch in diameter. I tried the to make a candle in a pot holder and forgot about the hole in the center then all the wax fell on the street and I didn't notice. It was such a pain to clean it off because it was on somebody elses lawn and I didn't want to mess up there lawn. WELL THAT WAS A FAILURE. 2010: This year I'm going to try to make scented candles. I'm going to use Tin Coke cans. I hope this works. I might use a heat pad since my mom doesn't want me to make wax in her cooking pans. If you have any suggestions send me E-MAILS at or just post a message or private message me. I would prefer E-mail since I almost never check this website because I have about 20 other sites I have to check.

Topic by rexdino5  

Does anyone know how to paint on a candle?

What kind of paint can I use to paint permantly on candies?

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Where to buy Candle (parafin) wax on the cheap? Answered

I want to make 3 candles featured in Weissensteinburg's Instructable, How to make Candles. I live in England so I cannot buy candles from 'Joanne's' as Weissenstein did. I am, however, using the same moulding method as he does, so the ammount of wax that I need is around 3/4 of a pound. Mabey 1lb for safety. And no, I can't use eBay or any other online website, because I do not have an account and so I would have to ask my parents to buy it for me, which would defeat the point really... Any tips?

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Candles with external power supply

Hello everybody, hope somebody will be able to help me out or point to a right direction. I have about 40 battery candles that I have to change batteries every month. I was wondering what could I do to convert them to candles with power supply connected to a regular outlet so there wouldn't be a need for batteries. I know there are special candles with external power supplies but the ones I found are in thousands of dollar. These candles go inside large candles made from wax that is a reason why I need long wires. I have attached pictures of the candles. What I would like to do is to connect them with long wires to one or multiply power supplies connected to regular electrical power outlet. One candle holds 4 AA batteries. Could someone recommend what power supply and parts I should get to make this happen? Thanks.

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flicker LED solar candle

does anybody know what brand of LED candle uses a circuit board instead of a flicker LED or a simple flicker circuit so I can build the twinkling star jar?

Question by z28racer    |  last reply

The Useless Machine ( Candle Version )? Answered

Hey Guys, I thought of an idea after watching the most useless machine. Why not make a machine that blows out a candle everytime it senses light near it? Could anyone make a circuit for this? I want it to be that whenever the light senser senses lots of light near it it turns on a dc motor fan. Thanks in advance -Prickly Potato

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Candle Powered Shadow Projector

Ever seen the movie "Sleepy Hollow" starring Johnny Depp?  There is a scene in the movie where a little boy lights a punched tin candle holder, the punches are shaped like cats, witches, scary trees, etc.  The heat from the candle makes the tin slowly spin.....casting scary shadow pictures all over the walls.  This is SO COOL, I have been looking for one for years on ebay, antique shops and such....cannot find one!  This would make a GREAT instructable!

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copper wire vaporization with a candle ?

Hi !This morning, I was wondering what was the maximum temperature of the flame of a simple candle.So, this evening, despite the answer is on the internet, I made some quick and various experimentations of my own, mainly because there was nothing interesting at TV ...I put a wire of tin with a diameter of 1 millimetre over the flame and it liquefied immediately. So I immediately deduced the temperature of the flame was over 505oK ...Then, I tried with a wire of iron with a diameter of 1 millimetre, and it did not liquefied. So, I deduced the maximum temperature of the candle's flame was below 1811oK.Then, I tried with a very thin wire of enameled copper (thiner than a hair), the enamel vaporized in a flash and the copper wire quickly liquefied. I deduced the max temp of the flame was over 1357oK.This gave me a maximal temperature somewhere between 1357oK and 1811oK.Then, I tried with a thin wire of copper (0.2 millimitres), and it liquefied. But I also noticed that, sometimes, there was a green flame adding to the candle's flame.On the internet, they say that coppers flame are green. This would mean that my candle's flame is hot enough to vaporize my copper wire ? and, thus, that the maximal temperature of the candle flame is over 2835oK ?????If so, why can't it liquefy my 1 millimeters iron wire ?=o/

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Glass Coke Bottle Candles?

Hey all,  I was trying to think of a good gift for my mom's birthday, and I had an idea.  While in my basement, I found an old Coca-Cola crate from a restaurant her aunt owned and my mom worked at when she was younger.  I also always keep the bottles whenever I get a "Mexican Coke" (Glass bottle, cane sugar instead of corn syrup, made and bottled in Mexico), and had the idea to make candles out of the bottles and present them in the crate.  I had a few questions though.  The first one, and the biggest is whether or not the candle would burn well in the bottle, and would it get enough oxygen?  The second is if anyone knew a good place to get a Coke/cola scent and coloring for candles.  Any help would be appreciated!  Thanks!

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Candle Powered Shadow Projector

If anyone has seen the movie "Sleepy Hollow" starring Johnny Depp, you must have noticed the scene where the little boy lights the candles in the punched tin can, the can starts to spin from the heat of the candles, and the punched holes in the can are shapes, a cat, a witch, a tree, etc, and these shapes are actually projected onto the walls, projected and spinning very, very slowly.  As you know this movie is set in the late 1800's, so it is not any kind of electrical thing.  I would love some ideas on how to make one of these, I don't even know what they are called, I have looked for one on ebay and here on instructables....I've been calling it a "shadow projector" but that probably isn't right.  It is an awesome little contraption, great for halloween or anytime, depending on the theme of the pictures punched on it.  Any ideas/photos/clues would be appreciated.  Thanks!

Topic by zowi420    |  last reply

Can I use teeny jam jars for candles?

Ive got some teeny 'wilkin and sons' glass jam jars and think they would make really cute candles. though im wondering if they would be too small to be safe. i would most likely use a soy wax as it burns at a lower temperature and maybe a thin wick to keep the flame small. the jars are about the size of a tea light (though the opening wont allow to fit one of those in). anyone got any tips?

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Help!! LED Candles- Magnetic Switch

Hi,I am working on a Play and we need candles. Since we can't have open flames on stage (fire code=lame) So I want to build or purchase some LEDs candles to use. Here's the catch- I want the actresses to be able to "light" the candles. So my idea was to put a rare earth magnetic in a match book and have them hold it near the candle to start up the LED. The only problem is that with all of the magnetic switches I have seen they are momentary. I want to be able to remove the magnetic field and still have the light be on but once I put it back towards the candle I want to turn the candle back off. Any suggestions of a switch like this or any other bright (no pun intended) ideas?ThanksAll comments/ questions/ concerns are welcomed.Thanks again.Joe

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Can you use incense oils in gel-candle making? Is there even a difference between the oils? Answered

I saw some oils at a hippie shop that could be used for incense, and I was wondering if they could be used in gel candle making, or if it wouldn't be considered safe. Thanks for the help.

Question by kmilliron    |  last reply

How to make a led wifi candle

Hi everyone ! I have an idea since a long time but never fine a project to know how to do it but i don't know if the reason is the cost or the doability of the project. I wanted to build a led candle that can be control from a smartphone using wifi and using a battery in a way  that i can make enough candle to made a nice illuminate room. I have found this but it uses bluetooth : But to put 12 of this in a room it cost 200$ so not really worth it. So if someone has an idea how to make it and how much it can cost i would really appreciate. Thanks in advance

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Necklaces, Journals, Candle Holders and Paintings!

I make all kinds of fun stuff out of hemp, polymer clay, CD covers, etc! Check out my site for pics and descriptions ---> http://thickneckarts.etsy.comFree shipping on most items! Mention this ad and get 25% off!

Topic by thickneckarts  

Need a LED circuit to simulate candle

Hey guys, I'm hoping somebody here can help me out. I'm a newbie when it comes to electronics and whatnot. I can read basic electronic schematics (I know symbols for resistors, LEDs, ground, etc). What I'm wanting to do is create some Halloween decorations for my niece and nephew and their friends, which is basically a hand held lantern that has flickering LED's behind frosted glass to give the appearance of a flickering candle. There are several nice instructables I've found here that cover LED flickering, but at most they're dealing with things I'm not really comfortable with (555 timers and other IC's, programmable chips that use hex coding, etc). The effect I'm looking for is a red LED that doesn't flash along with a orange and yellow LED that do flash to give the appearance of a flickering candle flame. I've found a few places that sell these kinds of kits, but I'd only prefer to buy them as a last resort. Since I'm building several of these lanterns by hand, it would really be easier if I could buy several parts (LED's, resistors, caps, etc) and put them all together myself to save money. As I understand it, you can vary the values of the caps and resistors to get not only varying times of flash, but also a fade in/out effect. I think using a 555 timer would probably be easiest to get random flash patterns for the yellow and orange LED's. I'm not opposed to using a 555 timer, it's just I've never used one before and it's been difficult looking at the instructables here that feature 2 LED's that flash or 40 LED's flashing and trying to figure out how I add a solid non-flashing LED into the mix. Would it be simplest to simply buy a flashing orange and yellow LED and then use a cap and resister of varying amounts attached to a battery along with the non-flashing red LED to achieve this affect? Or would it just be simpler to use a 555 timer with two regular LED's to make them flash, and then wire the red LED I don't want flashing outside of the timer's circuit (I guess parallel to it so it still runs off the same battery?). I had considered using 5mm LED, though I'm honestly not sure how bright these would be. I'm not wanting the room to light up like the ceiling light was turned on, but bright enough to definitely be noticeable. I'd also prefer to either run these off of a 9v battery for mobile use or wire up a 12v DC adapter to it for a more permanent solution. I've seen a few sites that offer "single flasher led" schematics, but again, I just don't know how to add another LED to that circuit to have two that flash at different intervals as well as how to add a third LED to it that WON'T flash. I've also seen people use the modified LED tea candles, but again, that is a single LED and I just don't know how to combine that with another (or 2+) LED's in a circuit so they all operate safely off of the same power source. If anybody could lay out the diagram for the three LED's (or if you think it would be brighter to use 2 of each of the 5mm LED's I want to flash for a total of 5 LED's) along with either the r/c circuit or the 555 timer circuit, I'd greatly appreciate it. Like I said before, I've scoured through all of the flashing LED tutorials here, and while they're all really great, there aren't really any that fit my needs and because I'm a novice with this, I don't know how to take the information that's given and apply it to my needs :(. Maybe I need layman's terms for the setup lol. I'm sorry if this is all long winded and a long read, I just wanted to supply as much info as I could to make sure I was (hopefully) understood fully :)

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I need help finding instructions on turning candles.

I've been looking everywhere for details on what kind of tools and wax to use. Anyone know any good sites or instructables?

Question by kissingfrog    |  last reply

Oil to Wax?

Hello! There is a home way to turn vegetal oil into wax? Or in any solid form that can be used to make candles? I want use the oil in candles, but I have fear of an accident with the "common" oil candles. Thanks for your time!

Question by infob  

What is Wax Made Of? Answered

I have an idea that could ultimitly stop the energy crisis and/or global warming, but it involves how renewable candles (aka wax) are.

Question by NicOmbra    |  last reply

How to get candle wax out of the carpet?

I knocked a burning candle off a side board and the wax has made a mess of our new carpet.

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c. 1978 Spencer's Gifts Water Candle

Back in the late 70's Spencer's Gifts sold something called a "Water Candle". It was actually a wax sculpture made to look like stalagmites with a regular candle on the inside. When lit the flickering candle shone through the translucent wax. The sculpture itself didn't melt and the candle could be replaced. Does anyone know where there is any info (especially pictures) of this type of thing.

Topic by pwiecek    |  last reply

how to blow out candle with mouse trap?

1. design and build a machine that will put your birthday candle out by setting off the mousetrap. Must have a diagram labeling your project. 2. the candle and mousetrap must be one meter apart from each other (39 inches) no more, no less. 3. you must have at least 4 simple machines in your invention. the mousetrap does not count as one of them 4. only the machine between the mousetrap and candle count as part of your 4 machines. 5. you may use any household item you choose as long as its appropriate for school. you must use the following but are not limited to 1 birthday candle 1 mousetrap at least 4 different simple machines

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Can zippo wick be used as candle wick?

Was looking for a longer burning wick than just cotton. It was suggested that zippo wick might work. Is zippo wick a fire safe wicking for candles? And if so ... Is there a wax recipe (soy, oils, etcettera added to wax) that works best with a zippo wick? 

Question by JenniferL105    |  last reply

Softening Candle Wax (lost wax casting)

Well, I made my first lost wax casting yesterday using lead, and a Plaster of Paris mold. It worked great, except that I didn't have enough lead. But, after searching on the great web, I realized that the wax I used was much harder than what the sculptors use. Why is this? Is it a different type of wax? I searched Google, and couldn't find anywhere to get the wax I needed. Maybe I typed in the wrong name. I don't know. I'd much rather use my own wax, as my mom has a stockpile of large-er sized candles that softened and deformed in the Florida sun. How would I soften it, other than heating it in water? Is that water method thing how they normally do it? I'm really into melting metal, and want to do more casting, so can someone help?

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How do I heat an exposed wire to cut candles?

Hello, I am a first time questioner, hope this is in the right place. I enjoy making candles, but the bases are never even, and my attempts to level are even worse.  I want to use a turntable and somehow pass a current through a suspended wire (like in a toaster?) enabling an even cut, but not resulting in an insurance claim because I burned the house down. Any ideas? thanks

Question by fasteryoufool    |  last reply

Is there a way to make a candle scented by my favorite perfume?

I have a perfume that smells AMAZING that I'd love to put into a candle to scent my bedroom. Do I just pour in a little when I pour a candle?

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Candle Holders from Patching plasetr, Drywall compound

Every year we buy candles and it seems the candle holders we have are too big or too small to hold the candles securely enough. At this time last year, I was doing a lot of fixing up using various types of plasters.  So I just mixed up some of the compounds into big balls and stuck candles into them. I took out the the candles. And when they dried, I had candle holders that worked. I liked the concept but tlack the artistry to work this up into a simple, safe, pleasing project. 

Topic by Wilmette    |  last reply

Has anyone ever recycled the tea light candle containers into craft projects?

I have 1000 of these small tea light candle containers, and was wondering if anyone ever recycled them into any craft projects (except new candle holders)???

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[newsletter] Racing Lawnmower, Electronic Candles, Willow Whistle...

July 17, 2008 Sign-up for this newsletter: function openSubscribePopUp(src){ var emailValidate = /\w{1,}[@][\w\-]{1,}([.]([\w\-]{1,})){1,3}$/ if(emailValidate.test(src.value) == false){ alert("Please enter correct email"); return; }"/newsletter/newslettersignup?email=" + src.value,"newslettersignup1","status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=420,height=250"); } Welcome back! The next round ofBurning Questions has begun! If you've been struggling tothink of an Instructable to do, we've taken care of the topics for you. Wina t-shirt and a bumper sticker!The winners from the Lonely Planet Travel Tips Contest havebeen announced. Seewho won!Be sure to enter theInstructables Book Contest to get published or theHorny Toad Invent-a-Sport Contest to win some sweet clothesfrom Horny Toad! How to design and build a combatrobot by gneedel Super Summer BBQ Supper Deluxe! by supersaddy How to make a racing lawnmower by mowerracer Digital Picture Frame by micahdear Full Color Stencil Art withHalftoning by kylemcdonald SOCBOT - the next generationvibrobot by biochemtronics Willow Whistle by shoemaker Make a CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutter by tbarnea How to Make a Kubb Set by fungus amungus Steampunk tennis rackets by KaptinScarlet iPhone Retractable Headphones by engineerable How to build the one motor walker! by robomaniac See who won! Six Instructables for theiPhone Get published in the Instructables book! Electronic Birthday BlowoutCandles by cedtlab Easy Cutting Propagator by shellberry Cadence Meter For Your Bike<$12 by Sailor Bob Fingernails portraits (laser etch) by lamedust Now go make somethingawesome, and I'll see you next week! -Eric Sign-up for this newsletter: function openSubscribePopUp(src){ var emailValidate = /\w{1,}[@][\w\-]{1,}([.]([\w\-]{1,})){1,3}$/ if(emailValidate.test(src.value) == false){ alert("Please enter correct email"); return; }"/newsletter/newslettersignup?email=" + src.value,"newslettersignup2","status=yes,scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,width=420,height=250"); }

Topic by fungus amungus  

how do I remote control light a candle?

I was hoping to light a candle using some kind of remote control. It can be wired. It's to a candle suspended in mid air using chains. I wanted to light it remotely for special effect. :) Would appreciate any thoughts on this! Thanks very much!

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Request: Instructable to make candle wax from vegetables

Greetings, I would like to know how to make wax from vegetables. Thanks

Topic by NeuroPulse    |  last reply

How to remove Candle Wax from Eye Glasses?? Answered

My wife dropped her eye glasses in a candle with melted wax. She attempted to scratch it off but can’t remove all of it and probably scratched them somewhat. I was thinking maybe dipping them in some boiling water to melt the wax. Anyone have any other ideas?

Question by keydogstony    |  last reply

candle's black smoke deposit seems not to be electrically conductive

(This is the first topic of the "failed experiments" group.)I was wondering if the black smoke of the candles could be electrically conductive (carbon) when deposited as a layer over a piece of glass.After a quick and basic experimentation, it seems it is not.Here is how I proceeded :- I've put a piece of glass over the flame of a candle so a black smoke deposit appear on its surface.- I did so that it becomes opaque (if you want to try, be careful that the piece of glass may break because of the heat)- then, I used two crocodile clamps to make the contact (I've put a certain depth of aluminum foil between the claws of the clamp and the piece of glass)- then, I tried to measure the resistance with a multimeter, but the multimeter displayed no value at all.

Topic by chooseausername    |  last reply

120v light circuit that flickers and dims - imitating candles?

I want to build a device that plugs into a wall plug then to plug in a lamp that makes the light flicker and dim just a little. Not a whole lot. Scary effect. Schematics please? Dont want to buy. I'm going to plug in 400w all together into this device. -I am running 6 lights that are all the same. I not going to replace them with actual flickering lights. I would like for them to flicker at the same time at night for scary effect.  Thanks-

Question by alpe_97    |  last reply

old candles un used or half used bad condition good condition

Im looking for old candles un used or half used bad condition good condition as they are items of not much value i would like them for free

Topic by JACKBARRY    |  last reply

how can I do a bicolor led on/off candle whit a ldr and a 555?

I need do this for my school but i don't have any information

Question by mariaflorencia    |  last reply

Does anyone know where to get LEDs with ICs that flicker like candles?

 Like those used in electronic tea lights / candles? I'm only looking for the LEDs, and not the entire candle package.

Question by GOwin    |  last reply

sutaible title??

What would be a sutaible title for a arduino controller flickring LED candle

Question by oallaa    |  last reply

Looking to buy 8-10 hour emergency candles anyone know where to buy some?

I am looking to buy some 8-10 hours emergency candles for a survival pack I'm putting together. Does anyone know where to buy some cheaply? I don't want to have to buy it off Amazon or eBay.

Topic by BLUEBLOBS2    |  last reply