barebones car charger

Hey guys and gals. this is my first post and i'm thinking you can really help me out. i'm working on a project for which i need a basic car charger. i'm trying to install a male and a female on opposite ends of some tubing and have sections be stackable one on top of another. for now i can take an old male phone charger and dremel it down and gut it but i'd like to eventually have a place that i can purchase a (preferably) vacant male car charger and an unattached female sleeve. if anyone has seen something out on the interwebs that is anything close to barebones please let me know! Thanks, Abraxas

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convert a DS car charger to a USB charger

I am changing my old DS car charger to a USB charger for my MP3 player. The charger puts out 5.2 volts, is that safe to use with my 5 volt MP3 player our should I add a resistor to the circuit?

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bike charger

I ride on a bicycle patrol around my neighborhood three times a week.  (6-8 miles, good exercise) I also have another bike with a Wilderness Motor on it.  (36 V, 600 Watt motor) I don't use the Wilderness bike much anymore, but how could I wire a gizmo to charge some AA and/or AAA batteries?

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Battery charger help

As some of you may already know, I'm planning on building an electric car this summer. Its all planned out, but instead of using regular transformer based chargers I was wondering if someone could help me design a transistor based charger to reduce weight. Requirements 48 or 72 volts Needs to charge marine deep cycle batteries over night Needs to not have a transformer. Needs to be relatively small (under 1 cubic foot) Needs to be simple enough for me to build myself (I can do it if you can design it) Can anyone give me some links or some good schematics for this? Thanks

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Charger circuit

Hey there, I'm planning to build a portable stereo speaker box thingy (you know what I mean). In order to power the 2x10W amplifier I want to use a 7.2V 1400mAh battery pack from an old RC car. As the housing of the box will be sealed I want to implement a mechanism to charge the pack. For this I wanted to achieve 3 things: -If the Power-Switch is turned on, the amp should be powered from the power line -If the Charge-Switch is turned on, the battery pack should be charged -If both of the switches are turned on, the amp should receive power from the power line while the battery pack is being charged. I have thought of the following cabling (see attached picture for a schematic) The blue box is the amplifier, the green box the battery pack and the orange connectors are tamiya connectors (the ones for RC cars) The first switch (marked in green) is a normal DPST switch which establishes the connection with the power line as well as the connection with the battery The second switch is a SPDT switch and activates either the connection between the battery and the amp or the connection between the power line and the battery. Will this work the way I think it will or does this configuration any faults? If the latter, what can I do I have to change? I'm actually really new to electronics, this if my first project so forgive me, if this setup is actually BS Cheers and sorry for the long post ^^'

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Car Alternator Battery Charging

Here is an alternator. 75 amp 12 volts. But i m not sure how to connect the 3 wires.. what i know is that screw in black plastic case is battery +ve and alternator body is battery -ve, Please guide me how to use other 3 wires ( green black and yellow). Thankx in advance ;)

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DC Charger Voltage Drop?

Hey all! Long-time lurker, first-time poster. I don't have any instructables up on the site, but I have used many and I do have a biting question....currently, I am trying to create a USB car charger for my MP3 player out of an old CD Car Power Adapter. The MP3 player is a Creative Zen V, so it, of course, usually just charges on my computers with a USB to Mini-USB cable. In the next few months, I am picking up a new stereo for my car with an Aux. input and as I like recycling anything I can, I figured I could just make a charger myself so I could keep my player charged when I'm driving. The old CD Car Power Adapter in question has an output of 6V DC at 500ma. From my research, USB operates on 5V DC at a maximum current of 500ma, so the adapter I have seems almost perfect...? My question is this, how would I lower the voltage of the adapter from 6V to 5V? My second question is, I've read conflicting information on a number of, IS my information that USB 2,0 operates at a maximum of 500ma correct? If any of you folks would happen to know, and be so kind as to answer, I would be very grateful! I don't want to end up accidentally frying my player!

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Car charger FUSE melted - WHY ???

Hi ... could someone explain me, why may car charger FUSE has been melted down ??? I was using it several times, and suddenly I realised, that it doesn't work. So I have inspected the fuse, and the wire in the middle was completely melted - a lot of small drops. I have changed the use ... it worked 3 times and again. The next one as well. Unfortunately I can't tell you, if it stops work when the charger is in the socket and I start the engine or by having the engine already running and then trying to put the charger in the socket. I think, I did both of those situations ... but I'm not sure. But WHAT COULD CAUSE THE MELTING of the fuse, when before it was working OK ??? Thank you in advance, Zholy

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how can I charge my car battery without a another car or a charger?

My car battery is dead. I can't get a jump and I don't have a charger. Is there any other way?

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how to make a mobile charger into a usb charger for ipod?

Iwant to make a charger for my ipod a mobile charger

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how do i make an automatic voltage regulator for charging car batteries?

I've made a charger but i think its overcharging my battery and ruining it. (reducing its life.) is a voltage regulator the right way to go ? how ?

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Do USB power supples use power when not plugged into anything?

I have a little 12 volt battery and I am going to connect a car charger usb power adapter to it.  My question is: do they consume even the tiniest amount of power while plugged in but not connected to a usb device.  Will it drain my battery parasitically? Thanks  

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Any Power Source USB Charger

So here what I have in the works, I'm trying to make a pocket sized gadget that will charge a USB device from anything,  Normal 110v AC, And anything from 4 AA Batteries to a 28v Cordless tool battery,  to a Car Battery, Solar Panel in the middle of Mars, etc, Anything giving off Between 6-35V (Be nice if I could find a 7805 that had a Vin (Max) of 40V, Several manufacturers make 36v cordless tools) . I'll use alligator clips to attach to the battery of choice, and I'll throw in a Diode bridge to make it idiot proof. I plan on having a switch between an AC and DC Circuit. And of course, I'll throw a decent sized heat sink on the regulator. Any Suggestions? I'm not the most electrical savy person out there, so if you foresee any problems, let me know.

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Mobility Scooter 24 volt charger from 12 volt car

Can anyone give me a cct diagram to make a 24volt charger to plug into my car cigar lighter socket please. I carry my mobilty scooter in my car and it is very difficult to keep taking it out, or taking the battery pack off to bring it into the house to charge it so it would be a great boon to me if I could be charging this whilst drivng. I can make a pcb if I can get a cct. Grateful thanks in anticipation. Tony

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can you convert any random car charger to a mini usb car charger?

I have a couple of car chargers with the right voltages and ma outputs, but the tip(part you plug into the phone) is not the right one. I would like to know if there is a way to convert a random car charger by cutting off the tip i don't need, and install a mini usb tip, so I can charge my phone. Thanks

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Coleman car Jumpstarter charger wallmart voltage ? Answered

I have the circuit out of one of these , I see that it can charge a 12v 7.5 amp sla, what is the voltage of ne of these that wallmart connects to the charging circuit model PMJ8160 Coleman thanks, if no reply I will try a 12v 500 ma wallmart as this curcuit has a lm324n which boosts voltage to i think 13.5 etc. thanks all.

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Nokia Car mobile charger to Sony USB player NW-E005F

Car mobile charger to Sony USB player NW-E005F I required circuit drawing

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Is there a way I could convert a cell phone's car charger to a charger I could use in an outlet found in my house? (How)

I dug around and found an old Motorola cell phone, and it's accompanying car charger (or adapter, whichever suits you). I want to make it into an adapter that will plug into an outlet (wall outlet, etc.). I ended up cutting the car adapter off, and stripping the wires. Just about 5-6 inside. I take an old Gameboy SP charger and cut the end off of that, just two wires. You can see where I hit a problem. Anyway, if you're about to ask what's the output voltage on the car adapter, I couldn't find it. I just noticed... if it sounds like I have no idea what I'm doing... I have about half an idea. Simply put: What's the best way to do this. Wasn't too sure if you need a part number or something, because I don't have a camera. Car adapter: SYN7818A

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your thoughts wanted for making usb car charger using an old usb computer port

Its been 20 yrs since my electrical class so I'm a little rusty on it. What I'm wanting to to is make a usb charger for my car using a duel usb port from an old computer each usb port has a separate cable that used to plug into the mother board I'm wanting to use the old usb cables and run a series to parallel circuit 12v power supply cigarette light to a 5v voltage regulator my question is will i need a regulator for each usb port (see picture "B") or just one with 2 positive and 2 negative wires going to each usb wiring connector?(picture "A") please forgive my not to scale horrible drawings

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I was wondering if anyone was familiar with what type of battery a jeff gordon 1/6 scale rc car uses

Hi my friend has on of these RC cars and has the car and the battery but no charger and i have looked all over the internet.  i cant seem to find any specific information on the battery or what type of charger it uses

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Car Battery Charger for strobe light power source?

We want to string a bunch of flashing lights along a building wall. We figure at most 30 lights on a run, evenly spaced along a 100 length. The wires will be one black and one red, starting at the power source. The lights are Seco-Larm SL-126, 12 V DC, 200mA each. Can we use a generic car battery charger to power these lights? Assuming the battery charger has enough amps for 30 lights? The lights will be turned on only for an hour or two, then off until the next event. Is it as simple as a car battery charger? Something like a NAPA NBC 85525?

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USB DC Car Charger load question...

Hey all! I'm a long-time lurker that is about to horribly attempt to create an instructable, but I had some biting questions I wanted to ask first before I went ahead with it :) My intention is to make a USB car charger for my MP3 player....I know, I know, there are many on here already, but mine is a bit different. I had made a thread awhile ago ( ) asking about how I could lower an old 6v 500ma charger I had down to 5v so it wouldn't fry any MP3 players/etc I connected to it to charge, I learned that I couldn't really just drop the voltage of that charger as 5v regulators (which I didn't have at the time) need an input of 7v to work...and the charger would only provide it with an input of 6v. Back to the drawing board! I found a 5v regulator on an old IBM Mwave ISA sound card/modem. Drawing on Nachomahma's suggestion of just running the car's 12v directly into the 5v regulator, I have stripped the old casing of a cigarette lighter adapter empty and will use that as an enclosure fo put my charger in. Theoretically all I would need to do is hook up the ground and 12v from the adapter plug to the regulator and run that regulator into a USB port...however, this is where my question/difference occurs. As I am a n00b with electronics, basically, I looked up other car chargers on this site. Most use phone chargers which already output 5v 500ma. I've been told that tieing my regulator directly into the 12v of the car will give it an output of 1A and that the MP3 player will automatically only draw the current it needs (500ma). My problem is this: My MP3 player is a Creative Zen V, which apparently requires some sort of "load" to get it to charge. This load exists when coming from the USB port on a computer, but I am not sure how to create this load on the USB port on my charger? I had found this Instructable ( ) which seems to solve my problem, but as the pinout is different (they used 2 mini-USB ports and a 5v input), and as I said, I am a n00b at electronics, I am not sure if it really helps me or not. My question is, how would I get the load I need in order to get my Zen V to charger? Cheers, thanks for taking the time to read my novel (I like to be a bit too detailed :P )and thanks to anybody who tries to help :)

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how to make a toy car with a motor?what do you need?

What kind of tools you need? what kind of metal do you need?how do you put it together?

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12 volt charger for dvd screen

I am using a small screen from a car dvd player as a monitor for my digital movie cam rig. it works fine except that i need to power it with some kind of rechargable battery pack. i am using the car battery at the moment. not very efficient. any ideas how i can do this. it was built to be pwered by the cigarette lighter. thanks guys

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adjustable AMP car battery charger+ carbon rod= welder?

Is this a good idea?  It goes up to 200 amps. Thanks in advance for your answers

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How to convert solar car trickle charger to usb/battery charger?

I would like to know how I could convert one of these solar car battery trickle chargers to a charger that could charge ideally AA and/or AAA batteries but have a female usb port to charge usb powered devices. The point of storing the power in portable batteries would be that it would then double up to charge those batteries if I ever needed to charge them. I do want to spend as little as possible and buy as few parts to do this as possible. I understand that larger batteries would be able to store more power but it would then mean it would not charge AA or AAA batteries and make the whole thing a lot bulkier and expensive. I have a choice of solar trickle chargers being 12V/12W, 12V/4W, 12V/2.4W and 12V/1.5W. They come with crocodile clips and a cigarette lighter plugin. I also have an unrelated usb charger (with female usb port) that can plug into a cars cigarette lighter so Im not sure if it would be possible to attach the usb section to the solar panels cigarette lighter plugin. I also have a usb charger that plugs into the mains. I know almost nothing about circuits. The general point is to be able to make the charger as multi-purpose as possible, like being able to charge batteries or usb powered devices but without making it awkward to use or un-portable. I have looked at the related instructables but im unsure how you could change the voltage to make it safe for the batteries/usb port etc. thanks

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Small variable power supply from car charger?

A friend of mine gave me a bunch or car USB charger used in his company to charge the tablets and phones the delivery drivers use. His problem was that they ordered 10 exclusive for Apple products and 15 generic ones that have the standard 1amp/2.1amp USB outlets. I was asked to take a look and see if the problem is easy to fix. Long story short it was as apart from 2 blown fuses they all suffered from bad solder connections for the cigarette  lighter contacts that failed. Anyway I looked the chips up used to regulate it all and to my surprise the datasheet said they are "variable" from about 0.3V to the max supply voltage of 32V or even 40V. Checked two of mine and same story for one, the other is dirt cheap unregulated and only used to charge a flashlight. But it made me wonder... Since the output voltage is created with a simple resistor divider giving the right feedback voltage it is very easy to adjust them to whatever might be required. Could be a far better option than our standard adjustable voltage regulators and easier plus cheaper than building your own circuit. All the benefits of short circuit protection, under voltage shut off and self regulated max power to prevent overheating for 5 bucks from the next china shop. Give it a go one day before you power wasting old school regulators ;)

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Is 6v too much for an ipod 5th gen video?

I have a 6v charger, just wondering if i could run that to a usb port and charge my ipod from that. will it fry it? planning on running it to a female usb plug then just plugging up ipod with usb cord.

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can someone make a tank super charger for a nitro rc car?

I want the xtra performance out of my car

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Car phone charger works in a 12v car port but explodes from a 12v DC adapter?

I've got a lighting project that is powered by a 12v power supply and is driven by a 5v arduino. I want to minimize the amount of wiring I run to the project and power the arduino from the 12v power supply. One of the instructables recommended to use a simple car phone charger. 12-24v to 5v. Well I did and the thing exploded. I checked the polarity (bought a few of them) and it's correct, there's also an onboard LED for indicating power on. Thing lights up, works for a second and smoke starts coming from the IC.What is so different between the car 12v and DC adapter 12v?the onbaord IC is ADB85063

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Mobile charger from wind/air like windmill

Hi All, I want to make mobile charger with wind power like when i am bike/car/public transport at 60km/hr, i should able to charge my mobile. power genrated should be 5 volt at 2 amp. Could you provide me idea to construct one?

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Rewire car charger to UK mains electricity socket

Hello there, I have a 12V air compressor pump which I would like to use inside the house. It's designed for pumping up car tyres, so it has a car cigarette lighter plug, but I think it would be useful for cleaning out the dust from my computers. I've seen a few mains adapter converters on the internet, but none of them have the required amperage (16 amps). I've decided it would be more useful to convert it to a mains plug instead. My knowledge of electronics wiring is poor, but I'm a dab hand at tutorials, I just need to know where to start! :) Would anyone be able to give me some advice? The device is here if anyone wants some background: Thank you! James

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What usb cord do I need to use a Battery Charger with USB Output for the HTC EVO 4G in my car dash board usb port?

I have a Universal Battery Charger with a USB output 5.2Vd.c.800mA. I would like to be able to use this charger in my car, in the USB port on the dash board, so I could charge the batteries out of the phone and in the battery charger while traveling. 

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Using Circuit to Charge Car Battery - What Should I Connect to ground?

I took a charger that matches what I need to charge a car battery.  The charger uses a transformer and has 3 connections, as does the battery it's intended for (+/-/T).  When I plug the + and - alone with the original battery, the switch kicks in and the charger doesn't charge.  When I plug all three, it charges fine. What can I do to charge the car battery? It only has a - and + and when I plug it in, I can hear the same switch kick in and it won't charge. I need to do something with that earth conncetion. I thought of plugging it to an 'earth' in the wall but I don't want to inadvertently introduce high voltage to the circuit. I sketched the circuit in my process to get here, here it is (hopefully correct :) )-

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LED Strip connected to car 12v port and isn't lighting up?

So i bought an LED strip which was rated at 12V, i connected it to the wall and they lit up, i then got a car charger which was 12V and wired it up, and they don't light up. The car charger itself has its indicator LED glowing and i checked with a voltmeter that it was supplying the 12V. I cannot seem to figure out for the life of me why they aren't lighting up? Any ideas?

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usb charger that gets power from a 12v battery of a car or truck? Answered

I would like to know the components i would need to make a portable usb the battery would be off of a 12v car or truck battery that will be constantly charging  by the alternator(i drive a forklift all night).i would like to be able to charge my phone and my hmdx speaker or any other usb device.i would like to fit it all in an altoids can if possible.Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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how to bypass the safety on a battery charger?

Ive been working on a cd welder for battery tab.. very simple car audio capacitor with a battery charger. today i rebuilt the whole thing with new leads wiring and new battery charger that will shut off when it hits a full charge. now it wont charge at all because it apparently wont charge anything thats not a car battery with proper voltage already existing. since the capacitor dumps the charge and leaves nothing, the charger just thinks there is nothing there. can anyone give me a crash course in float chargers and how they work so i can single out what i need and bypass everything else

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My car charger for my iphone died. Does anyone have plans for a homemade one.

All the ones sold in stores are made in china and i don't buy communist. i know the phone was made there.....?

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What's the best method of charging a car battery? Answered

I have a 12v car battery (not using in a car) and I also have a fancy charger (I use this to charge batteries for RC vehicles) that can alter voltage, current, end voltage and so on. What voltage and current should I charge at, and what should the voltage be when it's fully charged (so I know when to stop)? (the charger suggests 14.7v) thanks Jack

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Altoids Tin Can Charger

Hi, ive made an Altoids tin can charger awhile back and it chargers all my devices but my iphone 5s? Its charges my iphone 5, 4, 4s, and every ipod. What circuitry do i need to allow my charger to charge my iphone 5s? Right now i have a 5v regulator and 2x 200ohm resistors off the positive lead into the positive, data -, and data + connections. Should i add capacitors on the inputs and outputs of the 5v regulator?  The only reason i build my own chargers is because i take long trains rides and flights and i use my rc car 5000mah battery that can last me a week, i put all the circuitry in an Altoids can to hold it together.  

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iphone solar charger (again)

Have read through alot of topics but cant find my question answered... If i use 5v solar panels, with lets say 1000mA  power, and simply solder wires from panels to a female usb connector ex. if i buy a usb extension (male one end /female other end) and cut away the male part and solder the other female part to panels would this simple circuit charge a iphone ,,or would there have to be other electronic parts involved to make charging happen? If this does not work , im thinking of buying a car usb socket and solder to 12-15v panels ,   that should be bombproof as long as you now that the specific socket works with iphone right ? Downside of that , as i read somewhere on the net is that you loose power when transforming current down from 12 to 5v ? is that right ok hope someone has got a answer to me  regards

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How do car alternators work?

I am working on way to charge electronics at long festivals.  There is no electricity and then my camera dies.  My solution is to bring a car battery and charge USB devices using car power/usb power adapter. My questions is about charging car batteries.  I noticed that the highest charge setting on my wall-power car charger is 6 amps.  A car alternator on the other hand supplies 65 amps.  Why such a huge difference?  When you jump start dead car battery and then charge the battery with the car running the alternator is the battery really charging at 65 amps?  That is 10 times more current than from a wall charger.

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What is the output current (limit) of a typical USB car charger???? Answered

I need to power 2 hard disks in the field. Power requirement: 900 mA each. For the 5V connection, I want to convert the 12V power input with one or more car USB chargers. I need to know if one or more chargers in parallel (how many??) are needed. I have sufficient 12 V juice (small lead acid battery). Additional: for surges in power consumption, do I need to add a capacitor? What would be the rating? Do I have to wire it in series or across? (Sorry I'm a layman in electronics...)

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Led notification button using USB car charger

Here an challenge that I am struggling. I do have understanding of how to put things together based on parts buying. Yet I do not have good idea of how to literally create from scratch. Hope someone can walk me through to create interesting concept.  So I was wondering if can use USB car charger to power a led notification system with light on when button pressed and light off when let go the button.  Specifics requested: 1. Button need to have ability to tolerate abuse and free from getting caught by any fabric or strings.  Want this button  - Avoid this button - 2. Any Led will do. Please give me options of two set of led.  3. Power supply needed.   Preferred USB car charger (charge my phone too) Similar to - Any car charger will do if USB is too complicated.  Try avoid battery at all cost.  4. Step by step as how to wire the whole thing. Do not understand those schematic outlet unless actual pictures instruction.  I have spent few hours on Google but just couldn't put puzzle together. So want to ask the community my burning question. Then I will be up for the challenge to really build it. I do have tools to build anything. Just need schematic step by step by genius like you.  Then I will post WHY I asked this question. Thank you in advance. 

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