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MR-B gun

Does anyone think they can make a well working replica for this gun made out of K'Nex?  I myself could probably make this, but due to a recent fire, I'm low on K'Nex, so I'd like to know if anybody is capable of doing that. This was the only picture I was able to find so sorry if it's a bit unclear.

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I thumbtack gun?

I need a guide on how to make a thumb tack gun out of office supplies?

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Ghost 3.0 or Z35?

What's better, Seleziona's Ghost 3.0 or the legendary Oblivitus's Z35 K'Nex guns?

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Skewer ammo tip?

How can I make a good jumbo paperclip tip for skewer ammo thats used for a skewer gun? Any places I can find a guide?

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What to do with pocket calculator insides?

What should I do with my calculator insides? The calculator wwas shaped like a ruler and it has an LCD screen, a circuitborad, a battery, some wires and a solar cell, but I have no idea what to do with it.

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