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Christmas lights question? Answered

Is there anyway to set up 2 strands of christmas lights so that when one is on the other is off and then they switch every couple of seconds.?

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LED Christmas Lights?

I'm a freshman in college right now and I really want to spruce up my suite and room a little for Christmas. So Christmas lights would come to mind to display at my suite's door, but because of fire hazard rules/laws we can't have extension cords. I think I also read that we can't have Christmas lights period. So I started thinking I could make something out of LED lights to attach to our door so people walking by can see. I was thinking maybe an outline of a Christmas tree made of green LEDs would be cool or putting LEDs inside a wreath to light it up. Which would be the best way for me to power all of the LEDs? I've never worked with LEDs before, so this would be new to me but I really want to put something together. I basically want to chain a bunch of LEDs together, power them with batteries, and have the ability to turn them on at night and off in the morning. So, any ideas would help a lot. Maybe a point in direction.

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Christmas Outdoor Lights

Trying to avoid electricity as much as possible.  Haven't found a phosphorous type solution with a long enough life to make it practical.  Have I missed a paint or light that last?  Other ideas?

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Led Christmas Lights

I have an idea but have no idea if it would even work. I would like to make a led string that can be two different colors. The idea is that I put the lights up in October and they are purple and orange for Halloween and then as Christmas approaches I can change them to green and white. That way I can put lights up one time and do it when it is still warm out and my neighbors wont think I'm nuts. I know I can weave two lines together and just switch plugs but that isn't complicated enough. I like to do things that are way more complicated than it needs to be but are really cool when they are done. my wife loves it.

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chrisymas lights

Can anyone tellme what i need and hw to synchronize my christmas lights  that wont break the bank

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Merry Christmas!!

It's that time of year! It's December 25th and the trees are up and the lights are shining! I know I'm happy. Go ahead and post what you got! .Ipod Classic 160 GB. .HESS car .Pocket Ref Pistachios Chocolate LOTS of other things!

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Christmas lights aren't working :(

I have a small set of Christmas lights that will not come on. With my multimeter I tested the fuses, several light sockets (the one closest to the plug, the one furthest away, and one closer to the middle), and the female plug on the end. I'm getting 120v coming out of the female plug, the sockets are providing between 2v and 4v, and the fuses provide almost no resistance, and the filaments are visibly intact. What's wrong?

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VB6 Christmas Light Controller

I have created a VB6 program that synchronizes Christmas lights to music. It could use some refinements in the program. I have used this program for over 13 years. It is capable of 128 channels, may be more but I do not need any more at this time. As of right now the program loads the sync file first then plays the music. This takes up to 4 minutes to load the music sync file between songs. I would like to read the file as it needs it when playing the music. That way to load time would be almost nothing. These are only on and off (blinky) lights for my display, but that is fine with me. I call this program Rudolf and it works on almost any computer. I have run this on a 166 MHz computer with only 48mb of ram and Windows 98! The program also could some help with the editing feature for the lights. If anyone is willing to give me a hand with this I would be very grateful. I am more than willing to give the source code to any one for free. I plan on using this program for many more years to come. I have tried Vixen, but it stops running after a while. Thank You Ricki

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volcano with light

Hi guys! i'm sorry if i'm here to disturb....  i need to build a lamp.. with shape of a volcan....  now y have this problem.... how can I create the movement of lava running down the slope, with the lights? I thought the catenary Christmas, with the movement to fall, but the problem is to recreate the color change down ... anyone have any ideas on this? than you to all for helping.. :)

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Fairy Lights

Hi I have an idea but dont want to buy stuff and its a bad idea in the end. Now is it safe to put christmas lights in a pvc tube that has drill holes. With an opaque plastic cover. I would like the holes to be of different sizes and in random locations or in a wavy idea. I am not sure of how to mount to a wall horizontally or vertically. I like the idea of led;s because they make no buzzing . Maybe someone got any ideas? Thanks 

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Were to find Plastic fuses for christmas lights?

I got christmas lights that dont have standard fuses they have plastisc fuses anyone know were to find them?

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How do I build a light sequencer?

I'd like to do a musical light show for my Christmas display next year on a strict budget

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Light saber room light modification

I got 2 Remote control Light Saber room lights for Christmas. I want to mount them crossed, like a crest, but I want them to be operated independently. Both Remotes control both lights. I would like to be able to Change frequency? or something to make the remotes specific for the lights, so they can be changed/turned on and off independently. Any ideas?

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Arduino Christmas/Halloween Lights with Vixen

Hi, I need a piece of code that I can use to controll my christmas/Halloween lights this year.   I would like the code to work with Vixen so I can sync the music to the lights.  The controller that I have is normally open so if you have code you may have to tweak it so I can use the relays as N/C, lastly there are 6 channels.  No fading.  Any help is appreciated.  Thank you!

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How do you hang Christmas lights?

How do you hang up your christmas lights? On our fence I used zip ties, but when I went to put lights around some windows, I saw the Window christmas light frame but I didn't have the right lights for it and used Duct Tape. Any ideas?

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On my revolving Christmas tree the new lights will not come on?

I cut off the old Christmas lights from my 11 year old tree over the past two days.  It still revolves however none of the new lights come on.  Tested them before stringing them onto the tree.  Help save my Christmas!  Wendy

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Troubleshooting Christmas Mini-Light Strings

I searched Instructables to be certain I am not covering something someone else has already done, but found nothing.  Here is an excellent article on troubleshooting a bad string of Christmas mini-lights. (I do not know the author and am not connected to him in any way.)  I know of three occurrences of non-working light strings from this year's celebrations. In the first case, the woman who owns the Christmas tree simply bought a new string of lights and hung the new lights over the old string attached at the factory to her synthetic tree. I did not see her tree and cannot say what the cause of the malfunction was. In the second occurrence we put up a synthetic tree with two strings of factory installed lights, one for the bottom half of the tree and one for the top half of the tree. The string on the top half worked some of the time, but then would go out. Typically one suspects a bad bulb. That is also the general suggestion made in the very fine article I linked above. However, that proved not to be the problem. Rather, the problem was the very cheap electrical plug. I cut the plug from the string so I could open it and determine exactly where and how it failed in order to satisfy my own curiosity. Installing a new male plug solved the problem. In the third case, my daughter had a string near the top of her tree that was "out," but not completely at the top. I had limited tools and resources, but plugging the bad string into a different molded female plug brought it back to life. The moral of the story is that while a bad bulb is a frequent source of problems, the molded male and female plugs on these inexpensive light strings are often held together only by a lick and a promise, and fail easily. Giving the molded plugs a hard look is much easier and faster than removing and testing bulb after bulb. The first photo shows an extension cord with molded plugs from three strings plugged into the extension cord. The second photo shows the bad male plug on our tree, and I am using my multi-meter to test for continuity between the brass plug blade and the load end of one of the tiny fuses inside the plug. That part tests "good." The other fuse tested "good," too. In the third photo I inserted a straight pin into the wire and tested for a circuit from the brass blades to the wire. Both sides failed this test.  A multi-meter can easily test what I needed to find this problem. I would have needed to strip away some insulation from the wire or stick a straight pin through the wire to obtain a reading with my multi-meter. But, by this time I had bought a hum tester with a high and a low range for checking different voltage ranges on an AC circuit. It led me to know the plug was the problem. 

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The how to of Led Christmas light repair

I have 3 strings of led xmas lights strung together. The first one and a half strings are out altogether but half of the second and all of the last string are working. But its the first string that is plugged in. I cant find any broken wires. Are these fixable and if so how?

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converting 110v christmas lights to 12v

In a web search looking for 12v Christmas lights to run off my small solar system, I found this; This looks very straight forward and easy enough to do.Has anyone here tried this?I bought a small set of solar powered at Target ($14.95). Way under powered and last only a few hours. It's going back today!This looks like a way to get brighter, longer lasting lights and I don't have to run my converter. My 160 AH battery should power it up nicely, I would think...Think I found a project for this afternoon!

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How to sync lights to music?

I'm attempting to create a light display using incandescent Christmas lights and would like to make it strobe in sync with the music I'm playing.  I would like to know what equipment I would use to connect the strings of lights to my computer to run them, or if I'd just be better off doing it manually with a bunch of leds?

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is there a way to convert a lighted Christmas Tree Ornament from watch batteries to plug into a mini light set???

I have a Lighted Christmas Tree Ornament that is powered by plugging it into a mini light set.  I have 5 other Lighted Christmas Tree Ornament that run on watch batteries.  Is there a way to convert these into being able to plug into a mini light set????

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Rewiring christmas lights that have 3 wires?

I basically want to do something like this: Where I can rewire just one strip on 15 or so to make a line that can be run by batteries. Thanks

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Can LED's in Gemmy Kaleidoscope Light be replaced?

I'm trying to re-purpose a Gemmy Kaleidoscope Green LED light bought last year for outdoor christmas lighting. Is it possible to replace a couple of the LED's in it and make it a multi-color unit (RGB) instead? Here's what the innards looks like. Not sure where I can get the LED part numbers to look them up. Thanks for any help.

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what to do with extra mini christmas light bulbs?

I have extra mini christmas light bulbs and would like to do something with them to brighten up the rest of the year.  If possible using solar or a battery.

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I want to make christmas lights blink!

I want to take a string of LED Christmas lights and add some form of relay that causes the entire light string to blink. I'm sure this can be easily achieved by adding some kind of in-line relay or circuit, but I'm not quite sure what I'm looking for to add. Any ideas?

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How do you make mini-lights (LED) / christmas lights? materials? procedures?

We are creating christmas light for our project. Since we don't know what to do, could anybody give us the details in making one? Our plan is to create the mini-lights which consists of 100 small bulbs. What are the materials used... Thanks!

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And you thought your Christmas lights were cool...


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Controlling LED lights

Help, I am trying to find out if it is possible to control a string of LED lights so that when i enter a part number only certain lights will turn on. (example: If I enter 1234 into the computer, lights 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 will light up out of a string of 100). 

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My parents have a ton of Christmas lights! What should I do with them? Answered

Went exploring in my parent's crawl space digging for Christmas decorations. They have a pre-lighted tree, and only ever use the same lights outside. I've found a bunch of working christmas lights ranging from multi-colored, to those giant bulbs. Any ideas on what I could do with them besides just tossing them all away?

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How do I replace the mini lights on my Christmas tree with LEDs?

How do I replace the mini lights on my Christmas tree with LEDs? I want to use the existing wiring? Mini lights get too hot, but my tree is per-wired and re-wring would be too much trouble. Ay luck would be great.

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anyone know a good source of bulk flickering lights?

I'm looking for random-flickering amber leds in a christmas light-format. actually, it doesn't even have to be led. i am just looking for a good bulk supply of randomly flickering lights that i can wire up into a great big bunch of fake candles, and power off of wall voltage. does anyone know where to find such a thing?

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any ideas on how to make exterior security type lights? maybe with christmas lights?Have no outdoor power outlet

Anyone have any tricks on making lights to go outside that will brighten up a dark area,using christmas lights?Have one outlet indoors that an extention cord can be run from.Or how to MAKE a solar powered light that will actually work??

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looking for blueprint or schdmatic for Christmas light display with music to control the lights?

I have looked on you tube for christmas light displays with music and want to build one with 30 to 35 plugs for the lights with music. I don't have $800. to $ 3,000. to buy from a store. Would like to put together this summer and put in the local paper for people to see and collect canned food for the local food bank. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Bill

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how do I energize AC Christmas light with DC power?

I have a set of 50 Christmas lights on a circuit.  120V /  0.17amps.  What can I make to power up this string of lights?  I need to make it mobile so an inverter is out of the question. Thanks, Dewdropin

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Need some help with repurposing Christmas lights

Greetings everybody! I've been lurking around instructables for maaaaany years, but have never been a dedicated maker. On to the point. I made a "bedside lamp" so to speak. It's an olive branch, around which I put a row of christmas lights. They're the simple kind, white with a clicky green controller and about 10 different settings. The setting is remembered until the lights are unplugged, after which they reset. I'd like to keep them on at all times with just an on-off switch, because a twinkling bedside lamp is not of much use. My stepfather told me he'd help (he's an electrician) but we have no clue how the thing actually works (so we can take it apart and just keep the simple on-off cords. The setup is as follows: =)--------------(regular 2 cord electric current cable)----------[    *    ]----(5 cables)-----Y---Y---Y---Y Plug------------------------------------------------------------Single Button Controller---------Lights I've followed the cables as well as I could (I've already taped them around the branch at several spots) and lamps connect to different cables. How could I remove the "program" altogether and just make them work with a simple switch?

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Electric Eel Powers Christmas Tree

Y'know, I've always wondered about this. An aquarium filled with exotic fish here is using an electric eel to power lights on a Christmas tree.Each time the electric eel at the Aqua Toto Gifu aquarium touches a copper wire in its tank, it sends power that lights up globes decking a Christmas tree.From the Mainichi Daily News. Can't get the link to work to verify, so possibly a hoax.

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Need Help With Led? Answered

I am having a lot of trouble finding answers for this one.  I have thousands of christmas light strands in LED and in Incandescent.  I want to use the individual bulbs to for a couple sconce lights and miniature glass bottle plug in night lights.  Is there a way to hook one bulb up to 120volt house hold outlet or a lamp cord plugged into 120volts both ac current. The catch is I do not want to use a transformer plug and I need to do at least 75 to start so cost is a concearn.  Any help would be great.  I have tried 3 Radio Shack  stores and nothing, looked online and nothing so far there either.

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How do I make a dimmer for my christmas lights?

I have some x-mas lights(the incandescent kind, not LEDs) hanging on the ceiling in my bedroom but they are a little too bright sometimes, so I thought it would be fun to attach some sort of dimmer switch to them. Do I need anything special or can I just hook up any old potentiometer I can find in my junk bin?

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Sound-reactive lights! Help!

I want to take a 4 sets of Christmas lights and make them react to music, how would i do this?i want something like this but with Hi-Power AC 120V i have a couple complimentary high power transistors laying around,how would i go about building it?

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Has anyone converted their Christmas string or icicle lights to solar?

I'd like to learn how to connect a small solar cell to power my Christmas lights so I don't have to plug them in. I expect that this would include some rechargeble batteries, and a blocking diode? What about resistors? Any help with this idea and the steps involved would be welcomed.

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Mixing different colored LEDs in series-parallel arrays

I've been doing lots of research, both on other internet sites and the LED projects posted here, but can't find out how to mix colours in LED displays. My plan is to build better Christmas displays from LEDs than the rope light ones you can buy. I've found out how to drive LEDs from a power supply both in series and parallel, with a current limiting resistor. What no one seems to discuss though is driving sets of LEDs off the one power supply where they use different coloured LEDs of different voltages. If I want to wire up lots of red LEDs (2.0V drop) in series and some green LEDs (3.3V drop) in series for example, can I just wire the two sets in parallel to each other (assuming both sets of LEDs in series don't require more voltage than the power supply? Thanks!!!

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How can you easily make Christmas lights blink?

In the old days there was a gizmo that plugged into an outlet that you then plugged your light set into that made the set blink on & off. It's so simple that it isn't made anymore. All I want to do is make an LED light set blink on & off. I don't want computer control. I'm unemployed & can't afford light-o-rama.

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on you dancing lights, doe it go through a computer?

I would like to control christmas light out side that would dance to music.

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Arduino Pushbutton interrupt?

So I've hooked up my Christmas lights to some solid state relays and hooked those to my Arduino and I have some interesting patterns of lights that I can make. But I would like to be able to turn the lights on and then press a push button and have one light pattern start and then press that same button again and get a second pattern and so on. I've gotten that to work, the only problem is, the patters are quite lengthy (5-10 seconds) and I don't want to have to hold the button until the pattern is over. So how do I use the interrupt function (or one like it) to stop the function and start a new one as soon as the button is pressed?

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How can I make the new LED Snowfall lights at home?

 Can i make these at home and make them to run off battery power? This is the first year ive seen these but at the retail price id rather make them. I can solder and have made a led scanner with a 555 chip, but thats about the limit of my expertise on this subject. any information that can get me in the right direction would help. links to any schematics would be great.

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Show Me Your Christmas Snow

I thought it would be fun to see everyone's pictures of their white Christmas.  We have been in a drought so the snow is very much welcomed.  It only snows a few inches a year here and usually melts the next day.  I think this snow is going to stick around for a couple of days.  If you don't have snow pictures to share, post a picture of Christmas lights or a video. I found this link with thousands of lights. .Keep warm and have a splendorous day!  Sunshiine

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Is there a way to hook up standard christmas lights to modded car audio system?

I have been working on a system for quite some time.  I am using a computer power supply to power a car stereo and an old monitor AC adapter to power the amp for my woofers (in my garage).  Everything is hooked up and working suprisingly well.  I was wondering if there was any way to hook up some standard (non-LED) christmas lights to this contraption and have them blink to the music...I've been reading some and it seems like I'll need to go with an SSR with a load capacity of 240v.  Is this correct or is there another route?

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Newbie... How do I create the singing pumpkin as a singing Christmas Ornament for my holiday bash?

Every year I have a huge Christmas party at my place, and every year I do something more over the top. I'm just now getting into lighting and things and have no background experience in any of this. For instance, you say relay switch... I say WHA? I of course can "look it up", and I've been known to dabble in circuitry. However, I wanted this year to try to re-create the singing halloween pumpkins (that I saw in a video), or the singing Haunted mansion ghosts, into singing animated ornaments (the big kind). I know this can be done, its just a matter of understanding the steps involved. For instance, I know I will probably need a projector of sorts and huge ornaments and some sort of animation. I mostly have mac products so if the programs are for windows they won't work for me. Also, the easiest will probably be the best since I'm new. I also checked out the hologram illusion technique and the glass projection as ideas for doing this or possibly showing a floating movie or christmas short. Thanks for any and all highly detailed information. I would love to get into these things as I'm a Christmas nut and well, most of the Christmas stuff out there just sucks for creativity, but Halloween decor is insanely cool.  I want Disney-like animations and projections. Something special that WOWS. Thanks again!

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