UFO sighting at my local air show?

I went to my local air show in Cleveland and I actually saw  a shark like figure floating around in the sky it almost looked like a flying fish but backward. It looked as tho it was actually flapping a tail around to fly. After it was way off in the distance I took some pictures of it that hardly compare to the first ones as tho it actually morphed into a more bird like object I was wondering if any one had any opinions on these bazar photos I and my brother took. I will admit im the type to believe in these objects being from other planets, I have seen Videos on Youtube stolen from nasa that resemble this "Thing"  quite closely.

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Notacon 6: Tech, art, music, demoparty, talks and contests in Cleveland

I tried to cram a lot into the subject line, because Notacon's got a lot going on this year. It's 3 weeks away, and if you're reading this, you should definitely come. Talks this year cover computer and network security, video production, social networking and bots, microcontrollers, photogrammetry (look it up!), electronic musical instruments, and more. There's an entire demoparty (Blockparty 09) happening inside Notacon. And then there's the bit I think is of most interest to you, Mr. or Ms. Instructable: The Anything but Ethernet contest, which I judge. Bring weird gear, move data over it, win prizes. This year's grand prize is a $250 soldering station. Trust me, you should enter, and you can win something.

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Antique megawatt meter (Westinghouse). Anybody ever seen anything like this?

Picked up this barn-find in Cleveland, OH recently. I've tried finding any info on it to no avail. I found it near some massive (equally aged) Babcock & Wilcox pressure meters, so I'm thinking it came from a steam-powered electric plant. I'd love to find a picture of it or if anybody knows anything (or anyone who might know) please pass it along!

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The Oddity Fair... I Was There

Mutated Mini Fest performed by Les Claypool, Saul Williams, the Secret Cheif's 3, and Devotchka.The concert was at the Agora on the 22 in Cleveland and it cool AND weird at the same time. The songs that were on the PA as they were swaping things out were really weird. I took some videos while I was there of Les Claypool. Would you call Les Claypool Steampunk or not? Ask in Commments below.Mushroom Men- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lBs3pGHmN6sRed State Girl- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DDlIcDYvqUgUnknown- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mDLKysO7RzI

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Gift Making

My skills include: Sculpting with multiple mediums, Including wood, metal and clays, basic electronic circuitry, and of course LASERS! I would love to make something for someone that is new to them or something that that individual want to discover more about. I'd be willing to make any size gift package for someone. I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else. The prior statement would be TRUE! What I like: Anything that was caused or created with an imagination. What I don't like: Step by step copy cats that do not add their own personal touch to something. I absolutely can't have: Anything that a passion was not put into. Type of thing I'd love to receive: Well I have to say that a basic Arduino set up is something that still evades my knowledge base. I would be willing to ship to an address outside of my country. In fact I would find it to be awesome! And as a last note I was born on May 28th 1986 in Cleveland, Ohio. Therefore I am currently but only 24 years of age.

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Bazaar Bizarre Review

Bazaar Bizarre was a raging success.The vendors were tightly grouped and the crowd was packed.Though much of what I saw there was the same as last year, a couple things stood out: Cupcakes.Brilliant. Everyone was stuffing their faces with the lusciousness that Sugar Beat Sweets had to offer for a mere 3 bucks a delight. The standout by far for me this year was Magnote, offering kick-ass paper craft robots called PIPEROIDs. Hells yeah I wanna make an awesome paper robot!!! WOBOTEach robot is made just from six paper pipes. The pipes are pre-drilled with holes, and all you need is a pair of scissors to cut the pipes according to the instructions. Sadly, but not surprisingly, Magnote was mostly sold out of *everything* by the time I got there at 2. Sucks to be me and sleep in on a Sunday. Of course, you can find it all on the interwebs. I also missed the Postcard Machine this year. Perhaps it did not make an appearance? Fortunately, I ran into it earlier this year at some other giant craft-thingy. Viva la Postcard Machine!All in all, I give this year's Bazaar Bizarre an A. Great turn-out, mostly high-quality crafts, very impressive jewelry (check out breidenstein design's hinged rings. *Loving it!*)So if you're in Boston or Cleveland, it's coming your way. Take note -- this fair is not to be missed.Insider tip: if you missed the fair on Sunday, scope the blog for more info on the Underground Bazaar coming soon!And for more opportunities to show your wares, check out Langton Lab's Deceminate! call for artists.

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Top 5 new Instructables 5/22 - 5/29

Here's the latest batch of great new Instructables. These have all been published in the last week and are presented here in order of how many pageviews they've received up to now. Be sure to check these out as well as dig through the Featured list for more cool Instructables you may have missed!If you're going to Maker Faire, be sure to drop by our booth! We'd love to meet you. Small NFT Hydroponics SystemHydroponics is a type of agriculture that uses no dirt, and usually results in larger, fuller plants. I recently became interested in the topic, and decided to start my own ve... posted by Weissensteinburg on May 24, 2009 How to climb a tree (using only rope!) the fun/simple wayIn this instructable, I will be showing how to climb a tree using only rope, a carabiner, muscle strenght, and time.I am not an experienced or trained climber. Don't tell me... posted by louieaw on May 25, 2009 Aluminum Can, Saltwater and Charcoal BatteryThis instructable shows how to create a simple aluminum air battery from a soda can and a piece of charcoal from the backyard BBQ. This instructable is being published early b... posted by egbertfitzwilly on May 24, 2009 A Swing Set that Generates Electricity'Id just like to say first off that my electrical knowledge is very limited, and I'm sort of feeling my way around in the dark. If you have a better way of doing this, I'd lov... posted by Cleveland Motley on May 26, 2009 5-minute Chocolate BallsQuick and delicious Rum Balls recipe (with or without rum!). These tasty treats whip up in no time, and are completely addictive. Whether you need a chocolate fix or a quick... posted by scoochmaroo on May 26, 2009

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