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Hand cranked mixer

Hi all, i have a question, i found this great mixer but i live in europe and shipping cost will be over the top, and the product already cost alot i seen some great inventions here, is there someone who can make this or explain how to make this? thank you for your time (i hope it is allowed to ask this, if not just remove my post)

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Creating a crank operated switch that you can keep spinning indefinitely. Answered

The idea is to have a rotary switch connected to a crank so that when the switch is turned on you can keep on spinning the crank and it won't utterly destroy the switch, also you could do the same backwards, spinning the crank in the other direction so the switch turns off, but you can keep spinning it without it damaging the switch. I can't really find a simple way to do it though, since I'm very inexperienced. Additionally, I would love suggestions to make the crank feel "heavier", like those emergency crank flash lights.

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Strong Egg Timer mechanism?

I want to a mechanism that turns a drum very slowly for a few hours.  It should work just like an egg timer: You wind it up and then it turns slowly. Is there mechanism available that works like this or do I have to built it from scratch?

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Hand Crank Music Machine

Does anyone know about these small music boxes that play music? If you seen one, they're these small things that play notes in a looped sequence using small metal plates (kind of like a finger piano). Can anyone try to make something like that? Sorry for the small details if anyone's confused.

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Is there anyway to fix stripped crank arms?

Well I was riding my fixed gear and my right crank arm got stripped. I don't really want to buy a new one but if it's necessary I will get a new set. Is there anyway I can fix it so I don't have to buy a new crank arm set?

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I'm looking for a simple way to raise/lower an existing desk for seated/standing pc work.

This is the closest thing I've found yet: I have been tinkering with a crank/cable idea, maybe counter-weighted; nothing good yet.  It has to raise/lower about 18 inches smoothly and with good stability.  Manual cranking is preferred - electric motors or hydraulics seem too complex/expensive.  Thanks! Just uploaded a photo of the desk. One more note - if I were stating from scratch, I might look at one of these:  But I like this desk, just want a bit more flexibility (maybe even slide a treadmill under one day if I can raise it even further)

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How can I block a person from calling me?

Someone keeps crank calling us.  They did it 10 times in a row the last time.  When we hung up, they called us again 5 seconds later.  However, we can't block the number because whoever is calling us turned off their caller ID, so all we see is "Unknown name, unknown number".  Do you guys have any ideas?  This is pissing me off really bad!

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Where is the hand crank located for a 94 Coleman Sequoia pop up camper to lift it my hand?

We need to lift the top with the manual crank but cannot locate where to crank it . Does anyone know where it is?

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Hi! I would like to make a hand crank cell phone charger....

Hi everybody, How would I make a hand crank cell phone charger from scratch (meaning, not just taking a hand crank flashlight and rigging it to charge a phone). I would really like to understand the electronics behind it all. I think this would be extremely useful if my phone died and I had no outlet available. I know I'd have to use a small motor, but how many volts? amps? etc. Thank you so much! patti :)

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Variable height desk: replace hand-crank with some kind of electrical motor

Hi, First time poster here, sorry if I'm misplacing this. I have near zero knowledge of engines, though I understand physics, at least from my civil engineering college years. I bought a variable height desk from IKEA (Skarsta model), which has a 12cm radius hand crank (see photos) that ends in a hexagon shape, h=6mm (so diameter around 6,93mm). This hand crank works fairly easily, needing little effort to crank the table up, with ~45kg of weight on it (it's supposed to go up to 50kg). So basically I was thinking if there was a easy, cheap and safe way of automating this with some sort of electric motor (I even looked up those Lego Technic motors!). Any suggestions? Thanks  

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Hand Gatling Gun

Is there a gatling gun out there that uses a crank or lever or something similar? If not can someone please make one? (No Y's Please)The ceiling only says 42 unless you look REALLY,REALLY hard-Airik Graves

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Looking for project parts

I need to attach an arm to the end of a stepper motor shaft that I will then use to rock a babies car seat. Finding an arm (or horn) is turning out to be more difficult than I thought. Does anyone know a place to pick up stuff like that. The shaft is 5mm Thanks

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Knex Quarter Arm Lift

My new lift is finished. It was already finished for quiet a long time but for some reason instructables was really slow at my comuter. The lift goes up and down from about 0 degrees to 90 degrees by using a crank which is powered by a motor. For the rest there is nothing special. I worked on it for about 2 weeks Here is a video of it Here is the parts list: Rods Geen- 55 White- 65 Blue-171 Red-2 Grey- 1 Total rods: 387 Connectors Dark grey- 26 Light grey- 0!! Orange-34 Red- 9 Green- 2 Yellow- 35 White-15 Purple- 124 Blue-83 Total Connectors:319 Others Blue spacer- 55 Silver spacer- 51 Red gear- 2 Blue gear- 2 Mettalic clip- 6 Tan clip- 6 Knex battery ppack motor- 1 Knex ball- at least 1 Total others: 112 Total: 818

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How make crank to spin a pipe?

Hello, i want to make a costume of the Guru-Guru from Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time ( ) And I want a crank that's on the front casing rotate the pipe that is in the other box, maybe something passing through the pipe that connects the two boxes, but I dont know how I could do it, anyone have any idea?

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Motor for hand cranked icecream machine Answered

He guys, i wanted to make my hand cranked iceream machine into a motorised one so would like to know what rpm and torque the motor should have.

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Hand crank to be used as a on switch for a system? Answered

I'm looking to make a music box for a cosplay I would like to do/make. I know how to make a music box, but for the sake of ease and to make the music sound better, I would like to make it all electric. With that comes a new issue: I would like the music to only play when the crank shaft is being...well...cranked. Any idea?

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Recipe for vanilla hand crank ice cream?

Recipe needed for the old fashioned hand cranked ice cram maker that uses the rock salt please.

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How do I rebuild my bicycle crank (bearings etc.)?

Including problems with frozen adjustment , not the outer lock ring, but the adjuster itself. Any thing else involved in disassemby/reassembly of 3 piece cranks and shaft.

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They make hand-cranked radios and flashlights, why can't they make a hand-cranked TV that never needs batteries?

The small TV's they make now are all batteries and they run out too fast... and I always run out of batteries. Seems to me they could make that small TV the radio, since some of those hand-cranked radios are pretty big.

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What's the legit way to fix a crooked unicycle crank? Answered

I bought a unicycle off craigslist and I was riding it around. my foot slipped off the pedal, leading to a fairly nasty crash (I landed on my feet, the unicycle was the nasty part). when I picked it up, the crank was off by about ten degrees. I couldn't find any instructions on how to fix such an issue, so I just figured that if I hit it into that position I could just hit it back. I smacked it with a rubber mallet a bunch and it eventually made its way back to the right position. I'm now wondering why it was possible to just smack it to where it needed to be (seeing as I doubt a unicycle would have any pressure-fitted parts, especially since it's a sun unicycle AKA legit), and what the correct way (if this isn't the correct way) to fix it would have been. oh, and if it helps, the crank on the unicycle was also crooked before I hit it,  as in the inner surface of the crank wasn't parallel to the tire until I put it back. (sorry this is in the bikes channel, I guess the instructables sorting system isn't that diverse yet. I kid, I kid.)

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Yarn Cone Winder Please!

There's a great instructable for a center-pull yarn winder: I'm looking to build something that winds yarn or twine onto a cardboard cone like this. I know electric ones exist and the way they work seems pretty simple, I just know that there has to be a way to build a cheap hand crank one. Here are some videos showing how the electric one works:;=related It seems that the major necessary components are: 1. something to spin the cone 2. something that moves back and forth along the cone so it winds evenly and 3. something to keep the right tension. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Or make a full instructable? I challenge you!

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On a 94 Coleman Sequoia pop up camper,where is the manuel crank to lift the top up located?

WE have a malfunction with the hydralic drive itself so want to use the hand crank to lift it up. We were told it was there and to use the same crank as for the four wheel lifts. But we cannot locate where to crank it so the top lifts manually . Please advise.

Question by waterhorse  

Gas lawn mower does not want to crank up.?

The lawn mower has gas, oil and spark plug works but it does not want to crank up.  What else can I check to see what is wrong?

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I would like to know how a "hand crank" ice cream maker works.

I want to build a hand crank ice cream maker. I've been searching all over and haven't found any information about how this great antique machine works or how to build one. Would appreciate any information!

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has anyone hacked the crank ez pump and made one of their own.????

i would like to know if some one has hacked the crank ez pump advertised on the net, or made one of their own that pumps as good as this one.????

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Building a hand-crank mechanism driven turntable

Hi there, Hopefully one of you guys should be able to help me out with this! What I want to build is a a kind of a large scale music box, (you know the ones where you would turn the wheel and the ballerina would spin?). What I need to make is a hand cranked machanism which will turn light wooden disc. This should all be contained within a wooden box. Would it be easier to build this from scratch or to rip an existing mechanism and re-house it?

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How do old-fashioned hand-crank telephones work? Answered

I was wondering how old fashioned hand crank phones work, in particular: Does the cranking provide power to the phone, or does it just ring the bell on the other end? I always thought that the cranking rang the bell on the other end of the line, and that the phone itself used a transformer to amplify the input from the microphone, without using power? Also, how do duplex coils keep the user from hearing their own voice through the speaker? Thanks!

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What circuit for an Hand Cranked Led Torch? Answered

Hi all Instructables! I follow a lot this site and now i hava a little project to do. I want to build a Led torch that is charged using a DC motor and a couple of High Capacity Capacitors. The problem is that i'm not very good with electronics (i've made a chemistry school) but i really like it. So, what kind of circuit i have to use for something like this? I use a Dc motor that have about 4.5V output, the led are standard white ones, 3.5V 30mA. Some friends told me to use an LM1086 voltage regulator that have the output with the capacitors, other say to use only a rectifier diode, other say that i have to use a Led Driver (but i think it is useful for big one, not mine...) My goal is to make the circuit very relyable, but not impossible to make and that make the Led well balanced, good brightness/consume ratio... Thank you!

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ornithopter crank does not rotate (rubber band model that i'm building)

When i wind up the rubber band , the crank is pulled back too tightly against the bearing and the connecting sticks refuse to budge due to friction and the wings don't there a better non friction way to do this?i mean, if the rubber band pulls the crank back through the hook, there's bound to be friction. how do i solve this? please help.

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Are there any Instructables that utilize or modify the different parts of a solar powered/hand crank rechargeable radio?

I got a pretty new rechargeable radio that comes with a solar panel, a hand crank, and DC power. I was wondering if there were any ways to make the solar panel or hand crank useful to power or charge something else. Any ideas would be cool, just thought it would make an interesting project being as I got the radio for only $10.

Question by jfg2597  

how can i take an crank off a bmx bike an put it on a mountain bike? Answered

How to change the things on my bike

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I want to power a 4W 30V lamp with a battery that charges by a dynamo/hand crank generator.How can I do this?

I want to power a 4W 30V lamp with a battery that charges by a dynamo/hand crank generator. For batteries, I want to use something like 3.7 V standard phone batteries, or may be camera batteries etc. I understand that I have to use a few phone batteries to get a decent amount of voltage which I can then step up to 30V to power my lamp. How can I go about doing this? How would you suggest to connect the batteries, and what kind of circuitry (buck/boost regulator, voltage step up, RC circuit etc. ) between the battery and lamp do you think is the best to use for outputting the right voltage? Thanks a bunch! :)

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Help (advice) with building a braiding machine?

I've been working with braiding plastic shopping bag strips into rope, and by hand it's a slow and tedious process.  I know that braiding machines have been around for ages, so the patent on many of them has to have elapsed.  I've Google'd and Bing'd and Yahoo'd my heart out looking for how to build a simple one to no avail.  The only thing that comes back is Chinese sellers of a commercial braiding machine. All I want is something that I can build, a hand crank mechanical kind, that can braid 7-10 strands into a larger rope. It doesn't even have to go fast, in fact I'm fine with it being slow. Can anyone provide plans for one? UPDATE: Ok so I think I have plans, but now I could use some advice with how to go about fabricating the sprockets.  One idea is to purchase a premade sprocket and modify it, then use it as a master for a mold to create more.  I was thinking of either doing the whole dissolving styrofoam with Acetone then pouring the plastic in the mold thing, or possibly adapt the Oogoo instructable.  Thoughts?? Update 2:  My latest brainstorm leaves me thinking that I could use a bicycle sprocket (gear) as a master and then make a mold from it, then make duplicates from the mold.  Thoughts???

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Help make a quacking noise in a wooden toy duck (mechanically, not electronically)

I'm in the process of recreating the LEGO wooden duck toy. I'm only working from a few images I've found online, however; I don't have an actual one to examine. On the originals, the axles operated a couple of mechanisms: the duck head pivots to open and close the beak, and there's a mechanism under the base (I'm assuming) that makes a quacking noise. I've got a pretty good idea how to create a simple cam for the head/beak movement, but I'm not sure how to generate a quacking noise mechanically. My online searches have proved fruitless. Does anyone happen to have one of these vintage LEGO ducks and is willing to snap and share some photos of the mechanisms? Or, does anyone have any good ideas how to make a quacking noise mechanically? My thoughts are a push/pull rod-type crank attached to an axle, but on the other end of the rod . . . not sure.

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Advice for a hand crank ice cream maker please? Answered

I'm thinking of making a hand crank ice cream maker using an old hand drill I had and mounting that on a plastic bucket that'll be my ice bucket, then using some copper pipe I have lying around and soldering a dasher with some oak scrapers for the side. The main hurdle I'm hitting is where to find a canister for the actual ice cream. I'm wondering if I could safely use galvanized ducting, I'm planning to make sherbet on this as well, so will the acids react with it at all or is there some other hazard I should know about using ducting for this?

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is there any way to make a cnc-type thing, but you turn cranks to move the tool?

I want to make a machine to cut parts using my Dremel, which is positioned by turning cranks. Like a cnc, but you are the controller and computer. :)

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Align 2 bikes exactly side by side? Answered

Help! I need to align the pedal systems of two bikes almost exactly side by side. The two crank sets are joined at the inside pedals.  Can anybody think of a relatively easy way of aligning the bottom brackets along the (almost) exact same axis? Note, it's just the cranks I'm concerned with, I'll be chopping off the remaining bike parts later. Thanks! **********UPDATE******** I think I've done it.    

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Man-Powered Flashlight Help

For anyone good with electronics and motors, I'm tasked with building a flashlight powered by man and I'm in need of assistance. I've decided to make it crank powered. Now what I really need help with is this- Can I make a crank that powers an electric motor that charges a battery to power the LED lights? What would be the best way to go about this?

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What is the best full auto knex gun? Answered

Anything with a motor or a crank that is strong and reliable.

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What kind of diode(s) do I need?

I am trying to make a device that uses a dynamo. (hand crank) The dynamo when cranking produces up to 12v which I want to use to charge a battery. The problem I'm having is that the current goes both ways. When I'm not cranking the dynamo, the battery turns the dynamo. I need to make the current only go one way, only towards the battery. From what I understand, I need a diode. The problem is, what kind of diode, and how do I wire it in my circuit? Any help would be much appreciated.?

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how do I convert a wringer on a wringer washer to hand cranked?

I have an old electric wringer washing machine. I cannot get the wringer to function. I was wondering if any of you can tell me how to either get it working, or how to convert it so I can use it as a hand cranked wringer. Thank you

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How many amps does a car battery have not cranking while the auto is on?

Basic idea is to use a car to charge a 12 V 225 Ah battery, I do have a wall charger, but it only charges at 1 A so it wold take 225 hours to fully charge, the car battery I have is rated with 110 RC and according to the internet that's 110 minutes at 25 A, but is that with the engine running?  

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Slow-discharge circuit for gradually diminishing electromagnet field?

As I understand electromagnets, you wrap a wire coil around an iron rod and run current through the coil. As long as there's current going through the coil, you have a magnet... But when you cut the current, no more magnetism... I want to create a circuit in which a hand crank charges up one or more batteries or capacitors, which in turn discharge slowly through an electromagnetic coil (such that the magnetic field of the electromagnet gradually diminishes) over the course of an hour or so. The overall idea is that you crank the crank for a short while, creating a magnetic field so that BBs cling to the electromagnet. But little by little, over the course of maybe 20 or 30 minutes (longer would be OK), the BBs drop off one by one (or a few at a time). Can anyone suggest what such a circuit might look like? What variables will determine how long the crank has to be turned, how strong the magnetic field will be and how slowly it will discharge? And will the BBs only cling to the ends of the electromagnet? Or will they cling along the length of it as well? 

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How many RPM does it take to reverse the process of a 1.5V DC Motor? Answered

I excavated a toy train and pulled out a 1.5V DC Motor. I have not found a use for its motion, so I was thinking of reversing the process and creating a hand crank flashlight. But should I hand crank? How many RPM would it take to generate its standard voltage? Thank you for your answers.

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Circuit Help

Hi, i saw a video by the king of Random He hand cranks up a drill to charge a phone.. but what i wanna do is similar but different, instead of charging a phone i want to charge a battery and what i need to know is, what component do i need to stop the current from the battery to go back into the drill once i stop cranking so it doesn't depletes..  

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How can I convert my car manual window to power window ?

How can I convert my car manual window to power window using the existing mechanism just using a motor instead of the crank handle ??? I want to use less component as possible and also cheaper . just one motor connected to the gear of the crank handle . but I don't know how can I do that ???

Question by ahwaheed  

how to make a moving piece that will move both ways with one crank?

Im going to make this knex thing, basically an automatic knex gun, where there is a cross bow like thing at the front, and a slide has a catch that will get the bow, and when it gos backward far enough, an arrow will automatically load, and the catch ill go down, so te rubber band will snap back, and shoot the arrow.  i can put a pic in the comments. anyways, what i need, is a way to make the slide go back and forth, but only spinning the crank one way.

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Transform a Servo into stepper?

Hi, I'm wondering if it is possible to transform, with mecanisms like in watchmaking, a sigle servo into a stepper. When the servo turns left, a crank will turn of a fixed amount of degree in the clockwise direction. When the servo turns right, a crank will turn of a fixed amount of degree in the anti-clockwise direction. The main advantage of this is that we can have a stepper motor created with a servo. I'm searching such projects without results... Am I the first one to think about this ? How can I imagine such a mecanical project ? Thank you

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