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I was wondering If anyone else on Instructables Cubes. And if you do whats your time?  I've been Cubing for a year on and off and my best time is  18.67 seconds, I use Friedrich with a 3 and a half Look LL My cube is a Dayan GuHong Thanks for your time #The Grand And All Powerful Axiys# 

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The Rubik's Cube...

Let's talk Rubik's Cube!I don't get how people can solve a 5x5 Rubik's cube, yet can't finish a 2x2?The basic 3x3 Rubik's cube has 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 different combinations.I am in the process of finishing my 3x3 Rubik's cube for the first time!PlayStation 3 Rubik's Cube Commercial!

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LED cube

Dear Sir, We are a marketing company in Saudi Arabia . We are interested in buying a customized LED cube for a project that we are handling now. The LED has to be one meter in length and one meter in depth and 2.5 meters in height. Please let us know if it is possible to build it and give us a quotation on that. Regards, Amal Alsayegh Marketing and PR rep. Zone Arabia

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LED cube

Dear Sir, We are a marketing company in Saudi Arabia . We are interested in buying a customized LED cube for a project that we are handling now. The LED has to be one meter in length and one meter in depth and 2.5 meters in height. Please let us know if it is possible to build it and give us a quotation on that. Regards, Amal Alsayegh Marketing and PR rep. Zone Arabia

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Magic Cubes

Hi,I'd like to see an example of doing something like this magic cube: instructions are at the website but I'd love to see photos or a movie or something that helps me along. It makes a great toy/gift. I've done some that worked out well... and others that flopped. I'd love to see a visual of the steps in the process.This project isn't dangerous at all, except to your sanity, you'll feel like your in kindergarten again, playing with blocks.Thanks!

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Solving the rubiks cube

Could someone please tell me how to do this in English please instead of using U L F B R and " ' just say turn the right side clockwise or counter clockwise. or the left side or top or bottom or back?????

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Rubik's Cube Competition

Up until recently i haven't thought much of a Rubik's Cube, other than it seemed impossible to solve.. but i found mine about a month ago and am getting almost addicted to it. I was surfing around on instructables, and came across many different 'ibles on how to solve them. So i was wondering who on instructables can solve a Rubik's Cube, and how fast?Here are some tips for those of you who can't solve a Rubik's Cube:!/!-Improved!/

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Invisible concrete cube

This concrete cube made by Daniel Franke and Markus Kison has the amazing ability to turn invisible. Thanks to eye-tracking and a video projector for each face of the cube, the cube has the view behind it projected onto its faces. The result is like looking through a glowing window instead of a cube. You can see the effect in the video. It's not entirely smooth yet, but a very cool idea. Augmented Reality Renders Concrete Block Invisible Related: Death Becomes Her Halloween Costume photo: Durchsehen, Exp. 01 (augmented perspective) by Markus Kison, on Flickr

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LED Cube...Help?

So I made an LED cube. Forget programming I just wanted a cool home decoration. I plug it into a 5v supply and the LEDS aren't as bright as they would be individually hooked up. Can you help me solve this problem? I took out the resistors and it still isn't performing well. I have them in parallel. HELP!? Thanks

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Awesome led cube

I'm contemplating selling LED cubes (better quality than the one in my instructable, of course) but I would like to know how much people are willing to pay for them, and what types they would like before I do.Could those interested in purchasing a cube please tell me how much they would pay, and what they would like it to look like (color, size, etc)?Instructable, for those who do not know.I apologize if this is in the wrong category.

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Rubik's Cube Instructable!

My new instructable: how to solve a Rubik's Cube

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LED Cube problems

I am having some minor (or perhaps major) difficulties with my 3x3x3 Led Cube. I have a program that i wrote that cycles the different 3x3 cross sections and in 3 of the cross sections there is one column of leds that will light up even though it is not commanded or supplied power. I also have a sort of kill all routine that runs after each level is dislplayed that sets every pin to low. in my configuration the problem pins are pins 8, 17, and 26. if anyone knows how to debug this or help in any way it would be much appreciated. Thanks! I have a video of the LED cube with the problems here and a sample of my program here // kill all routine for(i=2, i<15, i++) { digitalWrite( i, LOW); } // Level routines that have problems of LEDs lighting up when they shouldn't elseif (LVL_Num ==10) {   for(j=0, j< Repeat, j++)   {    LED_ON(3); LED_ON(6); LED_ON(9);     delay(5)    LED_OFF(3); LED_OFF(6); LED_OFF(9);     delay(1)    LED_ON(11); LED_ON(14); LED_ON(17);    delay(5)    LED_OFF(11); LED_OFF(14); LED_OFF(17);    delay(1)    LED_ON(19); LED_ON(22); LED_ON(25);    delay(5)    LED_OFF(19); LED_OFF(22); LED_OFF(25);   } } elseif (LVL_Num ==11) {   for(j=0, j< Repeat, j++)   {    LED_ON(1); LED_ON(4); LED_ON(7);     delay(5)    LED_OFF(1); LED_OFF(4); LED_OFF(7);     delay(1)    LED_ON(11); LED_ON(14); LED_ON(17);    delay(5)    LED_OFF(11); LED_OFF(14); LED_OFF(17);    delay(1)    LED_ON(21); LED_ON(24); LED_ON(27);    delay(5)    LED_OFF(21); LED_OFF(24); LED_OFF(27);   } } elseif (LVL_Num ==13) {   for(j=0, j< Repeat, j++)   {    LED_ON(1); LED_ON(2); LED_ON(3);     delay(5)    LED_OFF(1); LED_OFF(2); LED_OFF(3);     delay(1)    LED_ON(13); LED_ON(14); LED_ON(15);    delay(5)    LED_OFF(13); LED_OFF(14); LED_OFF(15);    delay(1)    LED_ON(25); LED_ON(26); LED_ON(27);    delay(5)    LED_OFF(25); LED_OFF(26); LED_OFF(27);   } }

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Make Led cube? Answered

Hi, I want to make a 4x4x4 led cube ? Please tell me which is the best instructables to make a cube? Which cube is good common anode or cathode? I want to make the cube with a arduino uno I find  a  instructables - Is it good to make and is it need any transistor?

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Rubik's cube art

Awesome pixel art made entirely from Rubik's cubes.Link

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Bigger Rubik's cube?

If I try to make a bigger Rubik's cube out of wood, and even though I use the same size of magnets, would that still be possible?

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Rubiks Cube Blueprints?

Hello Instructables Community,      I am looking for the blueprints needed to make a functional 3 x 3 Rubik's Cube. I'm not so worried about the outside appearance, (It's just a cube divided into 9 square sections for each face,) but I am looking more for something that shows the inner dimensions and shapes of the Rubiks cube: the little "nub" type bits that are on the inside of each of the smaller cubes and the shape of the inside inside structure that looks like this. Any pointers would be much appreciated

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compact companion cube

I just built a compact companion cube and wondered what they are how can they die. somebody mentioned it in an Instructables

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LED CUBE 8x8x8

I  bought a Instructables LED Cube 8x8x8 20120226 multiplexer board v.2.2 and I cant remember what its fore Can anyone please help me? Jack

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Help with led cube? Answered

Ok so im am starting out in electronics and i really like it. I now want to make an led cube, either 3x3x3 or 4x4x4. I also want to program it with either a microcontroller or an arduino, both of which i have never used. So which one is easier to do? A link to an ible would also be good thanks in advance

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LED cube project

Hey guys ,so was in progress of making the and i'm stuck on the controller step, a lot of people ware stuck on this as I see from the comments, and I can't find any help, would someone mind helping me? I have several questions, if you have time, I'd appreciate it if you answered them!  after zooming into the drawing, few questions remain: - resistors for the cathode and anodes, what resistance should they be? I'm powering this cube with 5.7v 1800ma nokia charger, current LEDs of mine run with a 120k ohm resistors, would these do fine?(connecting to the chip)  - On the left hand side, what are the 5V + > , GND connection mean to do? do they connect to the cube? or?  - also the connection 18-21 that have resistors and then are linking up to... cant read the writing, im guessing it should be the anodes as thats the forward current?  Hope someone could answer these for me? THANK YOU so much!  After i'm done making this project I will hopefully be able to make an easy to understand diagram for newbies like myself so they can work out this circuit themselves and wouldn't give up 

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Color Mixing Cube

Yesterday I was fooling around in Unity 3d (Video Game Development Software), and I created 13 particle systems, that show how red, green, and blue light, mix into white.  Every vertex is a basic RGB color. The colors shown are Black, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Cyan, Magenta and White. The colors parallel to each other mix. If you use Unity, and you want the Prefab, I have it for download.

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LED cube 3x3x3

I hope this goes to a place w/ someone who can assist me. I built my cube wrote my code.  My C skills are very limited and something like this would strengthen it I imagine.  I would like some help in creating the letters though, kinda like they did in the blue 8x8x8 demo with the INSTRUCTABLE.  So far I cannot make all the LED's light up in a single column, and make another column light up only one or two simultaneously.  I'm lighting the whole thing.  I understand the multiplexing and the lights in each column are toggling faster than I can see, but I still would like an idea.  I'm going to do an 8x8x8 for capstone and would like to get familiar with this one first.  Using the arduino uno and software.  Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks

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puzzle game rubix cube

How to solve 4*4 rubix cube

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rubix cube, Blind folded?

I want to know how to solve the rubix cube blind folded. i have heard of rembering where each peice is, then rearangeing it in your mind, as you turn the cube. but i want an easy way, like, watch where all the white is, turn twice, and bada-bing bada-boom. so help mabey?

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The living cube bed storage

I am looking to see if anyone has or has built one of the "Living Cube" bed/storage spaces. I am considering building one but this is a big project for me and I am limited with skill. If anyone has any tips or advice it would be greatly appreciated.

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Crazy Rubik's Cube Variations

Love this list of different takes on the classic Rubik's Cube. There's one for the blind, odd shapes, and even the massively complex one in the picture below.Of course we have plenty of Rubik's Cube Instructables here as well, including a Blind Man's Cube and a whole list of others. 10 Creative Rubik's Cubes via Core77

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Rubix Cube Comp(ish)

Who can solve the rubiks cube the fastest?? IDK!! my best time is 92 seconds Who can beat it??? there is no prize, just a pat on the back The comp ends this friday(the 17th) I'll have one monthly the time of the end will always be the 3rd friday of the month. If i think your lying about your times you cant compete again until next month's contest. If you win one month you cant win the next month. \/ _ \/ ROCKON

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International Rubik's Cube Competition

Http:// Sunday, January 18, 200910:00 AM - 4:30 PMThe Exploratorium in San Francisco, CAWatch some of the world's greatest Rubik's Cube puzzle-solvers compete before a live audience! Highlights include the 3x3x3 Speed Solve and 3x3x3 Blindfold Solve. Onsite registration lasts from 10:00 - 11:00 a.m. If you can solve a cube, sign up - anyone may compete. Presented in conjunction with the Rubik's Cube Clubs of Caltech, UC Berkeley, and Stanford.

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Animatied 3x3x3 LED Cube !

A guy named "portreathbeach" built this simple 3x3x3 LED matrix. It uses a PIC16F690 in a ZIF socket for the brains. Each layer has nine LEDs with the cathodes tied together. The anodes from each LED are connected to the LED below. The LEDs are multiplexed so that even though all layers appear to be on, they're being addressed individually. Video of the matrix in motion below !!

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how to solve a rubik's cube?

What is the fastest posible way to solve a rubik's cube without cheating.

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Problem with 8x8x8 led cube ?

I made a 8x8x8 led cube , i had finished all soldering  all leds works properly   but now i have a problem some of the glows(lightly) when ground is given to the +ve leg of the leds  or when 2 when +ve and -ve is given to -ve  of different layers Is this problem negligible ?? will the cube works ?? 

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LED Flash Drive Cube

I am making an LED Cube with a flash drive built into it, one for my friend (birthday coming up) and one for myself. I was thinking about having 8 LEDs in it to sufficiently light the cube up. LED -;=item4174f27af4 I wanted to rig it up so that the LEDs were powered by the USB, but then I thought that it may not supply to enough power to power the LEDs and the flash drive at once. Would the 5V current of the USB port be able to power both the flash drive and LEDs (if so how would I connect them?) or should I use a separate power supply (battery with a switch)? 

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my rubiks cubes solved.

Picture 1 I solved my 5 by 5 for the first time!!! picture 2 is the Rubik's magic. very strange puzzle pretty easy I might add. picture 3 my Rubik's cube just started solving itself. more coming soon also look out for my instructable on how to solve the 4 by 4

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RFID LED Light Cubes

Hi! Long time follower of DIY projects. I had never considered actually trying any of the projects I had seen before, until I came upon the November 2011 issue  of Popular Science and saw the RFID LED Light Cubes. I think the idea is just So Cool and really want to try it as my first DIY project. Of course (ahh Irony, you cruel mistress!) that seems to be one of very few projects whose full instructions were never released. I'm pretty bummed out about this and even tweeted Vin Marshall (the OP) about it. He responded that he didn't think that there were any plans to release instructions for that project which is just extremely disappointing. I mean... someone Made it for the issue... how hard could it be to write up a set of instructions? I have the ingredients, but not the recipe, it's like asking me to make a souffle if all I know is that it has Eggs, Milk, Flour, Butter, and Cheese. If the idea of this DIY was to interest new amateurs in DIY projects, then they succeeded! Since November of last year, I've been trying to get some help making this awesome concept, but I just don't have the know-how. I'm begging you, Please help me figure this one out :( Help me make my first souffle. Here is a link to a 2 page PDF of the original PopSci article (and all the info I have on this project) Sincerely (and very hopefully!), Czarr

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can i make the rubiks cube costume in two weeks or less?

Is It possible to make a Rubiks Cube costume in two weeks or less?

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How to make a MDF cube (6 sided, fully enclosed)?

I have scrap pieces of 5/8 MDF that I want to make 10inx10in decorative cubes (6-sided) with. I don't have any tools, so I will have to take them to a hardware store to have them cut, which they charge $1-2/cut usually. I need 7 or 8 cubes. I am thinking that a butt-joint is the easiest option for me, as I can easily glue & brad-nail... Since woodworking is not my forte I am feeling really stupid trying to figure out the measurements of the cuts I need. I do understand that 4 sides should be cut to 10in, but what about the other 2 (top/bottom)?  PLEASE help!!! :) I'd like to use the MDF I have as I've already purchased it, but if there is a different material that would be better suited to this project please feel free to comment. I am planning on painting them & displaying them in my home, so it will have to have a smooth finish.

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where can u buy plexiglass from??

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How to make just LED cube? Answered

I don't want enything special, just to light. No microcontrolers.. So I'm looking for some tutorial or Instrucable for that.. Thank you! :D

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How to multiplex a 3x3x3 led cube?

Im going to make an led cube, probably going to start off with a 3x3x3, probably going to be controlled by and arduino or a pic microcontroller.  I know i have asked a couple wuestions about this but hear me out, pretty much know how to construct the led cube now, but i am still kinda clueless on the multiplexing part. I saw this one video on youtube that showed how to do it for a 4x4x4, but i tried using his method on a 3x3x3 and ended up using more I/O pins than he did. SO can someone show me something on how to multiplex a 3x3x3 led cube?

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Bronze Rubiks Cube - Heavy and Functional

This Rubik's Cube is made out of bronze and can be used just like a regular Rubik's Cube even if there's no difference of the faces to try and solve. So even if it's "useless" it's still a lovely item and an impressive build. Link

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Improved Method for solving a Rubik's Cube

Hey Guys- I finally wrote up my method for solving a Rubik's Cube. It's a modified version of the solution that comes as instructions with your cube. With this method, I've gotten solves of under 25 seconds!If you're interested, check it out at!-Improved!/ -I'd love to collaborate with someone to create a method even more simple and efficient!

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Rubix cube solving method collaboration

Well, i was thinking(wale i was solving my rubix cube) and thought, why don't we pull our solving methods together and we could make a really fast method for solving the cube. then we could make a collaboration for it. i use a modified version of the "beginners" method. i will post my method later, i do not have time right now.

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8x8x8 Led cube, Parts help?

Ok, Ive been debating this for a long time, and I already bought some of the parts, But Im trying to figure out what else I need. So far, I have" Computer power supply Prototype board from radioshack with copper eyes. Two way screw terminal 3 - 20 pin IC terminals (I know I need more, but 3 is all radioshack had at the time) 2 - 16 Pin IC terminals 1000 uf Capacitor - 6.3v 100 uf capacitor - 10v 33uf capacitor - 6.3v A push button 3 status led's (Red, Green, and yellow) Arduino uno protoboard ^ I also have 18 gauge aluminum wire for the layers.  I have a spool of rosin core solder (I hope this will work, I dont wanna buy more) And Im going to get 1000 blue leds off ebay. with these specs: Color: Blue Size (mm): 5mm Lens Colour: Water Clear Forward Voltage (V): 3.2-3.4V Wave Length(nm): 465-470 Luminous Intensity : 11000 - 12000 MCD Life Rating: 100,000 Hours Viewing Angle: 20-25 Degree Max Power Dissipation : 80mw Max Continuous Forward Current : 30mA Max Peak Forward Current : 75mA Reverse Voltage : 5~6V Lead Soldering Temperature : 240°C (<5Sec) Operating Temperature Range : -25°C ~ +85°C Preservative Temperature Range : -30°C ~ +100°C As far as the rest goes I have NO idea what I need. Im going to be using my arduino with it, And im not 100% sure how to change the current instructable here to work with it. they dont specify.  Any help would be really appreciated. Ive wanted to make one for a LONG time :D

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Hi I am thinking about making an 4x4x4 LED cube with 10mm LEDs for a 10 week project and wanted to ask about a few things which I am unsure of: Firstly:  I planned on following an instructables guide such as or similar but these are all for the standard 5mm led . What I wanted to know is will these plans still work or will they need to be changed alot due to the more current being drawn? (apart from the obvious change in resistor values) Also I aren't sure whether to charlieplex the cube or multiplex it yet , Which is easier? In addition, Is the construction of the actual cube grid the same no matter which technique used ? {as i wanted to build the actual grid first to get it out the way then concentrate on the other parts} Any Help and tips appreciated  Thanks

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a simple way to solve a rubiks cube?

I know how to slove 3x3 but i cant do 4x4 or 5x5 any  guides? NOTE: i cant follow guides that use these  '

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Rapidprototyped Weighted Companion Storage Cube

Here are the .sldprt and .stl files for the projectFor those of you who do not have SolidWorks, you can get the e-drawings file (wcc.exe) instead. Just download it and open it - no special programs needed.

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last center on a 5x5 super cube?

I have an Eastsheen 5x5 supercube. I can't solve the final center. I have found a couple of postings on the internet about supercubes but the solutions don't make much sense to me.

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