Knex Halo DMR

Hello guys! I recently built a Knex DMR off Halo reach. Its really cool looking but I have no interest in finishing it. It does work and function just like the Halo DMR.  It has a working bolt that does cock the weapon. It holds 15 grey connectors inside its removable magazine. It is a truly bullpup gun. It shot 35FT using the two bands. It also has a true pull straight back trigger. I have more important guns to be building than this one. (Sorry for the camera image quality, it was taken with my dads Canon camera.)

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Knex TH2BR [Mod 3]

Hey knexers! I have a modification of the TH2BR here for you to see. [Mod 3] Just some final pics of what I have of this gun. .

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What airsoft sniper should i get?

There a few guns and I was looking at and one is the ECHO 1 M28 sniper that shots 500+ fps and comes with a bipod and is a bolt action spring gun. The other gun is the Airsoft GI I4-A3 DMR airsoft gun. this gun is an automatic and shoots 290-300 fps. The ECHO 1 M28 is $175.00 with free shipping. The Airsoft GI I4-A3 DMR airsoft gun is $355.00 with free shipping and that includes me buying the charger is $35.00 the bipod is $35.00 the battery is $35.00 the gun alone is $245.00. I would like your guys opinion on what gun I should get I will post pics and videos of these guns please rate comment and subscribe. ECHO 1 M28 link Airsoft GI I4-A3 DMR link;_id=8205

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