Can anyone help me to make a DVI-D to VGA converter? I know that DVI-D is digital only and VGA is analog but there must be a possibility to convert digital to analog. I have a dell 30" LCD which have DVI-D port and I want to connect this LCD to VGA source. Help me plz...

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DVI / VGA to USB over Bluetooth?

I do graphic design and computer animation.   I am making my own wireless drawing tablet.  I have a bluetooth pressure sensitive drawing tablet.   A 16" (16x9) laptop display, bluetooth adapters, dvi / vga to usb adapters and various strong enough rechargeable batteries. The tablet is bluetooth enabled.  The display is using a dvi / vga to usb adapter.  Everything is working. What i need to figure out is how to stream my low res display from usb to bluetooth over to my computer's bluetooth. Any ideas?

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DVI to VGA Conversion on a Budget

I didn't make this into an Instructable because my wife is visiting Minnesota and took the digital camera with her. If anyone wants to build this and photograph their process, just include me as a collaborator and I'll be happy... :) I just acquired a new (used) video card for my Mac. Unfortunately, it has a ADC (Apple Display Connector) and a DVI (Digital Video Interface). While the card is capable of driving two displays, I only had a DVI-VGA adapter and ADC-VGA adapters run $50-100US! I decided that I'd just have to figure out how to wire my own adapter and run it to an unused PCI plate. The following schematic is a DVI-VGA adapter. I've included the pins that would be used for the equivalent points on an ADC connector. I just finished wiring an ADC connector to a VGA connector on another plate. It works perfectly! I hope this saves someone else a few bucks... Vegas

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what should i use: DVI or HDMI? Answered

I have a gtx260 graphics card with 2 DVI ports, today i'm going to buy a 24" flatscreen with DVI, HDMI and D-sub inputs. should i use a DVI to DVI cable from my graphics card to my screen or a DVI to HDMI cable from my graphics card to my screen? would there be any difference?

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Duel moniters without the dvi to analog switch? help please?

I need to know if i can set them up without using the dvi to analog switcher thing. please answer.

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lcd reverse monitor as computer monitor? Answered

I just got a 3.5" lcd monitor from ebay and i want to connect it to my computer but my computer has only vga , dvi and hdmi input and the monitor just composite  the monitor    http://cgi.ebay.com/Mini-3-5-inch-TFT-color-monitor-for-car-backup-camera_W0QQitemZ170510640554QQcategoryZ32826QQcmdZViewItemQQ_trksidZp3911.m7QQ_trkparmsZalgo%3DLVI%26itu%3DUCI%26otn%3D3%26po%3DLVI%26ps%3D63%26clkid%3D5532670551837826563 please help me!!!

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DVI ports on 7900 GS stopped working? Answered

The other day i went to turn on my PC and nothing showed on the screen. My monitor was connected using a DVI cable. On the second DVI connector on the card i still had an old DVI to VGA adapter attached and a VGA cable. So i plugged that into the VGA port on the monitor and it works. find.  So I have tried a different DVI cable and tried both cables on each of the 2 DVI ports on the card and they don't work. I've even tried different monitors. Yet when i use a DVI to VGA adapter and a VGA cable everything works fine. So on to the questions... Is it possible for the digital pins on the DVI connector to go out and still have the analog pins function? Is there any way i can get the digital side of the DVI connector working again?  Not that it matters if i'm using VGA or DVI on the monitor side since both my monitors have both connectors. But i just got this second monitor back from my parents and would like to go back to dual monitors again. Unfortunately i only have the 1 VGA cable and 2 DVI. I'd rather not buy another VGA cable. I just hope this isn't the gForce 7900 GS telling me its about to die cause i can't afford a new video card and don't want to go back to my gForce 7300 GT. 

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Is there any way to turn a laptop LCD into a desktop through dvi or vga? Answered

I have a dead newer laptop with a perfect 15.4" widescreen that would be a great second monitor. I just don't know if its possible to convert it over to a stand alone. Even HDMI would work I have the converter cables and what not.

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Can i get a laptop LCD screen to work as a second monitor on my desktop trough DVI? Answered

I have a old laptop screen (make : DIGITAL) lying around and want to get it to work with my desk top as a secondary monitor for. Any suggestions? It i'll be great if someone makes an instructable on how to do it.

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Is it possible to connect a VGA cable to the LCD wires in a laptop? Answered

I have a Toshiba Satellite A505-S6965 with a cracked screen.  I have a desktop computer that is getting on in years and I would like re-purpose this laptop into a desktop. I currently use two monitors with this desktop and would like to continue this setup.  Is it possible to identify what wires do what on the LCD of the laptops monitor, then wire that into a VGA or DVI cable and make it work with one of these monitors? Thanks for any and all insight! *Update I counted the number of pins in the current monitor's harness that plugs into the laptop, there are 25 pins.  Hope this helps!

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What Version of HDCP Does the Xbox 360 Require? Other HD Questions...NERD ALERT!

I might get an Xbox 360 some day (say I win the lottery). My HD TV has support for version one of HDCP (High Definition Content Protection, supposed to protect against copying, yeah right). Is version one sufficient to use an Xbox 360 with my TV? Also I only have one DVI port on my TV, no HDMI (it's two years old, my dad kinda jumped into it). We have our HDTV Star Choice satellite receiver hooked up to that, so I don't wanna have to swap out the satellite for the 360 everytime I wanna play in HD (I have a CRT TV in my room which I usually play games on). Can I get a Y shaped switcher thingy for my TV? I know DVI, unlike HDMI, doesn't support all in one audio and video in one tiny HDMI cable. Does the 360 have a seperate output for audio, too?

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projecting my laptop

Ok so i decided to build the overhead lcd projector https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Projector-on-the-Cheap/ But i would really like to be able to project my laptop screen, how would I make the lcd screen show what my laptop is showing. My macbook has a mini-DVI port in it. can this be done?

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How do I connect an apple "Mini DVI To Video Adapter" to a TV

I just bought an Apple "Mini DVI To Video Adapter" from micro center and my TV doesnt seem to read it at all? So far I have done this.1 Opened Mini DVI adapter carefully without breaking it2 Plugged into my macbooks mini DVI port 3 Plugged a standard S video cable from my macbook to my TV 4 Opened up the correct video output on my tv5 Got no signal on the correct input : (6 Jiggled the adapter around and my macbooks screen went blue for a second 7 nothing on the TV still8 Got frustrated and posted a forum thread about itWhat am I doing wrong can someone please help me!And yes I am using a Macbook and this Adapter

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Interfacing cell phone LCD's with VGA/DVI connectors

Anyone have any experience with this or know if such a connector/adaptor exists? I have a 320x240 display I pulled from a Blackberry 8700g and would like to run video on it off an old G4 tower. Thanks for any suggestions!

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Weird cable? Answered

OK so im wondering if this on the market (a little back story) Im building myself a home media center using an old pc and xbmc. I'd like to connect to my TV through HDMI so i can get full 1080p video from my media center the only problem being is that my old pc doesn't have an hdmi port only a dvi, so i was wondering if a cable or box existed that could combine the dvi from the graphics card and audio from the headphone port into HDMI allowing me to simply plug the other end into my TV.                                       --------DVI (female from graphics card)                                      /   HDMI (male)<---------                                     \                                      --------Audio from PC (female from little green hole by usb slot on the mobo) Something similar to that, preferably cheap otherwise I'll simply pick up a new $50 card from Newegg.

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Why is my HDMI cable not playing audio?

I've kept my HDMI cable plugged into my AMD Radeon 7750 with updated graphics drives and it does display video. I have checked and it is enabled I have the software but it simply says that it is not plugged in. Everything is tight, and ready as it was before (Working too) so any problem you could think of? I think it might be hardware problems, my PC is from 2009 and I am afraid my system32 folder is messed up :[. The cable isn't damaged except it could be the small end that converts the cable into mini HDMI for my GPU. Please reply! :)

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VB 2008 AxWindowsMediaPlayer Control Help?

Hey everyone. If your an advanced user in Visual Basics 2008 Express Edition, I could use some help. Right now, I'm working on a video presentation program for my Home Theater PC. I'm planning on hooking up my computer to my T.V and using it as a secondary screen. I will then run an HDMI cable to my monitor, and use that as my main screen. My mouse and keyboard are wireless so it won't pose a problem. But, anyways. I'm getting off topic... I made a form with a bunch of controls on it. It has 10 textboxes for video URLs and 5 textboxes for audio URL. It has 2 AxWindowsMediaPlayers on it. One for music, the other for video. The main one (Bigger one) will be used for video, and it will also act as a control window. So, when I click play one one the textboxes, it will open the file up one both Media Players and will begin to play. I know the coding for that, its just I need to know how to control the 3rd Media Player, on a different form. So basically, the 3rd Media Player would copy the 1st media player. Any help would be much appreciated.  Thanks. 

Question by brandencota 

tablet pc

What would it take to install a tablet pc screen onto a regular laptop? or what would it take to convert a tablet pc screen to a usb tablet ? (maybe a dvi port to display on it and a usb to allow for the input from the screen?)

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Can I send A Signal from my PC to my HD TV Wirelessly?

I wanna connect My PC to my Sharp Aqous 52", But I do NOT want any lag or anything. Like a Wireless DVI? (1080p would be awesome)

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how can i make a converter from vga to a small lcd screen

I have a sharp lq035q7dh02 lcd screen from a pocket pc pinnout can be found here an i want to make a converter from vga so i can use my pc with it i could also use a dvi

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How do I use a Sceptre X22WG as a TV?

I have a Dish Network Dual 625 receiver with s-video, RGB and coax connections on the back.  I have a Sceptre X22WG LCD monitor with HDMI, DVI and VGA connections on the back.   What do I need to do in order to get the receiver hooked up to the LCD monitor? Thanks!!!

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Will this laptop screen work with the kit I am going to buy?

IEC: S/N CN2401J3J801P5  I need to know if the below link to the product will work with the screen I have with the above serial number http://www.ebay.com/itm/M-NT68676-2A-HDMI-DVI-VGA-Audio-LCD-LED-Screen-Controller-Board-Diy-Monitor-Kit-/110977522562?pt=US_Server_Boards&hash;=item19d6c69b82

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Is there an easy way to convert a composite or SVHS signal to use a lcd tv as a tv monitor?

Basically i want to use an old LCD monitor as a tv... the monitor only has DVI and RGB in the form of a 15 pin HD sub D connector. (like 90% of the computer monitors out there)...  I know that there are expensive "upsync" converters but I want to be cheap...ah hmm frugal... I was wondering if anyone has discovered a cheap way to hack it.

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Box light from broken monitor

Hi, this is my first DIY project! I'm trying to convert a broken monitor into a panel light. I've successfully taken it apart, removed the LCD portion and retained only the backlight (with diffuser), which works fine. However, I have no idea how to keep the backlight on without a signal on the DVI/VGA ports, which the monitor's circuits clearly expect. When I press the power button, the backlight switches on, stays on for about 30 seconds and then switches off, presumably because there's no signal from the VGA/DVI ports.Model: T215HVN01.0Data sheet: https://datasheetspdf.com/pdf-file/789046/AUO/T21...What do I need to do to keep the backlight on as soon as the power is on? I have all the necessary tools (wires, breadboard, assorted resistors and capacitors, soldering iron, etc.). Do I need to have all the circuit boards that came with the monitor, or can I somehow make do with just the yellow board which takes care of the current and voltage to the backlight LEDs?I'm putting some pictures of the circuits here for reference... If I need to zoom in/focus on any specific part of the circuit boards, please let me know. Hoping someone can guide this electronics noob. :)

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How can I connect the USB output from my laptop to the RCA jacks on my tv?

I'm in school, and I'm a bit of a geek.  Let me first tell you the existing setup, and the problem, so you don't suggest a non-viable answer.  I am running windows 8, with a 23" multitouch monitor on the hdmi output, and a 19" non touch widescreen on the vga.  This VGA, however, is not straight-thru.  It connects to a belkin KVM switch, to connect to both tower and laptop when its in there.  The 19" has only vga and dvi options for input.  The 23" touchscreen will take HDMI, VGA, or DVI.  The 32" monitor is a crt and only has coax and rca inputs.  When I am working on a project, I have my screens quartered and layered and still do not have enough space on the screens to see everything I need to.  I am using them as extended monitors rather than as duplicate or single-display only. I need to be able top take a USB output and bring it (through any necessary converters or cables) to the RCA input of the TV.  Any ideas anyone?  I don't have the money to buy a new monitor or tv or I wouldn't be asking.

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xbox connection difficulties

I want my xbox360 to work on my sony pmf 42x1 monitor using the hdmi cable.  I purchased a adapter (hdmi to DVI) from the shack.  But when i hook it up i get and error from the sony saying  "not in range".   Can i adjust something on the monitor to allow it to receive the xbox signal?  The only video input i recognize is the s-video.  I included a pic from back of sony pmf 42x1 monitor. thx,  d

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How to convert touch screen display to monitor?

I have a HD touch screen AIO and a touch screen laptop and I want to turn the lcds into monitors, how can I add a dvi/hdmi/vga/display port to the lcd and link the touch screen too? specifics which may help Gateway ZX4300  LifeBook T4210 both computers are dead, new pc and want to get rid of these old ones but don't want to waste LCDs.

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Playing SNES on a 19&quot; LCD

I have a 19" LCD that I use as an external monitor for my laptop but I would also like to be able to hook up my SNES to it and play some of my old games since my only TV is a little 13". Does anyone know how to make a box that has inputs for RCA video and coax cable and outputs video to a computer monitor (with DVI conection). I know there are emulators on the internet that I could play on my computer but it's just not the same without the SNES controllers.

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Opening MAG screen for self repair it

Hello im having trouble opening the Mag screen I'm trying it for a while now ive uploaded some picture of it, my problem on it is that I have very bad connection to dvi connecter (when im moving the cable, pushing it in its working when I leave it it disappears) I took out 4 screws on the corners and as u see I tried to take out the lower part of the screen but it still doesn't open I only wish to repair the bad connection, any help will be appreciated thanks ahead mike

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Multiple Monitor Switcher

Basically i was wondering if someone would help me design a multiple computer multiple display switch box. so i have two desktop computers both support dual monitors so i would connect all 4 dvi connectors to the switch box it would then switch those two computers between dual monitors and a projector. this would be done by a easy access button. im thinking something like this http://www.belkin.com/uk/switch2/ except with more ports kinda. any help would be greatly apreciated.

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LCD Monitor went blank

The Gateway logo and energy star emblem still come on the screen then after few seconds goes blank. When I unhooked from PC and hooked up to the HDMI input from satellite I saw nice picture for about three seconds then went blank and haven't been able to do it again. none of the inputs (HDMI, RCA, VGA, DVI )produce picture now except the Gateway logo and energy star emblem at start up. and the power button lite turns green from orange and menu buttons lite up then all go out as though no signal coming in.Model = gateway hd2200

Question by clownalex 

video composite spliter

Hi, i have 3 portable(car) monitors that take composite video signal in, the deal is i want to link them all together to the same source.. Can i simply daisy chain them(parallel) or do i need some kind of amplifier to do the trick? If so, please provide a tutorial/instructable on how to make one.. The source can be s-video, vga, or any standard computer video analog output.. i'm not saying dvi or hdmi interface due to the fact D/A conversions being not that simple(for me)..(but please provide the schematics anyway) I'm sorry for my terrible english x) Best regards, Fábio Santos.

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Good motherboard, for just starting custom builds?

Hi, I am relatively new to building custom computers. However, I feel like I know enough to actually build one. The first problem I'm having though is finding a good motherboard. I won't be doing a whole lot of hard core gaming, but probably a little(Halo, Fallout 3/New Vegas, MW2, etc...). So I would say I'd need the following specs(minimum, more is usually better): 4GB DDR3 RAM PCI Slot(s) 3 SATA devices(2 HDDs, 1 Disk Drive) 500GB HDD(s) AMD AM3 Athlon II x2 445 VGA & DVI I think I've found a good mobo to fit this bill: GIGABYTE GA-785GMT-USB3 Can anyone vouch for it, or offer a better suggestion?

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DIY projector using phone LCD screen.

Hello every body. My first post on these forums, and here goes. I have been looking into projectors and considering the cheaper route of building my own. As I want the projector to be HD and small at the same time, I figured one of the newer phone screens would be suitable (which I have located a reseller of). I do not have any particular screens in mind. To get to the point though, are there any controllers out there that would allow me to connect a screen with dvi / hdmi? As with larger tft panels where you can buy a kit, or such as the device used to bridge the LVDS to hdmi connectors (one example here). I have been unsuccessful in my search for these so far. I assume that most of the screens use different connectors rather than a common standard data connector, which could hinder this. Thanks for your time.

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How can I use my old laptop monitor as a screen for my computer (in car) ???

I'm rebuilding and upgrading my old laptop into a 'carputer', I removed the screen as a whole unit, however, i'm fairly adept with car mods and I believe I could adapt the centre console to take the 14" screen as opposed to a costly new 7 or 8" alternative. Electrickery is, alas, a weakness of mine, theres a very short lead coming from the screen, how would I extend it or change to a dvi or vga or summat??? Also the enclosure (standard screen off laptop) is quite bulky, what can I damage by taking the screen housing apart, whats in there... *carries on asking questions in a similar vein, getting more garbled and confused by the second*.....Any help would be greatly appreciated, as there are squirrels holding me hostage and they have guns and...BANG...."squeak, we told you not to say anything, squeak"........."Ah, nuts. I shot the hostage. (nuts, geddit?! sorry :-l)"......

Topic by tim_bisley77 

3.5mm 5.1 Surround Sound Switch/Splitter Box for 2 inputs

Hello, my first post here, so it might be in the wrong section, please move it if necessary. I have quite a complicated problem. Currently I have 1 PC with 5.1 speakers and recently bought a 5.1 headset with microphone. Already  I have a problem when I want to switch between speakers and headphones, each time I have to go under the desk and change the cables :/ In a few months I plan to buy another computer (old one is used up, but it is still quite good equipment). And here begins the stairs. I do not need a second monitor or keyboard plus a mouse, so I want to buy a KVM (keyboard / video/ mouse) switch. The mouse and keyboard are USB ones, so the KVM must support USB. Monitor and graphics card are connected through DVI, which I want to keep, so I must have a DVI KVM. I also want to be able to switch between headphones and speakers. So I thought about this: cs1782 But this works only for one 'source': I could use either speakers or headphones, switching from one PC. But I would like to be able to choose whether I want to use speakers or headphones on both of the PC, so I was thinking about doing (I have not found anything like this to buy, which is strange, because more and more people have the same problem) something like this. But as to be able to do: - Switch between headphones and speakers at PC1 - Switch between headphones and speakers at PC2 - Switch between PC1 and PC2 - Using headphones on PC1 and speakers on PC2 (or vice versa) simultaneously. I've came out with this picture, which should  be able to do this: - Switch between headphones and speakers at PC1 - Switch between headphones and speakers at PC2 - Switch between PC1 and PC2 But I still can't figure how to make this: - Using headphones on PC1 and speakers on PC2 (or vice versa) simultaneously. The more I  think about it, the more I get the idea that it can't be done via DPDT switches, but I don't know what to use. Is it even doable? I have no experience in electronics (I did solder couple of wires in my life, but nothing more), but I have a lot of enthusiasm, so I could make such magic boxes, if I knew how. Thanks in advance for any suggestions, ideas, etc. I also hope that this problem will be useful to someone else.

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Blank screen for dual monitor support, bad PSU or Bad Video card

2 computers (X,Y) X is intel 478 1GBram 80 GBHDD (celeron 2.6) 200W PSU ATIradeon 9200(PCI), can get multy monitor on this system. Y is same litlle newer 2GBram 80&40GB HDDs (p4 3.0GhzHT prescott)  300W ATIraeon 9550(AGP) cant get dual monitor. onboard wont work if card plugged in.  2nd monitor plugge in with DVI-VGA Adapter.  it gets power but screen is blank.  ATI cat and windows recognizes both monitors but can't get video to display on 2nd.  I really ont want to buy a psu if I don't need one.... will  try plugging in 9200 PCI into Y tonight if it works then don't think its power supply (cuz it will be powering to vieo cards) anyone know what may be my prob...Also noticed when enabling in windows, screen resolution says it is 1024,0 (should be 1024,768)  lights are green on both monitors. when 1st monitor goes to standby second monitor follows.... Please before I lose all my hair... anyhelp?....

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iMac G5 external monitor

Hi there! I'm currently working on a project, and I really need some help from you guys. What I'm basically trying to do is putting a Raspberry Pi with Retropie installed into a iMac G5 case (24'') and use it as a Retro-Gaming-Machine. Things I already have: - iMac G5 24inch - Raspberry Pi Model B+ with RetroPie installed - 2 SNES Controller with an Adapter to USB - Cables and stuff And now to my problem: I want to use the iMac's LCD panel (Product number: LM240WU2), which of course requires an inverter as well as a controller board. The inverter is stuck to the panel, and can be used I think. But the controller board seems to be integrated into the Logic Board, so I can't use it. I already found a suiting controller on AliExpress, but unfortunately it's not available. So I'm kind of running out of options where to get one. Does anybody know where to get a working controller? It shouldn't be too expensive, because otherwise I could just buy a 17'' or 20'' iMac G5 and use it, because these are built a bit differently and work just over DVI. I would love to make a Instructable out of the project, in case I'm able to solve that Problem! Thanks, Nick

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Internet Television

PCs and Television these days.  A quick look at how the Internet is taking over television. By connecting an Internet connected PC to your television, you can download TV shows, movies, etc. (How to connect a TV to a PC) DVI Cable S-Video Cable VGA Cable http://www.howcast.com/videos/185705-How-To-Connect-Your-Laptop-To-Your-Television   TV is moving to the Internet, examples.. http://www.hulu.com/search?query=Legend+of+the+Seeker&st;=1 http://www.hulu.com/search?query=The+Big+Bang+Theory&st;=0 http://www.cbs.com/primetime/big_bang_theory/     Web TV Sites (let me know if you know more!) http://abc.go.com/ http://www.cbs.com/video/ http://www.nbc.com/video/ http://video.pbs.org/ http://www.fox.com/fod/ http://www.boxee.tv/ http://www.joost.com/ http://www.spreety.com/default.aspx http://www.epixhd.com/ http://www.ovguide.com/ http://www.crackle.com/ http://www.tvland.com/fullepisodes/leaveittobeaver/ http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/18/technology/18webtv.html http://tv1.com/ http://www.vimeo.com/ http://www.vevo.com/ http://www.spreety.com/default.aspx   http://www.epixhd.com/   http://www.ovguide.com/   http://www.crackle.com/   http://www.tvland.com/fullepisodes/leaveittobeaver/   http://www.nytimes.com/2010/03/18/technology/18webtv.html   http://tv1.com/   http://www.vimeo.com/   http://www.vevo.com/   http://www.myfitv.com/ http://www.letmewatchthis.com/ http://www.fancast.com/ http://www.hulu.com/     (Net TV Guides) http://www.zap2it.com/tv/ http://www.casttv.com/ http://www.clicker.com/

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ATi (AMD) GPU Problem Answered

I recently recieved an XFX Radeon HD 6850 card after reluctantly switching from nVidia. My previous card was an MSI N8400GS 512MB DDR2, and wasn't up to spec with the latest games. I installed teh card using standard procedures (grounding myself, carefully removing and inserting cards etc. I have determined it isn't a problem with my setup or power supply, as my system specs exceed all of those required by the card. The only one it didn't meet was PCI-E x16 2.1, mine is on;y 2.0, but I'm told it is backwards compatible, and it wasn't listed as a requirement (only pci-e x16). I have installed the drivers from the ATi website, and uninstalled my old ones. The crd does not run hot at any time, so overheating isn't a problem. The problem is I sometimes heat interference on the headphones, even though I'm using a separate sound card. I also get digital interference on the screen (I'm using DVI). When I try to put any kind of stress on the card (run-in tests, benchmarking, or gaming), the display driver stops responding multiple times, the interference increases, and sometimes the system halts and I have to reset. I can't think of any good reason for this problem other than a faulty card, but I bought it brand new @ factory sealed, with no modifications or over clocking. Any idea what the problem might be?

Question by andy70707   |  last reply

Arduino Media Center interfaces?

I have a new project idea which is generally a mini media center console using a beagleboard single board computer and an arduino.  Essentially, I would like to run windows 7 or maybe a bare linux, as all I really need here is to run iTunes.  I would like the arduino to act as a IR remote receiver for an HP mobile remote that I have from an old laptop. Also, I have a 2 line display like this and want to also connect it to the arduino so that it will display the name of the song playing and the timing (like the duration of the song and how much of it has played...)  The arduino itself is not the problem, rather i am at a loss as to how i can get the necessary data from the computer.  Please help me out there. Also, I am planning to get a wifi adapter so that i can use my iPod Touch as an additional remote for iTunes.  I plan to house everything in an OKW Diatec enclosure and maybe put a few push switches on there also to have "onboard" play/pause and volume up/down functionality.  This case is designed for displays really, so if anyone can recommend a good deal for like a 7 inch display with VGA, DVI, or S Video hookup, that would be pretty cool.  Maybe even a touchscreen. I would love to hear any comments on this project IDEA that i have come up with so far.  Its just something i came across and thought that it would be cool to do this without an actual laptop.  Beagleboard is a single board computer but its small enough to not make that an issue Thanks

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Can I use a LCD controller to control a mobile display?

I wish to build a small 1080p monitor, and the smallest regular LCD display I could find was around 10" and not HD, so I've been looking at mobile displays. I don't know much on the subject, but I am willing to learn and work to get what I want.  A mobile display that suits my needs is the HTC One display, it has a resolution of 1920x1080 and is not OLED (I may wish to replace the backlighting). It is available on spare part sites, and on eBay (though with the touchscreen digitizer included): http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-ASSEMBLY-LCD-display-Touch-Screen-Digitizer-For-HTC-One-X-S720E-G23-/231095967913?pt=US_Cell_Phone_Replacement_Parts_Tools&hash;=item35ce64a0a9 http://www.fonefunshop.co.uk/cable_picker/97516_HTC_One_X_LCD.html Would I be able to control this display with a regular LCD controller, such as this one? http://www.ebay.com/itm/121059321784?_trksid=p2055119.m1438.l2649&ssPageName;=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT With full HDMI/DVI and function support? Maybe I'm mistaken, but as long as the voltages match... Right? Unfortunately, the display description on these websites is completely lacking in details, so it's been difficult to get any tech specs. I've been googling this a lot, but with few results. It seems a problem could be the interface: there aren't enough pins on the HTC One display (of course, it doesn't HAVE to be this particular display, it just has to be small, cheap and HD). I managed to find something about MIPI interfaces, could this be a problem if it's proprietary? Are there adapters? And would I need an inverter if this setup even works? Thank you in advance.

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Help finding a way of controlling an LCD with USB 3.1 Type C?

Hello and thank you for taking the time to check out my problem. Recently my laptop tied, sad story, and I have decided that I would like to pay an homage to its faithful service by turning the LCD display into an external display. I realise that that there are many guides on how to do this, using a controller board that sources an external power supply. However, I would like to use USB type-c to power and deliver the video signal to the display. As the idea is to make it a portable display I don't want to need an extra power supply to power my second display. USB definitely can deliver enough power to the display, but after searching for hours I was not able to find any controller board that has this capability. Either it is difficult to find due to the overwhelming amount of regular controller boards or it does not exist. Surely I cannot be the first person in the world to attempt this, or come across this problem. I hope that maybe any of you might have the knowledge of how to pull this of, or maybe tried it yourself or even better, know of a commercial hardware solution for this.Oh yeah, my panel is a B156HW01 (V3).Cheers and thank you for your time! EDIT:I woke up with the idea of maybe splitting a USB Type C cable to get the power and ground of the usb c and run this into the power port of for example: https://www.amazon.com/Controller-Board-Driver-Panel-B156HW01/dp/B079HPRGS4?SubscriptionId=AKIAILSHYYTFIVPWUY6Q&tag;=duckduckgo-ffab-20&linkCode;=xm2&camp;=2025&creative;=165953&creativeASIN;=B079HPRGS4 and then plug it into a usb c to DVI adapter. However I do not have enough knowledge of the electronics to tell of this is a really stupid idea of a potential solution.

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iPad Problems - 14 Problems with Apple's iPad

Apple just revealed the new Apple iPad Tablet that will probably make it one of the first failures by Apple's latest line of products. Apple revealed this new Tablet PC as a challenger to netbooks. However, it's already been labeled a "less powerful, but more expensive netbook." Here are 14 iPad problems that made this Apple iPad an iDisappointment. 1. No Multitasking The Apple iPad is just like the iPhone, in that there is no multitasking. You can't work on a document and talk on AIM or Gtalk. In other words, the iPad just a giant iPod Touch (the iPod Touch being better) and cannot match netbooks. 2. It Has an Awkward Design The design is a bit awkward because you have to hold it in one hand and balance it while your other hand uses the functionality or more likely you will need to put it on your knees to use it properly. It's like holding a monitor, I'm sure nothing will happen to it. Some people complain about the Bezel being too large, but perhaps this was necessary so that you don't constantly give commands while moving around. 3. No Adobe Flash Were you considering watching Hulu on this? How about youtube (well we'll have to wait for an app for that)? Thinking of playing flash games while waiting on the bus? Oh well. 4. No USB, Need Adapters Again with the iPod design, you need to plug in the special Apple adapter. If you lose it, you'll have to buy another. If you want to plug in multiple devices you need USB to iPad adapters! Since it's not even using Mac OS, most USB devices would probably not work anyway. 5. AT&T; Once Again Are you thinking of purchasing the 3G version? You'll need to get it with AT&T; and think of how overloaded their service will be now. There is no Verizon, T-Mobile, or Sprint service available for this product, some of which has better coverage. You can't use T-Mobile's 3G at all because of their MicroSIM made specifically for AT&T.; 6. Memory Business Model Apple will charge you extra for higher memory. It's a business model they use for all their products to increase profits. That's why they don't want other storage devices being inserted to improve memory. You're also stuck with a limit of 64GB, so don't think about putting in all your music, movies, or games. 7. Touch Keyboard Many people were complaining about the touchscreen keyboard. Which would be fine if it worked perfectly and you didn't have to sit it exactly on your lap and make sure it's flat. You can however, attach an Apple keyboard, just another way for Apple to make money. 8. App Store Again Just like the iPod Touch you have to download everything from an App store. Meaning if you don't like Safari, you're stuck with it. Some apps may be banned once again. 9. No Cameras Yeah no web cams on the front, and no cameras for photos or videos from the back either. 10. No Removable Battery You can't just take an extra battery with you on a long trip because the battery works the same way as an iPod (though my bet is, it doesn't last as long). 11. No HDMI/DVI Output You can't plug this thing into your TV to display your HD movies. You'd need AppleTV for that. 12. No Widescreen 16:9 ain't happening, you're stuck with a 4:3 screen. 13. No GPS There's no GPS, so --unlike the T-Mobile MyTouch or the Verizon Droid which both run on Android, can multitask and have GPS so that you can use the Beta Google Maps Navigation system for turn-by-turn directions-- you're stuck with locating yourself via WiFi hotspots. 14. It's Large, Slow, and Clunky Not only will you have to buy accessories to protect your device, it's very large making it easy to drop and probably won't live a healthy life in a backpack filled with notebooks and other possibly sharp objects. There may be a number of accessories sold by Apple to cover some of these problems. The iPad max speed is 1GHz (A4 processor) and will probably be just as slow surfing the web as most other smartphones and it won't match up to netbooks. There is no Mac OS X or anything either, it's definitely the iPhone OS except without the Phone capability and of course I'm sure they will ban Google Voice and Skype. The iPad is about the size of a Kindle, so it is nice for reading e-books I suppose, but then I'm not sure why I wouldn't just buy a Kindle. As with all companies that initially have much success, they get a little overconfident and launch a product just to create more hype and increase their stock prices.   More related iPad Problem resources: ipad wiki - What you need to know about iPad The iPad is a tablet computer developed by Apple Inc. Announced on January 27, 2010, it is similar in functionality to the iPhone and iPod touch, running the same operating system (iPhone OS) and almost all of the same applications...

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Building: wireless monitor/tablet recycling old laptop parts

Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.Building wireless touchscreen ar1100 to bluetooth transmitte by Fearlessleader on Tue Mar 20, 2018 5:04 am Hi I have 15.4 samsung laptop screen I am converting to 4 wire touch overlay and want to us the ar1100 but need to go from the usb out bluetooth wireless mouse transmitter. I would need the same type of transmitter like any bluetooth mouse would have inside. The mini pc I am building has both bluetooth and wireless display.Parts list so far15.4 samsung screen pulled from a Dell laptop modle LTN154W1-L01Control board for the screen with hdmi ebay 30$ link https://www.ebay.com/itm/HDMI-DVI-VGA-LCD-Lvds-Con.. 12v 3 amp power supply for the screen controler I already have but later I would build voltage control unit that would charge or power the whole unit. Again YouTube has videos and links for the part for this. And I really don't want to have a bunch a supplies to run it. While prototype it I will the final will run from the laptop I got the screen from. It should plenty of power for a single board computer like the new pi 3 to be added and the audio amp15.4 4 wire overlay conversion many sorce's about 50$ link https://www.ebay.com/itm/15-4inch-4-Wire-Film-to-F... $Ar1100 touch to usb mouse adafuit 10$ link https://www.adafruit.com/product/1580Hdmi wireless receiver. 20 to 40$ depending on features like if it has chromecasting and such I just need video so I think the 20$ unit will do nice. These can be found in many places, so I would think this to be open end item depending on features the builder wants. I would buy the best you can afford to leave it fexible .The last thing I need to make work would be usb transmitter to make the ar1100 bluetooth or matched pair of 2.4 dongles usb this is the only item missing. I could test the whole set up but would have run 1 usb cable, but that's a deal breaker for full wireless... If I had a old bluetooth mouse and knew how take its transmitter out, that work but a bluetooth usb adapter the would plug in the ar1100 board would be the thing I need.If someone would know how to remove the mouse transmitter and wire it to male usb plug I would be happy to buy it. I real want this to made from as much recycled parts as possible.I just don't want to have run a usb cable from ar1100 to the pc.I don't think the same usb dongle that's used to the pc is the same as the one used in every bluetooth mouse or keyboard. That's my idea for a wireless touchscreen handheld All the parts are easy to get I just need make the ar1100 usb board and wireless usb transmitter. The pc would use GA-h77n-wifi mini itx as it has both bluetooth & wireless display and wifi.Part 2The idea sound lol! I want to build a frame for the screen with speakers and laptop battery and used the power supply from the Dell laptop I got the screen from, that would need a small amp. Since the receiver is hdmi, I would think the audio would be there if not that would be simple to just use a bluetooth stereo headphones and run the earphone wires to the small audio amp.I would like any comments on this idea and a sorce the one part that missing the usb mouse transmitter for the ar1100 and this could be built.So What do you folks think? A portable monitor 100% wireless that could even double as touchscreen remote! I even thought down the road to add the new pi 3 to it as that would completely independent as low power tablet or connect to the pc that nvidia gpu and could stream pc games to My Nvidia shield too. With all the power of I7 2700k oc to 4.2ghz.The possibilities here are endless you and all kinds a features adding a mic and Webcam for video calls with sckype or google voice and messenger and bingo u have a voice and video over IPThis do able you think?All comments good or bad give to me straight.Oh but go easy on the grammar thing. I technology geek but a 56 year old high school drop out. But hay at 37 I was disabled with fractured spine by time I was 40 I did all computers repairs for my local high school and was building white box computers out of my home office. If there is 1 thing I have learned in this life anything is possible but you have to try!Please be positive and constructive with your questions and comments.

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