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Can we and how do we convert a normal lead acid battery into a deep cycle battery?

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deep cycle battery pack

Does anybody know what parts I'd need to make a 12v rechargeable battery pack for an upcoming road trip? I also need to know where I can find deep cycle sealed lead acid batteries for this project. I waited long enough to make a lithium ion pack, but now I changed my mind on the battery type to get 12v, and now I have no idea of what protections and electronic components I need for it. I'l post more info on available casing later, but I'll tell you now that it's like a small blue lego briefcase from when I was little. It's about the size of a texbook and I'd like to be able to put it in a small backpack to carry around school sometimes for my windows tablet. Update: I am available to buy any particular case, but wiring in a case can sometimes look bad, so I'd like it to store all wires internally and have a friendly look. Appearance was part of why I switched my plan from li-ion 18650s to lead acid. A block with printed volt and amp information looks better than a group of oddly sized cells. Also, no clocks.

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would putting a lead acid battery in a backpack damage it?

Im trying to find a relatively inexpensive way to run my laptop off of something that will fit in my backpack and will be something that i can carry. so far i found out that i need a deep cycle or marine battery for my inverter, and an enclosure to make sure i dont get sulfuric acid everywhere, but all of the research ive found were about home backup systems which are stationary. would putting a lead acid battery in a backpack and carrying it around damage it or make it leak? i also found a lot of lithium ion batteries on amazon around 700 to 1600 mah for $.50 - $1... the sellers that sell them for that much have good ratings, is there something wrong with these, or did i hit a goldmine? example:;=electronics&qid;=1273381311&sr;=1-20   if lead acid doesn't work (or the lithium ion), would 10 nimh d batteries work?

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Powering 12v LEDs from 12v Deep Cycle Battery

Hey all, I'm trying to power some 3528 LED strands to hang from a shade structure I have outside. I picked up a 115 Ah 12v deep cycle marine battery, but I just wanted to make sure I could wire them directly to a distribution block without blowing anything up. The strands draw 6A of current so I was going to find the closest fuse to that value (10A?) to prevent any chance of overpowering the control boxes. Does this seem correct? Image shows roughly what I'm trying to do (black boxes around red wire are fuses, 1-3 are the LED control modules) Greatly appreciate any help!

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How to make one big battery out of several batteries (car/motorcyle/deep cycle), for a sound system

Hey everybody, I need your help on building a single battery out of several smaller batteries for a sound system in a particular environment that forbids the use of a fuel-powered generator and where electrical networks to plug into are absent. For now I'm just researching various portable batteries and think deep cycle ones are probably most adapted to the needs of a sound system running for 8-12 hours, but the only working example I've heard of so far is made up of several motorcycle batteries. I'm really starting from scratch and reviewing all my old electronics classes which I've never so far had to put into use, so bear with me :) I'm really keen on learning. As an indication, the sound system will be small with two high/mid built-in amplifier speakers and a woofer. Probably will need to run a few lights/lasers, that sort of thing as well, but that'll be a bonus. Thanks in advance

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Perfect battery?, deep cycle, SLA, help!?

Hello, I am one of a group of people that has designed a mobile ice cream cart. We are currently using 6 of those 7.2 sla batteries. They are set up as a 24v system. But its not good. They are hard to charge. And have begun to swell. We want two smallish deep cycle batteries, set on two battery chargers. Does anyone know a good place to purchase such batteries? Say, 25 or 30 A/hr. Are there batteries for trolling motors? How much should we expect to pay? There are also larger SLA batteries, but I just don't think they are meant to be drains so deeply. (we play this thing for 12 hrs at a time) Thanks in advance! Tor

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Do you think this battery is sutible and of good quality? Answered

I am trying to decide what battery to get for my 2 solar panels 45 watts in total i have gathered that  i need a deep cycle i need it to charge up 5 days and use it on the week end. any advice and help would be highly appropriated

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What to do with a 45 watt solar panel?

I have 2 solar panels 1 is (15w) and the other is (30w) they both produce around 3 amps together in good wether Anyone have some good ideas on what to power with it. it is charging up a 17ah battery

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12 volt Charge controller (solar)?

Hi i am wondering how to go about building a solar charge regulator i need some help and passably schematics i have 2 broken charge controllers  the parts i have salvaged  11A20YR, LM324. IC x2 11YRD g4, CD40106BM. X2 IC IRF3205, MT 1D4H. X6 MOS-FET ALJ, D882, P63. X2 TRANSISTOR X16, GF1200, YELLOW THING X2 C1115, JC817,KENTC, X2 few other parts that are on the board

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charging deep cycle batteries using solar panels?

Hey everyone:) my dad asked me to build a set up to charge a deep  cycle battery or two using solar panels... if you could point me to a few good instructables i would greatly appreciate it cause i like working with electronics but i'm pretty much self taught and still a noob at it so i'm on here Quite frequently?

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a brand of deep cycle battery , helping me to find it , thanx

I speak french , and I would like to know how in french ,deep cycle battery is translated , because don't know where to search this sort of battery , what society brand this product???a exemple for me ??a model??thank you peopleand good trance!!?

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Can a normal house usage power connector or wall plug be wired to a battery like a deep cycle battery?

Can a normal house usage power connector or wall plug (that normally supplies 230 v) be wired to a battery like a deep cycle battery? What size deep cycle battery would be advisable?

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I am building three 60watt solar panels. How many deep-cycle batteries do I need to get the most out of the panels?

I am building three 60watt solar panels. How many deep-cycle batteries do I need to get the most out of the panels?

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What is causing the deep cycle battery charger fuses to pop?

Mobile Wheelchair battery wiring: Two young 12v 26AH wired in ceries? is poping charger fuses. with newly accuired controller The chair contoller has been newly doneup and could be the cause Look at Mobile chair battery line diagram operating with newly acuired reconstructed second hand controller it pops charger fuses, the battery's are near new the, motors is not connected yet in fear of damage from a dead short somewhere.The motors operated fine whith previous

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Can I charge 2 deep cycle batteries with my car alternator and a 200w solar pannel kit at the same time?

I have a conversion van with 2 deep cycle batteries in paralle hooked to my . I want to add a 200w solar power set up with a 30 amp solar charge controller to charge my batteries in conjunction with the alternator. I only drive 20 minutes a day and I live in my van. Can I hook up the solar set up with the alternator set up? I also have a 2,500 watt power inverter hooked to my 2 deep cycle batteries. If you have any information on a set up I can do please help, thank you.

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Can I use a bunch of AA Batteries setup in cells in place of a deep cycle battery for green power storage? Answered

Hello, I have been looking more and more into solar and wind power generation as well as ways to store the power. I am still in the planning stages and have not yet tested anything. What I usually see in almost every green power storage guide is to use deep cycle batteries mostly of the types designed for solar, golf carts, etc. That would work fine but they are always rather expensive atleast any I have found online (if you know a cheaper source I would love to hear about it). So my question is this could I just buy a bulk quantity of AA NiMH (the new ones without memory) or AA Lithium ion batteries and set them up in series to make cells of 8x AA per cell for 12v total then connect all cells in parallel for my battery bank? I am not sure if this would actually be more expensive as it is just an idea I had and have been unable to find someone that tried it (perhaps I am searching for the wrong thing). It seems to me this could be more effective as I could replace one battery in the cell when it goes out and be able to constantly repair the cells in that manner. Has anyone tried this and does it work? Would it require a special charge controller unlike the usual ones sold for solar? If anyone knows of any guides that show this please share them as I would love to do more research on this before I make a decision. I think I saw once on some show that the electric car they showed was setup in this way. Anyway thank you for your assistance it is greatly appreciated!

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portable fish house led lighting

Hello, I am looking for help on how to figure out what I need to construct a couple of led strip lights for a portable fish house. I what to make them out of 4ft tubes and connect them to a 12volt, 9 amp deep cycle battery. How do I go about figuring what to use to get as much light with least amount of draw on battery. 

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Solar Charger?

Hi everyone! i want to build solar powered charger... i already build ups system using old computer system ups... configuration : 650va ups with 12v 35ah  battery. The battery is deep cycle one and should be charged in 8 hrs of good sun light.... so how many solar cells i need to buy and describe the calculation? Best online shop to buy a cheap and best cells ? Thanks in advance...

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charge a battery while using it?

Https:// hi, i'm looking for a way to charge a 12v deep cycle lead acid battery while powering an amplifier from the battery. Can i literally just attach the battery charger to the battery as well as the amplifier as long as the connections to the amplifier and charger do not touch? or is it not that simple?  The instructable linked above is what i what to implement it into. Any help will be appreciated! 

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Ideal Energy/Battery Source for a Battery Powered Lamppost

Hello everyone,First time posting, so, thank you ahead of time for all your help!Project:I was tasked with creating an outdoor lamppost for an event at a campground (IE: no immediate electricity source). At first, it seemed quite simple, but, looking at the necessary requirements, it seems to be more complex than I thought. Requirements:I need to find a way to power a high-powered LED light bulb (ideally 12W equivalent) for 10 hours a day (for 3-4 nights - for a total of 30-40 hours) without immediate access to an electrical outlet. So, it would be around 20 watt hours a day. This battery source needs to be able to be outdoors, and face rain/weather. There may be a tarp, tent to cover it. I may have access to a generator to recharge my battery source at another location if need be.I currently have a bright DC 12V light bulb that would be ideal for this project, but, I could also use a AC light bulb if need be.Potential Solutions: Connected 6V Lantern Batteries: Connecting multiple lantern batteries together, and swapping them out on a daily basis. Walmart has a set of Rayovac Heavy-Duty Lantern Batteries for around $2.50 each. Pro: Connecting these batteries in parallel and series would give me the 20 ah, and 12v specs needed. \ It would come out to around $15 a day. Would be easy to put in a large water-proof container and connect to the lamppostCons: Bit wasteful - I'd burn through around 20 of these batteries, and would have to recycle/dispose of them Sealed? - Unsure if I could put them in a waterproof container. Do they need venting? Mid-range cost: Would come out to around $50-60 due to the number of batteries needed12V Deep-Cycle 20Ah+ Battery: A simple 20ah+ deep-cycle battery would provide me the DC power needed on a daily basis. I would then detach it during the day, and bring it to the generator to charge. Pro: Cost - Relatively cheap, at around $50, this battery option would be affordable Set it and Forget It - No need to connect multiple batteries together. This would just be an easy wiring job.Con: Venting - Unsure if I could place this in a simple waterproof container outside. Does it need to vent? Or, would a AGM deep-cycle battery be ok in a vent-free container? Recharging - Unlike the lantern batteries, I would need to bring this to a generator on a daily basis to recharge. Not the end of the world though.Ideas:I am vacillating between both options. Ideally I would like to go with the deep-cycle battery, but I am quite concerned with the venting problem. I don't believe the 6V batteries need to vent, so they could be placed in a simple container.Question(s): Does one of these solutions stand out more to you as the better fit? Are there other battery solutions that you think would work better? Do I need to use a deep-cycle battery, or would something like this battery work?Again, thank you ahead of time for any guidance you could provide!

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how much amp Min kota troll motors uses per hour? Answered

I need a boat that will be powered by a two wind mills and I will be using a Min kota troll motor to move it. I will charge the battery with AC day and night and only use it few hours a day. I will use a 100Ah deep cycle marine battery, How much these fishing motors use them in full throttle speed? thanks

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Is it possible to live in my small trailer on Direct Current only?

How can I do it? I'm living off the grid with 2 deep cycle 12 volt batteries. Wouldn't my batteries last longer without converting all the time to Alternating Current? Can't I just use 12 volt accessory plug-ins? What do you think of DC vs. AC? I'd like to also start adding solar panels as I can afford to, one at a time.

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How to charge multiple batteries in a strange configuration?

Hi all,  Basically I'm planning on making an electric motorbike within the next year or so and need to know how to charge the batteries. I'm planning to have 8 batteries altogether, 4 batteries connected in series, then the 2 sets of 4 connected in parallel to up the capacity. How would I go about charging this configuration? The batteries are going to be high capacity, deep cycle sealed lead acid batteries. Cheers, - Will

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Automatic Blackout Switch , Help ?

I have an emergency light in my room , the light turn on when blackout happen i wonder , can i make my room ceiling light like that ? when blackout happened , it's automaticaly switch to emergency power [ using deep cycle lead acid battery + inverter ] , but when electricity turn on again , the switch turn back using the normal electricity line , and charge the battery i have trouble design this , can somebody give me advice ?  the power to handle is 220V , 500W thanks Jeffry

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12VDC to 18VDC Hard wire tools through the charger Answered

I am working off grid and I want to run 18V tools directly off my deep cycles I have powered by solar. I have a few dead ryobi one batt. laying around that I could open up to use. My question is can I use a 12V DC charger for the 18v batts to power an 18v grinder? I would gut the batteries and wire the two together put one in the charger one in the grinder. Too much amperage for the charger?  

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Power 4 camera flashes with a battery 12vdc to 6vdc conversion

I would like to provide power to four camera flashes with a deep cycle battery. The flashes run off of 4 AA batteries (6VDC). Can I wire two flashes in series (6 volts each) and tie them directly into the battery? Or would I need to use a power transformer to step down the 12VDC to 6VDC, then have all four flashes running parallel to the battery? It appears that each flash needs about 3 amps to charge their capacitors. The battery I am using is 12VDC and 12 amps. Thanks

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Solar charged lead acid battery, how do I have automatic shut off and turn on so it does not discharge completely?

I have a battery with a charge controller between it and the solar panel. But if  I connect something low power to it, (like an aquarium air pump for a windowfarm or to power a small water feature),  it needs to shut off automatically before the battery discharges too much (if it is night time or cloudy).  Otherwise I have a dead battery. I don't have a deep cycle battery. Too expensive!  So any ideas how to have an automatic on off switch for this? Thanks,   Brian.

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12 Volt Gas Generator

I am looking to building a 12 volt generator from an alternator. I want it to have a car battery (or a deep cycle battery if it's easy to integrate) for quiet operation. I want the output to equal that of a 12V car plug socket so I can easily invert it to 110 volt AC. the engine will need to be small as possible without stalling on high demand. I guess it would have to have the same circuitry of a cars main power circuit. So, can someone give me a few tips on making this? And most importantly, a schematic. I can't seem to find a basic car circuit.

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Wondering about Batteries, any help would be great!!

I was wondering can I install 2 deep cycle batteries in my van to run appliances I want to install? Most of what i have found is 12 volt for cigarette Lighter plug in and i know the will run down the batteries in the van if i use them all night. I am also looking at a trickle charge solar panel that connects to the battery to keep the charged during the day and charged for the night. I am just wondering if this is possible. If it isn't how can i accomplish the same goal? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Battery charger help

As some of you may already know, I'm planning on building an electric car this summer. Its all planned out, but instead of using regular transformer based chargers I was wondering if someone could help me design a transistor based charger to reduce weight. Requirements 48 or 72 volts Needs to charge marine deep cycle batteries over night Needs to not have a transformer. Needs to be relatively small (under 1 cubic foot) Needs to be simple enough for me to build myself (I can do it if you can design it) Can anyone give me some links or some good schematics for this? Thanks

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I'm up to something dastardly...

Does anyone here have experience with: -electric vehicles in general, -Prius-style hybrids -deep-cycle batteries -independent rear suspensions -repurposing "free" lithium-ion batteries -The heat output of half a ton of such batteries, and a cooling system that might be up to the job -electric dragsters -building a car from scratch (and I do mean scratch... starting with building the frame) -Using a large gasoline engine to power a generator, the output of which directly powers an electric motor, and any power left over going to the above-mentioned batteries -high performance electric motors -low-performance electric motors -Breaking, destroying, or otherwise rending any of the above components? On a budget?

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Wiring 10w leds to 12 volts

OK, I have some 10 watt - appr. 900 lumen leds that I want to use for a video room.  I have low voltage wiring in the walls and have a 12 volt 96 watt dimmer that I plan to power with a deep cycle 12 volt battery.  The leds are 3.4 - 3.6 forward voltage and 350ma.  I want to use 3 of these on each side of the room and was just hoping to get away with wiring each side in series and then connecting both sides to the dimmer. Am I looking for trouble wiring them directly without any resistors?  I really don't want to get into resistors, etc. if possible. Thanks in advance for any thoughts and suggestions. 

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I want to switch between batteries for my electronics using an on/off/on rocker switch?

I have equipment that runs off a 12v deep cycle battery, but only one at a time, in parallel it causes noise in the system.  We have to switch batteries halfway through the day because the electronics don't work at certain voltages.  We currently have to hop in the back of our rtv, unscrew the wing nuts and switch the power cable (positive and negative ring terminals) to a new battery.  Id rather make this easier for my crew and found an on/off/on rocker switch that seconds as a volt gauge for whatever battery it is toggled too.  Could someone help me out with the wiring configuration using this rocker switch? 

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Help modding an electric lawn mower to run from a car battery?

Hi - I have an electric lawn mower that uses US standard 110v wall current. I'd like to create a battery power conversion "harness" so I can power the mower from a deep cycle car/marine battery instead of wall power. I have a converter that's intended to convert from car cigarette lighter socket power to 110v for powering things like laptops while inside a car; would it be possible to simply connect leads from the cigarette socket converter to the car battery, then plug the mower into the converter? is there another type of inverter/converter device that would more usefully work to convert battery power to 110v AC? Thanks in advance for any suggestions... Kern

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Human Powered Bike Powered Generator?

HI, I am an artist and I am creating a bike powered led sculpture for kids at a museum. I need some help making the connections correctly and finding the correct electric motor and volts not to over load the LED light bulbs as well as how to figure out the easiest gear ratio for kids to turn, There will be five 60 Watt  /120 Volt LED bulbs connected to deep cycle car battery (used as a voltage regulator) that will be connected to a stationary bike pedaled by visitors to display the human energy potential. I want to figure out what type of electric motor I will need for those lights and how to make the gear ratio for the bike easy enough to turn for kids... Any knowledge on these calculations will help. Thank you ! Jessie

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UPS external battery setup?

 I have a APC BACKUPS 500 with a dead battery, it can supply up to 300 watts continuously. However, at full tilt my computer can use up to 1000watts and the monitor uses about 150. With standard use my computer uses around 400watts or so. Would it be possible to use 2 UPS both wired in parralel to a single deep cycle lead acid battery. Would this work? The thing I'm worried about is wouldn't both UPSes try to charge the battery at the same t ime, and would that be ok? Red is positive and blue is negative in the picture. I would hopefully get around 1 hour of backup. Also, is there any way to make my computer go into energy conservation mode when the power goes out? I have a 2008 8 core mac pro.

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Help me reduce my carbon footprint and big fat gut!

So I'm trying to arrange a set up where every morning I pedal my bike, in a training stand, attached to a car alternator, attached to a deep cycle battery which will ultimately be feeding all those computer peripherals that I have scattered across my desk. No exercise, no DSL, etc. (And no, I don't do subsistence farming in my back yard (yet) so I know I'm not really doing much environmentally besides reminding myself how much energy all those littler peripherals suck.) Anyhow, I've seen numerous articles where people are easily getting 12-14 volts out of their alternator. At a level of effort that feels like 20 mph on level ground I'm getting maybe 3v. Any idea what I'm doing wrong?

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running a camera and wireless station from batteries

Im thinking of setting up cameras away from my house and need advice on the power. basically they will be mounted on poles down fields from the house. what i plan on having is a network camera setup with the Ubiquiti wireless points ( these will form a bridge of 2 or 3 cameras and the cameras will be connected to each, with one of the wireless points mounted on the top of the house to connect to.  what i cant figure out is the power. i would like to run a power cable down the field sometime but this will be costly and i want to try this out to make sure it works. i know deep cycle batteries would be best but i cant join the rest together. i know there will be a POE connecting into the wireless box and this will be split, so how would i join this to the battery, as would a converter be needed or any other suggestions would help. thanks!

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lead acid Q's? Answered

So me and papa have been working on farm equipment and an electric golf cart (and I had issues with my jeep cranking over, with a presumably bad battery), but my lack of knowledge of these batteries used in the machines is starting to get to me. Differentiating normal behavior from behavior indicating a bad battery or other problems is not really something I can do right now. What I know: Topped off voltage: 15 (ish) volts ( details?) Dead flat voltage: 10 volts Cold cranking amps: indication of maximum current a battery can deliver in the cold (details ?) Reserve minutes: equivalent to "AH" rating times conversion factor lead acids can take a beating and survive without a, less say, "exciting" failure mode What I don't know: How am I supposed to know what I don't know???? ;) What is a typical topped off voltage for a battery? Does the voltage sag from say 16V when charger is removed? What characteristics change as they age? I would guess increased leakage current/resistance, reduced current capability and reduced capacity (?) would you lose a bit of capacity real quick after cycling a deep cycle marine battery a few times? I know lithium ions do, every new phone I ever had has lost at least 10% of it's capacity in a few short months as it got "broken in." What about maximum charging current? Does ripple current matter?

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Issues and safety precautions to take with a 50-70 feet 12v bus line?

Hi  i am thinking of building a emergency LED setup with some 1w or 3w LEDs which will be connected to a 12v bus line powered from a deep cycle battery. I will be using a fuse between the battery and the bus line. I am thinking of placing a cluster of LEDs every few feet(7-10 feet). Each LED will be powerd using a mr16 LED driver using power from the bus line and the driver should consume somewhere around 350ma of current. Each LED will be mounted on a heatsink. Max LEDs in a LED cluster will be 3 no.s . Total current used when all the LEDs are on should be around 6 amps max. So, the question is, what kind of safety issues should i look out for and what type of wire i should use for bus line and the lines to leds. Also, should i be using relays for LEDs or will switches be fine? And what precautions should i take  ?

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How do i go about charging a small lead acid battery (7Ah)? is this method ok? Answered

Regarding charging a sealed lead acid battery, can i just apply a 12v wall wart at an amperage around a tenth of the rated Ah? i.e. 12v 700mA for a 7Ah battery (for what, 10hours?) in context i'm looking at making some computer speakers (2.1) portable with a battery such as: know these may not be suitable for deep cycle charging/draining, does this use count? and will i be damaging it with 12V constant even if i take off charge once i have worked out the time to charge it for? (dividing the amp-hours by the amp rating of the wall charger gives the number of hours right?) any help possible would be great, i want to get this project rolling and of course ill post it up here!?

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How to get a UPS to turn on without being connected to AC? Answered

I want to use a UPS and a car/deep cycle battery to get AC power when away from outlets or when the power is off. ie what I want is to be able to have my UPs attached to a car battery and turned off and then when I want to use it turn on the UPS and have AC power. That would seem easy enough. But it doesn't work. My UPS works fine on the battery if it is connected to AC and then unplugged while turned on. However I can not get it to trun on without being connected to AC.  What do I do? I have tried two different UPSs. I am including ictures of my UPSs.  The white one is APC 280VA model. The black one is 650VA APC model. I would prefer to use the black one but I could use the white one. Thanks for any help. If you need more info just let me know.

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Need help making a permanent magnet alternator

Hi - I have need of a small electric motor, and came across something called an altermotor.  This is a converted car alternator that requires a permanent magnet rotor assembly, the removal of the diode pack and a controller.  This is also supposed to be good for up to 4HP off 12V.  I've worked out everything but how to make the permanent magnet rotor.  Does anyone know how to do this?  I'd like to do this with high quality neo magnets, preferably with more than 12 bar magnets.  A car's alternator is the perfect size for the application, which is to run an air conditioner compressor for an electric car conversion.  A single 12V deep cycle battery would be able to run this allowing me to have air without cutting vehicle range since it would be able to operate off its own power system this way.  I'm not set on using a converted alternator though, if anyone knows a suitable 12V motor about the same size as an alternator that can produce at least 1HP and spin at least 2000RPM.

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If I wanted to make a homemade gel-cell or or AGM battery, what materials would I need?

I am thinking of building a homemade UPS (two actually) for use in my home. We have very bad power spikes and drops, and I have gone through 5 power strips in 4 months. My first thought was simply an off the shelf inverter and some lead acid (gel or AGM) batteries... but then I thought, why not go all out and make it all homemade? I know I can make an inverter myself, but have never attempted to cobble together a battery of any sort (unless you go back a couple decades and count the potato battery). I'm planning on making the UPS my first instructable, and would love to include (or have a second instructable on) the homemade battery as well. I'd want something that is deep cycle and which can support 1kw of continuous load pretty much 24/7 (assuming it is on the mains being recharged constantly).

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How to ground a solar charge controller and solar panels to a vehicle? More details... Solar Powered, Electric Tractor? Answered

Solar Charge Controller problem... For my university capstone project, my team and I are converting last year's DIY conversion electric tractor into a self-sustainable solar powered, electric tractor. Yes, we will be mounting solar panels on a tractor. It will not be for agricultural uses (yet) but it will operate as a campus' fleet service. We have four 12v deep-cycle batteries (total 48v) that will be charged with two 290v polycrystalline solar panels. The solar charge controller manual said that we needed a GFDI (ground-fault detector interrupter) because of an UL compliance but we learned that it's for residential installations... One of teammate was told that we should not ground the controller onto the tractor but he doesn't know why... is that true? We are all solar amateurs. We know how a car is ground and why things need to be ground, but if we don't ground the controller into the tractor, where can we ground it? Help...? Please and thank yous. :) I will gladly provide more information if needed. 

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Where could I buy a 15 or 20 watt amorphous solar panel in Canada? Preferably weather resistant and not too large.

I want to create a charging system for a small 12V deep cycle battery. I want to have the solar panel on top, sheltering a battery box inside a hinged four sided box underneath. Because battery boxes are made for large car batteries, there should be enough room inside the battery box for a voltage regulator and a 12v cigarette lighter like outlet on the battery box itself. I would like this to produce enough power to charge the battery during the day and at the same time, run a thermoelectric cooler, which consists of a heat sink and 4.56 W 0.38A 12V fan all day. I'm also thinking of finding a thermostat of some sort to shut the fan off at a certain in cooler or outdoor temperature. I just have some questions. 1) Where could I buy a 15 or 20 watt amorphous solar panel in Canada? Preferably weather resistant and not too large; and 2)Does this seem like it would work? I'm not that good at electrical math; and 3) Where could I find a thermostat that works on DC, and does the whole thing have to be cold, or just the probe? 

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how many batteries in your bank?

Great project Steve! my dad lives offgrid in the high desert of oregon: state thus far he uses several dc mills and solar panels.i greatly look forward to building this project with him in the future.also i wanted to compliment you on your willingness to explain and re-explain already stated facts......i first read and looked at your steps then took the time to read all the "Q&A" (yeah all 562 of them).after having done so i have no questions other than how large is your bank and what type of batteries did you go with?(we started with a bank of 32 12v ,but are now replacing them with long life deep cycle 6v cells)<large investment cost has us gathering them a few at a time.its great to see so many people gaining interest in going green.This project is without a doubt the best mill ive seen and your patience/willingness to let others pic your brain and promptly kick back thorough and accurate answers is commendable..most prodigous!looking forward to checking out all the links you provided. best personal regards, Luke A.R.S KV7M

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I do dvd presentations in rural Kenya, and most venues are off-road. What battery do I need to power my set-up? Answered

Since most of my venues are off the road, I need a battery that is not too heavy so I can cart it on foot. My presentations are usually only one hour long. My equipment is as follows: A Sony 2000 lumen lcd projector. On the back plate it says:100 - 240 volts/ 2.4 - 1.0 amps, 50/60Hz. An Armco DVD-DX600 dvd player. On the back it says: AC 240 volts -50Hz -25W An AMPEX AX575MS amplifier. On the back it says: 18W+10W*2(RMS) P.M.P.0.1000w, Impedence 4(OHM) Frequency response: subwoofer amplifier: 20hz-20hz; satellite amplifier 100hz-20Khz; subwoofer speaker:20hz-300hz; satellite speaker 100hz-20khz; separation: >45dB; S/n ratio >75dB My presentations are usually only one hour long. What’s the total current load of my system? What size battery do I need to run this rig for one hour?  Do I need a marine battery?  A deep cycle battery? Any specific battery you would recommend? Thanks, MamaJoy

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