How can i turn the bluetooth on from a DELL Studio 1537?


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Dell Studio laptop overheats in Windows Vista but not while running Ubuntu, why? Answered

My Dell Studio laptop turns off without any warning and when I restart the computer it complains of a problem caused by overheating. It only happens when I am running Windows Vista but it does not happen when I am running Ubuntu in the same machine. It does not seem to be a BIOS problem. I reinstalled Windows Vista and it keeps doing the same thing. The fan runs full speed first before the machine shuts off. I must have gremlins in my computer that hate Microsoft! It is the truth people I am not making this stuff! Can it be a corrupted thermal driver or a BIOS update that went wrong? I upgraded the BIOS to A6. Thank you very much for your help!

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FL Studio core utilization? Answered

My brother uses Fl Studio (Producer Edition) with too many plug-ins to count.  I don't know the the number,  just that it's many. He uses it on a 2012 Dell Desktop; Intel core i3 (3.3GHz dual core with hyper-threading) , 6GB of RAM, very basic.  My question is, how many cores can Fl Studio use with so many plug-ins? Up to Six? Eight maybe? I know it should be able to use a quad up. ...And just for the hell of it, his artist Youtube and Facebook pages:

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how do i locate a stolen laptop?

Laptop was stolen and had no tracking program that i was aware of. it was a newer dell studio laptop, gift from dad,

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How can I get a Vista boot disk for a Dell Studio 1737 with the SATA drivers for the hard drive controller? Answered

P.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal { margin: 0.0cm; font-size: 12.0pt; font-family: Times New Roman; } div.Section1 { page: Section1; } I have been asked to do a rebuild on friends Dell laptop, unfortunately the guy who had it before me formatted the drive so I cannot create a recovery disk set &  owner has lost the recovery disk set I made her a few months ago. To make matters worse the guy who formatted it also managed to delete the recovery partition. The problem basically is that without the SATA drivers even though I can boot to a Vista disk I cannot access the hard drive as it keeps asking for the sata drive. I have tried the Dell support web site but that was no help as I have tried ALL the drivers available there to no avail & a call to them by the owner was a waste of time. I can get a replacement set from Dell but they don't really like to supply them & to be honest I would rather not have to wait weeks for them to get here before I can get the machine running again. Any ideas folks?

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What to do with a bricked all-in-one pc?

I have a bricked Dell Studio 19 All-In-One PC, and wanted to know if I could use it for something. It was bricked by a failed BIOS update. There was a program from dell which came installed and updated any other of their software and drivers on the computer. Only after the failed update I found out that updating the BIOS is really unnecessary. The only fix I know for the motherboard is replacing it, and the only place I found out that refurbishes them are from a company in the US, and it's not cheap at all. (I used to live in the US, and moved to Brazil later) Well anyway, I wanted to know if I can use the computer for something else, like use the monitor for a different computer and use its bluetooth mouse and keyboard on a different computer too. I think the only thing really useful in it is the processor which is already old (Intel E7500 and a 320GB HDD). Thanks for the help!

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Did anyone have a problem installing Google SketchUp? Answered

When I tried to install Google SketchUp on my Dell Studio laptop I got this message: An error ocurred during the installation of assembly 'Microsoft, VC 80. CRT, type= "win 32", version= '8.0.50727.4053", publicKeyToken= "1fc8b3b9a1eb", processor Architecture= "x86". Please refer to Help and Support for more information. HRESULT: 0x8007054F. Thank you for your help!

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can a fingerprint reader be bypassed so i am able to have access to my computer?

I recently purchased a used computer at a flea market.  it is a dell studio 3515.   once home, i turned the computer on and it wanted to verifiy my fingerprint. (later finding out that this device is called a "finger print reader"..........sooooooooooo now i have made a purchase for an item that i can not utilize up to the present.  i am currently aware of the passworkd  recovery and removal tool; however, i can not even get to that point. P L E A S E TELL ME....IS THERE ANY WAY THAT I AM ABLE TO UNLOCK THE FINGER PRINT READER AS WELL AS THE PASSWORD? ANY INFORMATION AND GUIDANCE WILL BE APPRECIATED!

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How to fix computer that won't turn on after power surge?

Recently we had some heavy rain and I had a few things blow out, including router, modem, desktop, and a few other things. But the question here is regarding the desktop that will not turn on after this storm and apparent power surge.  When I hit the power button, nothing happens. I bought a new power supply and it turns on again with only one problem. All the colors on my monitor display are very washed out and faded. I plugged the monitor into another working computer and it works fine so I know the problem isn't the monitor. The power supply unit that I purchased isn't exactly the same as the original since the original is a little old and hard to come by. So my question is what can I do to get my computer working like it used to be? The operating system is Windows Vista Home Premium and it is a Dell Studio XPS desktop. What do I need to replace to get my display working properly? If anyone can help me answer this it is much appreciated.

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