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Desktops Of July

Right, This month it is my turn to host the monthly desktop thread started by gmjhowe. My my July has come round so fast and so much has happened in this time.What are you all waiting for, Get printscreening and show off your desktop. Don't be shy!To take a picture of your desktop on a windows machine use the printscreen key on your keyboard, Open up paint, Edit, Paste and then save this as a png. then upload this onto Instructables.To take a screenshot on a mac use the apple key, Shift and 3. This will save the picture to your desktop then you can upload it to Instructables.To take a screenshot in Linux go to Applications>Accessories>Take screenshot. If this doesn't work blame Lithium Rain ;-)Right for mine on my EeePC this month I'm using the Striped VS Visual Style from lassekongo83.The wallpaper I'm using was sent to me from a user on Assembler Forums so I'll upload that below, It is of vomiting fruit, I love really random wallpapers like that. It matches my random personalty.The icon set is Dark Theme for IconTweaker which is a free program to change your icons.What are you all waiting for, Get them on here and if you haven't changed it from last month change it now! Update: Nice desktops everyone, Keep 'em coming!

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Desktops of June

I have no teamed up with Joe Martin to keep this topic going, were going to alternate, this month is my turn.Today I have my work computer, again, I particularly like this one. I do love some of these space pictures.The Wallpaper was made by myself using a dual screen wallpaper courtesy of our good friend Hubble.Running the on the desktop is geek tool, which is in Swiss Thin (i always use swiss at work, as many of the other fonts are turned off and on throughout the day).In the title bar we have Little Snitch, and iStat Menus.Be sure to post your desktop below. If your creative, and your still running the same wallpaper as last month, then you need to change it, right now. Then post it.gmjhowe

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Desktops of August

Hello all! This month would of been held by gmjhowe but he is very busy with moving into his new house right now so is unable to. Ahh, August is my favourite of the months seeing as MY BIRTHDAY is in it also school/ college is out and I've got a nice long relaxing summer to look forward to.What are you all waiting for, Get printscreening and show off your desktop. Don't be shy!To take a picture of your desktop on a windows machine use the printscreen key on your keyboard, Open up paint, Edit, Paste and then save this as a png. then upload this onto Instructables.To take a screenshot on a mac use the apple key, Shift and 3. This will save the picture to your desktop then you can upload it to Instructables.To take a screenshot in Linux go to Applications>Accessories>Take screenshot. If this doesn't work blame Lithium Rain ;-)Right, for mine on my EeePC this month I'm using the Kupo-Finale Visual Style from lassekongo83.For my wallpaper this month I had a nice change for me, A nice bit of Banksy. I love his work I have quite a collection of wallpapers from Banksy so I may alternate throughout the month.The icon set is yet again is Dark Theme for IconTweaker which is a free program to change your icons. I may change the icon set next month ;)What are you all waiting for, Get them on here and if you haven't changed it from last month change it NOW and post it up!Peace out!

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desktop icons?

How do I create website icons to my desktop?

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Instructables Desktop

A desktop background that I put together real quick and I thought I should share it.=)

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Desktops of March

We all use computers to access this website, which means were all most probably sat infront of a computer.Many other forums do a monthly 'show off your desktop' thread, so i intend to bring the same to here.Some of us are more than happy strolling along with the default windows xp skin, and a few icons on our desktops, others want and need to customize it as much as possible. Some of us, like myself, appreciate the extra efficiency with some of the tools available.This is a place for people to share their desktops, and to ask questions about other peoples, so if you see someone else with a kick ass wallpaper, ask them where they got it!I do not want any flaming. We accept ALL operating systems as equal.So, on with the show, here is my march desktop features include - Running Mac OS X LeopardiStat Menus for temp, and memory usage in menu bariPulse for further activity usage in the desktop.Adium, with a custom black text transparent backgroundGeektool, displaying RSS feed of recent Ibles comments, and the timeMy own home made wallpaper, featuring a snail picture i found.I look forward to seeing yours!- gmjhowe

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Desktops of April

Well, I said i was going to try and keep this topic 'idea' going for a few months, see what response I get!Last months was a success, lets hope you all change your set-ups enough to keep this a monthly thing.Today I have my work computer, which i just outfitted with a new background. I will add one of my home system when I get home. The second two images are from my home set up. The Apple one i made myself, the portrait one was a desktop that i refitted to go the other way round, while adding some machinae supremacy lyrics.The Wallpaper was from heylove, the artist has some good design work, and some even better photography, so check it out.Running the on the desktop is geek tool, which is in Swiss Thin (i always use swiss at work, as many of the other fonts are turned off and on throughout the day).In the title bar we have Little Snitch, and iStat Menus.Be sure to post your desktop below. If your creative, and your still running the same wallpaper as last month, then you need to change it, right now. Then post it.gmjhowe

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MDF desktop

Hey guys and gals. I'm considering making this computer desk that uses one sheet of 4x8 plywood and was wondering if a sheet of MDF would work. I just got back from Lowes where I was checking prices on plywood and they didn't have the type of plywood thats veneered on both sides. I thought about using MDF instead and wanted to know how much of a difference it would make. My concerns with the MDF are finishing the final piece and attaching the hardware to the two halves. I've worked with MDF before, but it was under complete different circumstances and I didn't have to bother finishing the project with paint/stain. What are the pros/cons of using MDF vs. Plywood?The desk instructable

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Wanted: Desktop PC's

I'm looking for free working desktop computers. It does not matter the specs or age. Just as long as it works. You can ship it if you are not nearby. I'm located In Erie PA. Thanks - Jadyn. 

Topic by Jadyn Langer    |  last reply

how to customize desktop?

How to customize my desk top. i want to create style in my desk top, such as icon, folders, etc.

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Cycling Desktop Backgrounds

I would like to be able to have an automatically cycling desktop background, like the option on Mac OS X. I'm running Windows XP. Are there any utilities or something available to do this? No, I don't want to create a GIF file of the different wallpapers, that would be enormous.

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Desktop Plating Machine

For a Desktop plating machine, what type of container would you use, how would you pin it out and how much voltage would you need? thanks in advance, also, i know that there was another instructable written by my former self , but I know that I did not build it right.

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REMOVE: Desktop Clutter

Hey everybody I made a file organizing system..... I CALL IT: FILE ACCESS TERMINAL or FAT what a coincidence or is it ( Fat)?I made it because my desktop was all cluttered It might take some time but it will make your daily computing easier, I hope. I made it on windows xp so if it doesn't work on other OS's sorry.All it is is several folders with awesome icons. All the instructions are in the ZIP file.I will soon make it an actual program...What it is right now seems cheese to me .....Any Ideas ? Check it out ! post away !NOTICE : Their seems to be a problem with th icons I will fix this asap !

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Changing old touch screen desktop into desktop monitor

So I have this seriously old touch screen desktop from FEC. I've been browsing around and found how to turn laptop LCD screens into monitors using controller boards, finding them by looking up the model number of the screen. I could probably use find the monitor stuff by myself, but when it comes to the touch screen interface, I'm clueless on what to look for. These are the pictures that I took of the boards and model numbers, and I'm assuming I would need something to either connect to the middle board, or something to replace it. I'm willing to take on the task, I just don't know entirely where to go from here as this is the first time I've really dug deep into something like this. The model number and barcodes are from the back of the monitor. At the end of the think white wire there are a ton of connections that go the the old motherboard of the computer. Is there anyone that might be able to give me a hand on what to find? Number on the large center board:............................RG9000PB0880   V1.0                              Below the number there is another number: 0821 Number for the small connector on the far right:.....RG9000PB0260 There's USB1 and AUDIO1 connectors on the large board in the center, and I'm assuming the long board at the bottom is power. mini-update: Could it also be possible to change the touch screen controller, run it into my computer via USB, and then find a controller for the LCD screen?

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Desktops of September - Finished for this month

Thats all the patches for this month! Get working on your set ups for next month!Happy September, since Joe Martin filled in for me last month, I realised its time I did this months, if a few days late...Me and Han have been at a friends wedding this last weekend, I realise now its only a couple of months till our wedding...I have decided that these desktop show off topics have actually been doing really well. So I am pleased to up the stakes.Free Patch for every submissionThe screenshots have to be different to last monthsThey have to have a description of whats going on (geektool, objectdock, etc)They have to be listed as a new comment below!To take a picture of your desktop on a windows machine use the printscreen key on your keyboard, Open up paint, Edit, Paste and then save this as a png. then upload this onto Instructables.To take a screenshot on a mac use the apple key, Shift and 3. This will save the picture to your desktop then you can upload it to Instructables.To take a screenshot in Linux go to Applications>Accessories>Take screenshot. If this doesn't work blame Lithium Rain ;-)I have a nice new set of wallpapers this month.My main screen is running a Leopard Vector reboot wallpaper, I also have the following running..Geektool, in a range of Helvetica NeueTinkertool, which is keeping my dock in a different style, and puts the eject button in the menubar.My second screen is running a favourite wallpaper of mine, one that I rejigged to fit portrait.Finally, my third screen is running a picture of me and my Fiance Hannah from when we were in Durham.I have added an extra picture of my current screen set up, so you can make more sense of my screenshots!So, get your Desktops and wallpaper screenshotted and sorted, and collect your Patch! (5th picture)- gmjhowe

Topic by gmjhowe  

laptop lcd to desktop monitor

Is it possible to convert dead laptop lcd top desktop monitor, if so i have a acer aspire 3000 laptop

Topic by nebins  

Power supply alternatives for Desktop ? Answered

 I  want to know wind or solar power is good to power up my PC,DIY link please ? Do you know any other alternative solution ? 

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Can't delete folder on Desktop? Answered

I have a folder on my desktop from network magic and I can't delete it. I don't even have the chance! I right click it and my only options are "open" and "create a shortcut". I have even tried just clicking a dragging it into the recycling bin nothing happens. It isn't really a problem but I like to make my desktop look nice and clean and there is really no need for the folder. Any ideas are appreciated.

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about gaming desktop setup

Hello my name is oskar grönvold and i am very beginner to setup for gaming and i will include pictures of what i need help with, and i would like to hide that which is under my desk and i also would like some comment on how it looks like on top of my desk too. If this works out as i dont know how to do  it better.

Topic by oggeboyn  

Best desktop CNC design and ?

Hey guys,  A couple of friends and I who are engineering undergrounds have been working on a 3 axis desktop CNC machine design at a really low pricepoint, and we wanted to get your thoughts and suggestions on what you want to see on a desktop CNC so that we can make it even better! We also want to get a idea of what you would do with your machine and what sort of people would want to purchase such a machine. Some specs: 3 axis CNC with NEMA 17s (upgradeable to NEMA 23) 20" x 20" x 6" cutting area Steel and injection molded plastic construction Cuts wood, metals, foam, plastics, etc GRBL Arduino controlled Price point, around $200 or $300. Thanks in advance!

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Mini Desktop- Carputer Project?

I have a HP Mini Desktop computer for sale, it is the small one(Dark Green) in the picture, It is a HP e-Vectra(E-PC) computer, Model C10. Specs are 20GB hard drive, 256MB of RAM, 1Ghz P3 CPU(Upgraded from a 733). High speed internet ready. Windows XP Pro SP2, Office 2003 Pro edition(All legal). The computer itself is very very quiet, the only thing you can really hear is the hard drive spinning. It uses a laptop power supply which is included. $100 or best offer. bought this Mini computer to install in a car as a Carputer, but have since traded the car off and don't want to put it in my newer car.The dimensions of it are about 4" wide a foot tall and a foot long.

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My Gnome desktop and me ? Answered

I have come to a weird realization or a Epihany, i love my desktop i love it with my heart (not as much as i love my mum) as soon as you get it you know what to do there is a varing amount of apps you can choose from and there at your finger tips. i dont realy know but you can hand me a windows 7 equiped laptop and i will whip it right at your face and say "i am faithfully engaged to my debian OS and were twittering"

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Win a patch from me! ENDED

I would like to give away a bunch of patches and thought a contest is the best way to do it. I really enjoy the "Desktops of (insert month here)" forum topics so I though I would award patches to the best 5 desktops/wallpapers posted here. (Just so you have an idea on my tastes; I like pretty things, I don't like the colour grey, and I don't like guns!)My contest runs until the end of August.I decided to give everyone who posted a patch, just let me know which patch you would like!Since this was supposed to be a contest, I'll list my favourite desktops:Yokozuna's, Lithium Rain's, DJ Radio's, Goodhart's, and Sunbanks'.Thanks everyone who posted!

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What's your Desktop look like?

Please post a screenshot of your desktop with any apps you would like to have running. Since I like the OSX GUI I decided to imitate it which is actually very easy with Ubuntu. Please share or leave comments!!! Update 5/16/09: Posted my update desktop. I've been trying lots of styles recently but I like this one the most so far.

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Post your cool desktop wallpapers

Place your desktop wallpapers here to share and use.

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Tablet PC into a wacom for desktop computer

Guess i ain't the first to ask this. But is there anyway to connect a Tablet PC to a desktop computer via usb or firewire, and use it as a Wacom tablet for drawing and writing? Any software or adapters to do this? Thanks!

Topic by dimension_55    |  last reply

Install Intel Desktop Control Center?

How do i install Intel Desktop Control Center? I have the correct one, but when i run the setup, it goes and then disapears. Its still in my dock thing at the bottom... Why is this? And, when i click on it, nothing pops up. Its as if its there but not there. PLEASE HELP! Thankz!!!

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how to battery power a desktop pc? Answered

I basically want to convert a desktop into a notebook. It won't have a 90W+ under load. I've done it all except for the power source. How can I power things like in a notebook using ni-mh or li-on batteries? I must be able to monitor battery capacity just like a notebook too. I've searched a lot and I'm confused.

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Desktop Computer or Notebook? Please help !

Yeah well, I need to decide on what to get. A desktop or a Notebook. At first I was adamant that the Notebook is better, but now i'm also considering a Desktop! I will be using it for : Playing games - mainly FPS like Far Cry and maybe Unreal Tournament 3.Doing scholwork , homework, oh yeah......and also coursework sadly since I will be going into Year 10 in late May.A little bit of photo editing with Serif Suite.Msn-ing ( Instant Messaging lol )And maybe watch a couple of videos now and again, - Preferebly under £500 ! ( Budget )After taking all that into perspective can you also give me specifc model aswell with your answer on which is better at suiting my needs. lol.Thanks.

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Change color at screen desktop please!!! Answered

Hi All..... Please help me to know how call this sector (please see photo) and possible to change back color to other color ,if yes please help me  how to do that..Thank you in advance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  lam

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Rigging Laptop SSD to Desktop SATA

So I'm looking at upgrading my computer with a Solid State Drive to make it boot faster, but I don't want to pay like $200 for one off newegg. I was wondering if it's possible to rig one from say an EEE PC (which can be bough used/for parts pretty cheap on ebay/CL these days) into my regular SATA port, and what the performance would be like compared to a desktop SSD drive. Thanks!

Question by The Insomniac    |  last reply

Does This Desktop Spec Compliment the Price? = - )

This is a Desktop computer package from a company called "Cube247" . I am really considering this deal. ( Intel Core 2 Duo processor, 2GB of fast memory, massive 500GB hard disk, DVD rewriter, huge 19” widescreen TFT panel and Microsoft Vista – all for £449!!Microsoft Windows Vista HomeIntel Core 2 Duo E4500 Processor2048MB DDR II 667 Memory500GB SATA II Seagate Data Storage < ----------------------------Awsome!!!!!! Half a Terrabyte.NEC 7200 Multi Format DVD/CD ReWriterIntel 950 128MB GMA Graphics7.1 High Definition Surround SoundIntel Core 2 Duo Motherboard19” Widescreen TFT 5MS Flat Panel ScreenLogitech Wireless Multimedia KeyboardLogitech Wireless Optical MouseLogitech S220 2.1 Speaker System10/100 Ethernet LAN8x USB2 Ports All for £449.00 .Does it sound like a good deal ???Also I have a few queries......:The computer doesn't have dedicated graphics, it has intergrated. Will I be able to upgrade the desktop to be fitted in with a graphics card later on.Also the the graphics are: Intel 950 128MB GMA Graphics. What kind of games will I be able to play on the desktop with this graphic spec....if any at all..... = S.The OS this package comes with is " Vista Home Basic " , It only takes £20 more to upgrade the OS to " Vista Home Premium " do you think I should go for it . Does Premium Make a good difference?Thank you Please help.

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Desktop PC DC - DC UPS ?

This might sound stupid, but I was watching some guys build batteries to Electrical Cars using Laptop batteries like Tesla does (18650 battery Cells)  and I got thinking about creating an UPS for my PC. If Im not mistaken, most UPS convert AC to DC current and in a mains power loss they convert back DC to AC which is not very efficient I assume. So why not instead of going thru that process, why not power the PC components directly from the UPS in the event of a power loss or power supply failure?? My idea was to build a UPS that works completely on DC power, from its input to its output. So the PC power supply would charge it and the UPS would power the PC components in case of a power failure. I would be using this on a server so I dont need monitors or other stuff. All that would be require would be power regulators for 12V, 5V and 3.3V right? Wouldn't that be more efficient? (the battery would last longer due to less power loss on conversions I think)  And wouldn't it be cheaper?  Thanks, Ralms

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Desktops of Oct & Nov - Creative Patch Addition

Want to get another patch? Last months desktop wallpaper thread did excellent, it would seem you loved the idea of getting some patches for your work. This month I am going to ask you to work harder for your patches! I want to encourage your creativity, so dig out one of your best digital photos, whip open photoshop, or show off a great new interface. All unique, creative and personal desktop screenshots will get a patch! Unique, creative and personal means we are looking for something new and fresh, not just a wallpaper grabbed off deviant art! Whether its a custom interface, or a home made wallpaper, just something that is unique to you. This month I have a couple of home made wallpapers to show off, I created both of these from scratch. By scratch I mean I actually cut up those bits of card, and glued those bits of marble. Both wallpapers were then accented and grunged up in photoshop. I then used geektool to match the type already on the card to make the date and time blend in. Tinkertool adds a few extras, including the modded dock, and menu bar items. Little Snitch runs in the menu bar, keeping an eye on what programs are doing. 3rd screen has a picture of my Fiance - as always :D 4th pictures shows my crazy screen set up! What are you waiting for? Post your most creative desktop set up, and claim you patch! Be sure to explain any fancy programs you have running also. To take a picture of your desktop on a windows machine use the printscreen key on your keyboard, Open up paint, Edit, Paste and then save this as a png. then upload this onto Instructables. To take a screenshot on a mac use the apple key, Shift and 3. This will save the picture to your desktop then you can upload it to Instructables. To take a screenshot in Ubuntu go to Applications>Accessories>Take screenshot. If this doesn't work blame Lithium Rain ;-) PS, I know this is like 28 days late, but I have been busy (I get married on the 7th of Nov!), also doing a joint two month edition means I will be able to check back and dish out patches!

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are there any desktop pc parts that are compatiable in a laptop

hello everyone i have a unused desktop pc and  want to know if there are any parts that i can put into my laptop from my desktop examples include ram ect. i have a inspiron 1545 and a dell desktop of a unknown model if anyone can help please let me know thank you fidgety2

Topic by fidgety2    |  last reply

Can I power a laptop with a desktop psu?

I am planning to put a laptop (HP ENVY dv7-7334ea) into a desktop case for a project and I was wondering if anyone could help me out with trying to power it with a desktop psu instead of the charger? I believe it needs 18.5v at 3.5a. If anyone knows anything about this your help would be greatly appreciated!

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Transplant SSD from Netbook into my Desktop

So random question, I'm looking at putting a SSD drive into my desktop solely to run windows off of so it boots faster/has better performance, but don't really want to shell out a crap ton of cash for a standard sata SSD Drive. Is it possible to transfer an SSD drive out of like say an ASUS EEE PC into a regular desktop, and would there really be that much performance gain? Thanks

Topic by The Insomniac  

why wont my desktop accept this ram? Answered

i currently have some ram in my desktop that is 256mb and says ddr, 266MHz, cl2.5, ECC. my motherboard is a gigabyte GA-8VT00 and i would like to upgrade the ram. i have 2 512mb ddr 400MHz ram modules but when i insert them the computer will either not boot properly or will boot and then restart after a couple of minutes. can someone please tell me who i could fix this. thanks

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Instructables messed on Mobile (Desktop Version of site)

Since two~ three weeks the browsing of Instructables on my Mobile (Samsung note) has gone poor. There is a new site layout and seems the culprit here. Older version used to work just fine. The site is now very slow and choppy, also the pictures don't load well or load off screen. Kindly and urgently Fix this. I am using the desktop version of site Samsung Note Opera Mobile

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Laptop Style Keyboard to Use with Desktop Computer

How hard would it be to remove the monitor from an old laptop and configure the keyboard to be used with a desktop computer?I am a touchpad user. I recently purchased a all in one computer. Now I am having to use a mouse. I love the computer but my arm makes it very difficult to use the mouse. I just knew there was something like this out there that I could purchase but I cannot find one anywhere. Any suggestions would be great.

Question by terdallaujar    |  last reply

my monitor doesn't show my desktop

When i turn on my computer, all the fans disk drives, everything runs but i can't hear the little beep when it boots up and the monitor doesn't show anything, the power light just flashes meaning no signal. HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Question by The nerdling    |  last reply

Make a desktop psu from an old laptop?

Hi, I was recently looking into making a desktop power supply because I have needed one for some time, and I enjoy making my own tools whenever possible. But I had just dismantled my last power supply a week or so ago for parts, but I have like 4 or 5 old laptops sitting in my closet. I was wondering if I could possibly make a power supply form a laptop. Is this possible? And if so, how would I do it?

Question by LoneWolf0    |  last reply

The USB ports are not working on my desktop system.?

The system recognizes the USB Ports but when a USB powered device is attached to the USB Port the system stops and hangs. Reloaded the USB drives but the problem continues. Could there be a problem in the motherboard, If so how to diagnose this fault? What could be the problem and how to solve? A. S.  Bhasker Raj India?

Question by techmind48    |  last reply

Motorized Gakken STRANDBEEST desktop model kit

Has anyone replaced (or plan to replace) the Gakken desktop strandbeest model kit's wind turbine with a toy DC motor and gear system?  If so, I would love to hear what specific motor and gear system was used and how you mounted everything on the model. It would take a motor with adequate torque to operate the twelve legs, a properly sized gear/gears to operate the model at a moderate speed  and some simple way to connect the motor/gear to the existing gear system.  I've seen hacks for K'nex, tinker toy, erector set, aduino, & custom builds but nothing added to the Gakken mini strandbeest kit except a hamster wheel.

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Really easy multi use desktop machine

I need a multi purpose machine that can fit in a one cubic foot area. I need it to do most or all of the following; 1.) Have a "3rd and 4th hand" 2.) Fit in a 1'x1' space 3.) Light 4.) A controlable .1-24 volts DC output 5.) Small Storage 6.) Large magnifier on a flexible mount. 7.) Built in ruler 8.) Wire reel holder Im Sorry for being so picky, but I need to somehow cram all of that in to a small space. Pics or drawing would be nice. But comments and ideas would be better. P.S. Pic isn't related to machine

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Laptop's fingerprint reader, is it possible to reuse it on desktop?

The dead laptop is a HP Pavillion dv3 4010sl, the sensor is a Validity VFS301 (cdk1071_r04_hf) as written on the sensor itself. if i remember correctly it was shown as a USB peripheral. maybe is simple and it need just some resoldering to a USB cable, the problem is that the flat cable connecting it to the motherboard has 6 pins/lines and my knowledge in electronics is quite limited... I've found online what seems like a motherboard schematics (pg.48) and the vendor's sensor's manual. Does Anyone knows if is possible, If yes how?

Topic by CladZo91    |  last reply

Charge unprotected lipoly with desktop power supply? Answered

I have a few, almost dead 700ma li-polies taken from a macbook battery that would not charge. I have no formal Li-Poly charger, and most commercial charger will refuse to charge these batteries anyway- because most of them are lower than 2.7v right now. I wanted to see if I could revive these, which I have read can be done, using constant voltage and current.  My problem is how to charge these using a common desktop power supply. My setup right now is a charger set on 3.7v, multimeter in parallel (to measure the cell voltage), and a current of 20ma. So far, nothing dramatic has happened thus far. Thing is, the "shorted" light on my power supply is on, and the voltage says its around 2.8v right now (rising slowly). Is this just due to the battery charging? I mean, is this behavior normal for an unprotected cell charging on a power supply?  Also, please note that I do know what lipolys can do. I am not just gonna hook this thing up to 20v and leave to go to town. I am monitoring it, and have it in a large, thick plastic box that is 2ft from a door. I will not leave it on unsupervised. 

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Wind powered desktop PC, is it remotely possible?

So I was thinking up an idea this afternoon about how I could be more of a PC enthusiast, I came up with this idea: What if I could power a desktop grade PC on just the power supplied by a wind turbine (preferably that I had made myself), and batteries? My plan was to set up a (either or) BOINC Computer specifically for research, or something like a DNS/VPN server or failing that something like a NAS. Anyway, heres what I have been able to find so far in terms of wind turbines and power... It seems way over my head, especially the second link to the other question. Computer Specs that I had in mind: Intel i5 K series chip of sorts 8-16 GB of (presumably DDR3 memory) A motherboard, again, not sure exactly what but this can be chosen nearer the time, if it helps, something with around 2-4 PCI-e lanes for numerous GPUs. (This is NOT meant to be a gaming rig). A couple of GTX 760's I was having in mind, something older will do too. (This would be using the CUDA technology for accelerated processing) A Power supply that would fit the bill... 1000 watts? May be needed depending on the number of GPUs I have. I am so ignorantly unaware of how this would work.  Other things that I would need: - A wind turbine that was able to charge batteries during the day (for example) - Batteries - Some sort of converter (I think) to change whatever AC power there may be into DC. I think that is what I need,  Thanks in advance! slippers.

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Acer travelmate 610 to slimline desktop conversion

Ok i bought this old laptop from ebay for only 15 bucks, and has the following problems 1. Dead screen(but indicators work) 2. The plastic thing and the spring on the switch arent there so i used a cable tie then yank it back and forth to get it to boot 3. Non working battery 4. DVD drive has broken eject mechnism so need to remove drive, open top, load disk, close top then slide the drive back into the comupter(yes the disc drive is removable) ok so what i want to do is to convert it into something like what myles_h did but as a slimline desktop pc meaning vertically and no screen image 1 is a stock pic of the laptop and image 2 is a pic of the idea im going to install windows me after having a look at vcamnowaa(youtube)'s success with said os as seen below or if not i'll install windows 2000 or xubuntu here's some specs: intel pentium 3 windows 2000 pro(i did not get the install cd) 256 mb ram wifi(havent got it working yet) smart card(need this to get past the bios into windows) infrared irda there's a later batch with windows xp and bluetooth btw...

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Battery powering a Mini ITX Gaming Desktop? Answered

Hi all, Firstly two things; 1) I just wanted to say thank you so much to all of the guys on this answers section, for giving a lot of their time whilst being incredibly helpful, patient and overall just awesome! Just to name a few of the most consistently helpful; steveastrouk, Kiteman, iceng and Downunder35m.  2) I know this question has been asked before and asking it again has been my last resort after trawling the web as I know reviving old topics can irritate the OP etc.. But anyway: I am building another PC, with the challenge of it being a portable 'console killer'. The idea is to make a Mini ITX gaming PC as small as possible (a challenge in itself) which can run for an hour or two on battery and then needing to be plugged in and recharged whilst still being usable. The current specs;  Asus H81I-PLUS Intel H81 DDR3 Mini ITX Motherboard (1150 Socket) Intel i5 3.2Ghz Processor Zotac Nvidia GeForce GTX 750 Ti 2GB GPU CPU Liquid Cooler Corsair Hydro H55 120mm Fan So I need all of this...   ...battery powered... So I was thinking; all a PSU is is an AC adapter and step down transformer. So all I would need is several laptop batteries (and a way of charging them seperately) , a way of mounting them, a voltage regulator and wiring to power the computer and bypass the battery AND charge it when I am using a laptop external PSU. Right? But then, is the high current from a wall socket necessary to a PC's function? Thanks!

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