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Dryer will not heat

Changed fuse and heating element and still no heat

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Dryer box

I'm been looking for instructions on making a box to dry  a 8.5" x 11" piece of "film". I can make the box, it's the electronics part I can't figure out.  My idea is that a small heater on one end of the box, and a small exhaust fan on the other end will be sufficient to dry my film.  Does this make sense?

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Dryer motor

Alright folks, after my last posting of the washing machine motor failed to prove helpful, ( because of my lack of understanding, not the help offered, that was excellent ) I decided to scrap that idea and start anew, this time with a dryer motor. I have a motor here now that like before I simply want to be able to start and stop at will. This time around I have the original wiring diagram too! So, my question is how do I wire the thing, simply with an on/off switch? No variable speeds, no reverse directions, just on/off. Oh, and Id like it run on 110v as well.

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dryer, pulley

Install the replacement of a pulley and belt on a Whirlpool dryer lec9000pw0. The pulley was lying on the floor of the dryer when I opened it up and I do not know the exact position it should be in and how it is secured to the dryer. Step by step instructions with pictures would help.

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how to replace belt on kenmore dryer?

How to replace drum belt on 80 series kenmore dryer

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Can anyone rig up an mp3 or device to play different alarms to a dryer alarm?

My dryer is annoying, yes it does its job by letting me know the clothes are done, but can someone hook up a mp3 device or a small board that plays different sounds and still keep it looking stock?

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Amana LG 4409 Gas dryer. Will start for 2-5 sec then shut off not he door switch. Any ideas?

Tried leaning on door whn starting still shut of. Was working onday then nothing. Cleared lint screen and back of unit.

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how do I change the heating element on an Amana TEA400-L dryer. Do I have to take the back off?

The front comes off with 2 screws but I think I may have to take the back off

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kenmore dryer motor

I have a used kenmore  dryer motor part # 8066206 model s58nxnbg-7004 that I would like to use for something else and was wondering  if I could wire a plug to it.  From left to right on the terminal block there is numbers 2 6 4 3 5 1.  Im not to sure where to hook up the hot wire and where to hook up the nuetral wire.

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combo washer/dryer

Imagine if you will: throwing clothes and detergent in. a couple hours later, the clothes are washed rinsed AND DRIED!!! with no other futsing.   1 machine.  taking up less space than 2.  and... if u  r absent minded, u  dont end up with   moldy clothes days after u threw im in to wash. How to??

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Help. Clothes Dryer Motor

Help.. I have a Motor from a Clothes Dryer.. I want to Use it as a Generator.. can anyone help me? It has a three wires.. a blue, red and yellow-black ones.. how will i use those wires? please give me some inputs.. thanks.. 

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Kenmore Dryer Motor Question?

I have a used kenmore  dryer motor part # 8066206 model s58nxnbg-7004 that I would like to use for something else and was wondering  if I could wire a plug to it.  From left to right on the terminal block there is numbers 2 6 4 3 5 1.  Im not to sure where to hook up the hot wire and where to hook up the nuetral wire.  

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I want to use the dryer to help heat the house?

I want to use the heat from the dryer. How do I keep the smell and lint out?

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My Dryer won't stay on, Help? Answered

There was a squeaking noise from my dryer, I cleaned the rear bearing. To give you real time, this was about 2 hours ago. I assembled everything back to the way it was. I plug it in and to test it out I turn the knob to the start position and the motor works, the drum rotates smoothly. When I release the knob it does not stay on. (It would in normal operation, it's kind of like turning a key for a car. After it starts you release it) I am pretty sure that a part doesn't need replacement, It happened immediately after I took it apart and put it back together. I didn't touch the wiring at all. The heat works fine, just the motor won't stay on. If someone could just give me a small amount of advice that would be great. Thanks in advance.

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What can you make with parts from an old dryer?

My dryer's heat sensor stopped working, and instead of fixing it, my mom wants to trash it. I want to disassemble it before the city comes to pick it up. Is there anything i can build from the old parts: motor, belt, pulley, etc..

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can i use hair dryer to strip motherboard component.without destroy motherboard.

I know that hair dryer dont produce to much heat.but if i use heat gun, i might blow my there any idea to produce more heat from hair and to hack hair dryer to produce more heat.

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Amana TEA400-l dryer

I have an Amana TEA400-L dryer. I needs to replace the heating element part#61927.After taking the front screws out to open the dryer where is and how do I get the heating element out?

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Heating element in hair dryer still ON

Hello, I have the hair dryer which have 2 switch one for the blower and other one for heating, when turn the blower ON the heating coil that connected to the rectifier terminal is work ON and the motor work in slow and high (not perfect working) . There is no short in out circuit . Sorry for mu english thanks

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Anyone made a pottery wheel from a dryer?

My kids took apart an old dryer. I began wondering how to use the parts. I was thinking there may be a way to use the motor and the mechanism that turns the dryer to turn the platform of a pottery wheel. Can anyone figure out how to do this?

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Need help in cleaning dryer vent run

I need help in figuring out a way to clean the build-up in my dryer vent run. The run is in a crawl space and approximately 25 feet long. I have been unable to find anything available to run through it to clean the lint buildup. Thanks in advance for any viable suggestions.

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Looking for ideas to repurpose a dryer

The motor in our electric dryer died and SWMBO decided that we were going to replace it with a new energy efficient model. So now I've got an old electric drier to get rid of. seems a shame to just take it to the land fill. So what good ideas does anyone have for repurposeing/upcycling an old electric dryer?

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Do you think a bike-powered clothes dryer would work? Answered

If I hooked up the clothes cylinder somehow to a bicycle drivetrain.  I was also thinking of mounting a large fan right next to it on the same axis to blow air in.  Maybe have the fan go the opposite direction.  Also I would take the door off and maybe the back end to let the air flow through both sides.  Can anyone picture this?

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How do I replace the belt on my Hoover 5050ED Dryer?

Dryer hadn't dried the last load and found it will not tumble, can manually move the barrel round but it was making a scraping noise, unscrewed the back and found the belt is broken. Would appreciate instructions on how to replace it please.

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Another washed ipod question? Answered

Yep. another one. It was stupid, but it still happened... I washed an ipod. Its an ipod nano 2g, got washed and went about 20min into dryer cycle. It was turned off (hold switch on so there was no chance of it turning on). Ipod is now in rice, turned off. How long should I lieave it in there? Also, are there any other preventative measures I should take to get it operational? I have not tried or attempted to turn the ipod on thus far. Thanks -Astroboy907

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How to harness waste heat from a gas hot water system? Answered

I have a outdoor gas hot water system in the courtyard of my rental property. So much waste heat blows out of a vent at the top of it, I want to harness this somehow but there is a sign on it that says specifically not to cover it. I was thinking about building a box type arrangment on top of it to use for drying clothes. Even beter would be a way to use it to heat the house as it is winter here in melbourne and freezing cold but. It seems like venting and flow is a bit of a complex subject. Anybody with any expertise here? Cheers (Edit: I have decided not to go ahead with this project as the amount of heat the water heater emits on standby isn't enough to worth bothering with. Thanks to everyone for their replies)

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My Whirlpool Dryer just failed, Does not heat up, won't dry clothes, Where do I start??? and what could be wrong??? Answered

Wife told me thismorn dryer not drying clothes, checked what I know and dryer was not getting hot.

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What Type of sensor is used in hand dryers? Answered

Which sensor is used in hand dryer type of devices which does not need a pair of boxes as transmitter and receiver? You just bring your hand under the dryer and it triggers the device.

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Removing hair dryer heating element

Request for help:  Does anyone know how to remove the heating element from a hair dryer to have it only blow cold/cool air?  I've opened it up and there are a lot more wires than I expected.  I have just enough electrical knowledge to be a little bit above dangerous, so I thought it would be best to ask for help.  Thanks!

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Evil Laugh-activated hand dryer

Http:// up for making this? I'm a bit busy with two jobs at the moment . . . and a different project.

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Home Freeze Dryer (Lyophilizer)...can it be done?

I love freeze dried fruits. However, they are super expensive. Does anyone know how to make a freeze dryer at home? I have no idea if it would even be possible or cost effective.

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Has anyone made a home spray dryer to make particles?

Has onyone tried to make a spray dryer (see below)?  I am interested in making microparticles and this is potentially a method, but they run about $30K . Thanks.

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how to convert my Whirlpool Duet Sport Electronic Gas Dryer from Natural Gas to Propane?

What parts do I have to buy to transform my Natural Gas Dryer to a Propane Gas?

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Can you freeze dry food at home?

I would like to know how to freeze dry food. Could some create an Instructable How-To,... Can someone build a machine that freeze dry food? There are essentially three categories of freeze-dryers: the manifold freeze-dryer, the rotary freeze-dryer and the tray style freeze-dryer. Two components are common to all types of freeze-dryers: a vacuum pump to reduce the ambient gas pressure in a vessel containing the substance to be dried and a condenser to remove the moisture by condensation on a surface cooled to -40 to -80 C (-40 to -112 F). The manifold, rotary and tray type freeze-dryers differ in the method by which the dried substance is interfaced with a condenser. In manifold freeze-dryers a short usually circular tube is used to connect multiple containers with the dried product to a condenser. The rotary and tray freeze-dryers have a single large reservoir for the dried substance. Thank You

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how to make an accordion style clothes dryer?

I was wondering what are the things required to secure the rods in place. and where the wood pieces are fixed and where its not . it would be really helpful if some showed me with pictures from start to finish .

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I need under washer and dryer drawers. How can I build them? Answered

I have a front loading washer and dryer which I would like to have storage drawers underneath. Is there an instructable for that?

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how much heat from 1200 watt hair dryer will produce .seperate it from hair dryer and make it as hot air will it work.?

Well. i saw many in other website to use nichrome wire. well the easyiest way to build hot air is take the heating element from soldering iron or hair dryer which is nichrome wire... will it danger me, or any modification that i can do.

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Laundry room with no exterior walls in need of a better dryer exhaust solution! Ideas?

I have a dryer with an exhaust vent that could not possible exit my condo as it is in a stack in the very center of my unit; moreover, even with a crafty snaking of ventilation piping couldn't get it near an exterior wall.  As you can guess, when I dry my clothes the utility room turns into a sauna and all of my walls develop condensation from the hot air and water vapor the dryer is using and extracting.  Does anyone have any good ideas for how I could reduce the condensation build-up or even alleviate the problem?  I thought of making some sort of dispersal fan to cool the hot dryer air as it exits the dryer, but I am not sold on this idea.

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Is a hair-dryer hot enough to deform PVC? Answered

A future project requires the slight deformation of cut PVC waste-pipe. Not soft enough to melt, just enough to slightly open a cut half-pipe, then keep it there when it cools. Will a hair-dryer provide enough heat, or will I have to invest in a hot-air gun?

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wiring a dryer motor to cord for use as a grinder/buffer

Hello to anyone who can help me. I want to use a 110v dryer motor to make a grinder/buffer. The motor is a FSP brand and it has 3 terminals. The colors are blue,black and yellow. I just need to know how to connect to 2 wires outlet.

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Is it possible to make a pocket warmer from part of a hair dryer? Answered

I have an old hair dryer and I know that there is something inside it which heats up the air. I was wondering, is it possible to remove that and attack a battery pack and case and have a pocket warmer or would it not work? Thank you.

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Has anyone tried using a hair dryer to make an herbal vaporizer?

If so, then please let me in on any details, like was it better to use the low or the high setting. Did you have to use something to diffuse the air flow or did you design some sort of containment system to keep the herb inside and intact?

Question by AcerRock  

Can you use tumble dryer lint instead of charcloth to get a fire started? Answered

I'm making some charcloth to go with my flint and steel fire kit but was wondering, is lint a suitable alternative? Don't actually have a tumble dryer at the moment to test it out but thought it might be a good hassle free and time saving alternative to use. Cheers

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