Dual Boot

I was following the instructions on apcmag for dual booting XP and Vista with Vista installed first and ran into a problem. Once I had gotten to the part about adding an entry for XP to easybcd I got stuck. The drive letter selection was grayed out. I added XP to the list anyway, and went into change settings. I set XP to the correct drive letter there, but when I rebooted and selected XP from the menu, I got a ntldr error immediately. Any help would be much appreciated.

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Dual boot

I am looking towards creating a dual boot scenario on my computer (XP, and Ubuntu) and I am in need of a bit of assistance. Some background and foundation: Present OS = XP SP2The main partition is NTFS, however the "backup" partition is FAT(16 or 32, I am not sure)Now, to my main question: I realize I can partition this further so I can have a dual boot situation, but I am worried about losses that may occur. I haven't had much time lately to read up on the process, but I have seen warnings about loss of data files, etc. and my being cautious to a fault, I haven't proceeded any further in my quest. So, what precautions should I take, and what is going to be the process I need to follow to get to where I want to be?

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Dual booting fedora and ubuntu?

I want to dual boot the FEL fedora distro and ubuntu 10.10 on my laptop which seems very capable of supporting both separately, but not yet together. I want to know if its possible to have them dual boot or if I need a different version of one or both for it to be compatible.

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help with linux (dual-booting)

I have ubuntu currently installed. it is working fine, its just that i wanna use slackware too, i know that they can be dual booted together and all that fancy stuff. so i guess what i wanna know is how to dual boot them together. and if you could add some pictures that would be a real help. but if you cant than can you make your directions as specific as possible that would work. Thanks.

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Dual-Booting Windows XP and Ubuntu? Answered

I just want to make sure I have this right before I go ahead... So, right now I have two drives. One is partitioned into two, one half is Win Xp(about 60gb), the other completely blank(about 20gb). Then, my slave drive is just for backup. I'm planning on installing Ubuntu onto that blank partition. By doing so, it shouldn't affect any of the files on either of the other drives, right? And when it boots it should boot into Windows as usual unless I directed to go to that partition since the windows drive is the first in the boot order. This, I think, should work without worrying about anything getting wiped right? And this setup won't have the OS's conflicting with each other? Would I have to use GRUB and if so how? Help, is greatly appreciated.

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installing dual boot for asus x553m

I have tried to install ubutu alongside windows 8.1 pro  to asus x553m which have uefi bios,it goes normally but when i restart after completing installing it doesn't give dual boot option?  

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Is there any way to dual-boot Windows and Xbox 360/PS3 firmware?

For christmas, I am trying to build a custom PC made for gaming.  I wanted to know if it was possible to dual-boot Windows 7 and Xbox 360/PS3 firmware on the PC.  What I mean is that when you turn the PC on, you get a choice on whether to boot into windows or the 360/PS3 firmware.  So is it possible?

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another and hopefully the last dual booting question

Okay, i've found a site that tells step by step how to set up a dual boot system(?). Problem is i'm not a computer genius, but i'm not a total computer idiot. So my question is, is this site helping or trying to misguide me? http://apcmag.com/5485/dualbooting_vista_and_xp(in case it doesn't post)

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Dual Booting From A Usb External Drive.

Ok well today I got my Hard drive enclosure and I rammed a Hdd in it and I have already put one Operating system on it but I would Like to Dual boot from it . Is this possible and How.

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how can I dual boot Windows xp and Linux Ubuntu on a laptop that runs on xp? Answered

 I would like to know how to do so, so I can use Linux or Windows without switching computers... and I would like to know what software I can use to make it dual boot my uncle said he may have used redhat to do a dual boot before

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windows 8 dualboot?

As the title says i want to dualboot windows 8, but if i try and do it in a virtual pc, i get errors and when i try and bur the iso to a usb drive i get errors, it doesnt burn or the program says invalid iso what should i do?

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How do I get to safe mode? Answered

Hi,  Well, just realized something strange. I have a laptop which I dual-boot XP and Ubuntu on. When it starts up you get that select operating system screen. The question is... how do I boot XP in safe mode? It gives me the option for a recovery mode for Ubuntu, but no sign of a safe mode for XP. Thanks

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Screenshots of boot screens and bios menus?

Working on an Instructable for how to rock the windows/linux dual-boot... does anyone know how people get screenshots of boot screens and bios menus? I'm really trying to avoid just using a camera and doing it the ugly way.

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Can you run the Windows 7, Windows XP, and Linux operating systems on the same computer? Answered

It doesn't matter the system requirements, I'm just wondering if it's possible with todays tech.

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Where can I get a .iso image of Mac OS 8.6? Answered

Can someone find me an .iso image of Mac OS 8.6? Many Thanks, I need it to dual boot with Debian

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How does one dual boot windows 7 and linux mint with windows 7 installed first? Answered

So I recently upgraded my laptop, i swapped out the old 80GB HDD for a shiny new 120GB SSD, and I installed windows 7, I would like to know how to dual boot windows 7 and linux mint.  I've searched google, but all i find are forums where I dont understand the terminology that the users use.  I was wondering If anybody knows of a site that/could tell(s) me in simple terms how to do this.  I've done this before with windows vista and windows XP, so I know how to shrink volumes and all that type of stuff. 

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How do I install my linux partition?

I have been trying to create a linux partition so I can dual boot Ubuntu on my laptop. (I have an HP touchsmart tm2 for reference.) And here is what I have been trying so far... 1. Create USB boot disk (no CD tray) 2. Shrink drive C so I have 30 MB not allocated 3. Delete HP tools partition so there isn't 4 partitions 4. Reboot to USB stick 5. Try linux without install 6. Connect to wifi 7. Start install 8. Select "Install inside Windows 7" 9. Rage because it just boots into windows 7 What am I doing wrong?

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Favorite Linux distros?

OK guys- time for your inner Linux zealot to come out!My PC now has two hard disks. One has working installations of XP x64 (with all my games) and Ubuntu 8.04 (with all my media stuff) which I want to leave alone. The other is a blank canvas now I've taken all my files off it, and given I have one disk with my primary OSs on it I'm thinking of chopping the empty one into a number of smaller partitions so I can have a multitude of OSs to choose from. I already know XP (32 bit) and Puppy Linux are going on to it, but I probably don't need another Ubuntu so the rest are up for grabs. Which other distros do people recommend?Criteria: they must:- be free (as in beer, not overly bothered about as in speech)- fit into a roughly 20GB partition (with an external /share for big files)- not mess with my GRUB. I'm primarily thinking of the non-Debian family major distros, but relative unknowns are welcome.Related question- I've got used to installing dual boot XP/Linux, you just install Linux second and GRUB plays nicely with XP, but does anyone have experience dual-booting the Windows 7 Beta? Does its fancy-pants new bootloader have issues that preclude easy dual-boot installs?

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How can I recover windows 7?

Recently i tried to dual boot windows 7 and Linux. I burned the linux iso to a cd, and installed it. While installing it, something whent very wrong and whipped out all of windows 7 and Linux won't work aswell. I don't have the windows 7 reinstall disk with me. how can i recover my blank computer? EDIT: I did obtain the laptop legally with windows 7 already installed. However, it did not come with a recovery disk. I downloaded a windows 7 recovery iso and burned it to a dvd using imgburn. it worked fine but then asked me to "provide a backup image you created earlier". I didn't make any backup images prior to this. Can i download a backup image someone has created earlier? please help!

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why does the software manager not give the latest updated packages?

I have finally made my computer dual-boot.  last few times, i erased windows, then i was stuck with mint, then when i tried to install Ubuntu next to the mint, it corrupted mint. well, now i managed to get mint 11, downloaded supertuxkart, and realized it had been updated. well, i booted in mint 10, and opened software manager, it does not offer the updated version. can anyone explain this? ps. update manager seems to only update certain pakages.

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How do you uninstall kubuntu?

I am dual booting kubuntu and win7, kubuntu is one of the poorest linux versions I have used and would like to remove it.  I hope I don't need the linux disk because I just gave it back to my friend, and I hope I don't have to run linux because it doesn't even work anymore.  I don't see the partion in windows, but I saw the win partion in linux so... Thanks for any input you have, I saw this http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/ubuntu-63/how-to-uninstall-kubuntu-from-a-duel-boot-system-526632/ would that by chance work for win7?

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Alright, I really don't like vista (big surprise). Anyway, I'm not great with computers, decent, I can hold my own when working with them, but I'm no genius. And I have been wondering about Ubuntu for a while now and I was wondering if I could/should change to ubuntu from vista. What are the advantages really? And would I be able to abandon and come back to Vista if I changed my mind, I have Windows Vista Home Premium, it came pre installed, so I do not have a disk. And "dual booting", I've heard about from friends but don't really understand/don't know how, if possible. I think thats all. I'll list all my q's if it helps. And also would programs installed on vista (games and such) be able to installed? And would my wireless internet get messed up? -Should I? -Could I? -Advantages? -Disadvantages? -Would I be able to come back to Vista? -Dual booting??? P.S. why does my cursor not blink when I type on instructables? It's bothering me...

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What kind of stuff should i put on my new computer? Answered

Specs https://www.instructables.com/community/I_built_a_Super_Computer_we_named_it_HAL/My dad said no Firefox, just letting you know, i asked at least 5 times. Thanks!he also said no dual booting with XP or OS X, he said he might try Redhat or Ubuntu, which is, odd.

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How to remotely shutdown a computer on ANOTHER (EXTERNAL) network?

Just like the question states i am trying to remotely shutdown a computer on another network . basically: MY computer ( ---------> my Router-------> Internet--------> other router (24.36.64.xxx)--------> other computer ( I would not like to use vpn or port forwarding. Any Help is appreciated. ps both computers are running windows 7/10 (dual boot)

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Windows 7 truely sucks

I put Windows 7 pro on my gaming PC, oh my god, it sucks so damn bad! Good thing I dual booted with Vista, I have no clue what everybody was thinking when they said it was good! Every 10 minutes, blue screen on death. Tried everything, removing ram, taking out the video card, changing the power supply, plugging it straight into the wall with out the battery back up, nothing worked, so I booted Vista and it worked great, had it on for 2 days so far. And yes, my computer is very compatible with 64-bit. Windows 7 had a 10 minute maximum. Windows Vista just works, I just wish it had XP mode.

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Linux, ubuntu, and the like

Ok, so I'm tired of my windows system. It is starting to get boring to look at AND VERY VERY CLUTTERED. I would like to switch to ubuntu, but I'm not sure if it will play my windows games that have a lot of code and/or are graphically intensive. I know it has dual boot, and the other thing, but idk if it will play AOE3, Risk, Itunes, Windows Media player, or any of the windows programs. One of the reasons I would like to switch to ubuntu is because they have a download just for media and music production, and me being a wanna be music superstar, that is what I want and/or need right now.

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Moving Programs from one OS to another?

Hi! I dual boot XP and Ubuntu 10.10 on a laptop. XP runs really really slowly. I want to move some programs from the XP partition to the Ubuntu partition and run them with wine. However, when I try to do this, it runs, but I get an error telling me that I need to reinstall because there has been a problem. No more details than that. Has anyone done this before and can give me some advice? Also, yes I have marked them as executables and they are large programs... like Photoshop and Dreamweaver, so not just a simple exe to transfer. Thanks!

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unable to install linux in windows. please help

Windows is giving me a hard time when i play browser games. The lag is really bad & my CPU usage jumps from 3% to 100%. Did a little research & decided I should get a new graphic card, but I can't afford it right away. So the 2nd option I thought of was installing Linux in the windows & dual boot it. I downloaded ubuntu & tried to install it. Got an error. Downloaded mint & tried to install it, still same error. Can anyone please help me out with this? I've done this before, but never faced this problem. I'm posting a screen shot of the error as well

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How To Repartition Hard Drive? Answered

HI! Well, the story is I dual boot Ubuntu 10.10 and Windows XP. The XP partition has 5 GBs free and the Ubuntu partition has around 2 GBs. So I want to transfer about 2 from the XP partition to the Ubuntu partition because Ubuntu is my primary OS. I have looked into this, but the directions have not been too clear. Could anyone help me out here? I would like to use some linux based partition editor to do this, but I really don't know how and don't want to try anything for fear of destroying my data.  P.S. Partition Magic has been discontinued and is no longer available. Thanks!

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Who else here is enjoying last week's official Gutsy Gibbon release?

I know that I'm not the only one in the community of nerds here that is loving Ubuntu's newest release! Now that I finally have compiz fusion running smoothly on my 64 bit system, I think that it blows the legs off of an already feeble Windows Vista. Even some of my less computer-literate friends, after seeing my system, are trying live cd's and considering dual-boots! I think it's pretty exciting seeing a more user-friendly Linux with standard eye-candy to lure even more away from the Microsoft OS monopoly. Still a ways to go though...

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Which type of computer is best?

Ok, so my father has offered to pay for HALF of a new computer. But which type is the best? Macs are very aesthetic, but expensive. I also would be dual booting it with windows. PC's are cheaper, but sometimes that also reflects in the hardware. My only requirement is that it be gaming compatible. Big monitor, if it's like a iMac and has one built in. High performance graphics. I'd like atleast 4gb of memory, but 8+ would be delightful. Harddrive space isn't really an issue, since I am currently using about 60 gb. I have something like $400 right now. I could probably make that around 800 - 900 by the end of the summer. So a Mac is defiantly a possibility. Also, I'm a student so I get a $100 dollar rebate from the Mac store.

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Computer problem: Restore points: gone. Some functionality: gone. Quarantine folder: nothing special. What's wrong? Answered

Some background: OS: XPMachine: Gateway pc - dual processorscondition caused by: Running of Clam-Win Virus checker in Quarantine mode. After the checker finished, I was unable to get to any programs nor able to run anything (including START - RESTART), etc. The mouse worked. The Google side bar was gone. Finally, a 3 finger salute (ctl alt del) shut down the machine. booted to SAFE MODE and found NO restore points. .booted to normal admin and the Sidebar came back. Several of my shortcuts worked at this point(rechecked the restore points, they were definitely gone)Clam-win has no "restore or unquarantine" program of it's own, at least, I couldn't find one....In the Quarantine folder, it appears as though only junk from an unused signon was removed....I am pulling out my hair here, trying to restore full functionality.....(I can't update FireFox when it asks to). Unless there is NO other way, can anyone tell me where to go from here (before I use the SYSTEM RESTORE disk that came with the machine, 3-4 years ago). I would appreciate anything helpful at this point. PS: the image below is not from my scan. It is from an old scan I had saved....when the current scan finished, I had NO functionality at all, and could not get a screen shot... Still, it shows what Clam-Win looks like...

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why dont I have a Partition table? Answered

OK so a week or so ago I decided to give ubuntu 10.04 lucid lynx a spin, just to see how it runs.  I've installed linux before, both with wubi and off of a disc, but this time I ran into a problem, I have no partition table : This is a HUGE problem for me because I need windows, and with no partition table ubuntu dosnt know I have windows, if it did I could install them using the "install side by side" option, but i can't.  I have even reinstalled windows and i still have no partition table.  Its not incredibly imprtant that this works but I really want to dual boot linux.  I'm in a love-hate relationship with linux; I like the idea but usually uninstall after a little while of using it :P.  I dont want to re install windows again, so does anyone know how I can set up a partition table?  If it hepls my computer's specifications are: 1.7Ghz Intel celeron 256 mb Intel GMA X3100 graphics card 128GB SSD 1GB ram 32bit Windows 7 professional

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Dead laptop

My acer aspire 6920 laptop doesn't boot. I have tried the POWER RESET (as an option specified on the acer website), by removing the battery, unplugging, and holding the power button for 20-30 seconds. This had no effect.How it happened:I was playing a game called Warzone2100 on Ubuntu, and it FROZE, so i did a hard shutdown and then.....When I press the power button the following happens:>The Cinedash, and power button light come on . The Hard drive and Cd-rom, fan, and HDD start-up as well.>The hard drive light above the caps lock and num lock indicators flashes seven times consistently, with about a 3/4 of a second between each flash.>The system shuts off completely>(without anyone pressing the power button)The system turns back on and nothing happened.>The system requires a hard shut down.During this entire period NOTHING shows up on the screen, and the back light stays off.I think my BIOS is a PHOENIX and according to some research 7 BIOS beeps means its a bad processor. So I think my flashing light could be a Bios indicator.If my conclusion is true, do laptop processors cost ? and where would I be able to get one ?Are they easy to install ? are they interchangeable with desktop processors ?BTW My processor is an Intel Centrino T5750 Dual Core 2.0ghz.Thanks to anyone who helps me out !

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MAC or PC?

My brother make videos and we have an iMac, lets just say it is not substantial for his needs.  Now just to get the point across we came up with a fair MAC-Pro, it has an SSD for faster boot and render, then a 1 tb drive for storage, a 4 core cpu, two radion hd whatevers, two monitors and no other special add-ons, price = 6,992.00 USD.  Now we came up with a massive decked out PC based substantially off of Dream Machine 2011.  It has an SSD, an intel i7 3.4 ghz (two more than the mac and 200 dollars less) a 3 tb massive kick ass hard drive which cost less than the one tb, 8 gb of ram for 50 dollars, the mac was well over 300.  The biggest newest graphics card NVIDIA has the 590 costing about 750 dollars.  Two 27" monitors a decked out sound system, a RAT 5 Mouse, a generic keyboard, v8 cpu cooler, fair case from cooler master, 1000w power supply, Blue Ray dual write disk drive thing, and the dream machine mobo.  It came in at 2950 dollars and every price for parts was rounded up to the nearest 5 dollars. Mac = about 7000 PC   = about 3000 Mac = less storage, less speed, less performance PC   = KICK ASS Mac = is it worth it just to do videos PC  = what is a good PC movie aplication/program

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The most crazy/difficult Ubuntu 10.10 / XP problem... who's up for the challenge?

Hello, Brace yourself. Background Details: -Dell 8600 Inspiron Laptop  -40 GB HD -512MB RAM -Dual Boots Ubuntu 10.10/Windows XP Ubuntu Partition = 10 GB, Windows = 30 GB Heres the problem: XP has started to get chronic BSODs. Its bad. And its slow. On the flip side, Ubuntu is the opposite. Heres what I want to do: 1.) Delete XP and convert the HD to an Ubuntu only drive.... How do I repartition it/do this at all?  2.) HOWEVER, I have some expensive programs on the XP partition that I would like to save... such as the entire adobe suite, the entire office suite, etc... How would I transfer these programs to the Ubuntu partition? I can't reinstall them because I don't have the disks... they have to be transfered some how. 3.) AND I have several programs that won't install on XP because it gets the BSOD's before it finishes installing them.... how can I install these on Ubuntu? I have heard some stuff about Wine 1.2, but I haven't looked into it too much. I want an opinion first... Any advice, comments, words of wisdom, etc would be appreciated.... Thank you.

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Reveived three copies of a newsletter

Hi guys, I very much enjoy the regular updates of instructables through the newsletters I receive by email. However, upon receiving the same one for the third time today I was wondering if there is any major work being done behind the scenes or whether I stumbled upon a bug, and I though it would be a good idea to submit a bugreport. Hence, this topic. I have attached a small screenshot of my gmail account. (Leaving out the standard layout due to privacy and general negligability..) Of course, I would be more than happy to forward the series of messages to an address if requested. Likewise, I can give my email address when necessary in some private message. The emails all source from < newsletter@m1.instructables.com >. I run a windows7, ubuntu dual boot and browse in chrome (version 36.0.1985.125) but these stats seem to be irrelevant as the mail server does not directly interact with them :-) PS. I also came accross a java error, but did not have the presence of mind to take a screenshot of the stack trace. It was after resetting my pasword, logging in for the first time and then browsing to the forums through the main navigation from the homepage. (This probably is not detailed enough to get anywhere, but it perhaps plants a seed of intuition in the programmer that reads it which might help when someone else makes another report ^_^), In the glance I had at it, it seemed to concern reflection and the loading of the content page, which recursed once before reaching the error. (In the sence that in the content view, a complete version of the main navigation was included, yielding a somewhat smaller header identical in shape and function to the top-level one)

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How do I install Windows XP on a Ubuntu computer? Answered

Hi. My last questions regarding my old computer were taken down by me because they had been solved. Basically, my situation is that my old computer running Windows XP was loaded with junk. It then got the login loop where you try to login, then it flashes the background and takes you back to the login screen. After replacing the hard drive with an old Western Digital that I found didn't work, I put the old one back in and installed Ubuntu, effectively wiping the entire hard drive of everything else. Now my system runs Ubuntu. I decided I wanted XP back so I burned a disc image (ISO) from Microsoft's website (I don't have recovery discs) onto a CD. If I want to reinstall XP, what do I do from here? The Windows XP welcome window doesn't pop up. Instead, the computer makes an icon of it named GRTMUPD-EN. What do I do from here? EDIT 6/24/13: I am in a much better position on computers right now, thank you everyone who tried to answer my asinine questions about a broken computer. I now run an HP p6140f (but with a better gpu) dual-booting Windows 7 and Mac OS X (both obtained legitimately) and  I actually own a legit copy of XP, too. As for my old Dell, I don't have it anymore. Although I feel kind of embarrassed to have asked these questions when they should be blatantly obvious to anyone more than an average user, I will still leave this up to serve as a point of information to others (as Burf said). Thanks.

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support SIP, Mutil-user managerment, international professional communication IC gateway with one,two,four port on sale

Call Features1. 3-way Conference2. Auto Answer3. Call History- Most Recently Missed Calls- Most Recently Received Calls- Most Recently Dialed Numbers4. Call Hold5. Call Forwarding6. Call Mute7. Call Rejection8. Call Transfer9. Flexible dial map10. Call Waiting11. Caller ID12. Do Not Disturb (DND)13. DTMF Relay- In-band, Out-band and SIP Info 14. Hotline15. support SIP domain, DNS name i. of server16. Multiple Proxy, Registrar, Redirect Servers17. Supports 2 service domains18. Volume AdjustmentManagement1. Firmware Upgradeable2. Upgrade firmware through boot monitor3. Config through Web, Telnet 4. Upgrade firmware and configuration file i. through HTTP, FTP, TFTP5. Support Syslog6. ND5 EncryptionProtocols1. SIP RFC3261 RFC3262 RFC3265i. Backward Compatible with RFC25432. SDP (RFC2327)3. RTP/RTCP (RFC1889 and RFC1890)4. NAPTR for SIP URI Lookup (RFC2915)5. STUN (RFC 3489)6. ARP/RARP (RFC 826/903)7. SNTP (RFC 2030)8. DHCP/PPPoE9. HTTP Server for Web Management10. TFTP/HTTP for firmware upgrade11. DHCP Option Codes for SIP (RFC3361)12. 802.1P TOSApplications1. Voice Mail Integration2. NAT Traversala) Static NAT Routeb) Traversal by STUN/UPNP3. Support Firewall4. Support Route/Bridge mode I/O Interfaces1. 2 RJ-452. Dual 10/100 Switched Ethernet Port3. 1 RJ11 for Phone(FXS) , 1 RJ11 for LifelineUSB-phone

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Setting up some kind of email system.

I recently got to a new computer. After transferring some of my email I kind of got fed up. So I want to create an email system for myself. ( No I do not want to write one. ) But I don't know much about email. Here is what I want. I don't want to store my email "inside" my client/MUA. I want it all in some folder on my computer that I will just "my pile of email" for now. That way I can try all sorts of clients and it's easier to switch if I find something better. Plus I get email from lots of different accounts. Old accounts I keep ( gmail, hotmail ), and yahoo gives me ten. I want "my pile of email" to be saved on a partition readable by both UNIX and Windows (XP), because I dual boot. i also want either to retrieve and send my email. I also want to process my email. Meaning that things with attachments have the attachments extracted. Various email groups, I want to be put into separate subfolders. I have a lot of other processing I want done. I figure the basic setup to consider is fetchmail to get the mail, sendmail to send the mail and procmail to process the mail. Where do I go from there though? ( If you have other suggestions, I am willing to listen. ) I can't decide which format to keep my pile of email in. To a degree it doesn't matter for now, but I want to make sure that I can convert to some other format when I become more knowledgeable. I can't decide whether on XP to use cygwin versions of programs, or just run linux in a VM for email stuff. lot's of other questions, but let's get to those when we flesh out my system.

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