E books

How do you dowload E books from your site?

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How do I download e-books?

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How do you repair a power plug on a kindle e reader

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E books

Firefox 4 can not see the download buttons on the e book page. IE is OK

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I E-mailed in a few howrs ago (and can I say, kudos on the reply speed, I got a reply within half an hour). The probelm is that I sent in one E-mail and in reply I got four, two of which were very useful human generated messages (a little odd having two, but fine) and two generic auto generate messeges, I thought I'd let you know so that, if this is unintentional, it could be sorted.

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connect xbee to webcam? Answered

Hi im dng a project on traffic control system on emergency lane using image processing.Im done with the image processing part..now i don't know on how to connect xbee transmitter to webcam..can any1 help me

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E-Book Problems

OK...SO i just got a PRO membership, and i am trying to download some E-Books but it just keeps sending me to an overview page that shows the different formats i can get the E-Book...why cant i dowload them? PLEASE HELP!!!?

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E-books not downloading...

Hi there, I can't seem to download any of the e-books in pdf. Th Adobe download starts, ends abruptly, followed by the '..cannot not open file. Either the format is not supported or the file has been damgaged" error. This occurs with any of the ebooks. Waddup? :) Thanks!! G-Farce

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Problems with e-mailing subjects

I can't seem to send an instructable to the e-mail addresses I type in. What gives? I use the library computer, so my time is really short. I send things I'm interested in to my e-mail addresses to be looked at later, but I'm stuck here today trying to get the links to work. Help!

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Not receiving e-mail subscription

Greetings, Since changing my e-mail address to a Gmail account I have not been receiving my weekly e-mail subscription.  I have even tried to re-subscribe with my Gmail address.  I have repeatedly checked my spam box on both the server and my PC (I use Thunderbird as my local client).  They are not going into either spam folder. Please help!  I miss my weekly Instructable e-mails! Dale

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Newsletter goes to wrong e-Mail

I tryed to change my e-mail in settings to a new e-mail account.  It states that i have changed my e-mail but they still go to my old e-mail account...any ideas?

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E-Paper displays?

Hi guys, Does anyone know where I can buy (or rip one out cheap) an E-paper display (display matrix type), Just to try stuff out? I'm currently looking in to hacking the Esquire 75th edition cover :) but it seems to just display those words.

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How to make a WALL-E robot?


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e-mail broken only shows part of the e-mail. Some problem with sizing. ?

E-mail messages from instructables broken and won't display the complete message.If I select forward or reply all of the message is there. If I select the message to display full screen a bit more of the message appears but still not all. What?

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Receiveing e-mails from instructables.

Hi I´m receveing e-mails of instructables from updates of members. I´m don´t following members or subscribe the updates of members. The e-mail says: To change or turn off updates, go to your following page: https://www.instructables.com/you/subscriptions But, I can´t cancel the subscribe, my page of subscribtions (https://www.instructables.com/you/subscriptions) doesn´t have nothing: You currently have no subscriptions. How to stop de subscribe e-mails ? Tnx.

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How do I verify an e-mail ?

I really want to make an instructable, but I have no clue as to verify my e-mail. 

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how do you download e-books on instructables.com?

I can't downoad e-books~

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E-books, how do I download them?

I found the e-book (e-pubs), however I haven't been able to download them.  Never showed a download script.

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how do u coulor you're e sheep?


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How do I change my E-mail address

How do I change my e-mail address?

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Changed e-mail address; still getting e-mails at old address

I changed my e-mail address but am still getting Instructables at my old e-mail address.  How can I correct this?

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I want to buy E-books: Which online shop is good? Answered

I hope to get a good idea about electronics online shop,and hope can be cheaper! Thank you very much!

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How does one get e-mail notifications of comments to a Group?

Is there a way to configure my account to send me e-mail alerts whenever a new topic is created in a Group? I get such alerts when someone posts a comment about one of my I'bles, or if someone responds to a comment I've posted, but I don't get anything if a new topic is created in "my" Assistive Technology Group.

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i want to know how i can coulor my e sheep

please i don't  know how to so can someone please tell me

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How can I change my e-mail contact list that is alphabetical.

 At the moment it is in alphabetical with Christian name and I would like to change it starting with surnames  

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What is the solution of 'E' Waste (Electronic Waste like CDs etc)?

I want to reuse old CD's, Floppy & other type of Electronic Waste. Because they pollute our environment, these items are degradable. We have to save our Environment, Our People & at last Our Earth. Plz help me to do this. Thanks

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24v 250w e bike runs only 1 km with 2x 12v & ah batteries what is the reason and solution.

Hi, I made a e-bicycle project . I Have used a DC motor (My 1016,24v, 250 W )and using 2 nos of lead acid battery 2 x 12 V (7 ah/Battery). Here the problem is that the motor rotate the back wheel of bicycle(28")easily without any load but when the load applied  it runs only 1(one) k.m after that it runs nearly zero (torque produced only 10%)i checked the battery voltage it shows 11.8&11.9volts . i have done this 5 times but stil the results are same.checked the motor,chain, throttle.my weight is 50 Kg.Will you help me? bala

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Does anyone have any ideas on how to turn a digital picture frame into an e-book reader?

I've been looking around  for an affordable e-book reader but they all seem to be north of $200. While at the store the other day I passed some digital picture frames that were under $100 that were the right size and shape. The digital picture frame looks like it has all the hardware you'd need: lcd screen, media port, etc, problem is getting them to read pdf files and the like. I thought about finding a way to convert pdf files to jpeg files but that seems like a hassle to do every time I want to read something. Has anyone out there attempted to hack one of those digital frames so that it reads more than just image files?

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E coli incubator

I am building an incubator for ecoli.  Any comments or improvements?

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Hey, gun-makers...

'Nuff said.

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E-mail Newsletter

I am unable to access interesting topics from the newsletter directly.  I get this message when I click on a link: "Due to the presence of characters known to be used in Cross Site Scripting attacks, access is forbidden. This web site does not allow Urls which might include embedded HTML tags." I am using a web mail (cox) and chrome.  Your e-mail doesn't have a link on top for "if you can't see this in your browser", which would be nice as going to the home page doesn't show the current e-mail information.  ie Sonic Screwdriver by MrTinkerer   I've never seen the above warning before and it doesn't sound like one I want to see.  ;-}

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Kindle cover?

How to make my own Kindle cover?

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Download ebooks

I cannot figure out how to download an e-book. I click on 'download'. However it just takes me to a page about that book. There is a matrix to tell which program to use depending upon your computer type. I cannot find another link to click that will start the download process. Please help. Thanks

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Boing-E-Boing is a cool trick for the yo-yo. It is fairly simple, but still looks very amazing. First, go into a split bottom mount. To do this, throw a sleeper and go into a brain twister mount, but instead of bringing you throw hand under the yo-yo, swing the yo-yo over your index finger of your throw hand and it lands on the string. That is a split bottom mount. After the split bottom mount is in place, pass the yo-yo forward once by switching your arms. Now the yo-yo is in the middle of two strings. Move your index finger at the top up and down. Watch as the yo-yo bounces between the two strings because it has nowhere else to go!

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Kindle Paperwhite?

I have reached the password portion. I am not a technical person. I need to connect to wi-fi--what password do I need?

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E-bike modifications

For a few years now the popularity of electrically assisted bikes, scooters and Seway like devices is growing.If you see all these nice Youtube videos of people enjoying a ride without actually doing anything then you often want to join.In most countries though anything with two wheels and a motor is somehow classified.A nice way to for example prevent someone to run a 2000W E-bike at 120miles per hour down the freeway...There is a limit in terms of motor or power on the wheel, sometimes even a combination of both.Anything above and it is actually a motorcycle by definition.If you are in a country without such restrictions and clissifactions then read something else as nothing here will apply to your ;)What is the difference between an electrically assisted bike and an electric bike?The most common regulation for E-bikes is that they only drive the motor if you actually pedal enough.Even with higher power motors they are usually just restricted in the max speed at which the motor still helps.For example you get assistence up to 25km/h but above you are on your own.An electric bike or scooter does not have this requirement even if there might be working pedals on it.Here we have restrictions on the max power that is allowed and often also a max speed that can be reached.What does it mean if I remove restrictions from my E-bike or scooter of sorts?Without any corresponding road or vehicle laws and regulation nothing at all.In most countries though you would turn your fun toy into a motorcycle by classification.As such it would need to be conform with everything a motorbike needs to fullfill.However, you can't register it because it was modified and never intended or designed for this, it would be illegal.It is no problem to find info on the WWW on how to remove any possible restrictions, install stronger motors and batteries plus heaps more.But should you risk it?What happens if my mods are illegal and I cause an accident or get involved in one?If we trust statistics then the morojity of electric bokis or scooters involved in accidents is modifed to get more than the allowed power.The statistics however conviently fail to show how many accidents were actually caused by them.This means we can assume the same that the cops or forensic investigators assume: Unless confirmed to be legal the thing has illegal modifications.With that comes the legal approach on any rider that caused an accident with serious injuries or worse.Without the modifications you would get a slap on the wrist unless you were careless, after all accidents happen.Modified however you face several problems.a) You illegally created a motorcycle that is not approved for the use on anything but your own private property.b) As it is now classified as motor vehicle you will be charged with driving it without the proper licences, driving an illegal vahicle or a combination of both.c) With serious injury or death on the table you are no longer a kid having some fun on his new toy, you are a serious criminal.With all three boxes ticked you are likely to end with a jail sentence.Is it really worth the risk?Get a license and a real motorbike with numberplate, insurance and all - no scooter or E-bike will give you that feeling...If you are still not fully convinced then imagine how it would be on the other side of the story...You come home from a nice and speedy ride on your modified E-bike and the police is already at the door and your parents in tears.It was not you but someone else on a way too fast E-bike that got your little sister into hospital after getting hit.And since the rider knew what he was up for he made a runner...How would you feel here? Always consider this feeling when you think it is worth putting other people in harms way...

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Can i enter my instructable from last year?

 Well, i made an instructable last year and i was wondering if i can enter it this year? 

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Is there a way to automatically forward emails from one email to another?

I got an andriod phone and it seems to not want to support my yahoo email and made me get a gmail. Is there way to automatically forward any messages sent to the old email to my new email?

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how would i make a light sequence?

Hello, I hope this is the right place to post......i wasn't sure so im sorry if its not. I've new to the site and also very new to making things.........me and my dad ain't that close sadly but i want to try and resolve that with a summer project to bond....so i though we could make a Wall-e USB hub. we have worked out to to hook all the USB and fans up but i want to make it a little cooler but adding a LED display to it so that it looks like its charging when its plugged in. basically what i want to happen is.....when i plug the main USB cable into my computer there is a sequence of LED's that turn on one after the over followed a sound. like this.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HeYdxX3ddqM as i dont know anything really about circuits or even how to get the sound to happen at the end i was hoping that there might be someone on here that would be able to help me out. Thanks in advance.

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How can I select a suitable bldc motor?

We are designing an electric tricycle having rear wheel drive(26 inches wheel dia).It will weigh around 400kgs including drivers. There are constraints for motor output power(max 400 watts) and voltage(max 48v). What are the calculations to be done for the selection of motor. The desired speed of the vehicle is 0 to 4m/s in 20 seconds. How can I calculate the speed of the vehicle for hill climbing(max 7degree gradient)?

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The Antibug report - login/posting issues with I.E.

Not sure if "you" fixed/changed something, or if i did (i doubt it was me as i've not changed anything on my system anytime recently). but the posting/logging in issue that i've been bitc.....er complaining about for a while now seems to have decided to leave me alone (mostly) i can now visit the site in I.E. 8, log in to view all steps on an ible AND i can comment on ibles and forum posts from I.E. (used to have to use firefox for any of the commenting) still can't stay logged in between visits (can't close I.E. and then come back and still be logged in) but that's not as big of an issue

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E- walker idea ?

Hey All- I’m the new gal on the block - not round it , so I thought I'd skip proceedings and get to the main point why im here ( aside from the fact I like to learn more , meet people and of course take over the world ) The problem then , and it is big problem , is that I have disability and so Im looking at way I can get around better than I have been . One of these ideas of late has involved basically using something called a knee walker , which you can see here[url]http://www.phc-online.com/Knee_Walker_p/neebop-785.htm[/url] , and trying to adapt it so I have electrical asssitance / power for rought terrain , typical paths here and steeper hills. To add to this problem is the fact I know nill , not even the basics really ,of how I should go about this , other than other examples of what people have done and seem feasible . I don’t have have soldering kits, milling machines or any of that stuff for cutting adapting frames , and TBH would rather try to avoid if i can , simply because I dont want my knee walker too look much like a DIY job / unprofessional and therefore not the credible disability device it currently is. Speed is not issue , I guess 4mph is fine , though it would be nice to go a bit faster for more difficult ground I.e. even off road . The tires I think I can replace with moutainboard given their the same size , ( provided wheelbase checks out ) and the battery has to be ideally be lithium I.e. as opposed to lead. I don’t really mind whether its 2 or 4 wheel drive but figured ( because the axle is all sealed off on both sides ) a hub motor might be the only way of achieving this idea. Any way, that’s just about it , I still need to take the wheels off to confirm the wheel base but other than that , I cant think of much more to say. If any one has any suggestions then on how a complete beginner could make this idea a reality I’d really appreciate . Thanks a lot helena

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Challenge? HELP Haiti

Several summers ago working for with my church mission team we happened across this project that needed volunteers call the P.E.T. http://www.giftofmobility.org/what_is_pet.htm Project which stands for personal energy transport.  They build these 3 wheeled carts with hand cranks for 3rd world countries to help with those people who have lost the use of their legs.  These people do not have the luxury of 30,000 electric wheel chairs, mater of fact most of them are limited to crawling.  They are distributed to countries around the world and they are built so they can travel off pavement.  Our team spent a week in a workshop in Lulling Texas.  I saw this complicated process of taking some existing bike parts and then fabricating the rest out of wood or metal.  This seemed incredibly inefficient at the time to me.  I always wanted to revisit how these things were built using more off the shelf components and less fabrication because it seemed to me that while building a couple of these was a good idea that building a lot of these was not always the best use of man power, supplies, and money.  So it occurred to me that perhaps with all of the soon to be disabled in Haiti that now is the time to step up, now is the time to look for a better way.   So the very loose guidelines that I was thinking about was that we have too many bikes going to the dump every day in this country, what if we could find a way to take existing bikes and break down their parts for new PET's and could also find a reproducible manner of manufacturing frames and reconfiguring these parts.  Not everyone is a welder, not everyone is a Maker, but almost anyone can see an abandoned bike and take it apart for usable parts and send them to someone who can.  So what do you think…

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E-mails not going to updated e-mail address

I've updated my e-mail address for notifications and my profile indicates the new e-mail address but they still go to the old e-mail address. What can I do? Thanks, Chad

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Where to buy e-ink/e-paper screens?

I want to build a project that could really benefit from epaper.  Is there a source for e-ink displays and driver chips?  This is a relativley new technology and I couldn't find much short of thousands of dollars. BTW, I'm proficient at electronics, so it's not like I'm looking for some kit to hook up to my arduino or anything :P  I'm looking for the raw stuff.

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trouble downloading e-books

I am trying to download an e-book but don't understand how to accomplish this. I chose the "How To Make Cheese", hit the download button, it tells me what app I need for what device. I want to put it on my PC, already have Acrobat, now what??

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lady gaga's e-mail,who knows?????

As the title~thank so much if i got this~

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