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Knex M14 EBR

Hello, this is my Knex M14 EBR. It was very big but it looked amazing. It held a lot of ammo and worked very well. I built a scope for it but never got a picture of it. It was truly one of my favorites.

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How can I convince my parents to let me buy an airsoft gun? Answered

OK, so I've been wanting to buy the KART M14 EBR, [ $179.99, I think ], but my parents WILL NOT LET ME! I have ample backyard space. Any ideas on how to convince my parents to let me buy it, [any airsoft gun]?

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Who wins? Contest results

Sorry i couldn't get them earlier. I've been doing lots of stuff. Here are the votes: MP5K (winner): 7 votes EBR (second place): 4 votes Motaboi's F2000 (second place. TWO SECOND PLACES? Ya man...) 4 votes Vector (third place. Hey, Gtrain won twice!) 3 votes. EVERYTHING ELSE GOT 1 VOTE. PRIZES WILL COME SOON! :)

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Need a Gas Tank

Hey guys, this is my first time on the forum section of the instructables! Not a bad place to be, really. So here's the thing. I have this old scooter that I've had for as long as I can remember. It was the very first thing I rode that was powered by a motor and my father bought it for me so I could get ready for my first motorcycle (Which was sadly stolen about a year ago :/). Last year, my dad went back to our hometown to visit family and he brought it back with him, but there was one problem. We have no gas tank for it. I have NO idea where it could have gone or why it wasn't brought back. Oh well though. I have this scooter, the same as Wesley666 does. I'm having trouble finding the gas tank on my own. Notice that there is a gas tank that I took from a weed eater just to try it out. But I'm not sure it would work out very well. I mean, look at the size comparison between the two? I also want to keep original parts on this nostalgic machine. Sorry if the pictures are oriented weird, but these are taken with my phone.You can see from the thread posted above there is a picture that shows a blurry close up to the gas tank and I can't really tell what it says. "Something EBR Motor". Long story short I need to get that gas tank, maybe even the gas line that comes with it, in order to get this thing working again. Does anyone know of the brand name of the scooter so I could get the original parts I need? 

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