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Hi! I have a problem with emails. In fact I found two of them :/ First is that notification mesages stopped coming to my email, which is quite bad, because I wanted to enter some contests and now I don't know if my entries were accepted or not. I also don't know who commented my stuff. I also checked my spam folder and there's nothing in there. And the second one is, that I can't change Email alerts in settings at "my page". When I change notification times (for example from "once an hour" to "as they are made") and then I click to "Update settings", but nothing is changed. My operating system is MS Windows 8.1 and I use Google Chrome browser (version 35.0.1916.153 m) , but I tried to change it also in Internet Explorer and it was the same, so I guess that operating system and/or browsers don't have an influence to this error. But I'm not an IT guy.

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I've changed my email address but I still get your emails in the old account which will be closed soon.

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Until PayPal accepts my credit card, I won't be Pro for a couple of days. I got an email: Your request to cancel your Pro membership was received on June 17, 2010. You still have 4 days days left in this payment period, so enjoy the Pro features until then. Then 40 minutes later: Your request to cancel your Pro subscription was received on June 17, 2010. This is to notify you that we have modified your account back to the regular level, effective today. Canceling your Pro membership has not deleted your Instructables account and you can upgrade back to Pro again at any time. Fastest 4 days ever! I'll be Pro in a couple of days, but I thought these emails might be some sort of bug

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email duplications

Hi all, Has anyone else started getting two emails for the same item, one from the usual Instructable mail shot system and another one with Ref "Name of current mailshot" and then it goes on to say thanks for contacting Instructables, blah blah blah. This is happening to me and becoming annoying. I'm already having problems with downloading PDF files as a Pro member and now this has started. Whats going on please, considering cancelling my subscription.

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Subscription Email

I love this website and enjoy my weekly newsletter of new Instructables. Originally, I had them going to my spam-catcher email (I do that when I sign up for something new), but want it to come to my regular email now. My main account settings now has my regular email address, but the newsletter still went to the old one. Private messages and comment updates go to the new email just fine. Finally, I turned off the subscriptions to that old email address. Oops... Now I don't get the weekly at all! I tried to find where to subscribe to the newsletter and all I get is a page that is essentially for new accounts: it wants a NEW address and won't accept my current email address, saying it's already in use. Well no kidding! It's my email address and that's where I want the newsletter to go!!! So how the heck do I subscribe to the weekly newsletter using my current account settings' regular email address?

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Hi, I have set everything on "Weekly", but I'm receiving emails every day.

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Email notifications

Hi, I know this topic has been made multiple times but none of the other solutions seems to be working.  I've tried resetting the email settings, logging out and back in, double checking my spam filter...etc.  I receive emails sporadically but did not receive the Halloween notification a few weeks ago, nor have I been receiving notifications of comments to my posts or updates from the authors I follow.  Can anyone please help?  Thank you.

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not receiving emails

I have updated my email address but I don't receive any email's from your site anymore

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Email problems?

Every time I try to send an instructable as an email, I get code instead.  What up?

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Problem with email

For some odd reason, I stopped receiving your weekly emails. How do I get back on the list? Thanks,

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Suspicious Email

Heyyy Yall, i got an email from 'INSTRUCTABLES ROBOT'. the email said "a member, firestorm 16912 had subscribed to me". and gave a 'LINK' ( Who-What-Where is this  coming from and why? thanx. memjim

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Email alert

Well, I checked my Email, and I had two alert things. I checked both of them, and neither of them is right. It was all jumbled together, and the links..... weren't links. Any of you have the same problem? Any ideas why?

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Login with email

Can we have the option to sign in with the email address associated with our account, instead of our username? I'm constantly forgetting my username since the few sites that I use that don't allow signing in with an email address have different restrictions on usernames and special characters, so I don't have a go-to username.

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renewal email

I inadvertently deleted my email advising that my pro membership was about to expire (2 days) and offering the option of a renewal. How do I renew without waiting for my membership to expire and starting over?

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Email Alerts

It used to be that an Email alert was sent when someone replied to one of my comments. Now, I get the entire thread that follows my comment. This results sometimes in a plethora of Instructables emails frequently falling off topic or multiple single lines from those that like to respond to their own message multiple times! I much prefer the old way it was handled... I could follow the thread from there if I chose.

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Skillshare email?

I received an email yesterday from a skillshare website. I have no idea why I was contacted and didn't know if this was a mass email that they somehow got the email addresses entered here in Instructables linked with our accounts. Anyone else get this or am I just special? Here it is below came across your project on Instructables, and I wanted to see if you might be interested in teaching on Skillshare. If you’re not familiar, Skillshare is an online learning platform where teachers share project-based tutorials with almost 1M students. Creating a great class does not take too much time and we have a partner program to compensate you. I would love to help you get started on Skillshare, the easiest way to get started is to head to and fill in what you want to teach (you can always change the information later). Of course, if you have any questions, just reply back to this email.  Looking forward to hearing from you. Nicole

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Email oddity

Is there any way to produce comment emails that are more sensibly organised? Take, as a typical example, the last comment-summary email I got.  This is the list of dates and times of the comments, in the order of the email: Date: Sep 26, 2011. 7:48 AM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 5:44 PM Date: Sep 20, 2011. 10:01 AM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 11:32 PM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 11:33 PM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 11:34 PM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 8:06 AM Date: Sep 22, 2011. 6:02 PM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 5:28 PM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 5:05 AM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 2:28 PM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 6:16 PM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 11:26 PM Date: Sep 27, 2011. 3:09 AM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 6:11 AM Date: Sep 20, 2011. 11:23 AM Date: Sep 27, 2011. 2:26 AM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 4:59 AM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 5:17 PM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 2:00 PM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 10:24 AM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 3:41 PM Date: Sep 27, 2011. 2:54 AM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 6:21 AM Date: Sep 27, 2011. 1:12 AM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 8:38 AM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 5:37 PM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 5:15 PM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 8:46 AM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 5:22 PM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 5:13 PM Date: Sep 20, 2011. 12:00 PM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 11:33 PM Date: Sep 26, 2011. 4:03 PM There is just no logic to the order, which makes it confusing to scan through and make sense of, especially on days with a lot of comments, and more especially when some of the comments are days out of synch. Speaking of which, those days-old comments didn't get a timely answer, because I didn't hear about them.  That makes me seem tardy and poorly mannered, something which I try not to be (call  it a cultural thing).

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Weird email!

I want to express my discontempt for a message I just recieved: it says that a good instructable must follow the following criteria: NOTE: I have only published 1 instructable, titled Chrono-SOCCER! - details a finished project with instruction (not just links to instructions) - has clear images that you took of your project (web-found clip-art is not acceptable) - uses proper spelling and grammar - contains appropriate cautions or safety considerations - does not violate someone else's copyright - does not violate the Instructables terms of service - is typically written about something you are very passionate about and want to share. This is what I think: 1.- I put in put in the whole instructions (I don't even know how to put a link) 2.- I DO NOT own a digital camera; I put a table instead 3.- I apologized beforehand of being Mexican and perhaps making some spelling mistakes. 4.- This instructable shows how to play with a watch, not dangerous by the way 5.- This game is of public domain here in Mexico; like paper-rock-scissors in USA 6.- Believe it or not, I DO like reading the "small letters" and it does NOT violate the TOS or otherwise invite people to do so 7.- Obviously I like the theme or I wouldn't have published it thanks for reading this and I hope someone can do something about this because they are just sending pre done e mails!

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Email address change

How do I update my email, when I no longer have access to my old email account?

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Can't add email

I logged in through Twitter and created an instructable to enter into the leather goods contest. In order to do so, I need to have an email connected to the account, but the site does not allow me to add/change my email (Likely because there's none to begin with due to the twitter connection) I'm on win7  on 32.0.3 FF - Tried Chrome as well. Works in neither. The email I'm trying to add is - If someone is able to add that to my profile so I can get into the contests in the future I'd appreciate it

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email association process

I do not know how to associate a email to Instructables. Can or would someone kindly direct me to the process instructions. much appreciated thanks

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No effect of email change

Hi although I've changed my contact email to some other account I'm still receiving newsletters and other email from Instructables on the old one. Please fix this, because it's extremely annoying. Regards Marcin

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Can't email 'ibles!

I surf Instructables a lot at work, during down-times (gotta love IT, when your servers are humming and users haven't managed to screw things up in awhile), and will often email my wife, myself, or friends interesting 'ibles.  The last couple of days, however, when I click on the Email button, the window pops up as usual, but after filling out all of the requisite information, clicking the "Send to Friends" button at the bottom does nothing.  Not even a hicup.  No blinky lights.  I'm using XP Pro SP3, Firefox 3.6.8 (updates were the first thing I tried).  Any thoughts about this?

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Email notices and instucaibles

I have recently changed my email address on here. and I was wonder why the instrustables are still going to my old email account. I want to delete but I am waiting to make sure all the stuff I want get to the new email address. I was thinking that I may have to rejoin although I have already given my new address. Can anyone tell me what to do.

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No emails from Instructables

I am not receiving emails from Instructables. I went to the "change email" tab. The line for "current email" is blank. I tried entering a "new email" and "retype email", but the problem is still not fixed. I can not find out the status of my contest entries.

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Bug in email newsletter

Some links in your newsletter aren't working. You need to change this: to that:

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email images not displaying

I'm not getting images in my Instructables newsletter emails. Almost all of them are broken except for the We're Hiring graphic. The links in the image placeholders work. But without the images I'm not inspired, so I don't bother to click and follow the link. I have no problem with any other emails from other websites. I'm using Outlook 2007 on Windows Vista. (Please don't suggest using a different email program.) I've added Instructables to my "Safe Sender" list and "Safe Domain" list. What's going on?

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Double email alerts

Getting two email alerts for each comment. Something wrong, or just a temporary glitch during an upgrade?

Topic by LinuxH4x0r    |  last reply

Email links not working

All of the emails I have recieved since March 1st come through without the pictures, and without any working links.

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Account email not updating....

I've changed my account email address and updates are still being sent to the old address even though it shows that it's been updated in the account info.

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Subscription Email Address

I love this website and enjoy my weekly newsletter of new Instructables. Originally, I had them going to my spam-catcher email (I do that when I sign up for something new), but want it to come to my regular email now. My main account settings now has my regular email address, but the newsletter still went to the old one. Private messages and comment updates go to the new email just fine. Finally, I turned off the subscriptions to that old email address. Oops... Now I don't get the weekly at all! I tried to find where to subscribe to the newsletter and all I get is a page that is essentially for new accounts: it wants a NEW address and won't accept my current email address, saying it's already in use. Well no kidding! It's my email address and that's where I want the newsletter to go!!! So how the heck do I subscribe to the weekly newsletter using my current account settings' regular email address? {I originally posted this in the Help-FAQ section}

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Return of the subscription email?

It's been quite some time since the subscription emails* got all buggy and had to be stopped. Any idea when they're going to come back? I miss getting updates on the cool stuff folk make. (*the ones that alerted us to the activity of those we follow)

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Usb eMail indicator?

Hi, I am looking for a no circit( or chippy thing) usb diy eMail indicator. I would like it to light up a led and ring a bell.

Question by Warlrosity  

EMAIL: inaccurate notification

I received an email stating that MY question had another answer...first, I was NOT the author of the question, and secondly I WAS the one giving the "answer".....I have copied it as follows:  Hi Goodhart! People are answering your question! You have 1 new answers. --------------------------------------- From: Goodhart Date: May 30, 2011. 6:00 AM Subject: Sorry.....the line that reads: First " --- "'s suggestion of varnishing should ACTUALLY read: First " Burf's" suggestion of varnishing reply:;=CGB3VIDGO6VA9QF

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Subscribing and email bug

I am having a problem with following the members Knextremely stupid and master-splinter306. Whenever I follow either of them (or when they follow me) I'm automatically unsubscribed from them. This problem has been going on since I started Instructables. This causes an issue because I don't get emails for their comments or messages. I'd greatly appreciate it if someone fixed this bug. Thank you. :-) master-splinter306's profile: Knextremely stupid's profile:

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Email newsletter relevancy

Recently the email newsletters are becoming less and less relevant. When I first agreed to start receiving them, they seemed great. I saw great instructables and a lot of good stuff. Now the featured 'ibles are all above my crafting skills and are expensive to boot, requiring 3D printers, expensive materials, and machinery that I don't have. While they're great instructables, they make me sigh and check the delete button on the email instead of clicking through to the site to view something I could actually do. I like the featured 'ibles usually, and this might just be me whining because I don't have the resources many on this site do have, but lately I've wanted to unsubscribe from newsletters - which would mean I would only venture to this site when I actually needed to do a diy project. No more neat ideas to be in awe of for their awesomeness - just complicated ones that are beyond me.  Maybe the newsletters could have more varied 'ibles? More simple ones and less "3D/wood/metal/arduino" ones? A balance would be nice.

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No Best answers emails ?

Has the system stopped sending Best Answer emails ? I've had a few BAs recently, but no notifications.

Topic by steveastrouk    |  last reply

EMAIL not working either

Can not email or print from Instructables site....get error and forbidden messages

Topic by tardisk9  


I received an email from 'INSTRUCTABLES ROBOT' saying i had "1 new comment". I'm sure this is Bogus email. Did 'INSTRUCTABLES'(real site) send it to me, or is it really 'BOGUS'? Just askin'-and /or warning everyone of it. has anyone else received such a 'THANG' as this?

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Featured email, but not featured

HI I received an email last night saying my 'ible is featured, however, it's not showing for some reason...  Can someone have a look please :) Thanks Simon

Topic by sparks_vfr    |  last reply

email of 'structables unreadable

I used to like to get the emails of projects.  but for at least 8 months, and even worse now, they are basically unreadable in a piss-poor formatting style.  At least on Apple Mail client.  Stuffed spaced WAY out/apart. Its a miserable experience.  About to just spam filter it now.  its useless.

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Email alerts not arriving.

I have my alerts set to email me whenever I get a PM. I have had a number of PMs in the last few hours, none of them triggered an email. I understand other members are having the same problem. Plus... The time-stamp issue seems to be affecting PMs as well - the most recent PM turned up third down the list (Seriously, chaps, this time-stamp issue has been going on for far too long without some sort of comment from HQ)

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

New Email form

What is with the new E-mail form i get when I want to send something to someone? I can't get it to work with the computer at the library.  Why change?  It was so easy to use.  I'm not happy with what is happening to this site. All the new and improved things take longer and navigating is harder too.

Topic by rookie1    |  last reply

Pro membership email

Hi! I read the message several times to make sure but in the body it says that I have won a 1 year membership for a featured 'ibbe but after typing in the code it only says 3 months I would just like to know why and if you could fix it  :) the email said this "congratulations mangoking! "PI-ception!" has been featured to the Instructables homepage!  Being featured by our editors means your Instructable stands out and represents one of the best we have. Projects like yours make Instructables a great place, and we really appreciate your time and effort.  As a thank you, we'd like to give you a 1 Year Pro Membership to Instructables. You can use this yourself, or pass it on to anyone else you want by just giving them the gift code and the URL to use it. Redeem it here: ******** Your gift code: **********

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Updated email address - still getting emails to old address

I updated my email address in my profile over a week ago, and I still get emails to my old address.  I tried updating both the Settings>Email Alerts page and the Settings>Change Email page, but I continue to get emails at the old address. Any ideas how to fix this?  Thanks! Not sure if it matters, but I'm on Win7 and Chrome.

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Is there a way to automatically forward emails from one email to another?

I got an andriod phone and it seems to not want to support my yahoo email and made me get a gmail. Is there way to automatically forward any messages sent to the old email to my new email?

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Can't change email addy

I keep trying to change my email over to a new email account, but it hasn't seemed to work. It says the old account should receive an email, so I can validate it, but the old account hasn't received an email. I tried it last week, and it tried again late last week, and again today. Am I doing something wrong or is there an additional step? Thank you.

Topic by HeresyOfTruth    |  last reply

Can't change email address

My old aol email address has been turned off. I need to change my email address on my instructables account. But i need access to the old address to confirm the new address - which i don't have. Is there a way to change my email without having to confirm through my old address. I'm worried that I'm missing important info.

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I changed my email

I changed my email in my profile, but I still receive newsletter emails at my old email address.

Topic by sctirvn687    |  last reply

How to stop email newsletter?

Is there a way to stop getting the Instructables email newsletter?  I de-selected all the options in the email setting under my profile but I still get emails.

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