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Problem using ESP8266-01 wifi module.

I want to make a home automation project using ESP8266-01, but the problem is that my module is not working correctly as I see the videos or articles, It's power light glowing very dim and also gives error while uploading the code(using Arduino IDE). Is that module is burned out or there is a problem with the power supply?Please help me .....

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Can we use HX711 with SEP 01

Dear All,I am new to arduino.I am trying to connect my ESP 01 with the HX711. I am managing a web server in ESP 01. When i call the scale.begin(DOUT, CLK); web server is not responding.I used PINS as follows#define DOUT 3 // Pin connected to HX711 data output pin#define CLK 5 // Pin connected to HX711 clk pinMy problem is, can we use ESP 01 with HX711? Can someone give me a clue on this please :)Thank you verymuch

Question by SatsaraG  

What is the Absolute Easiest way to turn an LED on and off with the ESP 8266?

Is there a bare-bones guide to using JUST an ESP 8266 wifi module to blink an LED On and Off?   I've read my way in circles about GCC and reflasing IoT Firmwares and AT commands... and I'm so confused.  I just want to have it connect to my wifi, and with something simple (go to a web page, send a packet, write a terminal command, whatever), energize a pin.  Do something else, deenergize that pin...

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