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Just joined Etsy

I've just joined Etsy! Any other etsy members here? What do ou make and sell? More the the point, if i post some pictures of stuff i've made in this forum, can anyone give me a price recommendation in US dollars? I'm not really interested in making a great deal of profit, but it'd be nice to recoup some of the time and money i've spent making things over the years. I'll have pictures up by tonight.

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Is is acceptable to use instructions found on this site to create and sell things on Etsy?

I see lots of great ideas here.  Is it acceptable to use this as a resourse for adding items to my Etsy store? 

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Question About the Etsy Contest

Hello Jeff, I was just wondering if the Etsy contest is only for sewing. I am not a huge sewer, but I have a few ideas that are "useful" and can make humans' lives easier. Also, I do not really understand one thing. Are you saying that we have to enter 3 instructables into this group that are corespond to the contest criteria? Do we need to make an account on the Etsy site? If so, what do we need to do with this account? Thanks! -Brennn10

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Can I put a link in an Instructable to my Etsy Shop? Answered

I just finished a Quiet Book project and am going to make an Instructable on it.  My plan is to add a PDF for the cover and basic pages, but the content of the pages will be up to the person making it.  My art will be a guide.  However, I would like to sell my specific art in my Etsy shop and I'm wondering if I can add a link.  I did see it done once.  I just checked that Instructable and the link is gone.  Perhaps the item is sold, but equally plausible is that it is not allowed.

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Instructables visits Etsy: 12 November, NYC

Eric and I are visiting Etsy Labs in NYC for Craft Night on November 12th. Come visit us!Details here.

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ETSY pictures pulled from instructables.

Has anyone else noticed their pictures being pulled off instructables and posted on ETSY? I posted this in Jan of 2014. https://www.instructables.com/id/Planter-Box-from-Pallets/ I saw the following on ETSY today. https://www.etsy.com/listing/246769791/pallet-planter-box-flower-box-rustic?ref=shop_home_active_3 https://www.etsy.com/listing/246438036/custom-rustic-planter-set-of-two?ga_order=most_relevant&ga;_search_type=all&ga;_view_type=gallery&ga;_search_query=pallet&ref;=sr_gallery_24 I don't really mind but I think it's interesting that they wouldn't build and take their own pictures.  

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I cannot get into Etsy- this is a problem!

Everytime I try to get to my store, or even the main page, i get a connection timeout response. But everything else is working fine, i clearly am connected to the internet. I tried upgrading my Firefox, tried deleting my cookies, and nothing works. I really need to do work on my etsy, and this is not helping! Anyone? Thank you! this is the msg- "Connection Interrupted The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading. The network link was interrupted while negotiating a connection. Please try again."

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Etsy Seller Handbook a big help for sellers and makers

Etsy has compiled all of their how-tos for selling goods in one place. Whether you're planning on selling goods on Etsy or elsewhere or not at all there's loads of good information in here.Many of the how-tos are helpful for those who are documenting their projects on Instructables. Here are a few examples:Feature Friendly PhotosBrighten Your PhotosWriting for an online audience Etsy's Seller Handbook

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gmjhowe - The Cybertopian Workshop

Hello all,A few of you may remember we making a cheap quick handgun to sell on ebay. Because i only spent about 4 hours on it, it looked kinda shoddy, and did not sell.However, i need to clear some stuff out. So i am going about selling my projects off. So, ive set up an Etsy shop, i intend to sell the following via that shop, in this order, anything that doesn't sell, im going to flog on ebay.Here's whats going up for sale.My Vampire hunting shotgunMy Sunstar PistolMy precious Sniper RifleThat is all.- gmj/shameless plug

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DIY Green Projects - On ABC News

"We're going to look at some of the best Do It Yourself green projects" ABC just ran a piece interviewing Julie Gerstein from The Daily Green about their Heart of Green Awards.  The interview spotlighted the Trash-to-Craft Challenge in which The Daily Green teamed up with Etsy to show off green projects that highlight the resuse and repurposing aspect of the materials.  And as luck would have it, all of the projects shown in the interview can be found on instructables!  You can go check out the piece on ABC News, and check out the instructables here! In order of their appearance: #1 - Bike Chain Bracelet #2 - Tin Can Reading Lamp #3 - Succulent Plant Quilt #4 - Cardboard Chaise Lounge #5 - Vertical Vegetable Garden #6 - DIY Sock Creations #7 - Berry Picker

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Why is this etsy thing so hard?

I recently stumbled upon the site Etsy, Im sure you have heard of it but if not here is the link: www.etsy.com Is there some trick to selling. I feel as though most of the people who go there are creative people or fellow instructable members who can make their own things. So, what product would you want  to purchase online that is handmade? Also I just opened my account: http://www.etsy.com/shop/AlfredoSG

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A better version of Etsy without the resellers

Etsy has made it pretty clear that they don't plan on closing down the high volume resellers that list cheap imports as "handmade."  Helen Killer (April Winchell) of Regretsy wrote an excellent explanation of why this amounts to bait and switch on Etsy's account. http://www.regretsy.com/?s=bait+and+switch Most people go to the site thinking the majority of what they'll find is handmade.  Real makers, crafters, and artists post their items at a reasonable price considering how long it took to make the items.  Customers go to the site to find a specific item, search for it, and find a bunch of cheaper options listed with the handmade ones.  The cheaper items are often listed as handmade, and customers don't often do the extensive research to find out 1. how long a handmade version would actually take 2. the cheaper options were made in a factory overseas.  Considering that handmade was Etsy's big selling point, they have no reason to believe they're being duped by a reseller. Etsy also prohibits "calling out" in their forums, and often ignore the private reports of resellers.  Even if you have proof that the exact "handmade, unique" items in a seller's shop can be purchased for next to nothing elsewhere online (and in huge quantities), you're not allowed to mention it in Etsy's forums in order to warn others about what they're really buying. So far, shopdelighted.com is very small and new, but I like the clean interface and their promise to never allow reselling except in the case of crafting supplies.  I might be a naive idealist, but for now I believe that this site will actually keep their promise.

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ETSY Shop - Crochet Washcloths and Baskets

Http://www.etsy.com/shop/HandmadeByAnnabelle Organic, cotton, and bamboo. My washcloths and baskets are all handmade by me, Annabelle. "Not Your Grandma's Washcloths" - That's right!  My washcloths are full of color and texture. :) Annabelle

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Add my item to the ETSY Group

My item does not appear either. How do I add it to the ETSY group?

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Etsy Sew Useful Contest Closed

The Etsy Sew Useful Contest is now closed to further entries. We'll start judging, and get back to you with results soon!

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Hand Made "Mummified Faeries" on Etsy!

Isher Creations on Etsy has several hand made "mummified Faerie" displays available for sale.  Several photos of each specimen are on the site. These would make excellent displays for your dark art collection, Halloween Haunt, bookcase...wherever!  Each is in its own display case. Check it out today!

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Etsy and Instructables Sew Useful Results

We're excited to announce the results of the Etsy and Instructables Sew Useful contest! The rest of the fantastic projects can be found in the Etsy group. Check them out for more inspiration. First PrizesEach winner will receive a Singer QUANTUM(r) 9940 computerized sewing machine.Educational: Rain or Shine Solar Charger by blondietheblondHybrid: Fire Skirt! by laHelpful: Airtight waterproof hearing aid dryer by kerri9494Runners-UpEach winner will receive a laser-etched Leatherman Juice S2 and an Etsy Labs gift box filled with goodies.Educational: Envelope Book by donovanbeesonHybrid: SewUseful Plushie Personal Boom-box / Goodnight Pillow by opcpHelpful: SewUseful Walker Bag With a Professional Touch by pauljuliadesignsAll the winners should watch for a personal message from us for prize claiming instructions.Contratulations to everyone who entered. The high quality and sheer variety of entries made the judging quite difficult- next time we'll see about enlarging the prize pool to celebrate even more of your fabulous work!Special thanks to all of our dedicated judges, who sifted through all 126 awesome entries:adam, adrian1, ashley, Chillionair, canida, daniellexo, emilybidwell, enid, erinhaldrup, ErinS, EtsyTrainee, ewilhelm, HeyMichelle, iheartmoustaches, jessiep, julieincharge, matt, natalie, pt, rachel, RevolvingDork, SarahSays, sarawearsskirts, stellaloella, TeenAngster, Tetranitrate, trebuchet03, and vanessa. For more information on the way we judged this contest, check here.Original contest rules can be found here.

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Does anyone here have an etsy store?

How do you like the site? Give some details, general info, etc.

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Using Instructables to increase traffic to your Etsy shop

Several people have asked why I'd want to have a tutorial up for an item I'm selling on Etsy - the answer is simple! It's another way to drive traffic to the item you're selling while offering something nice to the community. :) While many people on this site would love to make the item themselves, there are also a large number of folks that don't have the time/materials/resources to make the project and are fine with buying it! I opened my Etsy store, making jiggy, in early September of last year. I've listed golden snitch necklaces, lego necklaces, fold over clutches, and some embroideries - many of which are instructables. I've sold a good amount of stuff on Etsy, especially the golden snitch necklaces - it's been much more successful than I had ever thought! As of writing this, I've got around 5,500 views on Etsy, and a little over 1,000 of them have come from Instructables. (edited update - as of right now I've got over 9,000 views and 1,800 of them are ibles!) That's the majority of views I've gotten from an external site! The rest of the views have come from Etsy search, my tumblr blog, stumbleupon, and random websites that have linked to it. I'd say if you have a successful project on Instructables, why not make a few extras and open an Etsy store? It could be a good way to get a start on Etsy. And if you've got an Etsy store you'd like to promote, why not post an awesome instructable showing us how you make an item from your shop? Just make sure to link to your Etsy store in the instructable's intro! I'm definitely going to keep turning my instructables into listings for my Etsy store and vice versa. It's been a great experience. :D

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Etsy Craft Night with Special Instructables appearances! Monday Nov. 12 4-8 PM, Brooklyn, NY

Christy and I will be at Etsy's craft night this Monday. Full details and directions here on the blog.

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My New ETSY Shop - my work is now for sale!

Hi All, I thought I would let you know that I've opened a little shop on Etsy so I can sell some of the pieces I have been making. Click this link to see what I have up for sale, and please comment and share. Especially share with anyone you might know who has heaps of money and exquisite taste. I can ship to anywhere, so share with everyone, everywhere. http://www.etsy.com/au/shop/deBurghSteel Some of you will be familiar with my steel vases - I've done a couple of Ibles on them over the years. They are the main theme of my shop, but I'm forcing myself to try new stuff and keep the shop as interesting as I can. This has been a really interesting process, and I would recommend it to any Instrucablers who make more stuff than they can use. Having someone pay actual money for what we do for fun is such a blast. It was an absolute thrill to get my first sale. If you have any criticism, ideas, challenges, or anything; please comment. I'd love to hear from you. If you have any questions; please feel free to ask. All the best, Cammers, de Burgh STEEL

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Help adding my instructable to the Etsy group!

I am trying to add my project for the contest to the etsy group, but I can't. Help please!

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Sweet Handmade DS Case

This custom DS case hits the mark perfectly. Too bad they're already sold out. Link

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Socially Responsible Textiles - Bagru Textiles

One of my close friends from college , Jeremy Fritzhand, is spending a year in Bagru, India as a Union College Minerva Fellow.  He has created a business plan to allow the artisans of Bagru to market their textiles directly to Westerners by establishing a cooperative internet marketing strategy.  Read about Jeremy's journey and see how you can support his efforts and the efforts of the Bagru Artisans by visiting bagru.etsy.com. About Bagru Bagru - unique artisan village in India known for block printing, a technique that is used to create beautiful textiles.  It is one of the last print centers to use all natural dyes and no chemicals. The Problem The current system of textile trade in Bagru involves many middle men; the artisans have little to no interaction with the consumer. Jeremy's Solution Jeremy has formed a business plan to cut out the middle man and allow the artisans of Bagru to market their textiles directly to Western consumers.  He has been in Bagru for several months working with the Print Block Guild to establish a cooperative internet marketing strategy where the artisans can market their goods directly to the consumer.

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Sew Useful Winners Interviewed in Etsy's Storque

Check out Etsy's Storque newsletter: they have interviews with the Sew Useful contest winners, and with OLPC. (How-tos and proceeds from the Sew Useful contest were donated to OLPC.)Watch the video, and listen to the interviews! Featured:blondietheblondlakerri9494donovanbeesonopcppauljuliadesignsdjlz lemmingsolution kimchal.

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Etsy & Instructables Sew Useful Contest results are up!

Check out the results here!

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Instructables at Etsy Craft Night, Monday 12 November

Eric and I will be at Etsy Labs in New York on Monday, 12 November for Craft Night!Come by, meet us and the great folks at Etsy Labs, snag some robot stickers, and make something while you're there. I'm told there's a fiber theme this Craft Night, so we'll bring the prunes and Metamucil! (Etsy will probably have yarn, knitting needles, and the like.)Details and Directions:Craft Night: 4-8pm, Monday, 12 November 2007Etsy Labs325 Gold St., 6th Floor, DUMBO, NYCCross streets: Johnson and MyrtleSubway: 2 to Hoyt St.

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i just joined last night!

Hey eveyone...just wanted to say hi! a friend told me about this sweet site! see ya around, timothy

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Where do i add the link to Listing on Etsy?

I was told that in order to be included, there must be a link to that listing?

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Someone bought my item from Etsy before the contest ended...

Now it does not appear as part of the Sewuseful items for sale on Etsy. If I list another one, does that count as a separate entry or the same entry? I am working on two other instructables I was hoping to list.

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Vital things to know before and after opening and Etsy shop

Imagine you have been selling on Etsy for years (in our case 4 years), and suddenly they shut down your store(s) without a legitimate reason and without you breaking any rule. After you have spent a lot of time building your customer base, reputation, etc this is utterly traumatic in every aspect you can think of. We made this parody video reflecting our experience and that of many others who have suffered at the hands of Etsy. It's intended to educate those who have no idea about some of the ill practices they carry out and bring a bit of laughter to those already affected. More info published by the Daily Dot

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Steampunk Jewelry for sale

With the success of my SteamPunk Jewelry Instructable, I have decided to list my jewelry in my Etsy store. I'm quite pleased with the sales so far. Have a look, won't you? Toast Arts on Etsy. I am in the process of cleaning up my Lego Octopus prototype for sale in my store, as well. Stay tuned for those additions and others. Cheers, Tater. P.S. Or you can always build your own. Haha.

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Corset making

Hi, I was hoping someone would be able to give advice as to the best way to approach promoting my etsy page. I make a lot of corsets and artistic costumes and I don't seem to get a lot of views. Any ideas? Also, anyone have a prefrence on styles of fabric for corsets/ female vests? Thanks! Amneh http://www.etsy.com/shop/amneh << That's my site if that helps with the advice! 

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Promoting Art and Sewing Craft

Hi, I was hoping someone would be able to give advice as to the best way to approach promoting my etsy page. I make a lot of corsets and artistic costumes and I don't seem to get a lot of views. Any ideas? Also, anyone have a prefrence on styles of fabric for corsets/ female vests? Thanks! Amneh  http://www.etsy.com/shop/amneh      << That's my site if that helps with the advice!

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Remembrance & Scouting items [Big Edit]

[Major edit] Oh, such a busy weekend - business suddenly picked up on my Etsy shop. Badges ("pins" for you Americans) and woggles are now winging their way across the UK, and a couple to Canada. Gunapult is up there, along with a load of Scouting badges and bird badges.  Also, Kitewife nagged me into adding some knitting-themed pins... I've also got a Remembrance woggle which is proving quite popular.

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A full set of Cub Scout Badges - UPDATE

I've designed and cut a set of badges for local district's Cub leaders. In case you don't know, Akela is the leader of the wolf pack, Raksha is the mother wolf, Baloo is the bear, Bagheera the black panther, Kaa is the serpent and Mang the bat (that's my own badge). Full disclosure: the Raksha badge is just the Akela badge, flipped left-for-right.  So I'm lazy... The hare is nothing to do with scouting, that's just because Kitewife likes hares. UPDATE: These badges, and more, are now all available on my Etsy store, LightWorksLaser. Go, see, buy!

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Marketing critique requested. How would you SEO/adwords my business? Answered

Hello Everyone. I love this community, as its helped me out a number of times in the past year. So I got to thinking, perhaps there are a few social media/SEO folks lurking about.... I build Musical Furniture, and have for quite some time. I've used adwords, art festivals, physical post cards, and the most successful... youtube videos (over 200,000 views). Currently, I only use a website, etsy as a store, youtube hits, and mailchimp to manage about 1200 newsletter readers. I was wanting to do more. I was dreaming of a flexible adwords campaign that could help me in slow times. I'm a one man shop and tired of uneven orders. I'm open to any and all critique. Let me have it. Http://www.musicalfurnishings.com Thanks! Tor  

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DIY Blog: Lots of Craft DIY Tutorials (Most are on Instructables too)

Feel free to check out several free tutorials I have on my blog: How to Make a Rag Basket:   http://handmadebyannabelle.blogspot.com/2010/07/how-to-make-your-own-rag-basket.html How to Make Crochet Washcloths:  http://handmadebyannabelle.blogspot.com/2010/04/crochet-pattern-not-your-grandmas.html How to Make Crochet Crochet Coasters: http://handmadebyannabelle.blogspot.com/2010/02/great-crochet-coaster-comeback.html Good luck! Annabelle

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Join me at the Craftcation Conference in Ventura, CA - March 21-24

  Have y'all heard of this? I heard about the Craftcation Conference last year and wanted to go so badly, but I had just moved to California and was still getting settled. But this year I'll be there, along with some other fancy Instructables ladies! (Scoochmaroo is presenting three different times over the weekend, and angelabchua will be there too!)  If you're near California and you love to craft or if you own a small business you should make the trip. :D It's going to be held in Ventura, CA at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Click here to check out ticket prices and find out more about all the awesome things your tickets will cover! Registration closes March 1st so you better get on it! Tickets are available for the whole weekend, and you can even get a daily ticket for just Friday or Saturday. You should check out the schedule - there are so many amazing workshops and speakers I can't handle it. I have no idea how I'll choose where to go each day! The 2013 schedule includes: SMALL BUSINESS: starting a creative business, social media & PR, wholesale, retail, craft fairs, ETSY, legal & financial, publishing and more! DIY CRAFT WORKSHOPS: sewing, knitting, soap from scratch, photography, letterpress, terrariums, bookbinding and more! DIY FOOD WORKSHOPS: pickling & fermentation, artisan ice cream, salted caramels, farm to fork meals, seasonal jams, rustic italian cooking and more! COMMUNITY EVENTS: happy hour networking, bbq opening celebration, pop-up shop, yoga, dance party and more! (link to www.craftcationconference.com) Still not sold? Check out this video from last year's Craftcation:   Craftcation 2012 from Letter Box Films on Vimeo.   You know you need to come. It's going to be so much fun! :D

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Craftcation 2013 Recap

As you might have seen, I recently went to Craftcation 2013 with scoochmaroo and angelabchua! It was super fun and I learned tons of things, including soap making, macrame, paper embroidery and how to make bitters and limoncello. Below I've included some photos from the trip. Ventura is a really pretty town and the people at Craftcation were wonderful. :D Important things to note in the photos: Angie got in trouble at the Ventura pier. I made soap on the first day. Soap making was really interesting and we got to wear all types of safety equipment and use lye! It was really simple to do and my soap turned out perfect. I can't wait to share the recipe with you guys! Opening night, Sarah had a booth for making painted wooden bangles, there was live music and drinks, and the line for food was really long. Because I only think with my stomach I mentioned to Angie that we should sit near the food - score one for my stomach intuition! Sarah also had fun with the tent prop outside. Look at the cute little campfire! Did I mention Ventura was pretty? Cause it is. On the second day I made bitters and limoncello - they're no where near ready yet but they already smell just as good as some of the fancy store bought bitters I have at home. This is another thing I'd love to share here - it was fun and the results are great. Plus, a good excuse to do a little drinking (or tasting, whatever.) in the afternoon. :D I also made a macrame plant hanger on day 2 - I've always loved these. Turns out they're much easier to make than I thought. I found a rock on the beach that had a face so I took him home with me. We made lego jewelry! Sarah ran a table along with Angie on the third night and it was a huge hit. All the things I made during Craftcation: a macrame plant hanger, a painted wooden bangle, a lego heart necklace, a new pair of lego earrings, two types of bitters (grapefruit + dandelion root and lemon + lavender + cinnamon + hibiscus) and lemon/lime limoncello, two pounds of soap, and three embroidered paper pieces! All in all, it was really good conference! I made a business plan for myself, learned some new crafts, met tons of new people and networked networked networked. I definitely recommend it for makers, crafters, foodies and small business owners. There are tons of things I learned that I wouldn't have otherwise. Check out the #craftcation hashtag on twitter and instagram to see more pictures of the conference, or check out the website. :D

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Maker Faire 2009: TotusMel

We got to meet awesome needle-tatter TotusMel, hanging out in the shade with the rest of the Etsy Steam Team and other Steampunk Makers. Her tatting looks even more incredible up close. I'm torn between buying one of her masks and learning to make my own! (OK, maybe I should do both - it takes a long time to learn to make things that look so good.)Check out more of TotusMel's work at her Etsy store!

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Act Of Kindness

I am having a difficult time here in the Kottage. This is the most extreme and difficult thing to ever ask of my community, but here I am. Our family is, and has been, facing the worst devistation, alot like most people here in the U.S. (and I'm sure everywhere else in the world). I have been disabled and running my shop to help with financial obstacles for me and my family. My husband was laid off, and during his time of becoming unemployed, he has become very ill and unable to work any longer. His disability has been exhausted, and he is now awaiting S.S. benifits. He has been denied twice, and now the Sr. Attorneys have taken on his case. It will be a few more months until his decision comes in. I would like to ask anyone who can help, to please hear my plea. If you, or anyone you can refer, to please help by way of shopping for gifts, Christmas, or any other occassion you may have in the near future, to please think of me and my family. If you can, please post my shop links to your facebook, twitter, blogs, or any other social network you can post on. Any donations can be sent to paypal via kottage_kreations@yahoo.com My website is http://kottagekreations.etsy.com  I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you in advance for your prayers, support, and most of all your friendship. I have seen many tweets from my community in the past. Keep them comming! We really need your well wishes during this difficult and stressful time in our lives.

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I would love some help for a groovy logo for Etsy?

I have plenty of graphics of my own that I would like to use I just can't get a hip look!

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Question about licensing work posted here for the Etsy contest

I've got the basics of the contest:1. Sign up at both sites.2. Create something, documenting the process.3. Post the item on Etsy for sale following contest guidelines.4. Post the information on Instructables following contest guidelines.5. Win! (okay, maybe)However, the item as I envisioned it would be a licensed item - people could make it for personal use under the CC license subject to the selected provisions* or contact me for commercial licensing.*selected provisions might be, say $5 for making an unlimited number for personal use, a $50 licensing fee for commercial re-sale, along with attribution, et cetera, for a stated amount of timeIs this allowed under instructables rules? I know that standard CC is used here, but I don't know yet if it can be combined with a licensing fee, and if CC does allow it if Instructables does.Thanks!

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Embroidery hoop art giveaway on Instagram! (open til May 20, 2016)

Hi everybody! I'm giving away a piece of hoop art since I hit 1,000 followers on Instagram. I thought I'd share it here in case anyone is interested in entering. :D (I'll be shipping internationally, so it's open to everyone!) To enter, head to the giveaway post on my @makingjiggy Instagram account: Follow me on Instagram Like the giveaway post Comment and tag a friend :D  And that's it! If you'd like to get an extra entry, repost the giveaway photo, tag me and use the hashtag #makingiggygiveaway :) I'll be picking a random winner on May 20th. Good luck! P.S. I'm also taking custom embroidery orders right now, message me through my Etsy shop for details. :D

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DIY Tutorial: Make Your Own Crochet Washcloths, Bath Puffs, Etc. Most are on Instructables too

Feel free to use any of the tutorials on my blog - most are on instructables too! Reusable Crochet Washcloths:  http://handmadebyannabelle.blogspot.com/2010/04/crochet-pattern-not-your-grandmas.html Reusable Crochet Coasters:  http://handmadebyannabelle.blogspot.com/2010/02/great-crochet-coaster-comeback.html Reusable Rag Baskets:  http://handmadebyannabelle.blogspot.com/2010/07/how-to-make-your-own-rag-basket.html Good luck! Annabelle

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Netting circle - The crafting and DIY crazes are catching on with websites such as Etsy and Instructables

Instructables and Etsy appear in the OttawaSun article Netting Circle.If you're into creating, but you're not into domestic arts, try Instructables.com. This subversive site bills itself as "the world's biggest show and tell." Anyone can contribute how-tos and get feedback.The postings are slightly unusual, sometimes even extreme, such as how to build a cheap still to make moonshine, turn a shotgun shell into a USB stick case or make shoelaces from tape.The projects for extreme DIYers are uploaded by users who offer step-by-step guidelines along with photos. "It's a reaction against a mass-produced culture," says founder Eric Wilhelm in the Telegraph.Sounds quite similar to the 18th and 19th century backlash against the advent of mass production which created the arts and crafts movement in the first place.Wilhelm started an earlier version of the site several years ago while a starving student seeking advice on how to make equipment to cheaply support his kite-surfing hobby. More news and press about Instructables here.

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Instructables for sale (updated).

After a number of requests, I am now selling two of my recent instructables on my Etsy shop: Both my Serenity Suncatcher and The Mule are now available as "flat-packs", packed along with illustrated assembly instructions. UPDATE - I have also added model X-Wings and TIE Fighters to the store! Since we're talking "Etsy", are there any of my other laser-cut projects that you'd like to see available?

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