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Differential Effect? Answered

I'm building EV with 2 individual motors on the rear wheels and How do I control the speeds on each wheel for the differential effect? Thank you, Eliseu Candido.

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Are electric vehicles deadly dangerous to build and repair? Answered

A local high school tech class is converting a pick-up truck to electric and I got the idea that I could convert our Explorer, (the engine is shot) but an auto mechanic I met told me he can't get insurance to work on an EV due to the danger of the high voltage- this is disappointing to me because I could really get a lot of use from re-purposing this truck to a green(er) vehicle. Help me be more green!

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Chosing a Motor for EV Motorcycle

I am thinking of building a EV Motorcycle. But I don't want to make any finical commitment unitl I know exactly how much I have to pay.my question for the day is:i see many motors, and motor controllers that "support regen" i know what regen is, and i don't want a bike without it. but do i have to match a motor that "supports regen" with a controller that "supports regen" or can i just buy any motor with the proper voltage and buy a "regen" controller.i realize that i would be very convient to use a kit like http://www.robotmarketplace.com/products/ETK-ETEKBL250.html but if i can drop the cost, by useing other sites that would be great if you have prefered sites for specific products, that would be great.-thank you for you time.

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What are the precations for rain or wet road riding?

I have been browsing the pages of ev conversions for motorcycles. I want to be sure on everything before i make a fiscal commitment. my question is: if it were raining and one were to ride through the rain, how much danger would there be and what things would have to be done to the motorcycle to avoid danger? thank you in advance

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DIY Design PWM Contoller for 3 HP 36VDC Motor

A friend of mine and myself want to build a couple of small electric utility vehicles to use for chores around my farm and his cabin. We are thinking of something along the lines of the eMule.  http://www.solarevolution.com/eMule/  We just bought 2 new 3HP 36VDC motors for a really great price off of eBay.  See pics. I want to build some PWM controllers for these to help keep the price of the project down and because I like building things. I could use some help though on a few things. How many amps should the controller be rated for? 100 amps? Larger? Are there any designs out there for a DIYer like me? Thanks.

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I got a siren!

A little over a month ago, my dad got a siren on eBay. It's the Wolo Model 345, about halfway down the page. Note: if you want one, go through eBay, Wolo wants $64, but this was brand-new for $20. It's not Instructable-worthy, and I don't have enough pictures to make a Slideshow, so I'm using the Forums for their original use. We were originally going to put this on my mom's ZAP Xebra, because it's completely silent and we wanted a way to warn walkers of her approach, but she didn't like it, so I got it to put in out Ford Courier. Since it's electric, I only go 39 in a 40 mph-zone to save range, so I'm often cut off by people going 45. Being electric, the truck has no radiator, just a flat plate of steel. We were already going to paint it black, so we mounted the horn speaker in there. There is an instrument bay overhead, so I stuffed the control box inside an empty slot. Eventually I'll take off the plastic case and mount it in the aluminum sheet to make it much cleaner, but this is fine for now. There were already two extra switches that did nothing, but already had an always-hot line running to them, so I wired it in to that. It can do sirens, animal noises, or a PA. I'm leaving it set to a police-style siren, so if someone cuts me off, I can just flip the switch and give a short blast, then watch them look around for the police car. If I have more time, I can just use the PA to yell at them. Other potential use: I'm going to make a CD of engine sounds. That way I can make my electric sound like an idling Harley at a stoplight. Or a turbine engine. Or a semi. Or a whatever.

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can anyone help me building an EV or HPV?

 I'm thinking of a project of changing a used bicycle (or else , everything usable) into a nice, cool,  and environmentally vehicle . these are my problems? 1. can we use AC motor with DC batteries as power source? 2. What kind of batteries are better? 3. What components are necessary for building an EV (bike or trike)? 4. What components are necessary for building an nice HPV? I know nothing about it , but i feel kinda interested with that idea. anyone has some words or advice? thank you all (' v ')

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What are the best batteries for an electric motorcycle, and for a car too. Or can someone explain how to read the batteries specs (like amps, watts,volts) for the best suited for your ev project?

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speed vs. distance?

Hello All, I am considering building a electric motorcycle in the next year, all the Instructables I have read on the subject boast top speeds of 70 mph and a 10 - 20 mile range. I live in a small city in Canada where the maximum speed limit is 50KMh(~30mph) and the city is not even 7 miles across, also there is nothing outside the city that is close enough to get to with a ev such as this. My question is how does the speed and distance connect, for example, if I was to travel at half the speed would I be able to expect to get double the distance?

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Turn a thunderbird into an electric?

Hey any ideas? It's a '96 with a v8 engine. Frankly, I'll be more impressed with an electric motor. I know it's not the ideal car to do this with, but I want to give it a try anyway.

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VFD DC bus input

So I've heard it is possible to use a high voltage DC input with a 3 phase motor controller, but I haven't really found much info or instructions on how to modify them to be able to take a DC current. I am interested in this because I want to experiment with building an electric vehicle and a industrial motor. I bought a cheap, used VFD and a motor to experiment with, but it would be great to have some info and tips on how to go about doing this!

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Battery charger help

As some of you may already know, I'm planning on building an electric car this summer. Its all planned out, but instead of using regular transformer based chargers I was wondering if someone could help me design a transistor based charger to reduce weight. Requirements 48 or 72 volts Needs to charge marine deep cycle batteries over night Needs to not have a transformer. Needs to be relatively small (under 1 cubic foot) Needs to be simple enough for me to build myself (I can do it if you can design it) Can anyone give me some links or some good schematics for this? Thanks

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Not as cute as Womble...but he comes close!

*see here and here if you don't know your Instructables history* This is my family's new-old Cushman electric vehicle. Yes, it's the same sort of thing you see reading parking meters downtown. Yay for tiny awesome cars that don't use gas! Any ideas for fun modifications? Plans so far include having a silly little decal printed for each side with an amber light on top so we look official, and mounting some 12V air horns in there to rattle the hubcaps off the jerks that pull out in front of it (We already mounted an electric ooga horn in my mom's Xebra SD, but air horns are so much more fun). Cardboard rockets that fire off of compressed air have also been proposed. He also has no name yet...we'll be working on that...

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whats the chepest hub motor (500watt) out there?

Question by tazerl494 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

hlep! ebike question: how do you bolt the rear sprokect on the bike Answered

I am planing to use a 250watt motor to power my bike got it all figered out execpt how to bolt the rear sprokect?

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Regen Braking Motor Controller

Good morning.... Quick question regarding motor controllers with the facility of regen braking..... For a project of mine I am creating an EV (with a dune buggy chassis), which needs a system to recharge the batteries when been driven or 'towed' by an external force. I've been looking at a 4QD motor controller, which has the regen braking system already built in. My idea is to use the back EMF to charge the batteries. This in theory is quite similar to regen braking, having done a bit of research, and also with some info from the 4QD site itself. I know that if the back EMF is to great, I risk damaging the motor controller. But if there was a way to regulate the back EMF (either by controlling the speed it is been externally driven or with use of electronic circuitry), could I essentially recharge the batteries using this motor controller???! Thanks in advance, Dave

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DIY Plug-In Hybrid Pickup Truck

Hi everyone, For a while, I've had this as my "back-burner" project. I'm trying to really get going on it now. It's an Open Source, DIY, Plug-in Diesel/Electric Hybrid Pickup truck. That's really a mouthful, so I'm just calling it the "SuperTruck" project, until I can come up with a better name. The entire concept is that it is a parallel hybrid, which you can charge from the wall, and it has a diesel engine that can run on diesel, bio-diesel, and possibly veggie oil. Either the engine OR forklift motor will be able to propel the vehicle. (Meaning that it will have a dedicated EV mode.) The driver can manually decide to run it on diesel, electric, or both depending on the driving situation. The mechanicals are relatively simple. It uses a manual transmission (rather than a CVT or planetary gearing.) In theory, this will be a project than any advanced grease monkey will be able to duplicate. I'm not much of a car guy, but I have learned quite a bit working on my electric motorcycle, electric car, and experimenting with running my car as a hybrid. Here's a YouTube playlist of what I've got going so far. For the latest on this project, please visit the page for it on my blog: http://300mpg.org/projects/supertruck/ I'll definately need help on this project, so please tell all your friends about it!

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Would installing a manual master cylinder in a 1979 Datsun 280ZX be a good idea?

I need to put in a new braking system in a Datsun 280ZX that I am converting to electric. Since there is no vacuum from an engine, I was considering using some sort of vacuum pump but I came upon using a manual master cylinder instead, which is good because it does not require extra power besides my leg, but since my vehicle initially came with power brakes, I am not sure if it will be compatible. I will most likely have to replace all the brake lines, because they are fairly old and there is a good chance that they've been damaged. So this gives me the chance to replace them with suitable lines for either type of master cylinder. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing? Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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how to make a 24 volt electric bike?

I want to make an electric bike but i would really only want to buy one 24 volt battery(to keep weight down and for money issues) but i was wondering how fast i could go with that and i would only be using it to get around my neighborhood cause i don't have a drivers license(only 13) and i still want it to go fast and i was wondering if i could put a transformer on it so i could use a 48 volt motor. i want to keep the cost really low because i don't get that much money not having a job and stuff like that. i have and old bike that i was going to use. i actually have 2 old bikes but one is a geared one and one is not. i was also wondering if i would use the geared one and use the gears instead of a throttle controller and just switch gears to change speeds? i really want to keep the cost down and any suggestions is welcomed. if i get enough feedback and make one i will post and 'ible. thanks for your help!! 

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Circuit for electric vehicle? Regenerative braking / free-wheeling?

I'm working on a circuit for an electric trike I plan to build for the local EV challenge competition. I plan to incorporate regenerative "free-wheeling" to recharge the batteries on the down hill sections. S1 closed and S2 open to accelerate the vehicle. S1 open and S2 closed to recharge the batteries while freewheeling down hill. Batteries: sealed lead acid batteries 12V or 24V (depending on motor) Motor: brushed DC motor Would this kind of circuit work? Is it possible to recharge SLA batteries in such a way? Any help and/or suggestions is appreciated. PS. I know it would also be possible to implement regen braking using a full H-bridge, but i think we would be doing more freewheeling than braking on the race track.

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Free EV1 Charger

I have an edison EV charger.  It has been disassembled and does not include the cable or the connector.  It is in Michigan and I am not really excited about shipping it.  It is, however, free if you want to tinker with it or if you want a piece of EV history.  

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How would you register a custom built EV? Answered

How would you go about titling and registering a scratch built (Like, from tubing and such) electric vehicle? Since it would be made from scratch, it wouldn't have any VINs. Thanks. 

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multiple speed setting for an electric vehicle?

Suppose an Ev had to run on different speeds say 30 miles/hr and 40 miles/h and vice versa. So how will the the current and voltage changes according to this situation. Say you have a 400w motor and torque is known already and is calculated according to the required acceleration. In short if you have an Ev and u want to set the ev run on different speeds what are the quantities that have to be checked or monitored (current,voltage) and .If you move from 30 to 40 miles/h what will happen to the variables?

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Electric Handicap Scooter parts, any ideas???

Heya guys I just aquired and parted out a electric handicap scooter from a rummage sale for 20 bucks. It is a three wheeler. Batteries are dead (read, toast). Im tring to figure out what to so with the gearbox/motor assembly. It is all one unit. Im trying to think of some kind EV project. I thought perhaps putting some larger 26in wheels on the axle ends to gear it up, and make some sort of cargo trike. Any other ideas would be appreciated

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Craft and tools

What tool do you consider as essential in the craft industry? what tool do you use the most? What is the best Power tool?

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What cultural traditions do you have for celebrating a new year? Answered

I'm planning on doing a multi-cultural new year's eve this year, and I need some help. If you all would be so kind as to supply me with some traditions your country/family/friends use to celebrate new year's eve. I would prefer simple crafts or traditions like eating twelve grapes and casting wishes or making party crackers (both of which I've already planned.) but a few larger plans would be acceptable. And do remember, I'm short on time and money, and I have to keep this secret, so keep the loud projects quiet. Please remember to supply plenty of details.

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Update Pro Membership Rewards

I just wanted to know if there is any new Pro membership rewards for 2015. Last I checked they all expired New Years Eve.

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10 Hints you were at a GEEK New Year's Eve party....

11. Champagne chilled with liquid nitrogen.10. Party games include D & D and Will It Blend?9. Countdown clock had 12 significant digits after the decimal.8. The ice bucket was in the shape of Bender's head.7. Started 24 hours early to allow time for hacking giant TVs in Times Square.6. Nonstop argument over whether leap second was really needed.5. Instead of champagne, toast was done with apple cider in Futurama wine glasses.4. Instead of party hats, everyone had a blinking RFID tag.3. Mac people and PC people had separate rooms at party.2. MC Frontalot and Jonathan Coulton rang in the New Year with a live performance of "IC's of Yore."1. Everyone was too busy watching the Battlestar Galactica marathon and missed the ball drop.Adapted from: BBspotPictured is the dart game that might have been there....

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PVC — one of the most hazardous consumer products ever created

PVC  is one of the most toxic products ever created - seems no-one here realizes this - PVC is NOT something to play around with - esp not for indoors! Google it!

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How do you measure torque required for an electric motor in an EV weighing 250kg.?

I found this link on the net.  http://www.ehow.com/how_5009233_calculate-required-torque-vehicle.html.It is quite informative.Is this the correct way?

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Instructables Chatroom Party...Again!

Everyone, its a chatroom party, to celebrated Halloween!!!!! Come on Halloween Eve (October 30) at 7-9pm EST. All are welcome. Hope to see you there. Stay tuned for more chatroom parties by joining the chatroom groupLink to Chatroom

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If I tried to strangle a seal, would it's blood eventually become alcoholic? Answered

I read that when low on Oxygen, diving mammals switch to fermentation instead of respiration, which would make their blood alcoholic. At least, this is what I think.

Question by hydrnium.h2 10 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

simplest way to automatically turn power on/off (every couple seconds)?

I'm looking for an easy way to turn power on and off every couple seconds (randomly would be nice, but not absolutely needed).  Such as for blinking an LED, not turning off all the power in a house.  Any suggestions?

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Ultimate Useless Machine V2 (AKA: Easiest Kit EVER...)

Version 2 of the Useless Machine is now out and it may melt your brain. Don't take my word for it, check it out yourself: http://frivolousengineering.com/?page_id=750

Topic by Frivolous Engineering 7 years ago

Treadmill DC Motor For Electric Vehicle Project? Answered

I am going to start a small EV project. I have seen that most treadmill motors are 3 to 4hp powerful. I wanted to know weather these motors will be suitable for my project. I am building a small kart capable of carrying maximum 2 persons. Also if they are suitable for my project please can someone suggest me 3 or 4hp treadmill motors on eBay or other sites below 150$. Also I saw a formula on a site related to power for a vehicle   HP = W(V/234)^3 where HP=horsepower, W=weight in pounds and V=required velocity in MPH. I found this formula on this site (http://www.ajdesigner.com/phphorsepower/horsepower_equation_trap_speed_method_horsepower.php). Is this formula correct.

Question by flyingdutchmen1659 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

DC treadmill motors 1.5-3 hp great for hobby, windmill, small EV's

I'm a fitness repair technician, i get some really good motors from time to time. Usually posted to ebay under seller name guaranteed_goods....i have 2 or 3 up at the time of this posting... feel free to msg me with what you are looking for....

Topic by mickeyaaaa 4 years ago

I have downloaded soundflower several times and ever time I go to run it shows nothing. Am I missing something?

I will double click on the application and nothing happens. I will even go to file and open it that way, still nothing. I have no idea why it doesn't run but I definitely downloaded it.

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Looking to put together a game design Team

Right now I'm in the beginning stage of putting together a space game something kinda like EVE or the kerbal space program. But I was looking to get some people together and to start creating a MMO game using herocloud or unity. Let me know if your interested.

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[Contest]Post your Favorite Spooky Halloween Food and Win a Tray – RUVAcards

Nothing beats a haunted moonlit night on All Hallows Eve…. And on this fatal night, at this witching time, the starless sky laments black and unmoving. The somber hues of an ominous, dark forest are suddenly illuminated under the emerging face of the full moon. So, what would you want, "Trick or Treat"? Well, it's simple. All you have to do is tell us your favorite 'Spooky Halloween Food' and you could win a customized Halloween tray to serve that delicious 'All Hallows Eve' food. You show us your trick and we treat you! For more details about Spooky Halloween Food visit: http://ruvacards.wordpress.com/2013/09/19/post-your-favorite-spooky-halloween-food-and-win-a-tray-ruvacards/

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European Voluntary Service in Netherlands

European Voluntary Service (EVS) is an Erasmus+ program for young people (17-30 years old) who want to spend a long time living in a different country and with almost all the cost paid: apartment, wifi, transport, food... Bataviawerf (Lelystad, Netherlands) is a dockyard with special ambitions. Ships from the golden century which has been important in our maritime history, are reconstructed here. Our organisation is depending on the work of volunteers for some years already. A lot of foreign volunteers helped to build the ship “Batavia” and are now helping to build the new ship “Het water schip”. The Bataviawerf could not exist without the help of numerous volunteers which help in showing everybody the way of building ships in the 17th century. We are seeking for 3 new EVS with the next profile: Tasks Create technical drawings, finish the 3D Digital Model of the Batavia, create nice videos and photos about the Bataviawerf and handwork (rebuild some parts of the Batavia -mast, yards, etc.-, forge, wood work,...) Criteria Technical background with knowledge about SolidWorks, AutoCad and similar or experienced in graphic, digital and multimedia design (Adobe Premiere, InDesign, etc). Also creative, self-motivated and interested in shipbuilding and handwork. Procedure If you are interested and you think your profile is suitable for one of our tasks, send us your CV and a motivation letter to the email: evsbataviawerf@gmail.com More information We are seeking for 3 new European volunteers for the next periods: 1) From August 2016 to August 2017. 2) From September 2016 to September 2017. 3) From December 2016 to December 2017. This voluntary service is available for young people from the next countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Greece, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Poland, Portugal, Romania, United Kingdom, Slovakia, Spain and Sweden. (More information about EVS: http://europa.eu/youth/node/73_en)

Topic by Bataviawerf 3 years ago

the 3 lights dont change to the 2 lights? (Not even after a Hour of running..) How to fix?

After applying the X-clamp fix (Just like the tutorial) comming to the part of overheating the Xbox. The 3 lights wont change in 2 lights (i'm running it over a hour now). Whats the solution?

Question by Your360 9 years ago

Ayre and Dance. The most awesome orchestra song ever!

       My school band is playing Ayre and Dance, and I think it is awesome!  I really like the beggining. It really brings out thoughts of ancient times. Its also kind of that awesome creepy.  The mood change is pretty weird and awesome too.

Topic by eulaliaaaa! 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Linking four(maybe8)24v DC Motors to work together...also possibly a 72v motor as well for a small EV...is it feasible??

Is it possible to connect four,or more(maybe8-even possibly 16!!!is that crazy???) 24 volt dc motors together to run a small ev?The motors were used originally to drive hydraulics on tail lifts at 145bar pressure.Also i have a small 72volt motor as well....can all these motors be linked and run together.To get there'power' to the wheels is a different bridge to be crossed at a different time(so says I optimistically...LOL)!But basically can it be done and how?Is it even feasible?.I will be using the same controller I intend to use for a 48v 120amp DC motor in another EV-the controller runs at 144v and 500amps,but will be enquiring about doubling this.The 24v motors are guestimated to be about 12" in circumference and about 11-12"high(possibly slightly smaller by inch or so).I am not an electrical engineer but am mechanically minded.I also have had a lifelong fear of electricity since being blasted with 240v when i was 6yrs old!!SO PLEASE BE GENTLE!!I know that there are more then enough intelligent and knowledgeable people out there who can maybe help me with this problem which is why I chose to use this forum/site.I really really need your help people.I would be very very grateful for a loan of your knowledge and kindness for doing so.Many many many thanks for your time,your help and most importantly your patience....its very deeply appreciated.Again many thanks.Warren

Question by Look4FreeParts 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Managing high-voltage lithium-ion batteries in HEVs

From EDN (Electronic Design News), comes this article: Skyrocketing energy prices and the growing concern over carbon emissions have focused attention on electric and hybrid-electric vehicles. New lithium-battery designs will be key technologies for efficient EVs and HEVs.By Michael Kultgen, Linear Technology Corp -- EDN, 4/9/2009Safely getting the most energy and lifetime from a lithium cell requires some sophisticated electronics. One requirement, for example, is the ability to measure the voltage across every 3.7V battery cell in a stack of 100 series-connected cells. How do you cope with the 370V of common-mode voltage and reject 100V of common-mode switching transients? The design of battery-management systems for EV (electric-vehicle), HEV (hybrid-electric-vehicle), and UPS (uninterruptible-power-supply) applications requires solving many such problems.How do batteries make cars "green," ...http://www.edn.com/article/CA6648791.html?nid=2432&rid;=8848980

Topic by Goodhart 10 years ago

How do I start any kind of wire wrap art i have every supply needed but I am afraid to start ?

Every supply needed but I am afraid to start ? If you have any suggestions on how I can get past this wire wrapping block please let me know . Thank you very much.

Question by adowling4 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

Remembering 9/11

Hi everyone. This, the eve of 9/11, the 6 year anniversary of the terrible incidents that occurred on that September morning. I just want to make sure that the victims are never forgotten, and I take this moment to remember the fallen, and those firefighters, police officers, EMT, who all risked their lives to save those trapped. Thanks for taking the time to remember, and I hope some point tomorrow you share a moment of silence with the world to remember. *silence*

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