I noticed that there was a software that was called Eagle PCB design software but it costs money while there is a version that is free. It appears to me they can do the same thing so, why is the PCB design software $49 but the regular software free?

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Hello i have a small problem/question, i have a bunch of smd micro ships, and i wanted to know if it is possible to make an eagle schematic. If not, can you tell me what program i can use? thanks!

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Problems in Eagle?

Hi, I once accidentally clicked 'drop' in Eagle, and apparently it deleted the part in question. After that, I tried to re-install Eagle to see if it was there again. It wasn't, and on top of that, I couldn't search for any parts, none would come up, even if I searched something like "resistor."

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lego desert eagle

Working on a pull back sprig powered gun that shoot lego pins with shells that eject. i trying to make it look like a desert eagle. need opions when i finish it to know what to change

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Eagle help! - again

Help? oh i want to desing a circuit in EagleCAD but i can't seem to firgure out how to get wires to not connect (have wires jump over other wires) All help is appreciated!

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Copy and paste in EAGLE

When creating a schematic in eagle, in a step by step instructions how do you copy and paste multiple components and nets all at once?

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Gerber files and Eagle

I am just starting to use Eagle for my PCB design and I figured out how to use it for the most part. I want to use Kcam for CNC wich can use Gerber files, but I can't figure out how to make one in Eagle. How do I export a Gerber file? I looked under export but it wasn't there. Does it have something to do with the CAM processor? If so, How do I use it? Please Help! Thanks.

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Gerber files and Eagle

I am just starting to use Eagle for my PCB design and I figured out how to use it for the most part. I want to use Kcam for CNC wich can use Gerber files, but I can't figure out how to make one in Eagle. How do I export a Gerber file? I looked under export but it wasn't there. Does it have something to do with the CAM processor? If so, How do I use it? Please Help! Thanks.

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Eagle design question? Answered

Hey- im trying to design a single sided ,mostly smt board in EagleCAD, but I am having some trouble. I want to make the program to alooow bottom side jumpers, but have them always terminate on the top layer (so pretty much jumpers underneath the board). I have some pads or header pins pointing down, but the wires usually connect to those because pads are on both layers.. any way to fix this?  I really would not like to manually route every trace myself.. Thanks!

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KM's Desert Eagle

Hey guy's just wanted to let you know i just made a new gun it's called "KM's Desert Eagle" it's got a true trigger it fairly accurate and powerful. So if you want me to post it let me know. Thanks

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Hi there, Is there anyone who knows how to generate a gerber file from Eagle cad? Thanks, Nico.

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Help With Eagle PCB Layout

Hello All. I'm trying to etch a board created in Eagle.  2 Questions: When I export the image, the "plastic part" of the pin headers on my board are showing up in the exported image. Is this image really "doable" using a toner transfer method due to the thin clearances and trace widths? Exports of the schematic and board images are attached. Thanks! Cam

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New PART/LIBRARY in EAGLE - HELP ?!?!? Answered

Hi ... I would like to ask, if you know what did I wrong when creating my new part/library. I was doing everything like it's here www.instructables.com/id/How-to-make-a-custom-library-part-in-Eagle-CAD-too/ But when I've placed my part on the schematic, it will NOT connect to the wire. Do you know why ??? Thank you in advance, zholy

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routing help! using Eagle

Hii am just a beginner at electronics and eagle. i am having problems routing the AVR ISP. a few tracks are trapped and i just couldn't route it to its destination. i have tried for days to make it work, but it seems too complicated. the zip file below is the whole design with a Design Rule file (.dru). any tips, comments, etc would be appreciated =] or if you would like to route it, that'd be great. thanks.

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Whats the difference between an eagle and a hawk? Answered

I know this question sounds a little stupid, but can anyone explain to me the difference?

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Looking for Eagle file for standard breadboard power.

Hello;   I am trying to find an Cadsoft Eagle .brd file. I want to plug boards into a standard breadboard, for power. I want to plug onto the thin side. It seems to be a metric measurement, even though it is 0.1" hole spacing. Or if someone has the spacing info for the pins? I measured 4mm on centre, then 40mm to 51mm for the far row. So it would be on the left or right of the breadboard. I always round ground at the outside, and 5v in the middle. So swapping ends will work. Thanks, and I will keep looking Mick M

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Eagle keeps crashing in Ubuntu, what to do?

Ok, I'm running ubuntu 9.10 on my netbook/laptop, and whenever i go to try and open a file(thats been imported from my desktop, a vista), it gives me an error message that says Invalid data in autorouter block of file (filename & location here) Continue with default autorouter settings? Y/N         Y => pulls up file I then go to edit, (move tool), and I click on a part and all of eagle crashes. I can add parts and it wont crash. It does this even on newly created files. I bet that this is an issue with the version, as there is a newer version out, but I dont understand these things, I am trying to though.

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can i download eagle onto a thumb drive and make it bootable? Answered

I want to download eagle( the free one) onto a memory stick and make it bootable so when i put in the thumb drive it will boot up!!!

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EagleCad software? Answered

I noticed that there was a software that was called Eagle PCB design software but it costs money while there is a version that is free. It appears to me they can do the same thing so, why is the PCB design software $49 but the regular software free?

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Can Anyone Convert This Image to Eagle Schematic And Board?

Can Anyone Make Me A Eagle Schematic And Board? Please Try To Create.......(I'm new to Eagle) Thanks A lot............

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How can I open .pcb files in eagle?

Someone sent me a .pcb file to look at but all I have is eagle, is there anyone here who knows how to open .pcb files in eagle? Thanks.

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I cant install libraries for eagle

I'm running mint 10 and having trouble installing the sparkfun library in eagle 5.10, the latest version (5.11) doesn't even install properly. Does anybody have a solution for this?

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single sided board in eagle into a double sided board? Answered

I have a one sided board in eagle and i need to know how into a double sided board so i can etch it

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Electrolytic Capacitor Horizontal Footprint Eagle

I am designing a very simple but small PCB in Eagle. Size is a constraint and the enclosure is pretty small. I had a 100uF electrolytic capacitor in the schematic which I realized will not fit vertically in the enclosure while making the prototype. So to make it fit, I kept a few mm of leads between PCB and capacitor while soldering and then bent it horizontally on top of a nearby crystal. This was a quick fix but now I want the schematic to have space for it. I have enough free space to put it lying down but can't find any footprint for a horizontal radial polarized cap. I'm sure I saw one such component in some schematic or in the library but can't find it. Even google results mostly gave axial caps. The only thing near to what I wanted was this diagram, but it had no footprint. The last resort will be to design my own footprint. Can anyone please help? -Antzy

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"Auto" pin grounding?

Does anyone know how to ground pins automatically using the polygon tool and the auto tool in eagle (e.g. the black ovals in picture)?

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Installing CADSOFT Eagle on a flash drive?

Hey everyone, I want to know how I can install CADSOFT Eagle on a flash drive, because I cannot use it at school, because I have to install it on every machine I use it on, because it puts a file in the registry and will not run without it. Anybody have any ideas on how I can do this without getting it installed on every machine?Thanks!

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Grid snapping in mm

How do you change the snapping of the Move etc. to snap to mm?

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Does anyone know what this is?

I cound this antique flag holder that i have had for years, i was wondering if anyone could tell me what it is,

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Popular 2 pin power connector for PCBs?

I have made a prototype PCB board which requires connection to a 9V battery or a wall-wart. The board is very small and doesn't have much extra space. I'm currently using a female header(as used in arduino) with 2 pins broken off into which I'm plugging in the wires from battery. In the final board, I want to be using some connector which is widely available, and PCB friendly. The one which I have most commonly seen being used is the wall-wart female power jack which is way too big for my requirement. Any popular option which is only slightly bigger than a snipped female header? -Antzy

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Find 3D components for Eagle/POVRay

(Where) can I find pre-made libraries of Eagle components for the POVRay? Thanks

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Cadsoft EAGLE Schematic and PCB editor

Cadsoft is a German company that is a veritable mecca of software distribution enlightenment. In addition to the reasonably-priced professional PCB design packages ($1200), they have freeware, lite, non-profit, and other intermediate licenses. Their software runs under windows, linux, and MacOSX. It's slightly quirky, with a steep (but not too high) learning curve on the front end, but from most reports it is not any more so than other professional CAD packages. They have online support forums that are active from both the company and other users, the package is under current development and gets better with each release. A number of PCB fabricators will accept their CAD files directly. It's good stuff.Use it. Propagate it. Buy it when you "go pro."There are several EAGLE related instructables now:Schematic EntryCreate PCB from SchematicMaking PCBs for HobbyistsCreating Library PartsIn theory, this forum is a place for all the little questions that don't rate an instructable on their own, or a gathering place for info destined to future instructables, and stuff like that.

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how to make the Bold Eagle call with hands?

I want to learn the Bold eagle sound call by my hands does anyone now it

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Where to get this Push DPDT switch eagle cad library?

HI i'm designing a board that is using a push DPDT switch. the switch is look like this image. If anybody have this eagle library, please tell me thank you Devara

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Eagle Squad, my new airsoft group

This is my new airsoft team, Eagle Squad. We need members. Please check out my site: http://www.eaglesquad.webs.com/ Please join.

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A Tutorial for making an Arduino Shield.

Hi Folks, I've put together a tutorial on how to make an Arduino shield using EAGLE. It can be found here: http://aaroneiche.com/2010/06/24/a-beginners-guide-to-making-an-arduino-shield-pcb/

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would anyone like me to review...

Hey, would anyone like me to do a video review on my double eagle ak47 airsoft gun? If i do it will be a video posted in a form topic because I'm not what you would call respected on youtube

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EagleCAD Help

In Eagle, I'm trying to make a ring that is divided into 18 equal sections. However, I'm not sure how to do it. The only idea I can think of is manually creating each polygon, but there has to be an easier way. I've tried taking the ring and drawing lines through it in both the restrict & kepout layers, it doesn't work, though.

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EAGLE CAD: how to create a schematic's description/author/etc.?

Hey, I always wondered how I could make EAGLE auto-generate something like what is shown on the image bellow. I've seen so many just like that one... Is that made "by hand" or is it auto-generated? How can I auto-generate it? Thanks! :)

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Does anyone have an EagleCAD library for the 5-pin TO-220 package? Answered

I am designing a PCB in Eagle and but I need to use an IC that is in a 5-pin TO-220 package and Eagle does not have PCB layouts for this.

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eagle - how to put smt components on bottom layer

Hello all. I'm trying to lay out an eagle pcb with both smt and conventional components and I'm trying to make it single -sided. Does anyone know how to put an SMT part on the bottom layer? Thanks

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Does anyone have a pcb design for making an attiny13 programming cradle?

I am looking for a pcb design for an attiny13 programming cradle, preferably an eagle file (.brd) but a pdf or picture file is okay to.

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PCB Milling: Eagle, Visolate, Lazycam, Mach3?

Has anyone figured this out? I make a gcode file using visolate for traces and pcbgcode plugin for holes. I then load the gcode from Mach3 to LCam to adjust the two gcode files so they are "matching." Problem is, the drill file (or holes) don't show up on lazycam. Also tried doing this using a dxf from eagle to lcam, but it puts the holes as big circles (I need points) and the "drill selected circles" command doesn't work... Anyone know what to do?  I feel like I've been hitting my head against the wall for hours...

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Get into PCB creation? Answered

Well I just realized over the past few weeks that I really need to start getting onto the PCB bandwagon and start manufacturing my own stuff...  So... I need materials and instructions on how to make my own PCBs... I have copper boards already (sourcing them is not a problem...), and i am pretty good at designing boards in EAGLE (I find it fun), but I need a method of etching them.... I have tried many toner methods and they never work how I like, I always get some pretty big mistakes and etching them sucks...  I have heard of photo resist methods, and it sounds wonderful because it has a pretty good accuracy and can go down to some pretty fine wiring... My only problem is that you have to get presensitized boards (Expensive!), as well as other chemicals... As for etching, I think I am fine, I have used a vinegar/salt/something combo and it works pretty well, just takes a while to etch.. I have some muratic acid but that stuff is nasty so I have never really tried that.. Anybody have any non-toner PCB creation process that is pretty inexpensive? (I am in high school and have a limited budget already...)

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PCB toner transfer? Answered

Hey all- back with another dilemma. Whilst trying to make a PCB for the second time (first failed miserably), Im stuck on toner transfer. I printed my design out from eagle and laid it out, and Ironed it for about 2min on each side (mostly because the first time i tried i did it for about a minute and i only got about half the design on). When it cooled down i took it off and nothing got transferred. I got some residual lines from I think heat stress on the paper, but I was able to take them off. So naturally I tried again- but this time with a different method. I found some t-shirt transfer paper upstairs, and tried that. NEVER doing that again. I ended up having to sand my board down for like 5-7 min trying to get all the gunk off. Any ideas why my printer method doesnt work? Im using the same brand of photo paper as last time (Costco Kirkland brand), but a different printer- a canon instead of a brother. I have access to the brother printer, a hi quality photo printer (1200 dpi I believe), a dell laser printer, and the canon. I think I used the brother printer last time I tried (or possibly the photo printer- also a canon). Could that be the problem? Thanks in advance- Astroboy907 P.S I also have some transparency sheets if anyone has a method to get that to work.

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Arduino PCB Board Layouts

I thought I might share some the circuit board layouts (Top and bottom) of several Arduino boards that I've created. They could be used to etch your own board or just used to compare sizes. I created them from the eagle files provided from the Arduino website and exported each layer in monochrome with help from this Instructable. Automating Eagle export and preparing it for printing by truhlik_fredy To create your own PCB layout on eagle i found this Instructable was the most helpful Turn your EAGLE schematic into a PCB by westfw Download Eagle for free here The File is available as an Adobe Illustrator file and as a png

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Any good tutorials on designing your own circuit and making it in Eagle?

I love electronics and would love to design/make my own circuit and actually making a printed circuit board based on my circuit. Any information or links would be appreciated. Thanks!!

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does anyone know anything about the eagles camp 1 man pup tent? Answered

I recently found an eagles camp 1 man  pup tent up in the woods. It had no stakes with but the poles and tent were perfect  shape. I want to know where you can buy them so i can see reveiws and stuff. If anyone knows anything about this tent please anwser.

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Mach3 not following code? Answered

I am trying to mill PCBs, but when i do so, some traces vanish because the cnc moves along the same y-coordinate twice instead of leaving a trace. its always the same traces and only some of them. Does anyone know what's going on?

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Help on stepper motor types and related driver chips?

I have a pair of stepper motors, one with 4 wires(brown, black, yellow, orange) and the other with 5(black, brown, yellow red, orange) they are both from a printer and I want to be able to use them with Mach3 via the parallel port, what chips might I need to use to do this?

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Knex Update: 23/11/09

 Yes, another one. Includes: -Updated desert eagle -Brad's crossbow gun thing -Gun which I don't know what to call

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