Plain editor

PLEASE fix the basic editor in the answers section. It can't be that hard to force a into the html on a CR character.

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It looks different, and its easier to use, the new editor is awesome. I noticed this when i was working on a new ible....................

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Brazilian editor

Hi, My name is Andresa, I love this website and I wanted to know if you feel like translate it to other languages and I would love to help to translate it to Portugues (from Brazil) which is my mother tongue. Thanks a lot!

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Whilst I was editing my new collaboration, an unfortunate thing happened, twice. The page i was working in duplicated itself on all the other steps!! I tried with both the new and old editor, the same thing happened.

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hammer editor?

Hey i was wondering if any would be interested in seeing some hammer editor tutorials on this site as i would be able to make them.if enough people are interested ill post a hammer editor tutorial.

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Editor disappears

Before the last update when I was in the middle of writing an answer I could leave the page to pick up a link or something like that then go back to the page pick "answer" and my answer would still be there.  Now the answer is gone.  What changed?  Is there any other way than creating a new tab or window to do my research and still keep my answer going? Using Firefox.

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Editor is fixed

We figured out the error with unsupported characters completely ruining your instructable, so that should happen any more if you had an instructable with a json parse error it shouldn't give you that anymore hurray!

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Editor Changes

As you may have noticed, for several months now we've been testing out a change to the Instructable editing process, what we've called the new editor. It's faster and better designed than the old one, and saves your work automatically as you go along. Well, we decided it was ready for prime time, and we've gone ahead and made it the default editor for everyone. The old one is still around if you want it - just click the "Switch back to the old editor" link on the top right of the edit section. But we think you'll want to stick with the new one (all of us here at Instructables HQ have been using the new one exclusively for quite some time). Try it out if you haven't yet, and tell us what you think in the comments!

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Rich Editor? Answered

All to often when I paste something into the rich editor it loses the cursor and I have to guess where it may be -- Why?? Or is this just me?

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Rich editor

Would it be possible to put the rich editor back in the comments box?  It is the only way I was able to comment using an iPad.......or is there another way?  Highlighting doesn't work.

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Offline editors?

So are there any offline editors for creating instructables? Any hints from the more experienced on ways to "cheat" and do semi-offline editing? I'm finding network delays to be somewhat frustrating when trying to create, edit, etc a reasonably large instructable...

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Editors' Picks

In various parts around the site, we've changed "featured" to "editors' picks".  When a new visitor comes to Instructables, we want them to clearly understand that there are editors helping select the very best content.  This is especially true on our homepage, where I want a new visitor to know a human, not an algorithm or chance, selected which Instructables appear. Editors' picks doesn't easily lend itself to being a verb, so we'll probably still talk about featuring projects, and the term featured will still be used around the site.  No changes have been made to how the featuring process itself works or what happens to featured Instructables.  You will note that we're now publishing a letter from the editor; this and the name change to editors' picks are both part of growing and developing our editorial voice.  Let us know what you think, and if you are looking for algorithm or chance, try Instructables sorted by views this week or random.

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New Editor

I'm doing my first Instructable and using the New Editor. My underlines and indenting show in the individual step editing but not in Full Preview. I save each step. Do you maybe know what my problem is?

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Editor Bugs

When I try to make an image note in the editor, sometimes all that happens is a error sign shows up, sometimes it works other it does not. Also sometimes I cannot drag the cost and difficulty bar when I publish. Any help?

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Editor not working

I'm not able to open the editor. I get an error in the javascript console: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'Go' of undefined     at loadEditor (EEZ9RA7IPCYCPKA:1260)     at EEZ9RA7IPCYCPKA:1285 loadEditor @ EEZ9RA7IPCYCPKA:1260 (anonymous) @ EEZ9RA7IPCYCPKA:1285 Resources: all return 404 and I assume are required for the editor. Thanks

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Instructables editor

Maybe there is already an instructable for creating instructables, but so far I have not found it, and I'm having trouble putting an instructable together. I find the editor "clunky" to say the least. Can't find any way to place photos where they belong in relation to the text, and can't separate multiple photos in the same "step". Can anybody point me in the right direction?

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Editor change

I've just released a new version of Instructables, with a new updated version of the rich text editor. Also, we set the default for comments to not use rich text, because most comments don't need it; but you can click the 'rich text' button if you want to use formatting in a comment. The new editor looks a little different but works basically the same. As always, Pro users do have a greater range of formatting options.  It has a couple nicer features than the previous one (e.g. you can paste directly into it) and runs a bit faster.  We hope you will find it an improvement too; please let us know of any problems you may encounter with it!

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Instructables Editor

The instructables editor has two annoying bugs:(1) Text high-lighting does not show when writing an Instructable ... it only shows in the preview screen. It should be WYSIWYG.(2)If you decide to take a break, before publishing your instructable, and click the "You" button, your only option is to "Logout" ... all of the other options such as "Instructables" are masked by a floating window. It's a real pain to have to log back in ... is there a (hidden) screen option that I can't see?

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New Instructable Editor

I'm just about to list off all the sweet new features in a blog post, but right now, try out the new Instructable editor! can also get to it from the "Try the new Editor!" link in the upper right of the standard editor

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Links in the instructable editor

Hi, I'm writing an insrtructables and I can not insert any hyperlink.

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New Editor by default?

I've been a using the new editor, and I think it's a big improvement over the old one. Is there a way I can use it by default? Yes I know it is but one click from the old editor, but by nature I'm a very energy consumption conscious person (aka lazy), and I'd prefer not to expend that 0.25 food calorie on clicking the "try New Editor" button. So how can I reduce global warming and use it by default?

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Rich editor bug

All to often when I paste something into the rich editor it loses the cursor and I have to guess where it may be -- Why?? Happens to a lot of people. I, for one, of many would like Rich ed to be the default for the pro users.

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New editor issues

First time with new editor, I typed up a new 'ible (saving often), clicked publish, and "poof" all of my text was gone.  Title, body, everything...gone.  It said "you must add a description first."   I'll type it up in Word first and try again.

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instructable editor problem

I am trying to do my 3rd Instructable.  The last one I did in November was really straight forward. It seems like with the new editor (or maybe with my new computer?), the editor isn't working.  When I click "start instructable" from the "publish" tab, a box comes up saying "Please enter a title".  But the box is not active--the only thing that works is the x to close it. I've not experienced this problem and have no idea if it's the editor or what.  I tried with both Firefox and MS Edge. thanks for any information John

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Instructable Editor repositions

I was editing an Instructable and accidentally hit a key near the home key on my keyboard. I had selected text, I think my shift key was still down and this happened to the editor: I had to save the Instructable, close the editor, and re-open the draft of the Instructable to fix the problem.

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Pixlr editor "hanging"

I have been trying to edit the opening image of my latest project, but when I start the Pixlr editor, the upload bar runs across to 100% without problem, but then stops at 100% and nothing else happens. The adverts run fine, though... Running in Firefox and Windows 8.

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"Phishing" on the Pixlr Editor

I am now editing my Instructable, And I wanted to add text to a picture, But I can't do that because Google is blocking Pixlr because it has a "Phishing attack" Why is this?

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New Editor Relased

We've released an updated version of the editor. Some new features include: It's powered by jquery, which will mean nothing to you if you're not a huge nerd. Automatically saves after doing anything but typing. Remember to save anything you type, just like a word processor. Incorporates a new uploader, which will hopefully suck less than the current one. Should be faster, I think? I'm not sure about this point yet, still have to see it in the wild. Will definitely fail tonight, there are caching issues. I hope I can delete this line in the morning! Various bugfixes, the previous editor was heavily in need of going away forever, heavily. Dances when no one is watching. PROVE IT DOESN'T. As always, please let us know if you have any problems. Or, also, let us know if you think it's awesome. Nobody ever does that. It's lonely here. Send cupcakes.

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New Editor Feedback

I just used the new editor for the first time, publishing a quick project, and starting a longer one. Short version: I like it. I particularly like being able to edit my images via Pixlr. Rotating and cropping on the fly were ideal. Longer, less-positive version: The "unordered list" and "order list" buttons added neither bullet-points nor numbers.  All they did was indent the text. There is an "intuition breakdown" adding images to steps - when I wanted to add images from my library, I thought I couldn't, until I discovered that the library can be accessed via the "Upload Images" button.  The "Upload Images" button ought to be renamed "Add Images". When using the "Upload Images" pop-up, the actual image upload function did not work.  I clicked the button, and nothing happened - no error message, no wait symbol, nothing. This is all experienced using my desk-top PC, running Windows XP and FireFox.

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Problem With The New Editor

I'm having some trouble with the new editor since I can't leave a gap between sentences.  When I 'am in the editor and I leave gaps (to the size that I want it to be) between the sentences and then I go to save it and when look at the preview, the gap size I wanted it to be has not worked. I have tried every several times to change the gap in the editor and then saving it and the gap is still not size I wanted it to be. Is there anyone esle having this problem and I really wish to have the old editor back.

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Missing Rich Editor

So I just went to embed a video on one of my step-by-steps and couldn't find the "Embed" button. Actually, all of the rich editor features are gone. I get the same result with Chrome and Firefox. Is this a bug? Is the answer right under my nose? Do I have to be a PRO member to embed videos? Sorry if this is a re-post; I couldn't find any help in the forums.

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rich editor not available

I think somebody has been moving the furniture around again.  The way I can tell is when the pages look different than they did before. More specifically, the editor for forum posts has changed.  There used to be a button to turn on the "rich" editor.  There also used to be a "preview" button, for to preview what the post looks like before actually posting it.  Both of these buttons are missing now. Also I thought it might be because my "pro" membership had expired, but I checked that, and I think it's still current. Is anyone else having this problem?

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New Editor and Contests

On Friday we released two big new features that we've been working on for a long while: a new Instructable editor and contests.The new editor is great. It lets you navigate and edit step-by-step while your image library settings remain unchanged. You can even import photos directly from flickr within the editor. It also saves after each action, so you can quickly swap between steps making edits. Look for it here:, you can also get to it from the "Try the new Editor!" link in the upper right of the standard editor. After running so many contests and challenges on Instructables, we've now built-in many of those features. Look forward to new ways to find contests, being able to judge and collect community ratings directly on the Instructables, and, in the near future, creating your own contests!

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New Editor and Contests

On Friday we released two big new features that we've been working on for a long while: a new Instructable editor and contests.The new editor is great. It lets you navigate and edit step-by-step while your image library settings remain unchanged. You can even import photos directly from flickr within the editor. It also saves after each action, so you can quickly swap between steps making edits. Look for it here:, you can also get to it from the "Try the new Editor!" link in the upper right of the standard editor. After running so many contests and challenges on Instructables, we've now built-in many of those features. Look forward to new ways to find contests, being able to judge and collect community ratings directly on the Instructables, and, in the near future, creating your own contests!

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Glitches with the Instructables Editor

While trying to make Instructables with the Editor, I have come across two glitches (if this is not the place to report bugs and errors, please inform me).1. The text boxes for the Intro and the Steps editors refuse to let me copy/paste anything into them. The pasted text appears for a split second, then disappears.2. The same thing happens with links. I type in a URL and the text for the link, press OK, will show up for a split second then disappear.I hope this helps to make Instructables a better place.

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Instructables Offline Editor

Sorry, I completely forgot about this! It is by no means perfect, hell, i wouldn't even call it good. But it serves for my purposes.. Have fun with it! Couple of old screen shots of it.. Slightly different now.

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Punctuation in Instructables editor.

I'm using a UK mapped keyboard and FireFox and find that I get a couple of problems when posting certain characters. The 'Pound' symbol shows in the thread with a circumflexed 'A' before it, and colons and semi-colons have a circumflexed 'A' after them. Is there a way of getting these characters in so they display correctly? Examples £ : ;

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Letter from the editor

Hey gang,  This is my first "letter from the editor"! There is so much to write about and a limitless array of Instructables "stuff" that could be mentioned but with the newsletter and Facebook doing such an excellent job of keeping everyone up to date, I wanted to write something slightly more personal.  During most of college I worked at an art museum. One of my favorite exhibits was a large collection of toys, art and other things made primarily from metal cans. The exhibit featured things from all over Africa and the Caribbean. It has been one of those lingering experiences that just stuck with me, the magic of what people can and will do with what they have.  This year I was lucky enough to get just such a "toy", it seems like much more than a toy, as an early birthday present! The lovely gal that gave it to me had no idea I was enamored with these things, so it was all the more endearing that she knew I'd like it.  The piece is made entirely from re-purposed materials and I couldn't find any glue, solder or tape anywhere on it. The frame is bent wire and the body made from tomato cans. There are a handful of things that are held together by strips of inner tube, like the wheels made from the tops of aerosol cans. The whole thing is in general, fantastic!  I feel like this embodies so much of what and why we do what we do on Instructables and in this way we share a commonality of spirit with people and places many of us have little hope of seeing or truly understanding. The DIY spirit and ingenuity that is common in these places is something that I feel has steadily slipped away from the mainstream of heavy "consumer" nations.  The thing I like best about this is that even though there are other similar toys, like the one in the last photo, there will really only ever be one just like this. It has a story and exists in a far more real way than any manufactured toy is likely to have, no matter how long it sticks around, unless it's fortunate enough to be transformed by some clever DIY'er. So, if it's possible for an object to show why we do what we do, I feel like this one does.  I'm thinking we need a contest around this concept at some point!  Thanks for reading a kind regards, Jason Here are a few links from the web that show some more of these. I didn't find much about the objects themselves or the people making them but they are fairly inexpensive to buy and readily available if you go looking.

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Dear Newsletter editor.

Hi... This is an open letter.. made with a new id which i will never use again.. i promise you that my sole intention is for instructible to be better. Lately it's been very difficult for me to follow the one rule "be nice policy"... I'm still trying very hard... It's been made very hard by the newsletter editor, or whoever's job it is to choose which instructible to feature..  It's like you just choose randomly (or is this the case???), some times it's such a ridiculous ible that i can't hold my self much longer.. I want to be nasty in the comments of the ible.. But it's not the ible's writer's fault..  S/he's just making and sharing what s/he wants and i wouldn't even open the ible if it wasn't featured!!! To me, featuring means that you think it's a really nice piece and everyone should have a look at it.. it's brilliant! it's new!! it's unique! A little screening should be done prior to featuring.. Featuring doesn't mean "hey guys.. look at these random pages and see what you think.. or whatever..." Some of the ible's that was featured lately  that i dont think that everybody should see: "is my sweater blue?"  i admit it's a funny one.. well written.. yet it's pointless!  anticlimactic! i was expecting so much more only because it was featured. If i stumbled on it on my own, i wouldn't have put so much expectation and wont be too disappointed.. might even enjoy the joke..  it was 1st of march!!! Not april fools!!!!! "router hack"  more like router 101..  or how to use your router.. look at all the breach in the be-nice-policy comments... I wont even comment there..  A few was a re-post of older ible, some even a only re-make (i dont want to say plagiarism), and few more i care to remember... Were they innovative? were they interesting? were they everyone-must-see material? subjectively i say NO, NO, and NO. But if i look at the other commenting on them, mostly breaching the be nice policy, i'm not alone! I'm seriously starting to see instructible newsletter to be more junk lately.. Not like before when i got excited everytime one arrives in my inbox.. now i'm like "meh.. gotta screen to these stuff again because someone didn't do his/her job properly"... Please do something about this.. I'm worried that instructible would spiral down into the abyss, becoming flamming troll land due to the domino effect from negative comments making others feeling negative and spreading like a virus.. If it happens, there's only one to blame: unscreened newsletter featuring undeserving ibles. So i say again: please.. please.. please.. Anonym

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Japanese editor have a problem.

It seems like the editor have problem in Japanese site. I can create an instructables and steps(add step), but couldnot edit a step. When I select a step, it apear an intro page. English site is ok for editing a step. Please fix it.

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Editor shows plain HTML

Hi, while working at this one I experienced some clitches in the editor. 1. Code sections (formated with the paragraph "Code") are loaded in the editor including the HTML formating tags etc. When saving this they apear in the text as well, so the formating within the code section is destroyed every time. Browser = Chrome 60.3312... all my Safaris  On an up to date iPad the complete page is shown as HTML within the editor, I did not try to save it there Feature Requests 2. More Header styles 3. insert a table ? User experience suffers a bit :-( Cheers Mario

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This site's editor is the worst I have ever used…

This site's editor is the worst I have ever used… Once again, I have wasted my time in a frustrating effort to simply answer a question in my own Instructable, thanks to the still horrendous forum editor. Even after years of being online, and my and other people's utter frustration with this editor, it is still the worst forum editor on the web. Let me describe for you my current experience. First of all, I make it a point to compose my message in a text editor because I know from bad experience, that it is a certainty that the editor will lose all text that I enter at some point. OK, so I compose my message which contains some html anchor tags with links and text. I paste it into the text box. I hit the Preview button and nothing happens… Great. I see that NoScript (Firefox 30.0) is showing that there is some javascript that is not enabled. I temporarily enable JS. Poof! My text is gone!!! What did I tell you? I have to keep enabling JS several times to finally get rid of the red barred circle on the NoScript icon. I now re-paste my text that I thankfully still have safely saved in my text editor. Preview still doesn't work so I decide to switch to the Rich Editor. BTW I tried switching to Safari to see if it worked there and it didn't so it is not a browser issue. Now Preview works but all my html code is being shown as code and not nicely formatted text with embedded links. Wonderful. I have no intentions of wasting more time with the Rich Editor, trying to add links in the painfully slow process of point, click, copy, paste. No thanks… So I refresh the page. Poof! Text gone. I re-paste and simply click 'make comment' so I can PREVIEW my post. I need to make a few changes so I have to DELETE the post--there is no way to EDIT it like there is in any other forum I have ever used--and I have to repeat this ridiculous ritual several times to finally get it to the point where I can finally post the comment for real. Keep in mind, I could not use any formatting like bold or italics on any of the text like I wanted to do because there is no longer any markdown language. Formatting is only available in the Rich Editor which I refuse to use for reasons already mentioned. Oh, and one more thing… I tried to upload an image and the server was 'down for maintenance' so I gave up at that point. I was told that as a PRO member, the editor was an improved version of the normal one. I don't see any improvements. This and many other similar experiences I have had ONLY on this site, is IMO unacceptable. We all have a life and have much better things to do than waste hours of our own time struggling with an inferior editor in order to freely share our ideas with other people. This in itself is a creativity stifler. I have complained about this before and I probably will again until (IF) this problem is addressed properly. Obviously we the users are the life blood of this site and we deserve much better treatment. Once again, I make no apology for ranting and complaining--Kiteman. This crucial issue needs to be addressed. Get a new webmaster if that's what it takes. The current one is not doing his/her job. PS Wow, I had to preview this post before I could publish it and I see that all the breaks between paragraphs have been removed. Unbelievable. Even in an all-text post there are problems, which just serve to emphasize my point. PS 2 Wait a minute… When I went to edit the post and previewed it, the breaks suddenly miraculously appeared. So not only is the editor flakey, it is unpredictable as well.

Topic by Laral 

How Do You Like the New Editor?

How do you like the new editor?  It's called the CKEditor, and it shows you how the text of your Instructables and comments look while you are editing them.It was quite an undertaking to convert all the existing text on the site, so if you see anything awry, let us know.

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what happened to the old editor

In not a fan of the new editor, so Ive been using the old one till today.... wheres the old editor gone? please can i have it back?

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Problem with indent in new editor

There seems to be an issue with indent in the new editor. I am using Google Chrome Version 34.0.1847.116 m on win 8.1 See attached screenshots  from with an image from within the editor with indents and second image with saved version. I add an indent when editing but on save the indent vanishes in the editor and it is lost on the saved version. This is a consistent behavior, I have tried numerous times.

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Japanese editor have a problem.

It seems like the editor have problem in Japanese site. I can create an instructables and steps(add step), but couldnot edit a step. When I select a step, it apear an intro page. English site is ok for editing a step. Please fix it.

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Best (for viewer) schematic editor?

Hi all, this question shouldn't be to hard to answer... What schematic editor do you guys use to make "instructables friendly" images? Meaning images that pretty much anybody can understand, with little to no circuit experience. Eagle is a bit hard for the beginner to comprehend...

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How to Post Code in the Editor

Could someone please help me. Please show me the correct way to post code in an "ible". I have seen where some people post it in its own box. I would like to be able to do that, Im just not sure how.

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horrible bug in new editor

Ok so i wrote a quite long step, works fine. i went to add a picture so i dragged one to the drop area. chrome decided to open the picture instead of adding it, not that big of a problem. upon reloading the page i see that the auto save rubbish deleted all my text and auto saved the step that i had been working on for a hour. please just bring back the old editor.

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New Editor Fixes Relased!

Hi! So we released some fixes to the new editor that should prevent the "forever updating" error. Also you should be able to click images attached to each step to add image notes to them, view them in a larger size, etc. without re-ordering them. This is specifically because Kiteman and rachel asked for it, so thank them. Please let me know if there's any more bugs. - Dave

Topic by dworley