thermo electric fan

I bought an ECOFAN and want to know if anyone has figured out how to make one?I see computer fans online for as low as $19 that seem to run the same way.Heres one I looked at;;=_21Will these work?

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electric bicycle

Ok, i wanna take a old bike and put an electric motor on it, with a solar charged battery. what i wanna know is, what are my options on motors if i wanna use recycled components? can i use a motor from a; washer, dryer, blower fan, ect? i would like to be able to have something i can get around town with(not assisted)

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Electric Instrument

So I am a big fan of music, making and listening to. i like to make instrument also because i like the though of making something pleasing to the ear with my bare hands. I also am interested with electronics. So in conclusion i thought i would make a thread were you can post you ideas and answer questions about audio based technology

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Experiment on whether and when a stuck up fan will break into flame.

Let us consider a typical home electric fan, and we put some obstacle to prevent the fan propeller from turning, then we switch on the fan on the fastest speed; will the fan and when eventually break into flame because the propeller cannot rotate? Have there been experiments to see what will happen? Marius de Jess

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battery for an electric go kart?

hello, I'm planning on taking a box fan motor and attaching it to a frame. what kind of battery should i use and what should the circuit include? thanks SC

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powering turbine generator using a fan

Using a fan; can you get more output to power a turbine generator; using a large cog (like a star on a bicycle wheel).To power a bike you have a large star in the front and a small one in the rear which generates more power. So can you do this to power a turbine generator using a fan?   

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ceiling fan wind turbine

I am in the middle of building a ceiling fan generator/wind turbine.  I know that the electric current produced is AC (I think it's 3 has 3 wires coming out of the fan). I do not know electricity that well, and am learning as I go... I would like to use the wind turbine to drive a small garden water fountain pump that is 120 volts.  What do I need electrically to complete building this wind turbine? Does anybody have any suggestions on resources on how to connect such a device electrically?  (Do i need a diode, rectifier, ???)  Does the voltage produced by spinning the generator have to equal the volts required by the device ( small water pump)?  Thank you for any and all help as I'm trying to learn and hopefully complete this wind turbine by summer.

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Brushless Motors

I have a few fans around from computers. Seems that 3 wires is pretty common for these. I wasn't sure which was what, so, I figured "nothin to lose" and hooked up the right voltage across 2 wires. My guess was right. It ran. But, having 1 out of 9 fanblades busted off, it shook a bit. So, I busted off 2 more blades to balance it. But now, even connecting it the same way, it doesn't run. So, how should a 3 wire brushless motor fan be wired?

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12v car fan motor for an electric bike

Hi everyone ! I have a project for school that's called "the no project project". I have to do anything I want... so I had the idea of doing an electric bike, or tricycle. So I searched for motors... chainsaw motors... etc ! I have a little budget, and I red it was possible to use car heater fan motor, so I was very interested! But I wanted to have a confirmation from you guys... is a car heater fan motor as powerful as a wheel hub motor? and it is possible to use them as a electric bike motor? Thanks !

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Help , electric current from adaptor question

Ok kind of a noob question .. so im running 4 12v dc fans using .28 A current in Parallel with an adaptor that outputs 12V with .3 A current. my question is, will i need to add something (resistor or w/e) to limit the current  so my fans dont fry or will i be ok with nothing?.. i also want the voltage to remain at 12V , because i need them running at full  I searched the forums, couldn't find any specific answer Thanks for your help!! -Chris

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Is it possible to use a CPU fan to generate electricity to power an incandescent electric bulb?

Okay, I have to make a  model of hydroelectric power generator. I know that a DC Motor can produce only AC current when its rotated. But as far as I know AC current can power an incandescent electric bulb. So,Is it possible to use a CPU fan to generate electricity to power an incandescent electric bulb?

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is there any way you can put a battery in an electrical device that needs to be plugged in??

I have an electrical fan i want to add batteries to but i can't because it is a plug in do you guys know any way to make it use batteries?

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how does a conduction freezer change electric current into cold air ?

The freezer in question has no fan only a system of "pipes that form frost on their surface. I was wondering if the "pipes" or metal tubing contained a liquid. if so what liquid?

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would it be possible to reverse engineer an electric fan to be a small wind turbine?

I know it would not produce much energy, but would still be an interesting little project.

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Ceiling Fan for a Theatrical Production?

My theater group is doing Guys and Dolls for our spring production, and our director wants to have ceiling fans in a few of the scenes. Is there any way to create prop fans that can hang from a fly rail and rotate, but without being electrically powered? Thanks in advance!

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Using a fan to drive another fan

Hi all, This may very well be a stupid question but after a quick bit of searching I cannot find an answer (which probably means it is stupid). I have been thinking about setting up a wind turbine to generate some electricity for my home. It occurred to my that it would be good if the wind turbine did not rely solely on the wind from outside so I started thinking about using another fan to blow air into the fan or fan used to create the electricity. Does anyone know if this is possible? I guess what would be ideal is if fan A was powered by the electricity produced by fan B but fan B also produced a little extra electricity that I could syphon off. This could then easily scale up to produce more power. [ fan A ] ~~~~~> [ fan B ] ~~~~~> electricity I suppose if fan A takes more energy to run than fan B can create then it won't work. Has anyone looked into this?

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Twin blade ceiling fan

Hello, I fell in love with the twin-blade ceiling fan pictured at the link below (for some reason the uploader doesn't work in either form for me) , but at over $800 I hate the price tag.  I would like to try and DIY something like this for my new house, but I do not have the electrical knowledge to do it alone.  I figure that if I can find two second-hand desk fans and wire them into a nice light fixture I could get the look I want without the price, but I need to know how to do so safely.  I wouldn't want an electrical fire to burn down my new home! If anyone knows how to get these things all wired right it would be a great help! Joelle

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Does PC cooler's(FAN's) heatsink conducts electricity and heat?


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How can I slow down an 230v electrical fan motor???

Hi.I have this fan but the lowest speed is too LOUD!!!Would it be possible to solder on a resistor or something like that?The label says: Induction motor Class E 230v 50Hz 40w model DT30B There is also a speed controller 0,1,2,3.Let me know if I should capture the fan/label.I am very grateful for all responses.Thanks.

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What strong material could i use for making fan blades?

i'm trying to make this fan that is powered by a drill. the only problem is... i don't know what to use for the blades. i thought about using strips of plastic from a bottle, but i accidentally made something else ( which is still cool. i made an instructable of it, you guys should check it out!)  would the plastic be good, or should i use something else?

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Need help figuring out how much power to use. Answered

I am trying to power 2 small fans that each have an input of 12v DC 0.12A (120mA).  Do I need a 24v DC 0.24A (240mA) to power them both to max capacity?

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Speed Control for AC Electric Motors

Can anybody tell me how to build a controller to adjust the speed of an 110VAC electric motor, ( ex: blower motor, fan motor ) I was cautioned about using a light dimmer. bill

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Build a small fan for a toyota forklift

Need help building a small fan for a toyota propane powered forklift. Gets really hot in the warehouse and cant find a commercially available fan. the plug is really weird and isn't a 12 volt Any ideas

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What type of fan is best? What moves the most air using the least amount of electricity?

As a second part what fan will be efficient and also the least noisy.

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I have a small fan that I want to hook up to my usb port...

but it's a 12 volt not a 6 volt, and it runs to slow on 6 volts. what do I do?

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Electrical problem. My extractor fan keeps on tripping my RCD whenever i turn it on. Answered

I recently installed an Xpelair XX150T exractor fan in my bathroom. This model has an intergrated timer (which i do not want to use so i didn't connect up the unswitched live) and is supposed to be run off of a 3 pole fan switch. From my distribution board the cables are going to a switch and from there to the 3 pole fan switch and on to the fan. At the distribution board the live is connected into a 20Amp breaker and the neutral is connected to the main neutral bar. Whenever i switch on the fan the RCD trips. I've checked my wiring and i cant see any reason for this.

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Thermo electric? Fridge, can I put a fan to the door to cool my small room??

Thermo electric? Fridge, can I  put a fan to the door to cool my small room?? It has a big Thermoelectric component on a even bigger heat sink on it and it works as a fridge, will it work as a cooler as is or if I take out the cooler component and place say 12 psu fans on top of the cool side? thanks Al

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How to switch 12VDC 1.5 amps and 0.3 amps

Hi :)I have to switch some fans on and off electrically but I don't really know how to do it.. I wanted to use MOSFET but is it a good idea ? If yes, which models ? I already worked with relays but it seems to be an "overkilled" solution for this application :p As writen in the title, one will be used with 1.5amps and the other with 0.3amps (12VDC both).Thanks :)

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Wiring Xbox 360 Fans, Basic Electrical Help, please.

Ok, So I ripped the cooling fans out of a dead xbox, and I'd like to use them for maybe an airbrush spray booth (depending on how much they suck) and I have some total newbie electrical questions. There are two fans rated at 12 vdc @ 0.4 amps each. I have a ac adapter with the same ratings. If I want these to run at maximum on one adapter, what rating do I need? I'm thinking 12vdc @ 0.8 amps, but I have a very limited understanding of electricity, so I'm most likely wrong. Instruct me, Instructables! Thanks very much!

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Old Fan - One Non Electric Windmill Whilrgig = Help?

Hi, Well, I took apart a old fan, salvaged some parts and what I really want to do is make a nice whirlgig for my garden. Well I managed to put everything together without decorating it just yet - just to see how it all fit together - and I'm not understanding how to connect the blade in a way that it will stay connected to the bolt I drilled through the wood and yet still maintain the ability to spin in the wind. A nut isn't doing it. Any ideas? Muchly obliged for your help people. ~~*~~ Purple Swirl ~~~*~~~

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Running a ceiling fan from a battery?

I'm trying to build a large World War II bomb prop that needs to vibrate, for a short film I'm working on.  The building the bomb part I have figured out, but as far as the vibrating I'm trying to power a ceiling fan from some form of standard 'off-the-shelf' battery and have no idea how to start and if this is possible.  Anyone have any ideas about how to do this?

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How do I trace a home electric circuit from the breaker to its terminus??

Just moved into a 60's home.  The electrical system has some "unique" aspects.  Everything works and the building inspector didn't find any glitches but the main panel wasn't labeled.  I spent a day tracing out most of the circuits.  I ended up with two 110V circuits that don't seem to power anything in the house.  ( hey that is better than the 3 110V and 2 240V unknown circuits that i started out with! )  I have accounted for things like outside lights and outlets, attic fan and lights, extra outlets in the garage, and a line out to a shed.   The breakers are wired and "on".     So can I trace these circuits from the main panel to where ever they end up?

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how to build a wireless electrical light switch?,

to turn on/off say a tubelight, a fan, a plug socket, what are the hardware requirements , with circuit diagrams, which can be easily replace a wall mounted switch board in a household environment

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Replacing an old bathroom fan

This is an idea someone may be able to use, but it does not quite rise to what I would want to do as an Instructable. A widow friend has two bathrooms, each with a very dated bathroom fan in need of replacement. I was able to mount the works (fan motor, fan blade, and mounting plate) for the new fan onto the old mounting plate after modifying the old plate. This saved me hours of work in a very hot confined attic when time and tools available to me were quite limited. Had I torn out the carcass for the old fan and tried to put the new fan carcass in its place, I would have needed to fashion a wooden framework for mounting the carcass that would fit just right between the ceiling joists, all so the fan would be properly centered above the existing hole in the ceiling.  The mounting plate for the new works was just a bit smaller than that for the old works. The height and diameter of the new fan cage were very close to the dimensions of the old fan cage. I began by using a cutting wheel on an angle head grinder to cut through the old mounting plate around the circumference of the old fan cage. Then I positioned the old mounting plate over the new works and its mounting plate. The glass dish that would cover the light bulbs fastens to a shaft that screws onto a threaded stud centered between the corners of the new mounting plate. I sighted across the corners of the mounting plates so the threaded stud was centered. I clamped the two mounting plates together and drilled four holes for 10-32 screws 1/2 inch long and secured them with nuts and lockwashers. (I did need to cut out part of the new mounting plate so the fitting for the two electrical outlets [fan and light] were accessible to plug in both the light and fan cords.) Had the glass dish mounted to the works differently, I would have used measurements from at least two sides to the center of the fan's shaft to position the new mounting plate on the old. Once the two mounting plates were held together with four screws it was a simple matter to put the works into the old carcass and plug in both the fan and the light to their respective receptacles. There was no question the works would fit because they were attached to the old mounting plate that had been taken from the old carcass. The round opening in the ceiling drywall bordered on being too large to be covered by the escutcheon for the new cover/light fixture. I added some drywall spackling around the edges to close any imperfections and gaps. For me this was an idea that worked and saved me a lot of time.  

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Simple LED question... if you know how to do the math!

A few years ago, I found a plastic pumpkin with a "faux flame" set up inside of it. I liked the idea of it and am trying to replicate it to make a few faux flame torches around my backyard for halloween this year. The idea is that there is a small 12v fan near the top of a tube. There two or three leds glued around the top of the tube. The fan blows a flame shaped piece of fabric up and the leds light it up to look like fire. (possible future instructable?) Unfortunately, I don't know much about circuits and the math of electricity. I found a small fan (12vdc .13a) and 2 red leds (2.6v). I hooked them up in parallel with a 12v 1amp wall wort coverter but nothing happens. I have done a little reading online and wonder about needing a resistor in front of the leds. I wanted to hook it up in parallel to get the fan to work at full speed to make the fabric really blow. From all the circuits I have seen online, this one seems really simple, if I knew what I was doing. Can anyone draw me up a simple diagram? What am I goofing up on here? Thanks! Matt

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I have a question about an attic exhaust fan hooked up to a thermostat. Can I connect an on off switch up as well? Answered

I have an attic exhaust fan hooked up to a thermostat.  Can I also wire it to a switch so I can turn it on and off when I want to in addition to having the thermostat turn it on when temperature reaches the set temp?

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If I connect an AC fan motor to an engine of some type, will it create AC current? Answered

Or am I completely wrong in thinking that a motor can be a generator if you apply force to it instead of applying electricity?

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which kind of magents are used in free electric generator

I want to know the names of the magnets which are used in this project and what should be the size of the fan

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Advice needed - Desk fan / pedestal fan as wind turbine giving 5v

I've seen a few ideas online but so far no clear instructions. I want to mount a fan outside, probably on a spinning head to face the wind, then run that current through smoothing capacitors and a step down convertor to give a stable 5v output (through a usb port). The problems I anticipate are 1. keeping the electrics of the fan dry (I was thinking of mounting it in a hood / tunnel to keep the rain off) 2. the spinning head and not having cables twisting and breaking (maybe i could use the oscilating head of the fan to do this?) 3. too much power coming in and damaging the capacitors / step down convertor. Has anyone attempted a similar project and / or have any advice on this please?

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I want to run a small electric fan from a 7.5v 2.5amp (max) solar panel.

I want it to run on less than gloriously sunny days - what kind of motor should I get? If I use a 5v motor will it burn out the first all-sunny day?

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What do I need to make laptop stand cooler?

I would like to make my own custom laptop stand cooler with fan (6 fan) of 8 or 9cm The reason why I need it that many is because my laptop gets overheat quickly & sometimes it shuts down by itself. Ps: I would like to connect the fans to wallplug with adapter or usb wall plug adapter. 1. I would like to know what do I need besides 6 fan, mdf / acrilyc for the stand, adapter, usb cable? 2. For this project, which fan is the best for me, 2 pins, 3 pins or 4 pins? 3. Moreover, which voltage should I have a look and which 1 is better: high rpm or cfm flow? Thanks Edit 1: Sorry as Im complitely blind with electricity, I will have to ask lots of questions. Hp already acknowledge the problem but cannot do anything with the overheating other than suggesting using external fan & at this moment im using deskfan to blow the exhaust hole of the laptop. So this is for example the fan that I found on eBay Voltage, 12V. Voltage range, 6 to 13.8V. Current, 0.20Amps. Speed, 4500RPM at rated voltage and zero pressure. Flow (max), 67CFM. Pressure Rise (Max), 0.3inH2O. Thanks again for all the answer Edit 2: To make it easy, this is my question 1. Id like to put 5 fans with above spec, does that mean I need power adaptor that can handle 1A (5x0.20A) ? 2. Would it be better if I use power adaptor 2000mA or better to stick with 1000mA ? 3. Im planning to use dc connector head (see pict) but I only see 2 cable holes. If the fan has 3 or 4 cables, which cable should be put in the minus hole and which one in the plus hole, and what to do with the rest of the cable(s) ? 4. Would this power adaptor perfect for my project? Sorry again with this dummy questions, but like I said Im complitely blind with electricity. Thanks for all the answer

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how can u make a good electric portable air conditioner

I wanted to make a portable air conditioner for camping and stuff like that. I kind of wanted an electric one because all of the ones that i see use ice and would melt during the day up hear in north queensland. i wanted to use two pc fans pushing air into an esky full of cold copper tubing and coming out of three exits of pvc pipe and  ducts running into a tent or my swag do any of u have an idea for my air con thanks

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camping. no generator but you want to run a fan all night . how would create the power to do it ? Answered

Wondering if it is possible to create a power source . I camp alot and cant stand the sound of a generator. wondered if steam power would be enough to recharge a battery ( 12 volt) that runs all night hooked up to a fan . ( probably a Usb sized ) just enough to move the air around the tent .  just thinking aloud here but is there a way to make a home made steam generator? boiling water causes fans to rotate, in turn this causes a electric charge .  I am also looking into wind powered. most the places i camp can be a tiny bit drafty.  during the day solar power could be used. also 

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Help - wiring up bathroom extract

Hi all. I am planning on installing a bathroom extract fan. The fan will be ducted to a small toilet and to my shower, this it will be extracting from 2 spaces. I would like to connect the fan to the lights, so when either (or both) of the bathroom or toilet lights are turned on, then the fan will turn on. Would this be possible?

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Books on electronics?

Hey guys, ive been a big fan of the site for a long time but have only just signed up. I just wondered if anyone could recommend to me some good books/guides on basic electronics and circuit building. Iv always been interested in the way electronic devices work and after viewing some cool looking instructables on here decided i want to try and learn about how to make them. It is also fueled by my interest in physics which i want to pursue in university. Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks.

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Pull chain for light on ceiling fan broke on off position.?

 The light kit is hard wired to the fan.  It is a two wire light and the there are no connections to separate, the wire is directly wired to the fan.   usually there are wire nut connectors which are simple to remove and replace with new switch.  This fan has no such connectors.  one wire is soldered directley to fan motor and the other end is solder to the light assembly.  Is there any way to repair this , or at least to turn the light on.  The wires fit extremely tightly into the the little light kit, there is no room whatever to work with .  any suggestions?

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need help building electric bike!!!!

Hello all, i am building an electric bike (basically converting my old bicycle which is useless into an electric one) and figured that no one could be a better help then here at the instructables! ;D anyways, so i am using a 24v 250W motor along with 2x12v 12Ah sealed lead acid connected in parallel (in my country it's almost impossible to find a lipo4 or lipo battery for that matter). i reckon i should be able to get 30kms out of the batteries. so first of all i needed to know if this could work out for me (btw, it's not a hub motor it looks like this: but, more importantly what i want  to know is that i since i can't find an electric scooter controller over here, would it work if i could connect a electric thumb throttle (or twist throttle) in series between the battery and motor on one side, sort of like u connect a normal fan regulator or switch by cutting either the +ve or -ve wire in half and putting re connecting the wires through the switch, like in the picture below (sorry for the bad diagram), so, thanx in advance, any help will be appreciated and please reply asap as schools are starting and i have to be done before the vacations :P 

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Hi Guys, Just new here...   don't know if i posted this in the right forum topic so i'm open to any corrections and guidance if you can give me  ... I'm in my last year in Computer Engineering and one of my project proposals is the Smartphone controlled Electric Fan. The idea is basically that i have control over the movement of the electric fan, if I want it to face left or if I want it to face right and so forth. I have a Samsung GT-15530 phone. This is what i plan to use for this project. I plan on making a program that can be installed into the phone, for Android of course.] The program displays the controls to the fan. Another function i want to put into this is that the electric fan will be able to track where the phone is (and the owner of the phone is as well) and automatically face itself towards the direction of where the phone(owner) is. So basically: The program displays - Left Button, Right Button, and Automatic Follow Button Wireless medium - Bluetooth so the question: Can I do this on a Arduino?

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