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eletronic stimulation device

Hello fellow builders, I am having some trouble, for a rather important school project i need to perform some test and for one of the set of tests i need a device to deliver electric impulses on a person on regular basis. so i immediatly thought of medical devices like a TENS or EMS (if i remember correctly) unit. no the big problem is they are almost unobtainable in working conditions or they cost a fortune in shipping and stuff. is it possible to make a unit like this on my own ? 

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design a simple IR remote transmitter & receiver

i want to design a remote controller & a remote receiver system  

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what can i do with a gamecube and a stero? Can i make something that has parts from both objects?

I have an old radio that has a tape casset player a cd player and radio and a game cube and was wondering what can i do with them.

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Is there any way to reset or an inside fuse to change on a TomTom navigation device? GPS 300?

The device was connected in reverse polarity. Pilot light is on but all else is dead.

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How to make a 4 channel rc tranzmitter and reciver?

I want to buld a 4 channel tranzmitter and reciver. But I am limited to capastators, tranzistors, resistors and crystils (27mhz). If anyone has sugestions or dyagrams please help. Thanks.

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Radio Broadcast?

I want to make somthing capeable of broadcasting to 15 foot. (Medium Wave) Can anyone help?

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Infrared detector curket. Would this work? Answered

I want to buld a ir detector. Would this curket work?

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bulding a generator?

I have a 5sme22nj028a general electric motor and wanted to buld a generator.  It is 10 pin (not including earth). I have used a voltmeter to see what generate but there are many combonations and they all seem to generate. Also it is brushless. Please help.

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help making a amplfyer? Answered

I was going to build a amplfyer from this instructable but had no BC548 or 2N3904 transistors. I did a google search to find out what could also work. I found a website stating simmalar transistors. On this website, at the related transistors section it states a few simmalar transistors. What transistors could I use instead of the BC548 or the 2N3904?

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My computer is running at 60% CPU sitting on idle. Help!!!

My windows vista laptop is running at about 60% cpu on idle. If I move the mouse fast it goes up realy high 80%. When I go on internet it fulls up and frezes. How do I tell what programs are running to block it up. And how do I clear it out?

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Building a genertor? Answered

I have a 5sme22nj028a general electric motor and wanted to buld a generator. It is 10 pin (not including earth). I have used a voltmeter to see what generate but there are many combonations and they all seem to generate. Also it is brushless. I have posted this question before but fogort to include that the motor says varable speed on the side. I was thinking that connecting diffrent pins would make the motor go at diffrent speeds. In my other question someone said that it may need a mirco prosser before it. I think that this is probaly the case but wanted to see if anyone knew about this motor. So if it needs or doesnt need a micro prosessor before it, please tell me. I should be able to work it out from there. Thanks

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Remote control transmitter and reciver?

I saw a instructable on how to get free eletronics and need the number of a 4 channel variable speed transimtter and reciver (for example 555 is a timer) preferabley 27 MHZ. If you know the part number please post it in comments. Thanks David.

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Need help bulding a A Class single transistor amplifer?

I've been looking at getting a eletronic duck call but what I have been looking at hasn't been very good qualty. So I thought of getting a mp3 player and a bulding a amplfyer to call in ducks. I want to bulid a simple A type amplfyer using one transistor. that can run off a Ipod. I saw a you tube video of what I would like to make. If anyone knows how to build a simple amp like or simmalar please: A: Give me a curket dyagram. B: Give a link to me, to a curket dyagram or instructable. C: Please say if you have any helpfull info. Thanks for reading and /or helping.

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Milling PCBs with grbl?

Hi everyone. Ive just finished my little mill, and it works great, its ardunio based running grbl control software. I thought it would be cool to mill PCBs  so I downloaded fritzing, designed a PCB and Im now stuck, as I need something to output an NC Gcode to the mill. Fritzing can output a few different formats, pdf, svg, and grber. I have got Vcarve but it doesn’t like  fritzings pdfs, I can import grber file into grbl, but the scale is wrong and the trace looks like its full of errors. Can anyone recommend a PCB design package that is compatible with grbl?

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Battery conversion? Answered

I have a rc helicopter and the controler uses 6X aa batterys. I thought that it would be cheaper to use a 9 volt battery instead. Would it damage my remote? Also Would this affect battery life and if so by how much?

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USB battery chardger?

I was going to build a amplfyer and because it was mainley going to be pluged into a computer I thought that it would be a good idea to have it chardge off usb. I want to chardge two aaa batterys by usb. Are there any instructables showing how to make a dual aaa usb chardger?

Question by David97  

Need help finding a datasheet for a camera? Answered

I scavenged a camera from a cellphone and thought it might be usefull for somthing with a arduino. The problem is that I can't find any datasheets on this part. The part number is... A6J925 3471933     3 If any one has this camera, a datasheet, or knows anything about this part any help would be helpfull. Thanks, David.

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Remote control reciver help?

I need to replace a part from a remote control areoplane. The part number is 06N03LZ and I cant find anywhere where I can buy one. Does anyone know a online store with the part listed and can they give me a link? Thanks. (it looks like the same one in picture but I cant tell because it is in another language.)

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Where can I gat cheap materails for setting up a etching station in New Zealand?

I have wanted to etch my own PCBs but didn't have the money. Now I have got a little bit of money and wonderd where the cheapest place was to get etching materails in New Zealand (preferabially in christchurch). Can anyone help?

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C327 instead of BC327 transistor help?

I went to buy some transistors and the person in the shop handed me C327 insted of BC327. Would C327 work instead of BC327 in a amplfyer circuit.

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Help with chardging batterys in paralell?

I have a Nikko Super Dictator witch I replaced all the eletronics in it apart of the engines. I used an rc reciver I found lying around out of a plane. I put this in the car (it olny has one engine now because one was blowen with the eletronics when I got it). The problem is that the batterys get hot and run out very fast. Each battery is 9.6 volt, 650MAh, Ni-MH, and the chardger is 9.6V, 300Ma (the batterys are equivlent to 8xaaa batterys in series). I want to wire two batterys in paralell and tape them together. How, and what, would I chardge these batterys I have made?

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Is there another way to make pcbs without copper board, lazer printers, or acid? Answered

I need to bulid a PCB but dont have time to buy equipment also it is going to be a one off build so I also dont want to buy anything expensave. I have strip board but getting what I want to make small is very hard. Is there a way to build pcbs with household items?

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How to stream live video from a webcam using raspberry pi?

Hi, I have had my raspberry pi for about 3 months now and I purchased it with the intention of mounting it on an RC car so I can have live video. The problem is that the pi doen't support flash so I cannot simpley run my webcam through a program like skype. I have bought a wifi usb dongle with the rtl8188cus chip and want to be able to drive it within range of my modem. I also a have a proper tx and rx for an rc plane because I prefer the joystick control. So the olny thing the raspberry pi needs to do is stream live video at a high fps. Can anyone provide me with instructions on how I can stream live video at high fps on my raspberry pi? Thanks, David.

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Arduino yellow drummer robot?

I was looking at building a yellow drummer robot that I saw in Make 25. I don't have a Picaxe, the problem is that I have seen pictuures and videos of people that have used arduino but no detailed instructions. Can anyone give me a link to instructions or  give me tips. The best help I have had so far is the code. But how do I connect it up? (I have a arduino deumonlatave, but it should still work). // Yellow Drum Machine Program for Arduino Uno // setup pins and variables for SRF05 sonar device int echoPin = 12;                               // SRF05 echo pin (digital 12) int initPin = 13;                               // SRF05 trigger pin (digital 13) unsigned long pulseTime = 0;                    // stores the pulse in Micro Seconds unsigned long distance = 0;                     // variable for storing the distance (cm) // setup pins for drivetrain motors int DCMotor1Drive = 10;                         // DCMotor1 Drive Pin (PWM 3) int DCMotor1Reverse = 3;                        // DCMotor1 Reverse Pin (PWM 10)       int DCMotor2Drive = 9;                          // DCMotor2 Drive Pin (PWM 6) int DCMotor2Reverse = 6;                        // DCMotor2 Reverse Pin (PWM 9) // setup pins for sonar pivot pager int SensorPagerRight = 11;                        // SensorPager rotate right Pin (digital #) int SensorPagerLeft = 5;                         // SensorPager rotate left Pin (digital #) // setup pins for drumstick pagers int Pager1 = 8;                           // Pager1 rotate forward Pin (digital #) int Pager2 = 2;                         // Pager1 rotate reverse Pin (digital #) int Pager3 = 1; int speed = 0; int averageDistance = 0;                        // stores the average distance value int mode = 0; // Function for sonar reader int readsonar() {   // variables to take x number of readings and then average them   // to remove the jitter/noise from the SRF05 sonar readings   const int numOfReadings = 10;                   // number of readings to take/ items in the array   int total = 0;                                  // stores the cumlative total     // create array loop to iterate over every item in the array   for (int i = 0; i < numOfReadings; i++) {        // Trigger sonar to take reading     digitalWrite(initPin, HIGH);                    // send 10 microsecond pulse     delayMicroseconds(10);                          // wait 10 microseconds before turning off     digitalWrite(initPin, LOW);                     // stop sending the pulse         // Read sonar distance     pulseTime = pulseIn(echoPin, HIGH);             // Look for a return pulse, it should be high as the pulse goes low-high-low     distance = pulseTime/58;                        // Distance = pulse time / 58 to convert to cm.     total= total + distance;                        // add the reading to the total   } return total / numOfReadings; } // Drivetrain movement command functions   /* Drivetrain Forward */   int goforward(int speed) {      analogWrite(DCMotor1Reverse, 0);     analogWrite(DCMotor1Drive, speed);     analogWrite(DCMotor2Reverse, 0);     analogWrite(DCMotor2Drive, speed);   }   /* Drivetrain Reverse */   int goreverse(int speed) {     analogWrite(DCMotor1Reverse, speed);     analogWrite(DCMotor1Drive, 0);     analogWrite(DCMotor2Reverse, speed);     analogWrite(DCMotor2Drive, 0);   }           /* Drivetrain Turn Right */   int goright(int speed) {     analogWrite(DCMotor1Reverse, 0);     analogWrite(DCMotor1Drive, speed);     analogWrite(DCMotor2Reverse, 0);     analogWrite(DCMotor2Drive, 0);   }   /* Drivetrain Turn Left full speed*/   int goleft(int speed) {   analogWrite(DCMotor1Reverse, 0);   analogWrite(DCMotor1Drive, 0);   analogWrite(DCMotor2Reverse, 0);   analogWrite(DCMotor2Drive, speed);    }     /*Drivetrain turn around*/   int turnaround(int speed) {      analogWrite(DCMotor1Reverse, 0);      analogWrite(DCMotor1Drive, 255);      analogWrite(DCMotor2Reverse, 255);      analogWrite(DCMotor2Drive, 0);   }     /* Pager Pulse functions */   int rightstick() {     digitalWrite(Pager1, 0);     delay(200);     digitalWrite(Pager1, 1);   }     int leftstick() {     digitalWrite(Pager2, 1);     delay(200);     digitalWrite(Pager2, 0);   }     int tailstick() {     digitalWrite(Pager3, 1);     delay(200);     digitalWrite(Pager3, 0);   }      //Operational Modes   //Target Seeking Mode  int findtarget() {    int Center = readsonar();    if (Center > 50)       goforward(255); //Go forward!    else      mode = 1; //  }     //Fine-Tune Targeting Mode  int lockontarget() {     // Reading and moving the sonar     int Center = readsonar();     digitalWrite (SensorPagerLeft, 1);     digitalWrite (SensorPagerRight, 0);     delay (500);     int Left = readsonar();     digitalWrite (SensorPagerLeft, 0);     digitalWrite (SensorPagerRight, 1);     delay (500);     int Right = readsonar();     digitalWrite (SensorPagerLeft, 0);     digitalWrite (SensorPagerRight, 0);     delay (500);         //Speed and Direction Control      if ((Center < Right) && (Center < Left)) {         if (Center > 50)           goforward(255); //Go forward!        else if (Center > 7)          goforward(128); //        else          mode = 2;      }      else if ((Right < Center) && (Right < Left)) {        if (Right > 50)           goright(255); //Go forward!        else if (Right > 7)          goright(128); //        else          mode = 2;      }      else if ((Left < Center) && (Left < Right)) {        if (Left > 50)           goleft(255); //Go forward!        else if (Left > 7)          goleft(128); //        else          mode = 2;      }  } //LET THE BEAT DROP! int makesomenoise() {    tailstick();    rightstick();    leftstick();    delay (500);          tailstick();    rightstick();    leftstick();    delay (500);    tailstick();    rightstick();    leftstick();    delay (500);    tailstick();    tailstick();    tailstick();    tailstick();    rightstick();    leftstick();    tailstick();    rightstick();    leftstick();    delay (500);    tailstick();    rightstick();    leftstick();    delay (500);    mode = 3; }      //Go Somewhere Else//  int runaway()  {    goreverse(255);  }               // setup void setup() {   pinMode(DCMotor1Drive, OUTPUT);                     // sets DCMotor1Drive as output   pinMode(DCMotor1Reverse, OUTPUT);                   // sets DCMotor1Reverse as output   pinMode(initPin, OUTPUT);                           // set init pin 13 as output   pinMode(echoPin, INPUT);                            // set echo pin 12 as input   pinMode(Pager1, OUTPUT);   pinMode(Pager2, OUTPUT);   pinMode(Pager3, OUTPUT);   digitalWrite(Pager1, 1);   digitalWrite(Pager2, 0);   digitalWrite(Pager3, 0);    // initialize the serial port, lets you view the  // distances being pinged if connected to computer  //    Serial.begin(9600);   } void loop() {   if (mode == 0)     findtarget();   else if (mode == 1)     lockontarget();   else if (mode == 2)   {     makesomenoise();     turnaround(255);     mode = 0;   }   // Serial.println(mode, DEC);         // print out the average distance to the debugg }  

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Help choosing a genral purpose mosfets to buy in bulk? Answered

Hi, I am looing at buying  some mosfets in bulk. I need a mix of genral purpose N-channel annd P-channel mosfets. These have to be able to handle up to 40V and around 5 amp. These will be used for genral motor controlling and inductive loads. But mostley for prototyping. I need a mosfet that is cheap, takes a bit of a bashing, robust, and easy to use. Any suggestions on what I should get. I need both P channel and N channel mosfets for genral use. Thanks for any help, David.

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What part would that be? Answered

Well I would love to know what this number is. Faso that question because I want to mount an equal for progeto, and knowing the name I search on Google. In hindsight not sopressiso name only the circuit and components

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Anyone know anything about old (60's) guitar amps?

I picked up old a Jansen eight 25. It's in not bad condition, apart from a dodgy tube socket and a missing dial, all of which can be repaired easily. Anyway, I was looking on-line and could not find any data for it other than it's a early 60's amp. Seems to work great. the unit is about 2feet wide and 1.5 feet tall. Made in New Zealand. So I was wondering if anyone could provide me with more data on this, if it is worth anything. If it is not, then it would make a interesting teardown.

Question by David97  

my god of war PSP will not play games i believe it got wet but still does all other functions fine?

The psp wont play games, but everything work fine like music, pictures,internet sound works good.

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LED sign help?

I want to make an LED sign for my roommate as a present. I know a basic knowladge of eletronics, but I don't have much time can anyone post things I need to buy for a flashing led sign. thank you preferably 100 Leds + Thank you -john.

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instructible to home made radio controlled small helicopter ,which could fly in home ,without using a market kit

Please could some one tell me a detailed instructible to make a homemade radiocontrolled small helicopter which could fly in home,without using a market kit ,also the neccesary eletronic components to use?pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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help building a led lighting system that dances to music?

I am currently working on my portfolio to get into undergrad. I am trying to build this lava monster sculpture and work like the lava to be led lights that dance to music.  I know nothing about eletronics and would like to talk to someone about this so i can figure out my options.

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Need info on this wind generator circuit! Answered

I'm trying to build a very compact wind generator, and found some circuit schematics over the internet for the voltage regulator. I have some experience with eletronics, but get lost sometimes... any help on this schematic would be very welcome! Also, for a small (say, 15" diameter propeller) turbine, what kind of eletrical motor would be best suited?

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Does anyone know how to remove the electronic hum from a paging speaker?

I've got a 12 watt pager speaker. I took this really old black G3 Western electric Telephone. I've wired them to a 1.8 watt dc power supply for the moment. Does anyone know how to remove the eletronic hum from my PA system? Plan on getting a better power supply soon.

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smd lm386 vs lm386?

I want to build simple amp but i have a problem, in eletronic store where i buy they dont have standard lm386 but they have SMD LM386. maybe they will get standard lm386 but its 2x more expensive then smd. So can i make amp using smd lm 386? and if i can does i need some other parts ( for standard i need 2 resistors, 1x 1k potentiometer, and 1-2 x capacitor)

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Working on Merit Megatouch monitors?

In trying to repair Merit Megatouch monitors I have ran into two problems. First they will lose hozornal size control. Second, at the top of the screen there is a place that is all squeezed together. These are type-66 monitors. I have had good luck on most other problems with just testing the eletorlicit caps. I do not have a way to check scramic or titanium caps. I have not found where I can get a schematic of these monitors. Any help would greatly aperashate. Forgive my spelling, I am much better at eletronic repair.

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Something to do with an oldcd player

Hi everybody! Okay , Let's talk I have 5 old cd players here that I can break , open , use the parts and etc. and I want to know if there's a cool thing to do with these eletronics they are working , and there's no use for them, so could someone show me any cool ideia to do with them ? I tried to do a amplifier to my cellphone to listen to music here,but it didn't work as well I wanted Sorry if the topic is at the wrong place , and I have already took a look at the site, and didn't find some nice ideia :o

Topic by mcamargo  

wiring and charging 2 3s1p lipo batteries in series?

If i wire three 3s1p lipo battery packs in series, does it become a 6s2p battery and can I charger the 2\three batteries in that form(series). This is for a electronic long board battery. I would be using three zippy compact 5000mah 3s1p 11.1volt batteries.  Im want the total mah to be 5000 and output voltage to be 33.3. therefore the wirng like this would work but im not sure if i can charge it in series with 1 charger or if i have to charge them all seperatly if wired in series.  Thanks!

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heating elements for sale

I have two electric heating elements I would like to sell. they are good enough for melting metal and fireing pottery, they will also come with the control eletronics too. you can make gingerys "little Bertha" if you want. I pulled them out of a huge eletric furnes for heating a building, they are good but you would need to figure out the controls. they are quite long. there are two coils per stack, so you would get 4 coils. the first picture is with a 12 ruler to show the length ( it reads 10.5 inches)all I want is $30 and $25 for shipping..... the cost is hard to beat!just send me a comment if you want them!

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Arduino - Where and how to start?

Hello! I'm pretty new here, been browsing the site and looking at so many instructables I'd like to build but at least 1/5th of them use Arduinos. I've googled around, browsed some online eletronic shops, ebay and I've noticed there are many models of them, so my question is quite simple - which Arduino would be good for me as a starter? (Honestly I'd like to go with the cheapest as my budget is not big and I'm afraid I could damage it somehow which would not be nice) I'm familiar with C and C++ so I guess that helps me a little in programming the thing, now the only problem is that I've got nothing to program :) Thanks, Matiss.

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Where can i find (scavenge) a 555 timer and other commonly used ICs? Answered

I have a special interest in components retrieval from out or no-more-in-use eletronics, and since i live out ou the US that is probably the easiest/cheapest/quickest way to get some parts. A mini-question: what is the main application of the 555? I've seen it mostly controlling dc motors and blinking lights and in some amps. Knowing the use of it is another way to know where to find it. So, just like a stepper motor can be found in most (if not all) printers and scanners, where can we find ICs and other crucial parts for projects?

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I want to make a simple sound board.

I already found a instructable that plays a portal song using an avr: I wanna make something just like that, small, minimal, but i want to know how to do it propoerly, can someone point me the way? I wanted to do simples short sound samples, with a button, that's fairly simple, but i'm not familiar with the audio part. I know i have to convert wave sound samples to hex, but the whole process i still don't know right. I am familiar with eletronics and arduino, but this project has limited space. I can use pic's, perhaps AVR, but i got limited time, as this will be a gift. We gona do a potato Glados, with a real potato with copper and zync nails, using a booster/thiefbug as a potato only manage to give 1.2V . Theres is a similar produt on ThinkGeek, we could just buy it, but doing it is way more symbolic. Considering that we live in Brazil, the simples way possible is always prefered, importing stuff takes precious time. I'll probably stick with that avr and modify the code, but any help would be awesome.

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