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Eliminate login to xp?

I would like to eliminate the login when I turn on my pc. Up until about two weeks ago I was able to turn on my pc and use it without a login. Now I have to click enter (with no password entered) when a login window comes up on startup. Is there a way to disable the login? I am running XP Pro SP3. Thanks

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eliminating cat pee odor?

A cat peed on my deck chair cushion. What formula for an odor remover that works Please. stains are OK, the stink is not.

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Natural Elimination/Move of Bees in House Walls

Hi to All -  I have a problem with an old farm house that has some sort of opening into which a bee colony has called home as well. I am really not wanting to simply kill the hive, as I know of the importance of bees, but I can't have them stay much longer as the colony/hive is growing in size. Does anyone have any ideas on how to try to "encourage" the hive to move out without being destructive?

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Optimal size for images to eliminate resizing

Hello, I have some diagrams that I drew in Inkscape to include with an upcoming instructable, and I'd like to upload images that won't be automatically resized by the instructables website, to preserve the clarity of the text. Does anyone know of an optimal size for images so that they won't be resized by the website? Thanks, mat_the_w

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How to eliminate noise in FM transmitter? Answered

I had made a FM transmitter using IC NE555. When i power the circuit with 9V battery,the transmitted audio is clearly received in my radio receiver.The problem is the battery will soon drain out and also as the battery starts to drain the transmitted frequency changes without my knowledge.So as the battery voltage decreases the frequency is also changing.To eliminate this problem i used transformer powered source with 9V Regulator 7809.When i power the circuit with transformer the received audio signal on my radio receiver has so much of noise added.The audio quality which i transmitted is completely lost.Anyone Help me to resolve this problem.

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Do negative ion generators eliminate smell?

Would a design like this work to eliminate odors in a small room? Whole thing is enclosed in a pvc pipe with 1 end open and one with small holes. The ac power goes into a switch that goes to the negative ion gen. in the sealed end of the pipe. The 9v battery goes to a switch, then to a small blower fan that blows the air out of the pipe.

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WARTS ON COWS - sometimes hundreds on a calf. How do I eliminate them without eliminating the calf?

A friend has some cows, and some of the calves get warts, sometimes hundreds. Does anybody have any ideas how to eliminate them? (Without eliminating the calves.)? Some local "cures", like using Easy-Off oven cleaner seem cruel. (Very acid and burns the skin.) Does anybody have a gentler solution?

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Motorcycle Tail Tidy? (Fender Eliminator) Yamaha XT125X?

Anyone got any idea how I can make one from scratch? I feel like tidying up my bike and it's almost impossible to find one to buy for my bike (not like I would buy one anyway)  If anyone has any ideas then I would be more than grateful to hear them!

Question by w0bb  

Whoa ! I signed in and thought the forums had been eliminated...

Took me a good 5-6 minutes to find them again.  Is this on purpose? 

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Can Google/Youtube's filter bubble can be reset or eliminated?

I don not know how many people know what a filter bubble is, but I'll explain: A lot of websites (particularly social networks) remember the websites you visit, the stuff you see, and the stuff you like, and based on this they suggest other stuff you maybe like. Google and many other websites try to make a personlised internet. This sounds great at first. But this is a problem. For example, after I search a lot of music on one day, then try search something about elastic bands sizes, guess what? Google sees the word "band" and because of this only suggests music bands. It gets even worse when searching for opinions about news. You only get the opinions you already agree with. But I dont really do that so for me that is no problem. Is there any way I can re-set all personlised options for a website? It is not really a problem, there are more worse things in the world. But it is just annoying. If there is a way to fix it, I want to try it. Thanks for your attention. -Tnod

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Made an electret mic preamp circuit, but how to eliminate mains hum?

The circuit's purpose is to be able to listen to heart sounds and output it in a PC and the heart sound frequencies usually fall under 20 to 100hz. The problem is when i plug it in my laptop, i start to hear the hums. But when my laptop is just powered by the battery it completely removes it. Is there another way to eliminate the hum without having to run my laptop on my battery? 

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Is there an easy design to eliminate air leak in the breech system of a Nerf Longstrike? Answered

I have a Nerf Longstrike, which i have modded for better performance. I removed the air regulator in the barrel, plugged some holes in the piston, and put padding in to protect the pieces from the increased power of the piston. As i was trying different barrel mods, i noticed something. The breech has a long tube that serves the functions of shutting the breech, accepting the dart from the clip, and delivering the air from the piston. When the breech is closed, this tube sticks into the back of the actual barrel. I noticed that where this tube fits into the back of the barrel, there is a 1mm crack all the way around, letting all the air out. the barrel isn't even a sealed system! I have tried several methods to seal this, but all have failed, ruined the performance, or prevented firing. Does anyone have any suggestions about this? If i can seal this well, all the air will be used to pressurize the barrel, without rushing out of the breech tube after the dart has left. 

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See On Board Compressor/welder for a vehicle. Can 2nd alternator be eliminated?

This instructable relates to this question . I can see the need for a second air conditioning compressor for that part of the build. With the alternator however, there is one under the hood already. Why not hack it to do two jobs. Couldn't you just add back in the alternator parts you disabled in an external box and then with some wire and switches, alternate back and forth between welding and charging. The car can run off the battery for a while, so this should work. Part 2 of this question is, the alternator in my case is in a Toyota Corolla. Toyota makes pretty tough stuff, however will my alternator make nearly, or as much juice as the Ford unit the guy recommends for the hack. I could swap in a Ford alternator I suppose, however it would likely require significant work to adapt the mounting bits. Thanks for Listening, Zipperboy

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How to eliminate PWM noise at slow speeds when using a PC fan? Answered

My power supply has a cooling fan inside. I wanted to slow it down to reduce the fan noise. When i use this circuit in the picture the PWM works great except for the low speed buzzing. Turns the fan into a speaker. Is there some way to eliminate the buzzing?

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How can I help disperse/reclaim/eliminate oil in the Gulf of Mexico?

Myself and a group of my friends were wondering if there is any cheap and simple way to disperse/reclaim/eliminate oil in the Gulf of Mexico.  We are looking for a project which we could possibly implement as a countermeasure to the crisis if the oil reaches Florida/help out the Gulf in general.  While I understand what we may ultimately be able to do will only be a drop in the bucket, any help we can give to our neighbors around the Gulf would be great. Any ideas/projects would be great! Thanks a bunch guys!

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How to eliminate perennial ryegrass from my centipede (I think) lawn? Answered

I had to have a drain tile dug up and replaced in my front yard a while back. In order to prevent the loose dirt from washing into the street when it rained, I put down perennial rye seed to hold the sod together. Now I'd like to have all the same grass again, but the rye is proving to be more tenacious than I bargained for. I've tried Googling for a rye-specific herbicide, but no luck so far. I've been just pulling up the rye shoots, but I'm hoping for a less labor-intensive approach. Any lawn-care experts out there that can recommend a product or process that might help get rid of the rye without killing off the rest of the lawn or making me grow gills or a second head or something?

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Can 2 (or more) 'Wallwart' AC Adapters be used as a battery eliminator for a Laptop? Answered

Right, my sister's laptop has suffered the classic 'dropped on its power socket' syndrome... Now, I know there are Instructables on how to repair/replace it, but I can't find anything that'll handle the DC 19V 3.42A the adapter gives out - and I can't match the numbers printed on the socket to anything on RadioShack, to get an exact replacement. So, my sister is left using only battery power (which I charge in my same-make laptop) which rarely lasts 1 1/4 hours. Anyway, down to the nitty-gritty: The battery gives out 10.8V, 4500mAh, I saw pir8p3t3's 'Reuse "Wallwart" Adapters' 'Ible, realised I have quite a few mobile (cell) phone chargers - and got to thinking... Now, I know that a straightforward parallel connection (would that be safe, anyway?) would require some way of stepping-down their combined output voltage, but would there be any safe way of reaching (let alone exceeding) that 4500mAh? Or am I just barking up a too-dangerous tree? Any suggestions would be welcome. Thanks. karlpinturr

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How can I eliminate noise coming from my amp/pedals when they are on?

I have a fender tube amp, a Boss MT-2 Metal Zone, and Dunlop Cry Baby wah and between those three I get a lot of hum/buzz

Question by mabu4237    |  last reply

How can i restore my lawns grass and eliminate the clovers that are taking over?

After my sprinkler system was speaerd by a lawn dart and didnt get fixed for some time, my once beutiful grass has been taken over by clovers and has thinned out. How can i fix it to beautiful florida st augustine grass? Is there a grass that is so pervasive that it cant be stopped but still looks nice? I have a sheep and she is a voracious eater of the grass.  I want something that looks nice, doesnt need much care apart from mowing... and if possible, doesnt require so much water as my sprinkler system is old and prone to failure. It also needs to survive hot weather.

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How do I eliminate flickering of 12v led strips driven by arduino PWM?

Hello, I've been working on a project which involves an arduino driving 4 12v led strips with PWM. each of the four strips is run through a TIP122 and can be turned on and off with a momentary switch and can be faded with a potentiometer. When I use the existing code (will post below) for one led strip, it works great. When I scale this up to all 4 strips, there is a flickering or twitching that occurs when I push the momentary switch in. I'm a bit stumped at this point as to how to eliminate this flickering and know that it probably has to do with my code. any suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated. code> #include const int buttonPin1  = 2; // the number of the button pin const int buttonPin2 = 3; const int buttonPin3 = 4; const int buttonPin4 = 7; const int buttonPin5 = 8; const int transistorPin1 = 5; // the number of digital transistor pin const int transistorPin2 = 6; const int transistorPin3 = 9; const int transistorPin4 = 10; const int transistorPin5 = 11; // variables will change: int buttonPushCounter = 0; int buttonState1 = 0; // variable for reading the pushbutton status int buttonState2 = 0; int buttonState3 = 0; int buttonState4 = 0; int buttonState5 = 0; int lastButtonState = 0; int potPin1 = A0; // select the input pin for the potentiometer int potPin2 = A1; int potPin3 = A2; int potPin4 = A3; int potPin5 = A4; int val = 0; // variable to store the value coming from the sensor Bounce bouncer1 = Bounce(buttonPin1, 20); Bounce bouncer2 = Bounce(buttonPin2, 20); // When bouncing another pin change initiator before = Bounce bouncer3 = Bounce(buttonPin3, 20); Bounce bouncer4 = Bounce(buttonPin4, 20); Bounce bouncer5 = Bounce(buttonPin5, 20); void setup() {   pinMode(transistorPin1, OUTPUT); // declare the ledPin as an OUTPUT   pinMode (potPin1, OUTPUT);   pinMode (buttonPin1, INPUT);   pinMode(transistorPin2, OUTPUT); // declare the ledPin as an OUTPUT   pinMode (potPin2, OUTPUT);   pinMode (buttonPin3, INPUT);   pinMode(transistorPin3, OUTPUT); // declare the ledPin as an OUTPUT   pinMode (potPin3, OUTPUT);   pinMode (buttonPin3, INPUT);   pinMode(transistorPin4, OUTPUT); // declare the ledPin as an OUTPUT   pinMode (potPin4, OUTPUT);   pinMode (buttonPin4, INPUT);      pinMode(transistorPin5, OUTPUT); // declare the ledPin as an OUTPUT   pinMode (potPin5, OUTPUT);   pinMode (buttonPin5, INPUT);   Serial.begin(9600); } void loop(){   bouncer1.update();   bouncer2.update();   bouncer3.update();   bouncer4.update();   bouncer5.update();   buttonState1 =; //read the bouncing momentary switches- each associated with the separate switch conditions below.   buttonState2 =;   buttonState3 =;   buttonState4 =;   buttonState5 =;   if (buttonState1 != lastButtonState){     if (buttonState1 == HIGH){       buttonPushCounter++;       Serial.println ("on");       Serial.println ("number of button pushes: ");       Serial.println (buttonPushCounter);     }     else {       Serial.println ("off");     }   }   lastButtonState = buttonState1;   if (buttonPushCounter % 2 == 0) {     digitalWrite(transistorPin1, HIGH);       }   else   {     // read the potentiometer:     int sensorValue = analogRead(A0);     // map the sensor value to a range from 0 - 255:     int outputValue = map(sensorValue, 0, 1023, 0, 255);     // use that to control the transistor:     analogWrite(transistorPin1, outputValue);       }   if (buttonState2 != lastButtonState){     if (buttonState2 == HIGH){       buttonPushCounter++;       Serial.println ("on");       Serial.println ("number of button pushes: ");       Serial.println (buttonPushCounter);     }     else {       Serial.println ("off");     }   }   lastButtonState = buttonState2;   if (buttonPushCounter % 2 == 0) {     digitalWrite(transistorPin2, HIGH);       }   else   {     // read the potentiometer:     int sensorValue = analogRead(A1);     // map the sensor value to a range from 0 - 255:     int outputValue = map(sensorValue, 0, 1023, 0, 255);     // use that to control the transistor:     analogWrite(transistorPin2, outputValue);       }   if (buttonState3 != lastButtonState){     if (buttonState3 == HIGH){       buttonPushCounter++;       Serial.println ("on");       Serial.println ("number of button pushes: ");       Serial.println (buttonPushCounter);     }     else {       Serial.println ("off");     }   }   lastButtonState = buttonState3;   if (buttonPushCounter % 2 == 0) {     digitalWrite(transistorPin3, HIGH);       }   else   {     // read the potentiometer:     int sensorValue = analogRead(A2);     // map the sensor value to a range from 0 - 255:     int outputValue = map(sensorValue, 0, 1023, 0, 255);     // use that to control the transistor:     analogWrite(transistorPin3, outputValue);       }   if (buttonState4 != lastButtonState){     if (buttonState4 == HIGH){       buttonPushCounter++;       Serial.println ("on");       Serial.println ("number of button pushes: ");       Serial.println (buttonPushCounter);     }     else {       Serial.println ("off");     }   }   lastButtonState = buttonState4;   if (buttonPushCounter % 2 == 0) {     digitalWrite(transistorPin4, HIGH);       }   else   {     // read the potentiometer:     int sensorValue = analogRead(A3);     // map the sensor value to a range from 0 - 255:     int outputValue = map(sensorValue, 0, 1023, 0, 255);     // use that to control the transistor:     analogWrite(transistorPin4, outputValue);       }      } <code

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How can I eliminate static electricity when spray-painting on acrylic sheet plastic? Answered

Hi, I'm trying to spray-paint one side of a sheet of acrylic (plexiglass) and it all goes fairly well except that I can't get the colour to go on evenly. The sprayed paint seems to dance before landing on the sheet in funny patterns. I'm guessing it has to do with static electricity. Does anyone know how I can reduce it, eliminate it or make it work in my favour?

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why is pokemon so friend eliminating? my friends think im wierd!!! what's their problem?

I told my friend i played pokemon, and all of a sudden he said,      "pokemon, is stupid. you put animals in balls and throw them at other animals in balls. they make a drawing, that looks like a real animal, and spell its name backwards and call it a pokeman." whats so bad about that?!

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dog pee

What's best to use to eliminate dog pee odors

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how to build a vibrating platform?

I need to eliminate the air bubbles which form when pouring plaster of Paris into rubber moulds. so i thought i could eliminate this through low vibration as the plaster is being poured and eventually starts to harden.

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Problem with instructable. How do I eliminate a draft to start over? Is the small picture at the top the project?I

I have my project pretty well planned out.  I am having trouble with entering it into the form.  Also have 3 drafts that I started that do not seem right, but do not know how to eliminate them so that I can start over.   Is the small picture at the top for the project, or is it supposed to be my profile picture? Any suggestions?

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How can I eliminate the electric potential difference between my power supply's negative and ground?

Hello everyone! The question is pretty straight forward, I have my fair share with electronics, so I'm not really new. I have a linear power supply in my shop and only now it has started bothering me that there is like 35V between my psu's negative and ground. I would normally not care, but since I've gotten into audio and video I found it to be problematic, because every time I connect my psu's negative to my lets say source audios' negative, 4 amps start to flow from my amp to ground trough the thin audio cable I use. I know it's not my source's fault because it's switching psu's negative is shorted to ground.

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Help with controller circuit for galvanic etching machine? How can I eliminate the halogen lamp from the circuit? Answered

I want to put together an electroetching rig (as detailed here), and I already have a battery charger, but I need to make the controller (diagram attached). My question is: Is there a better solution for the circuit than having an 12 volt halogen lamp wired in? That just seems really clunky to me, and my gut tells me there's a better solution that is not "go buy a laboratory power supply". I have nothing against old-school, but this looks positively prehistoric. Anybody?

Question by RavingMadStudios    |  last reply

My solid-state relay keeps blinking a lightbulb while in the inactive state, how can I eliminate that?

I have a DC controlling AC solid state relay connected to an arduino diode for control and a light  bulb to the 220 side. While there is no signal coming from the arduino the bulb is blinking insanely fast, when there is arduino signal, the light remains constantly on as intended. How can i make sure there is no load at all on the 220 end while the relay is inactive, so there is no light flickering? Relay specifications: Control: 3/32VDC Output: 48-480VAC 50/60Hz Thanks in advance!

Question by TenshiKiri    |  last reply

When playing an acoustic guitar, where/how should you place your fret fingers to eliminate the buzzing sound? Answered

I'm beginning to learn how to play guitar and I am using a regular old acoustic guitar. However, when I try to play chords, the notes seem to buzz. Where and how should I be placing my fingers to eliminate this buzz?

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May we only use paper cups because i came up with an idea that uses plastic cups? if i use a plastic cup,will i be eliminated from the contest?

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who's on? indicator

A lot of forums seem to have a bar that lists who's online. is there any chance instructables may be getting one? it would eliminate the long half hours when people sit in front of their computers waiting for a reply that not coming. any chance?

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How do you clean the white stains from the inside of a crystal decanter?

On my crystal wine decanter there is a white deposit on the inside of the decanter. I would like to know how to eliminate it. Can anyone help?

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steel cable as a transformer core? Answered

Could i use thick steel cable as a transformer core (1 inch stranded cable) if i saturated it in a nonconductive (epoxy? rubber cement? ect..?   material to eliminate eddy currents and molded it into a double C core?

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How to convert TRASH PLASTIC into a MESH TRASH BAG MATERIAL for plastering with cement ? Help avoid disaster!

Https:// To eliminate our plastic trash problem, I would put it all into "trash rocks" and build with it.  Right now, my source of used fishnet left the island, so my source dried up.  Best would be to not rely on finding used material, but rather to convert some of the same waste plastic into the mesh material that will contain the rest of the waste material.  Ideal, would be to have it already shaped into trash sacks for people, so that they only have to fill them and plaster them with cement.  Anyone who can figure this one out might help the world out a lot in eliminating all the waste plastic that is contaminating land and sea these days.  I imagine maybe melting down some of it and extruding it into lines that would fuse together over a trash sack size mold.  Figure out a safe way to do that and you could possibly have a very marketable product.  Everyone agrees that the trash plastic is a problem, and we are not recycling it fast enough to keep up with with the growing pile.  Plasterable trash sacks could help solve that problem.  You would probably need some chemistry background for this. 

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Can anyone help me with this vocal canceller circuit diagram? Answered

1. I am a little bit blur with the Variable resistor part , must connect all three pin? 2. What about the left and right input's ground must connect to the ground in the circuit ?

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Is there any way to replace a preamp electronically? Answered

I have a record player and some records I want to convert to Mp3's but have no money to buy a preamp. Is there any way to change the settings on Audacity and avoid having to buy a preamp? Or is there any other program that allows you to change its settings and eliminate the preamp?

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Electrical hum when stepping up usb to 9v

Hi. I'm wanting to power some lights with usb. I'm using a 5v to 9v step-up board to get the correct voltage. This works, however, the step-up board makes a humming noise. Is there a way to eliminate the hum? Thanks!

Question by aliasjanedoe    |  last reply

How does a BEC work?

I was wondering how a BEC (Battery Eliminator Circuit) for RC cars works.   I know it has 2 wires for the motor, a connector for the receiver, and wires for the battery.  But, I don't know how to connect it.  If someone could explain it, I would appreciate it very much.  Thanks in advance.

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Can anyone tell me how to link 2 PC's together to double the processing power?

Can anyone tell me how to link 2 PC's together to double the processing power? And if so then perhaps it could be custom built into one case eliminating the need for 2 seperate power supplies.

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Homemade chocolate syrup? Answered

I have been trying to eliminate the heavily processed foods in my fridge, but one thing I keep buying is Hershey's chocolate syrup, full of high fructose corn syrup.  I'm looking for an easy chocolate syrup I can mix up and store in the fridge for emergency chocolate milk consumption (i'm preggo, forgive the cravings) 

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I would love to know if there is a way to create a xenon flash unit that can be used over and over for the Print Gocco?

At present the Print Gocco requires a flash with two single use bulbs for every screen to be created. Obviously, since Gocco's manufacturer is no longer making the bulbs, a new flash unit is needed to replace them and also eliminate the waste of each bulb.

Question by diana_11_6    |  last reply

I have seen these solar thermal tubes but will a semi vacuum work? Answered

I have seen solar collectors with a black pipe inside a vacuum tube like these Ebay Tube I want to know if this needs a complete vacuum or will a semi-vacuum work just as well, or at least help.  Will even the smallest amount of air eliminate any benefit.

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my computer had been infected with a virus what should i do? plz help!!! Answered

My computer had been infected with a virus that tends to bind to window files and when i try to open antivirus programs, the virus shut it off, what should i do?????? plzzz help me, i cant even delete it with avira?

Question by theragecuriousity12    |  last reply

Using ESP8266-01 WiFi module with Arduino

Hi! Need some help with coding again I'm trying to just eliminate the wire connectivity which used for serial read by PC, by introducing a simple ESP8266-01 module. Can anyone give me some hand with the coding part at where I need to transfer all my serial data to my browser?

Topic by PramithM  

Virus alert: trojan.pidief.f

While viewing the instructable "Wall Clip-Hang Video controllers on Walls" I received a virus alert for trojan.pidief.f .  Evidently it was trying to change something in acrobat reader or was from the adobe file I was viewing.  My virus software caught and eliminated the virus but I thought others should be aware of the risk.  This is some information I found on this virus. Trojan.Pidief.F is a trojan the exploits the Adobe Acrobat and Reader Collab 'getIcon()'

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Help! My concrete is cracking!

I constructed 4" triangular molds out of cardboard (I am making coasters).I poured quikrete mortar mix into a cup, mixed with some water and poured into the molds until the depth was roughly .5".About 1 hour into drying I realized that huge cracks were forming!How do I eliminate or reduce cracking?

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