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After you enter your project in the competition, it says that its "pending moderator aproval" how long does that take? because mine has said that for almost a week now, and I've been trying really hard to enter, and I tried to enter the forbes teach me fast, but that one was the same, and it missed the dead line

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enter key

Why is the enter key not working? I'm trying to write an ible but the enter key wont work to skip lines between paragraphs. Is there a work around besides writing in a different program and using copy and paste?

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entering the contest

Hi, I would like to enter the contest with my instructable but I can not. I entered only 1 contest with this instructables and I have read that according to rules I can enter 3 contests with 1 instructable. I would also like to ask why I can not enter contests with some older instructables that are also used only once. Regards

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How to enter?

I entered the converse back-to-school contest last night, but my instructable hasn't appeared in the recent entry area in the converse back to school contest. Is there some kind of criteria or set of rules that I missed? Is it just waiting to be checked by a moderator? Can entries get rejected?

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Enter a contest!

There are currently three (yes, three) contests running on Instructables. Right now each one only has a few instructables entered so get going and try to win a prize.The contest ending soonest is the Instructables, Popular Science, and TreeHugger "Go Green!" contest. The first prize is a hybrid bike and a mention in Popular Science magazine. There are 15 other prizes as well. That one closes on August 19 and that's just over two weeks away!The other two contests as well. The® and Instructables Science Fair contest and the iRobot Create Challenge. Both of these end on August 31. Top prizes for these contests are a $1,500 gift certificate and $5,000 cash.Time goes by pretty fast. I can't believe it's already August, but it happened and these dates will come up sooner than you think.

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Enter Instructopedia!

Ever had a useful tip, trick, or other useful bit of information you've always wanted to pass on but never have? Something to small to make an ible on? Then welcome to Instructopedia, the instructable for everything you'll ever need to know. Join the group Instructopedia and I'll add you as a Collaborator so you can add to and edit Instructopedia at will. Or just post a comment with the tip/handy tidbit and I'll add it. Information is sorted into category (art, craft, etc...) and then what sort of information it is (a tip, something you can make (gadget), or useful information). Once theres a decent amount of information added I'll publish it.Have fun!RocketScientist2015

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Enter: Inferno

The Inferno: Next-Gen Shifle I added a few more pictures to it - I'm not done with the top part or the slide, so those aren't on there yet. 5/6 Update: pics 4 and 5 are updated pictures of the Inferno. 5/15 Update: Then again, Its not really an update, but a picture, check out the sixth pic! 6/9 Update: The barrel in the pictures will NOT be the barrel on the gun. I'm planning on using a different barrel that focuses on power and accuracy. It IS possible with a mag to have as much power as any other single shot gun. 12/7 UPDATE: The gun is nearly completed, and has been dubbed "KI28s2." New pictures coming along the way! Another thing, the gun will not use the system explained in update: 6/9 because of lack of space in the design, but that will be a future project. 12/8 UPDATE!: NEW PICTURE OF INFERNO! 12/9 Update: New pictures of the Inferno and it's trigger system. The Instructables robot is on there too! 12/25 Update: BUILD YOUR OWN! On K'nex Innovation!

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Why can't I hit enter?

I don't know if this is a bug. Maybe so, or maybe because I'm still considered a "new member", but when I try and create an instructable (and even right now) enter is not working when I want to start a new paragraph or separate sentences. What is going on? Why can't I hit enter?

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Can't enter in contest I accidentely left

Hi, I had joint the First Time Author Contest, and I got accepted. Then, as the contest wasn't showing on my instructable page, I left the contest to enter again. When I try to enter again, it tells me "pending approval" but I don't receive any email confirmation, and when I click on contest again, it says "add" again, and not "pending approval". Is this normal? Can't we enter again after leaving a contest? Thanks

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I want to know how to enter in instructables design contest with the same project which i have used in hack it contest also and it was accepted! can you please do it your self! my name on instructables  is samaddon and i am a pro member the project i want to enter in design contest is : How to make a soldering iron with a 6 volts battery.

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I just submit my newspaper tray instructable today and the system says could not enter the contest. Why? I want to participate in the Epilog contest. Please answer

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im trying to make a handle in clip 45 cal knex replica

So i need some suggestions plz

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Good Free CAD Software?

I'm gonna build something and I need a free CAD program. I have a very light one but if anyone has any suggestions please tell me.

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High Quality Print Making

Do any of you know how to make high quality prints of a piece of art? The only thing I can think of is using a scanner, but that's not really the same thing. Or should I just go to the professionals, which will get expensive.

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I was wondering if anyone else was like me in the sense that they stay up late and do everything that night. Most nights im up past 1 or 2 am, and wake up around 7 or 7 30, I also do all my homework or work on projects at late night early morning too. And the best part is staying out until dawn which I also love... Is anyone else like that?

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Hooke's law (my brain just reached it's elastic limit)

I was very daring and entered the intro to engineering class as my elective in my first year of highschool. It turns out that I am in over my head. I am always up for a challenge, so I am sticking with the course I am one of the 3 freshmen in the class. On the first day of class our teacher was introducing the class and brought up that we would have to use some trigonometry and other math that the freshmen have no learned yet but he is willing to help us out with that... Anyhow today at the end of class we were given a hand out about "hooke's law" because we had just done a lab where we attached weights to a spring. The paper is pretty straight forward about hooke's theory and the formula F= K (delta)L (Force = K times the change in length) it defines k as the "proportionality constant" which I do not understand. What is a proportionality constant? wikipedia says its a force or spring constant which I still do not understand. Wiki also gives the formula F= -K x (with arrows over the k and x). help please!

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Old pennies stuck together with green rust like putty!?

I was going through a trunk of old coins and alot of the pennies are stuck together with a green putty like rust!!! What on earth is this its holding the pennies together quite well, I can pry a few apart but some are just stuck! I also found some mercury head dimes, steel pennies, and this unidentifiable coin with a eagle on the front and what looks like a statue of liberty on the back. Any ideas on the rust putty and what this mystery coin is?!

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My arm's can't feel pain!?

Today this girl was pinching my arm in this weird way thats supposed to hurt and i could barley feel it, so me and my friends put my arm to the test as soon as i started talking about the incident. My friend grabbed my arm with both hands twisting the skin in opposite directions (indian rugburn) dug his nails into it for long periods of time, stapled it, i put a little piece of glass into it (the top), bit down on it as hard as i could, and punched a brick wall. STILL NO PAIN!?!!?! wessup wif dat!

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internet help!

Ok, so I am at my friends house and i want to get on his wireless internet with my laptop, our problem is that, his wireless internet is password protected by a WPA Personal password and we do not know his IP address, I look at the spot where all his wireless things are set up and instead of router and modem, he has a cisco firewall box, cisco wireless acess point, a motorola modem and i am just baffled i called his service provider but they said i would have to call the third party router people can anyone help!?

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Mystery part!

My sister brought me home this part tonight from tech crew at school, she says she thinks it came from a fire alarm but were not sure. There are 2 lightbulb sockets and engraved on the metal it says "75W -125 v". Out of the back there are 6 wires, 1 red 1 black 2 white that are going into the large thing in the middle, and 1 black and 1 white coming out of the empty socket. the 2 sockets are also wired together. What is this part? is it simply a power supply with 2 light bulbs? The label says "Lithonia emergency systems on it" "input : 277 at 60hz (wht and black) output:120v 21.6VA (wht and red).

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My science final. Making my own lab. (help)

Ok so my science final is to make our own lab involving those little sponge capsules that turn into animals when put in water. I understand that hotter water will dissolve the capsule faster because the molecules are moving much faster and are hitting the solute more. Each student gets 4 capsules to use, so I will have room temperature water, boiling, and ice water and the water temperature recommended on the back of the capsules box (50-60 c. which is 122-140 f) . My question is which one is my control? I have figured that it would either be the room temperature water or the recommended water, but which and why?

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Happy newyears

What did you do on new years eve / the AM's of new years day... I ran around the suburbs with my friends and my ipod+speakers, When it got too cold we would hang in train stations where we ate off vending machines, one of the vending machines was very very very evil, because they arranged it so infront of all the swedish fish there was a thing of potato chips, and infront of all the starburst was a rollo! We listened to lots of good music and watched the sunrise while trying to ice skate in a empty parking lot....Im posting this video because i played this song on loop forever while running up and down traintracks. Oh and what did you do on new years?

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Put on your beer goggles

My school recently bought a few pairs of "beer goggles" apparently these are goggles that when are put on simulate being drunk! How on earth does this work, "DRUNK BUSTERS Impairment Goggles™ simulate effects of impairment, including reduced alertness, slowed reaction time, confusion, visual distortion, alteration of depth and distance perception, reduction of peripheral vision, poor judgement and decision making, double vision, and lack of muscular coordination. For some people, impairment might result after as little as one drink." I will be going into the gym with my health class to attempt to play basketball tomorrow or monday. But until then I am curious as to how these work.

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Ok so I've been doing research on the movie cloverfield and everyone wants to know what the monster is, so far I have seen the two biggest possibilities as Slusho the whale or Cthulhu. The whale supposedly carries these lice that are either huge and ravage the city, or get inside people and kill them, there are screen caps of people in hazmat suits which may have to do with this. JJ abrams also had a character in lost i believe wearing a slusho shirt, and also had a project called slusho and cheese. And with cthulhu they talk about the government knowing that it is coming, and there is a small video clip where you see a monster that might be cthulhu. The monster is supposedly amphibious and can swim as seen in the water on the poster. the movie comes out on 1-18-08, what do you guys think?;=related (the video button wasn't working for me sorry)

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Can't enter competitions

Howdy, I've recently published an Instructable and I can't enter it in any comps. The 'ible doesn't appear when I go to the competition site and try to enter it. Any help would be much appreciated.

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is anyone gonna enter?

the deadline's coming up and there is still no entries... possible explanations?

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Not able to enter Contest

I had an instructable which is relevant to the Make It Glow contest, but I am not able to enter it in the contest. It says that I have no eligible Instructable. Please Help Me Out Here!

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I'll enter when.....

I'll enter when my led's get here... I have a good one though!

Topic by codongolev  

Trouble entering Contest

Ive got 2 new -ibles I'm trying to enter in Green Electronics. Why wont they enter? Or is it just a matter of patience?  The first one, I clicked "enter contest" about 5 hrs ago.

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Enter a contest twice

Is it allowed to enter 2 different projects in the pcb contest?

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Contest entering problem

My sling I entered into the pocket sized contest had said pending moderation. This would be fine but it has said that for about 4 days.

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Re- Entering an Instructable?

Are we able to re-enter a past instructable into a new Contest if we essentially re-write the instructable write up and re-submit it?

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Minors entering contests

I'm just after a bit of clarification on the rule regarding minors entering contests. The rules state that minors must have the consent of a parent to enter and said parent must agree to the rule themselves. Is there a way (is it even necessary) for this to be done when they enter, ie. is there something to be filled out by the parent when they enter or is it just a case of  someone from instructables may question them and then I would have to answer that I did consent? One of the twinkids wants to enter a contest. I was going to just let her enter her instructable under my name, but figured why not let her get the credit by having her own account.

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Entered the wrong competition :(

Hi Folks, I have just discovered that I can only enter one contest with an instructable (last time I tried I could choose 3). I found it out when I entered a "well my instructable just about fits" competition and now cannot enter the one it had a chance in!Is there a way to cancel an entry?Regards Rog

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Can't enter contest ?

Hi, I'm trying to enter in this contest : with  this instructable When i click "Enter" it tells me that several projects are eligible, il select the one i want, it says "entered", and whenever i comeback the "entered" isn't click anymore and my project isn't selectionned for the contest. I've tryied several time since yesterday night without success. Am i doing it wrong? Cheers 

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How to enter contest?

I want to enter my ible in a contest.The ible is published but when I press enter now It says to log in (which I am) or create ible (which I did).What to do? Only 4 hours left!Please anyone help me!

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Problem with contest entering? Answered

I entered into a contest with my instructable, but later it showed I have not enterd. This happened twice, I again enterd those contests a moment ago. Can you pkease help me out?

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Problems entering a contest

Hello,I have noticed some time ago that when I enter an Instructable into a contest it doesn't work the first time and the instructable isn't listed as an entry even after a few days. I always had to re-enter and then it worked. Now it just doesn't work and that's it. I've entered my latest instructable three times between yesterday and today and nothing. I tried the fourth time now but I wanted to mention this already because there seems to be a problem. My instructable matches the topic 100% so I don't think it has been refused as an entry.

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Baking contest not enterable?

Hi everyone, the baking contest seems to be offline. I entered my instructable (more than once) but I didn't receive the email telling me that my entry was received. Since there is only one entry in the contest so far I am thinking I might not be the only one. Could you look into this please?Cheers

Question by knopfling  

Contest Entering Bug

I just entered my video into the new Forbes contest. When I published it I made sure to only check the box for the Forbes contest. When I checked my inbox I found this message:Hi Gjdj3,This is to confirm that your entry 'Unlock A Bike Lock' for the 'Forbes Teach Me Fast Contest' has been received and will be reviewed. The contest closes on Sep 13, 2009. 12:00 AM.Thank you for submitting your Instructable to the Gorilla Glue Cardboard Contest. The contest is moderated, and so your entry is waiting to be reviewed. This process can take up to 48 hours.If after 48 hours or so your project has still not been accepted, then it did not meet all of the requirements for participation in the contest. You will then need to make the appropriate changes to your project so that it meets the contest requirements and re-submit it to the contest.Requirements: - Entry is 30 seconds long or less - Contest image is shown in the beginning of the videoThanks again for entry and good luck in the competition!'I'm not sure if this is an issue with the email, or if somehow my video was entered into both contests.

Topic by Gjdj3  

Entering a draft in a contest

I noticed that, when viewing a draft, the "add instructable to contest" button is active. Could you use this button to wait out the moderation and publish after it has been accepted into the contest or would the moderator not approve an unpublished ibble? It's always sad when you've been knocked off the front page before being accepted into a contest. 

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Can't delete enter contest

I published two instructables BEFORE to read Metal Challenge Contest Info. Once read it, I realize that my instructables does not satisfy the conditions. Then, I want to delete the check box, but I can't. There is not a possibility.

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When can you enter/win a contest again after you have already won a contest? Answered

I was wondering if you win a contest, if you are allowed to enter another or eligibal to win another. If you can't enter another right away, when is the next time you can enter/win?

Question by Jessie Marie    |  last reply

Can video instructables be entered in contests? Answered

I wanted to answer the burning questin learn to dance but with a video. is it posible to enter a video instructable into a contest

Question by EPL    |  last reply

how do i enter a contest? Answered

Because i am planning to enter the dead computers contest. do i just post in the instructable that i am doing it for the contest? or do i have to do something specific?

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Hitting Enter in PM Subject field sends msg

. Subject says it all. Can you just reject Enters in the Subject fld?

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How do I un-enter a contest? Answered

It happened as an accident.  I had NO intention of adding ibles to the contest, well if they had fit the description maybe I would have, but the ones that were entered don't fit the description as far as I'm concerned.  We were sitting around talking about the contest, looking at the page on my iPad, and at the bottom were links.  Something about the following of my ibles being qualified to enter, and a link to click and enter.  Well one of the goober sitting around doing nothing did something, he hit those links! I just want to remove them from the contest, but not remove the ible cuz I wrote them to be on here, not to be used like that.   Please help me, does anyone know the robots return email addy? or whatever it would take? please? 

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Can I enter a slideshow in the Gorilla Glue Cardboard Contest?? Answered

I have been working on a big project out of cardboard lately. I don't have the supplies to make another. So can I enter a slideshow in the Gorilla Glue Cardboard Contest?? Thanks Killer~SafeCracker BTW: I will give out best answer.

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