How should I do it? Answered

I want to make a small inverter with 10kv output powered from a 9v battery. Can you help me with a schematic?

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How to power up a crt? Answered

I have a crt from a monitor and I want to power it how do i do that? I have its flyback connected to a zvs driver, and a computer power supply

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What types of good transistors are there that can take more than 36 volts input for driving FBT? I have a toshiba D2586 its good but dont work well above 20 volts I tried doubling my 18v input to 36v and it lasted only a few miliseconds altough it was big sparks, so is this a feedback or over spike return voltages problem  that it cant handle?can anyone tell me why this happens? and what solution there is? ty very much.

Question by OVERLOADED 7 years ago

How can I select part of PCB? Answered

I have 2 PCB that I want to select the essential from them. The PCBs are from a CRT monitor and the other CRT TV so I tested out the TV main PCB and the FBT gave strong arcs but I want to select just the driver.  Or how to find the schematic of the tv or monitor

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electronic ballast flyback driver...can i wind the wires around the primary of the flyback?

I have a electronic ballast and a flyback . I am having problems finding the primary coil pins of FBT because i dont have a multimeter. so i was just thinking that can i wind two ballast Vout wire around the flyback primary (the metallic structure , or whatever you call it) there are total 6 wires on the E-ballast. two are for input and 4 for output. the output wires are in sets of grey and white wires.  I was thinking that i will take one grey wire and wind it around the fbt primary(metal thing) and then connect it back to white wire. is this correct? also can i wound a feedback coil from the other 2 wires? PLEASE ANSWER....................ANY HELP WILL BE APPRECIATED. : )

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Can Flyback Transformer drive by Induction Oven? Answered

Can Flyback Transformer drive by Induction Oven? I thing Induction Oven can create 20kHz-40kHz. And Flyback Transformer need high frequency to work. I thing waveform is not a problem. I used plasma ball driver , CFL ballast driver and Halogen Transformer as my FBT driver . And work well.

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high voltage from a large flyback transformer? Answered

For the life of me i cannot get big spark gaps from my flyback transformer. I did all the steps to find all the pins and i have a 600v electronic instant on ballast. Im using clothes hangers for the wires the arc climbs up and it is attatched to a laminated particle board. I need to have the wires really close to eachother for it to arc, but then it just arcs up and down about 1/4" if that.. ive tried positioning them all sorts of ways to try to get it to climb but nothing... i feel like the fbt should be putting out massive amounts of power but its not it isnt even getting warm when i turn it on...even left it on for a bit and no heat! Ive tried a couple different pins for the HV- And the one its on gets the biggest it because its on wood? If so what should i use? Or is it the clothes hangers? No idea but any advise would really help me out.

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