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Male or Female Instructables, which are more looked at?

I need to know if I should cater more to male or female viewers?  I think more men are on this website than females but I was woundering if anyone could tell me the truth.  I would also like to know the adv age of people on this web site so I can cater to those ages better???  Thanks Denae :)

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Need advice/ guideance

During those few delightful days I get hellish moodswings and also get migrain-like headaches. I read somewere that there are either herbs or teas that can help. If anyone has any ideas I would greatly appreciate it. 

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how to add more USB female ports to my pc? Answered

is this     RIGHT OR WRONG  ?????

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How do womens brains and minds work ? Help....can any man work out this "only women know the answer to this" question.? Answered

I am a simple genious of a man, How do i ever stand a chance alone. But by the power of " Male Merging" ( The collection of many fine male minds) we must work out the answer to this age old question for the preservation of the future male generations. Forget trying to work out Pi to the zilionth decimal. That is childs play THIS is the real puzzle, So calling male brainpower accross the W.W.W Your gender needs YOU !!!

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Male and Female ports/adapters

I just realized why computer or plumbing parts are called male and female. The female one is the one you stick something into right? The male one is the one you stick into something. I'm just saying who ever named them must have a weird mind. I realized this when one of my friends made a joke, so please don't say I am perverted.

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test RJ45Cat5 to USB Female

I'm new to this forum. I need some instructions. I have an RJ45-cat5 male to USB female connector that I bought for 3 bucks. I've tried using it to connect my HP 1050 j410 USB printer to my Linksys WRT54GS (wireless) router so I can have a network printer. (The Desktop is directly wired to the cable modem and the to the router.) It doesn't work, but I don't know if it's the connector itself, or that the printer will not communicate with the router, directly. Is there a way to test the connector with another piece of hardware to determine whether the connector is actually any good? BTW.. I can't determine from HP, whether the 1050 j410 USB printer can become a network printer. Should I just go buy a USB print server for 20 bucks, or whatever? I'm using an Ubuntu 10.04 LTS Desktop with AMD-64 processor. Thanks to you for the best advice. Shobuz99

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Leather pattern

Please I need an urgent help on how to make the weaved pattern in the image below

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Wedding Cake Toppers

Since samesex marriages became legal here in Sweden two days ago it is becomming clear that no one is making those little figures that go on top of the cake in more than one theme (guess wich one). There is the usual pair but they're often plastic molded as one piece and needs a LOT of work to mod. We need an instructable showing how to make, mod, mold, sculpt, massproduce or even bake toppers for Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals, Transexuals and Transvestites (I've probably forgotten someone).

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How can I build an android head with no experience with electronics? Answered

  I've worked with LEDs and things before, using Instructables, but don't know how to use formulas related to that. But now I want to do a large scaled project, by leaping off the bridge, and having no clue what I'm doing. I'd like to build a robotic human head, a women, that uses a webcam for face recognition, a microphone for speech recognition, and a robotic jaw, to move to the speech.  SO, first, what programs can I use for the face recognition, and how can I use my computer for this, with out needing to use my computer as a permanent piece (A.K.A: A plug in, so I can use her when I feel like.) Two, how can I use the webcam for face recognition, programs. And three, not entirely needed, is a moving jaw, to match the rhythm of speech, if possible. BUT, I really DON'T want to spend money on those programs. A lot to ask, but can someone answer with a detailed explanation. Please don't show me this link:  No offence to the author, but I couldn't understand how it works, because it lacked detail on programs, and ect. 

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female USB port power question

Im odiously new and i cant find where to attach the positive and negative . thanks in advance

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How to Make Speakers With a 3.5mm FEMALE jack instead of a Male 1? Answered

I'm makeing some speakers for my iphone and i want to know how to make the speakers with a female 3.5mm jack (from computer) instead of a male one

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Is there a two ended female garden hose connector? Answered

I'm making a new water rocket and I bought a garden hose quick disconnect. My nearby hardware stores don't sell gardena quick disconnects. The one I got is brass? and has a male threaded adapter. This means that I have no way to attach it to a soda bottle. Any ideas?

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Know any 8 minute female monologues? Answered

I need an 8 minute female monologue from a well known movie or play. It needs to have a lot of emotion ( preferably a crazy women having a break down getting angry and then sad and then being calm, or something like that.) If you know one please help :)

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USB mini female to USB mini Male?

Hey, does anyone know where I can find a USB mini Female to USB mini Male cable? I looked all over the internet and I can't seem to find it. I tried making my own, but my soldering skills aren't great, and I ruined a USB mini female port. (pins were too small) Does anyone here know where I find one? or Can make one for me? Thanks!

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What is the purpose of this female jack behind my CPU? Answered

Hello, can anyone tell me for purpose  this port is used ? the image is given below . A 3.5mm male jack is going in to it easily .

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What makes a voice male or female, besides pitch?

I am making an animated film, and I plan to voice the whole thing. thanks to my wizardly powers of audio editing (aided by Soundtrack Pro, no less) I can make it sound like anything I want! but, what exactly makes a female voice sound female? I know pitch is a part of it, but just raising the pitch on a deep-voiced male (read: Me) does not girly voice make. Audio and/or music terms? suggestions? thoughts?  feel free to post any of the above.  Ciao!

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Anybody w/ a star wars costume idea for a female? Answered

My brother is being commander cody for halloween and I want to follow to suit(cheeky, i know).  Any ideas are much welcomed;).

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mini usb to 3.5 mm female jack converter

Please tell me how to make a converter(without any purchases) so that i can connect my 3.5 mm jack headphones to my phones mini usb port which is 2 in one charger and audio out port My phone-htc touch  i thought out of something like this thank you in advance

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Is it possible to connect FEMALE Usb Jack to the DC DC converter without usb? Answered

 Can I add the female usb jack to this board? bcoz to buy this board is cheaper huhu. Thanks for answering  in advance

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Can I use a wired keyboard with a ipad without the adapter block?

I have seen videos on youtube of people using a ipad with a wired keyboard but they all use a adapter block. Could I use a female to female connector instead of the adapter block and the orignal usb cable would it stiill work. If anyone has a Ipad and a female to female connector can you try it for me? Thanks.

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Simple Trick for Drawing Proportioned Human Figures Freehand

I discovered a simple system that makes it easier to draw a human figure freehand with well proportioned and positioned body parts. This video will show you how to do it (very easy). Basically you draw 3 overlapping stars and they show you the proportions. To make the figure look taller / skinnier move the 2 main stars a little further apart. Or if the person looks too narrow move the 2 main stars closer together. Towards the end of the video I show a couple other pieces of artwork that I could show you how to make if you want.

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Be one of the Chicks! - Flyff Antilles' Star Wars Costume Contest - entry deadline Jan. 31th 2013!

Hey, costuming chicks, friends and fans, :-) just finished your Halloween costume and are thrilled by the recent big news of the Star Wars future that awaits us all in the next years? Or your girlfriend is loving to dress up as the ultimate Star Wars chick? Then I’ve just the right next challenge waiting for you: “Be one of the Chicks!” - What does that mean, you ask yourself? That means I’m hosting my own Costume Contest and you can be part of it! - What for? The winner will be featured as the model of an exclusive piece in my ongoing series “Imperial Recruitment 2″. As the winner you may choose the costume and motive you’re shown in – only Imperial costumes of course! ;-) - What you have to do? 1. Build one of the Chicks’ costumes seen in my artwork! * 2. Get some nice shots of you wearing it! 3. Send in those shots via email to till January 31th 2013! 4. Make all your friends and fans vote for you and your costume, once the voting phase has started in February 2013! Go, get your inspiration on my deviantART gallery! Good luck! * Only shots of costumes build after one of the girls in my ongoing series “Imperial Recruitment 2″ are eligible to participate in the contest!

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help 2 male usb to 1 female usb (the extra 1 male usb is for additional power)?

Can someone help me how to make usb with 2 male and 1 female usb. i can't run my alpha network adapter coz it is for a desktop computer not for a laptop so it needs more power to work. 

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How to make USB Female socket for Nippon NS68LO music system?

How to make USB Female socket for Nippon NS68LO music system which is OEM with Maruti Wagon R VXI 2012 model card and do not have a USB port although the system has a facility to connect USB drive through a round 8/9 pin socket at its rear.

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I'd like to replace a male USB with a female mini USB in an mp3 player.. Can anyone help?

I have a Coby MP200-1G that i got to put in an NES controller for a gift for my cousin.. I found an Instructable that helped but they replaced the stock USB with a female and I would like a female mini USB instead.. I'm not sure though which tabs should be soldered onto which points or how to find out what each tabs purpose is so that i can match it with the corresponding solder point..

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If my female black molly starts giving birth should I seperate her or leave her alone? Answered

I cant quite tell if my female molly is pregnant or not, but the last time she gave birth the babies were eaten because she had them in the aquarium. If she starts giving birth should I immediatly mov her to a separate tank? I dont want to disturb her. help!

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What resistor should I use? 9 volt battery to a 3.6 volt @ 30 mA LED

What resistor should I use? I have a 9 volt battery that is connected to 30 LEDs in parallel and i need a resistor. the LEDs are blue and are at 3.6 volts with 30mA. Each LED is in parallel I want to put one resistor on the positive side of the battery before all the LEDs.What size resistor do you think i need? The two online calculator say i should use a 220 ohm at 1/2 watt  but another one says I should us a 220 ohm at 1/4 watt resistor. WHat do you think I should use?

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Why is my female rabbit going after my other 3 females rabbits they have been together for a year and she just started?

Chippy (one of the 4 females) has been going after the other 3 when around them. so now she is sepperted from them. they all live outside in a large hutch with an upstairs and down stairs(there is a door you can shut to keep them from going up stairs or down stairs so they can be seprate). chippy is now up stairs at night and down stairs during the day and gets an hour to run everyday while they other 3 are inside their hutch(there is a 6 foot run ). The 4 of them have been together for a year, since winter has started moving in, Chippy has been going after the other three by putting his head under their butt and biting them so they go away, or is it to show dominance? Today i let him sit with Cocoa (our lop ear) and he was cleaning her ears and sitting with her on top of their hutch just with her and had made Nutty (one of the other 3 rabits) go away. chippy hopped down to the run and cocoa followed and then i noticed his ear was startn to bug him a little and he made her go away (with the bighting there bottom thing). he seems to tollerate cocoa Way mor then the other 2. when ever alice (1 of the 4 chippy used to have a big bond with) comes within a foot of chippy, chippy pounced at her and alice ran off.  I think it's dominance, will getting her spayed fix this? I worry if chippy will be warm enough threw the Whole winter by herself...(i put warm blankets in both halves of the hutch each night for them to use and on the openings in the hutch thats made for sun to go threw we have covered so its not So cold at night) Advice? please

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Ethercon/ dmx tester

I have this:I have ethercon I have xlr 3 pin male and female 1= ground 2=negative 3= positiveI have dmx 5 pin male and female 1= ground 2=negative 3= positive 4= spare negative 5= spare positiveEthercon to 4 pair dmx/ xlrPinout ethernet to 4 pair dmx/xlr : start with ethernet pin 1-8 and shieldethernet p1= p2 xlr (xlr 2)ethernet p2= p3 xlr (xlr 2)ethernet p3= p2 xlr (xlr 3)ethernet p4= p3 xlr (xlr 1)ethernet p5= p2 xlr (xlr 1)ethernet p6= p3 xlr (xlr 3)ethernet p7= p2 xlr ( xlr 4)ethernet p8= p3 xlr ( xlr 4i like to make this: a tester to test both ends of ethercon, male and female xlr 3 pin, male and female dmx 5 pin.but also ethercon to xlr 3 pin 1, 2, 3 and 4 / dmx 5 pin 1,2,3 and 4xlr 3 pin male to dmx 5 pin femalexlr 3 pin female to dmx 5 pin maledmx 5 pin male to xlr 3 pin femaledmx 5 pin female to xlr 3 pin malethe tester contains 2 times 9 leds 1 side is 8 green leds the other side is 8 red leds, led number 9 on both ends is ground and is color green and red hopefully not too much info but this is what i like to make, a fast en cheap tester.

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How to make USB Female socket for Nippon NS68LO music system?

How to make USB Female socket for Nippon NS68LO music system which is OEM with Suzuki Cars and do not have a USB port although the system has a facility to connect USB drive through a round 8/9 pin socket at its rear.. I have seen some good uses of USB here and hence thought of asking if you could help me out.. Warm Regards, Rahul, India.

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Could anybody assist me in making some Steampunk pants for a female?

Well, I have done a bit of research on this and so far everything I have found has really not been what I was looking for. I'd really like something (god this sounds whore-y) a little on the skimpy side and slightly out-of-period. If anyone could provide ideas, or tips, or websites that may have something along the lines of what I am looking for it would be very much appreciated.

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Are Stickle Bricks androgynous? Answered

Meccano has good old-fashioned engineering male/female anatomy in it's nuts and bolts. Lego has male/female anatomy, where standard bricks have both. K'NEX tends to have single-gender parts with multiple connectivity. But are Stickle Bricks androgynous? L

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how do i keep one of my to female dogs from being mean to the other?

I have two female dogs one of them is very sweet and wouldent hurt a fly but the other one gets very jealouse and nips her and gets on top of her and bites her...the one thats being hurt is ver skidish and when the dog nips her she tuckes her tail and walks of how do i stop this because i love them bolth and i dont want to get rid of either of them.   !!!help!!!

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I have a female cat with scabies. Does any one have a home cure for this?

Scabies is a diease that causes her to scratch and lick herself all the time. It has created a bald patch around her neck where the fur has fallen out, and now the skin is red and raw looking, with scabby looking patches.

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Iwas wondering if you can program anything you putt on a curcit board using a female d sub

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Faux usb adapter for my Galaxy Tab 10.1 wifi.

I was wondering if its possible to use a female-to-female usb adapter to connect a usb memory stick to my Galaxy Tab 10.1 wifi with it's own usb connector? Is it possible?

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can i use a nunchuck extension cable on a charging base to charge my Wiimote? Answered

Can i use a nunchuck extension cable on a charging base to charge my Wiimote? what i mean is, can i plug the female end into the male charging port,and the male end into the female port in the Wiimote?

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can usb support two devises ?

Can we connect two phones by one female usb ??

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What should I get?

Hey I need help what should I get a female or male puppy I am ten and I kinda need help so if you can help me it'd be awesome, Cause I am going by spaying and nurturing ( don't know if I spelled that right ) Thanks a lot bye!

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Facebook has went way downhill

I made a facebook account and added no information or friends to it. Every single person that facebook suggests that I may  know is a female. Out of around 60 people. Explain that algorithm. Most are young attractive females. The advertising was getting way bad too when I had it before. And I was getting posts from friends of friends of friends. No thank you. You done messed up facebook.

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Christmas lights aren't working :(

I have a small set of Christmas lights that will not come on. With my multimeter I tested the fuses, several light sockets (the one closest to the plug, the one furthest away, and one closer to the middle), and the female plug on the end. I'm getting 120v coming out of the female plug, the sockets are providing between 2v and 4v, and the fuses provide almost no resistance, and the filaments are visibly intact. What's wrong?

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Charging batteries (in my case a 9V) from a Multi voltage wall adaptor?

Hi All, I would like to charge a 9 v rechargable battery from a power adaptor similar to the one below.  Can I just add a female plug to the battery and charge it direct?  Is there an optimum female plug that I should use?  Any advise would be handy. Thanks

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Popular 2 pin power connector for PCBs?

I have made a prototype PCB board which requires connection to a 9V battery or a wall-wart. The board is very small and doesn't have much extra space. I'm currently using a female header(as used in arduino) with 2 pins broken off into which I'm plugging in the wires from battery. In the final board, I want to be using some connector which is widely available, and PCB friendly. The one which I have most commonly seen being used is the wall-wart female power jack which is way too big for my requirement. Any popular option which is only slightly bigger than a snipped female header? -Antzy

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USB extension cord not working

I needed to extend my USB port from behind my TV so I used an old phone charger cord, cut off the phone connection end and soldered a female usb port to it. I now had a cord with a male USB connection on one end and a Female USB connector onthe other. I double and triple checked the wire connections. (red, white,green,black). I even tested each cable end to end with a multimeter to ascertain that the were no short circuits or breaks in the wires. The extension is less than a meter long and it does not work when I plug it into my pc with a flash drive. What could possibly be wrong?Any assistance would be appreciated.

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How can I keep the female dog pee spots next to my patio from turning to mud this spring? Add lye, lime or baking soda?

My female dog pees in several spots just off the patio,and the grass has died. Now it is turning to mud since she runs thru those spots with her large paws. In the wet spring this will turn into a mud pit on the way in and out. Is there any thing I can add to her pee spots to make it fertile for the grass instead of a killer? Must be high urea content in the pee. Will pouring some lime or baking soda help? She is a 50 pound pit who loves to run in grass or mud. This must be a common problem. I seem to be constantly blocking off & reseeding sections.

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What would you suggest for a rank novice female to build as a boat with very young children ages 5 to 13?

It needs to be light enough for us to maneuver by ourselves with very clear instructions. I wanted to build a pontoon boat with 55 gallon plastic drums and duct tape, but it sounds too heavy. We have a garage we can use in which to build it. For inland lake use. Any ideas out there?  What about a paddleboat?, Grandma                                    

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am building a tent frame 3/4 steel tubes. need help locating locking device?

The male and female ends on the tubing slide together, inside one tube there is a device that has a little ball shape pushed downinside the end that pops through a drilled hole which then pops into a drilled hole on the other tube..I need to locate this device and find where i can get that tubing ( male and female ends that fit together.

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is there an 'ible that would allow you to put a usb cable on a laptop hdd that's sata, instead of getting an adapter?

I have an old sata laptop hdd that has a female plug where the pins are on a "normal" hdd, so my adapter I bought that will connect a usb port to an ata, or laptop hdd with pins is useless. just wanted to know if anyone knew which pins(holes on the female plug) I'd need to connect to, to make it work? Thanks, Instructors! Doug

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iphone solar charger (again)

Have read through alot of topics but cant find my question answered... If i use 5v solar panels, with lets say 1000mA  power, and simply solder wires from panels to a female usb connector ex. if i buy a usb extension (male one end /female other end) and cut away the male part and solder the other female part to panels would this simple circuit charge a iphone ,,or would there have to be other electronic parts involved to make charging happen? If this does not work , im thinking of buying a car usb socket and solder to 12-15v panels ,   that should be bombproof as long as you now that the specific socket works with iphone right ? Downside of that , as i read somewhere on the net is that you loose power when transforming current down from 12 to 5v ? is that right ok hope someone has got a answer to me  regards

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Why are women evil, uncaring, harpies? Answered

Really, that's the whole question. Yes, I've recently endured a heartbreak, but this is a general thing based upon the actions of the majority of the females at my school.

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