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The Greenwich Foot-Tunnel

You might not know it, and you may never have walked through it (I have), but you may well have seen it. The Greenwich Foot Tunnel opened in 1902 and runs under the River Thames, it's a popular spot for music-video. As such, I'm offering patches to the first 5 people to post a video-link featuring the tunnel. Denying you one, here's an example 3:20-30 L

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Need expert engineering help to build a foot-bridge!?

I want to build a foot bridge across a creek! The width of the creek is 16', but I'm going 24' long to support the footers. The bridge itself will be 4' wide. I was thinking of using "C" channel iron welded onto I-beams to hold the treated 2x6's in place. I need info on what type and size of beams, etc. If it's not too obvious I'm a complete engineering noob, but this is the kind of project that makes country living worthwhile. Thanks in advance for your kind help!

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how do I make this costume ?

I need to know

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Can anyone identify this item?

It is an old foot pedal, cast iron. It has both incoming and outgoing electric cords. Both leading from the perferated round cylinder. The pedal is spring loaded and returns to the up postion after the pressure is removed. Thanks

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usb page turner foot pedal?

i have a foot pedal for my yamaha keyboard with a 1/4" jack at the end of a cable; i want to connect it to my laptop to turn pages while i am playing music; as you all know laptops dont have 1/4" audio inputs; could any one please describe a way to connect the pedal to the usb port? i have the software for the laptop to recognise whether the pedal is on or off; usb cables have 4 wires, two for data and two for power; i am assuming that i would have to use the power lines for this since the pedal is simply a switch; any info/help would br highly appreciated thank you

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How do I get more volts to power 4--24 volt drill motors, used in a electric power vehicle? Answered

O.K. so here's the project I'm under taking. I am taking a Power wheels Big Foot. One of the old school originals. I made it a 4by4 with independent motors on each wheel (4 motors total). Well the only way I've found to get more speed out of it is to add more volts. I hooked up an 18volt Ryobi drill battery to the circuit system, got some good speed. But it died very fast do to the overwhelming power drain from all motors in sequence. So Other then putting either an 18 or 24 volt battery to each wheel/motor, How would I crank more speed and power out of this thing? I've tried a 12v car battery, but I get more speed out of the drill battery. But the car battery lasts longer. My hope is to make this be able to carry me @about 20-25 mph for a decent distance. Hopefully theres some other electrical junkies out there a little better off in this type of knowledge then me. Thanks again either way guys.

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Beware Obrary

I was approached this week by a member of staff at Obrary, asking me if I would let them share one of my projects. So far, so good; I gave permission, as long as they agreed to abide by the license I use to publish my projects; BY-NC-SA.  This is the default licence for Instructables, and allows others to share your work as long as they quote the source, share their work under the same licence, and do not profit commercially from the project. Be aware that, if Obrary share your projects, they will share them under the licence of BY-CC-SA, allowing other people to profit from your work. When I discovered this, I agreed, as long as I got to share in the income being generated by my work. Obrary went quiet. If you want to share your projects through Obrary, that's up to you (a quick search shows that at least one Instrucabler has allowed their work to be shared), but you need to remember that their business model involves monetising your work, without any of the income coming to you. They profit, you lose out. You have been warned.

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Power genration by Foot steps

The main purpose of this Project is that to design a system that convert the mechanical energy harvested from human motion into electrical energy.This project report contains the complete literature review and implementation of an alternative to electrical power supplied by batteries for portable electronic devices and for computerized and motorized prosthetics. The report presents the idea to generate power harvesting from human motion. Electrical devices have been liberated from the wall socket. Battery powered computers, phones and music devices come along everywhere we go. The limiting factor is electricity. In the end the battery always goes dead. Ironically, when we move around with our portable devices we produce a lot of energy. But a lot of this energy is lost as heat. If that mechanical energy could be converted into electricity, our very mobility could charge our mobile devices. Using the working principal of dynamo, we intend to generate a small power which then can be used to charge the portable devices. We are charging mobile battery for testing purpose.

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Good source for foot switches? Answered

I'm looking to build a stomp box of sorts, and am having trouble finding a good source for foot (stomp) switches that will hold up.  Neither Mouser nor Digikey seem to have something appropriate, at least based on my searches.  I found, which seems to have decent enough prices ($5.00 a pop). So my question is, what's the best (taking into account reliability, speed, quality, and best deal mainly) place to get a foot switch that will hold up without breaking the bank? Also, when I say foot switch, I mean a button.  Not a pedal.

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Hackysack (or foot bag, if anyone calls it that)

Anyone here ever play hackysack? if so how many hits do you usually get? i usually get between 3-5.

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footpedal faucet control - Pedalworks vs Chicago vs Fisher vs Tapmaster vs others? Which are good, which are trouble?

I am about to put in a new kitchen sink and faucet. I would like a foot pedal. What do you receommend?

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How to add 2 LEDs to my footswitch so I can see if either channel is on or off.

I have a 2-channel Marshall footswitch that I want to mod to mimic their PED802 model with on/off LEDs on it. Scoured many forums for schematics or diagrams or photos, but nothing so straightforward out there. I believe it does not require a battery to power them as it mimics the light on the amp front, but my electronics knowledge isn't so good. Anyone have a photograph of something similar? I think I need two LEDs, two resistors and a couple bits of wire, but that's all I can glean. Thanks.

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How can I move a 12 foot by 24 foot shed?

I have a 12 foot by 24 foot shed that I need to move away from my house, its just too close. I just want to move it about 7 feet and forward. The floor joist are 2"x 6". I want to move the shed North (literately) and the joist are running East/West, thats good so far, as I intend to use 3 pieces of 2" x 10" running the full 24 feet North and South. Now here's the problem... Its heavy and I dont know what I could use to roll it on. I was thinking about using 4" PVC pipe schedule 40 (or 80). I just want some feed back before I do this. Cost is an issue here... dont forget Im doing a " for the poor man " series BloFish

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Sewing Machine Part Identification.

I need to know what the name for the part of the sewing machine that the presser foot is attached to. It's missing on my machine and I don't know where to get a replacement.

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Why does my right shoe always come untied while my left one never does?

The type of shoe makes no difference. Is it because my right foot is slightly smaller?

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How do you fix a sewing machine that won't stop running?

I have a great old sewing machine and it would work fine if i could control the needle with the presser foot. It is a Zig Zag model E-388 Precision Made in Japan.

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use a footswitch to activate MP3?

I am attempting to set up a foot pressure switch to activate an mp3 player for an art exhibition. I wired up the footswitch to to close the circuit when pressed between the speakers and the mp3. Unfortuneatley it only closes half the circuit so the other half remains open giving a lot of hissing sounds. The idea is that the mp3 remains on and playing but that when the pressure swicth is stepped on it closes the circuit so the music plays. I need to find a way to break the entire circuit when the mat is not stepped on. Any ideas how to achieve this? Thanks Cathal

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How to mod keyboard to use SPST switches?

I'm converting my bluetooth keyboard into a foot controller for my iPad. I opened it up today and I don't understand how the signal gets sent in a keyboard. It looks like the piece of rubber presses down to a white dot, and I don't get how that works. How can I mod this to use momentary SPST switches to send signals as if they were keys on the keyboard?

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Building a 25 foot set of stairs?

I would like to know how to build a one run set of stairs (25 foot) to be used as access to river.

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Hey all! I am a paraplegic and have no use of my legs, I am also an artist and would very much love to be able to tattoo. Is there a way that I could use a tattoo gun without the use of the foot pedal or my foot? 

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Wireless TIG welder foot pedal?

Has anybody ever heard of or created a cordless foot pedal (remote) for tig welding? I hate having to buy new foot pedals for our Miller Synchrowave TIG/ Stick when the power cable gets cut or burned through. Thought about "bluetooth" signal.

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foot pedal controlled glue gun?

I would like to have a glue gun mounted on a stand and controlled with a foot pedal so both hands are free. Any ideas on how to do this?

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guitar 4 way foot switch

How do l build a foot switch with a single input (from guitar) to 4 separate jack outputs? Only one of the outputs can be on at any time. Each output in the unit must have an LED to indicate what one is active.  Diagrams would be helpful .... thanks  :-)

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Drinking water safe foot pump?

I am trying to make a dishwashing station for camping, and I havn't been able to find a design for a pump that seems food-safe. The designs that I have found for DIY use petrolium jelly for a seal. I would prefer a foot pump, as most of the people that I camp with are young, short, or both. :-) Help for the DIY and physics impaired, please.

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6 foot ferris wheel instructions?

I'm looking for complete instructions to #89790  6 Foot Ferris Wheel. I have several coaster kits, rides, larger model sets, big ball factories, and a 6 foot metal cabinet FULL of parts to build it, but no instructions for it. I can't get them from K'nex, and eBay has been a dead end also.If you have a set of instructions I could guy, or a way of taking a clear photo of each page and emailing them to me,  I would really appreciate it.  is where to contact me at if you can help out. Thanks...

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How to climb a 1,768 foot tower

Those tall transmission towers need maintenance which means that someone has to get up there to do the work. This video shows just how that's done. Full-screen view is highly recommended.

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Is the Patterson Footage Real?

Everybody has seen the Patterson footage, if they know it or not. The picture below is the most well known frame. Do you think its fake, or do you believe?

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Why do Americans still use the "imperial" system versus the metric system? Answered

I am wondering this because (and this is coming from an American) it just seems so inefficient compared to the metric system. Is it something political? Or is it just abstinence?

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12v footswitch help.

432-1212 from digi key.⟨=en&site;=us&keywords;=432-1212&x;=16&y;=22 Can this be wired up to work with a 12v battery. I'm wanting to wire this between my battery and bilge pump for a on and off switch it probably will get wet or I should say soaked.  I couldn't find any cheap footswitchs online so I'm thinking maybe I could make one?

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Patagonia's Footprint Chronicles

Patagonia has expanded its Footprint Chronicles website to include five more items. There are now 10 items that you can check to see how far it traveled, how much CO2 it put out, how much waste was generated, and how much energy was used for the entire process of manufacture and shipping.These numbers don't include all of the processing and the shipping to the consumer in the end can't be factored in, but it's a strikingly open way of showing what goes into the making of a product. And for those who are concerned about cargo ships spewing CO2, that's one of the smallest problems."The Chronicles revealed that transportation makes up only about 1 percent of our overall energy use," said Dumain. "Had we listened to the current media buzz touting transportation as the largest factor in energy consumption, we might have greatly misplaced our efforts by making strides to geographically shorten our supply chain -œ which would have massively impacted our business financially, logistically and perhaps even effected product quality Ã-œ and we would only have reduced our energy savings by 1 percent. Instead, we are focusing our energy on areas where we can truly make a difference -œ right in the heart of the manufacturing process." Linkvia Treehugger

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How do I give a foot massage?

Does anyone have any tips on how to give a decent, amateur foot massage? Thanks!

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OSIM uSqueez foot massager sparking how to?

OSIM uSqueez permanently dead. Dismantled unit found mother board 2A fuse blown. Check everything OK on mother board and replace fuse. Power on unit led under stop button light up. Pressed vibrator button works perfect. Pressed massage button strong sparking sound and saw fire in one to two second followed by blown fuse. 1. Measure the motor terminal resistance -> 0 ~ 5 ohms. Or it should should have some high resistance approximately 10 ~ 50 ohms. 2. Measure BR-B3D thermal protector which was in series with the black wire -> 0 ~ 5 ohms. Any idea which one is faulty part? 1. Think the thermal fuse is OK. 2. If the motor short, shall I do rewinding for rotor? Can't found this motor locally and if buy direct from OSIM too expensive! Any idea measure rotor coil? Thanks

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more than 4-8 panal foot bag

I want to know how to make a foot bag with more than 8 panals.

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what can i make a 1 foot tripod out of easily?

Need a 1 foot tripod!

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Deck with no concrete footings, how could I fix it?

So I recently bought a house with a beautiful new composite deck but there are no concrete footings (I'm in the northeast and typically concrete footing are typically 24' deep). How can I fix this. The deck is about 20 inches off the ground. Any ideas??

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How to make a chain mail foot bag with pop tabs?

Hi, I am wondering if there is a way to make a good foot bag out of pop tabs.  I saw a chain mail one HERE and am wondering if I can make one similar from pop tabs that will work well.  I have tried some ideas, and they haven't worked that well.  Any help would be great!  Thanks in advance.

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12 foot empty linoleum roll... what can I do with this?

After laying down new linoleum in the kitchen, I'm left with a gigantic 12 foot cylinder and no idea what to do with it.  It's got a diameter of about 5 inches and is pretty sturdy. Any ideas?

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Can I use a DC foot pedal on an AC machine? Answered

I have an ancient Pfaff (German) sewing machine. The original foot pedal died in a plume of smoke. I bought a replacement electronic pedal and didn't notice that it says 200-240v. Oops! I'm in the US, so the machine has been running on AC. Will a European foot pedal work on it? The machine (from the back) plugs into an outlet in the wall. A separate cord (on the side) goes from the machine to the foot pedal. Modern machines usually use the same machine connection for both the power and the foot control. If I try it on the AC machine, will I damage the machine? Aside from the motor, this is a strictly mechanical machine.

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how to make 12 foot Greecian columns for stage.

HI, I need to make 4-12 foot columns and 4-3 foot columns to resemble ancient Thesolaniki (Greece) for the stage. I need to be able to break them down for transportation and storage into 8 foot lengths if possible. I was thinking of using concrete forms from the building supply section of our home improvement store, but perhaps you have another idea that is Light and inexpensive. I will be able to use the batton in the flyloft to attach a guide wire, so they won't topple. Thank you. 

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the 6 foot, the longest range knex gun in history!

Here is a preview of the longest range gun in knex history, the 6 foot!!!!!!!!(the barrel is 6 feet long!!!!!!) Instructable coming soon , or shall I say novel sized building manual, just as soon as I get Mlcad working because of the size of this beast. KillerK and benfoxg eat my dust!!!!!! its still in construction, so subscribe, and stay tuned!  

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how to make a foot pedal to use as a clutch on a PC?

I want to make a clutch for a driving game i already have the gas and brake pedal but no clutch pedal.  my question is how would one go about making a clutch pedal and no i don't just want to run a momentary pedal on it as it has no real travel on it its just a pedal that goes on and off in a very exact spot  thanks in advance  andrew

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Students build 33 foot tall cardboard tower

This cardboard tower built by students for an exhibition in Paris is 33 feet tall and held together only by screws. It's made up of 96 pieces of cardboard and only took 9 hours to assemble. Even better, no scaffolding was needed as the staircase around it provided all the access the students needed. Cardboard Tower via treehugger

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hey can anyone give me the Piece list for Knex 6 foot ferris wheel- Answered

Http:// large ferris wheel

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I deleted some instructables, but they are still showing up in the non-english sites.

Hi, I deleted several instructables because of safety concerns  and you can see that they are indeed gone but they are still showing up in goolge search as being on non-us instructables sites where the can be found here for several language versions (there may be more links also)      I can't log into the non-english sites. How can I get the 4 deleted instructables at the top of this message restored so I can modify them and/or delete them on all instructables servers (english, german, portuguese, spanish, chinese, japanese)? Thank you moi

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What phrase would you paste on a five foot cannon ?

Exactly what the title is asking.

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