The forums are retiring and are now closed for new topics and comments. The existing content will remain online and accessible through 2020 to provide everyone the opportunity to save any relevant information. In the spring of 2021, these Community forums will be taken offline.

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Ok everyone I finally deleted my for um topic how many people are christians Ok are you happy now so stop bugging me to delete it

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Forums ?

Are "forums" now designed to be hard to find ? They're no longer on the top tab. "Quick fixes" was broken - the page linked said that it is an incorrect one, but repeated refresh seems to fix it.

Topic by steveastrouk    |  last reply

Forum topic not showing in forum

Is there a delay between posting a forum topic, and when it actually shows  up? I just posted this question: I can see the individual topic, it exists in the breadcrumbs at the top it says it is in the  help: contests forum but if you click those breadcrumbs, the topic does not appear in the forum. It exists all by itself, if you have a direct link. but it does not exist in the category so I can't see how anyone would ever see it. Are threads screened or something before they will appear in their  category?

Topic by eclipsed    |  last reply

Forum topic:homework

Make a new forum topic for homework...

Topic by fwjs28    |  last reply

Forum Topic

I created a new forum topic under "crafts", but when I got to Community > forums > crafts, I can't seem to find my thread anywhere. Why isn't it there?

Topic by (s)Aint    |  last reply

Contests forum

On any browser, the contests forum topic shows zero entries- despite it not being.

Topic by steveastrouk    |  last reply

The Forum of Peace

As of late, war has spread across Ibles, Ibler's are turning against fellow Ibler, names are being stolen, threads spammed...So in the prevailing darkness, all those who seek peace may come forth and hopefully safely be at peace here.Allowed discussion:~Peace~What is peace?~FRIENDLY religious discussion~BACON~peaceful things, links video etc...~making apologies and righting wrongsMay you go forth in peace and be bountiful fellow Ibler!Can't get the fight out of your system yet? Go to the War Forum

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A Friend With a Forum

Recently a friend & I have worked out how to make a forum, so we have. Problem is, we have a lack of people who have joined to give constructive criticism! The website is, and my account is KryptoniCamel for any one that wants to ask any questions. Thanks everyone, Regards, Kryptonite.

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Forum Help

I have joined several forums recently, and was wondering about the "tricks of the trade". How do I upload pictures? Videos? How about links? And what about quoting people? How does that work? Bold, italicized, and underlined words? I'd appreciate it if anyone could help.

Topic by John Smith    |  last reply

Spam on the forums

All that user lessobile4sell has done is post spam on the forums.

Topic by dogsrcool2me    |  last reply

Forums not updating

The forum topics are not rearranging according to the recent posts. I replied to , but the topic remains on the third page of the forum lists.

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

knex forum

I have made a forum for all things knex, custom or not and im holding a gun contest there toolink

Topic by Darth Trainman    |  last reply

The School Forum

Well, its basically a forum, for school posts... Post it up! :D

Topic by bumpus    |  last reply

New to this forum

Great info from all of you.  Learning some key concepts here.

Topic by bhardy48    |  last reply

Retiring the Forums

After more than a decade, Instructables has decided to retire our forums. This exclusively pertains to the "Community" section of this website where this topic is posted. Step-by-step instructable tutorials will not be affected in any way by this change.Starting in October we will no longer allow site members to post new forum topics in the Community section. The existing content will remain online and accessible through 2020 to provide everyone the opportunity to save any relevant information. In the spring of 2021, we plan to take the Community forums offline entirely.This decision was not made lightly. For many years we considered these pages the heart of the community. However, times have changed. It’s with some sadness that we need to acknowledge this and adapt.Our biggest clue that it was time to retire the forums came as our site traffic more-than-doubled over the last few months. We observed that the number of Instructables being published increased, the number of comments increased, the amount of favoriting increased, and just about every other measurable form of participation on this website also increased. The one notable thing that did not increase was the number of forum topics being published. We continued to receive, on average, about one a day.This forced us to look at some hard truths. The first is that the world has changed. In 2005 our forums offered a big tent to the maker community at a time when there were few places to go and interact socially with a cross-section of like-minded individuals. However, most of the conversations that used to happen here have now moved to either social media, Reddit, or niche forums elsewhere on the internet. No one builds general discussion forums like ours anymore, and most others have gone extinct a long time ago. The other hard truth we had to reconcile with is that fundamentally our core business is not running a forum. Nevertheless, we spend a lot of time keeping them up and running. For every valid forum topic that gets posted on the site, we get about 50 forum topics that get caught by our spam filter and end up having to be reviewed and deleted. In addition, the forums are based on some of the oldest code on our website, which means they tend to break often. Keeping them up and running distracts energy from our very small team that could be better used elsewhere. That said, there are now more places than ever that you can go to discuss making online. For starters, you could connect with us on Twitter or Instagram where we have a thriving community. You should also check out some of these awesome staff-recommended channels and sites: thank everyone for all of their contributions to these forums over the years and the community you helped make flourish. We welcome everyone to share your thoughts, feelings, or memories below.

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On the subject of the forums...

The forums are a very important part of Instructables, but I have noticed that a number of people do not find them as useful or workable as they might want, myself included.  Things like vanishing comments and lack of notifications are the most common complaints (that I am aware of). LINK LINK Here's a thought for the consideration of the development team and the members: Why not "outsource" the forums, and possibly even the comment sections of projects? I am thinking of a tool such as, for instance, Disqus, which a number of popular news and blog sites use for their comment sections, and also allows for general discussion within the Disqus site itself (a feature I have not used).  It allows you to log into several sites with the same account, and alerts you to all the replies you get.  It also allows comments to be voted up or down (although that is a very secondary feature in my opinion). That is, of course, just one example of the various tools available, but I think there are other potential advantages to using something like this. Anyhoo, the thought is out there. >K<

Topic by Kiteman    |  last reply

the forum for spam

Ok, i spam too much on ibles and so do a few others. so i created THIS! this topic is supposed to receive all the spam that you feel like posting on ibles. Only 4 rules exist on this topic 1. every comment here MUST be spam 2. nothing offensive here 3. do not flag any comment here unless it is offensive 4. NO spam anywhere outside of this topic so, SPAM AWAY! to start off, i am going to put a few spam pictures here

Topic by DJ Radio    |  last reply

The forum topic to post stuck forum topics

Lately there have been a ton of topics that just get stuck for no reason at all. Here's where to post them when you make a perfectly legitimate, and not possibly controversial or offensive topic but it just won't show up after a period of several hours.If you spam or post controversial things, I'll delete and repost the topic. This is only for stuff that gets stuck for no apparent reason, as poor Kiteman keeps having happen to him.

Topic by Lithium Rain    |  last reply

Too many forums

There are too many forums. Here are some popular forums I've found. Please list more forums and we can create a master list of them.forums

Topic by starwing123    |  last reply

Delete forum topic

How do you delete a forum topic ?

Topic by Brandi286    |  last reply

"preview" in this forum "saves"

When reporting this bug and editing the Topic multiple times, I saw there is a "preview" button when doing changes. I expect this button to Show a preview and then a "save". But it saved immediately. I am truly amazed I find 4 Bugs in my first day of using this Feedback forum. Whoa.

Topic by LeoS31    |  last reply

No update for contest forum

This is something that has bugged me since the new contests forum section was added. Why is it that when I go to the forum main page, I can see how many posts and replies are in each section of the forum along with when the last post was made and who made it, but the contest section always says that there are no posts and no replies even though there are a number of posts there.

Topic by Twinmum    |  last reply

Robot Marketplace Forum

A while ago Robot Marketplace created a forum that is focused on robotics, and more specifically combat robotics.  If you are interested in this sort of thing check it out.  It has some great potenial if enough people find out about it/start using it.  Here is the link:

Topic by JaredsProjects  

Slideshows in forum topics

Zachninme put together this sweet way to embed slideshows in forum topics. I'm posting it because it requires HTML in the body of the text, and only admins can do that.What do you think? Is this something you would use? The images in the Slideshow below are from this forum post. They are not from an existing Slideshow.Show/Hide Slideshow

Topic by ewilhelm    |  last reply

Forum eats replies

I've seen it happening before, and it's happening again for me now: I can't reply to certain forum posts even though they have a reply button. My reply just gets eaten and doesn't post; the page reloads and everything I've typed is gone, the page looks as if I've just opened that forum thread. An example is the latest posting on the thread about international entries in contests: I can't reply to the user from Taiwan who is asking whether s/he can enter. There is no error message or anything. This is frustrating and makes me not want to use the forums anymore. If it helps: I'm using SeaMonkey on XP. Can anyone enlighten me? Edited to add: it looks like I can't even post a new message (this one). I keep ending up on a blank page. I gave it several tries but it didn't work... then, ten minutes later, it worked.

Topic by Moem    |  last reply

Forum not searchable anymore

It seems to me that forums are not searchable anymore. At least I couldn't find a way to do it. The search field in the header always leads straight to various instructables which fit the search term... I am using Firefox 20.0 on Mac OS X 10.6.8

Topic by uersel    |  last reply

Forum topics not appearing.

Over the last month, I have noticed that my forum topics do not show until a few days after posting. By this time they have sunken three pages in.One of my previous topics, did not show until Kiteman commented in it. I'm not sure how he found it.I have just posted another topic, which still hasn't shown up after a day.This has only occured of late as previous topics showed within 5 min.Thermo electric generatorand my recent topicSia preforms still MIAAny ideas?

Topic by Lftndbt    |  last reply

how to search the forum???

I had some site questions and was nosing around the forum (trying to anyway) but I cannot find anywhere, how to search "just the forum"? Am I missing something simple? or is it not possible? I thought I did this before, but I cant seem to find it....

Topic by SlickSqueegie    |  last reply

Cool Forum Statistics

I'm a sucker for statistics. Check out what I Stumbled on.This website lets you see statistics on just about any forum or message board on the web. It's pretty insane.As an example, here's some stats on the Community Blog forum.On this particular forum, Goodhart has had the most posts this week, followed by Adrian Monk and then Keith-Kid. With Labot2001 at a strong tenth. ;-)Just thought I'd shared something of interest ;-)

Topic by Labot2001    |  last reply

First forum post

Hi, this is the first forum post from BustinJieber, the leader of BustinJieber. Have you got Jieber fever?

Topic by BustinJieber    |  last reply

new knex forum

Theres a new forum for discussing knex gun designs just posting so you know

Topic by nick.z    |  last reply

knex gun forum

Theres a new forum for discussing knex gun designs just posting so you know

Topic by nick.z    |  last reply

knex gun forum

Theres a new forum for discussing knex gun designs just posting so you know

Topic by nick.z    |  last reply

who is the forum master?

Well you probaly dont know what i mean but ill tell you ok so what i mean by the 'forum master' is who is the person who always answers the questions and is always on the little side bar thing where it says there name. who is it???

Topic by Easy Button    |  last reply

forum post not appearing

I posted a forum post two days ago from an imac using google chrome.  I have been looking to no avail for it in the forums and I am concerned it will not come in.  It violates no instructible rules and should not have been caught in a filter however it seems like the only reasonable explanation. 

Topic by    |  last reply

Knex Grenade Forum

THis is the best spot to talk or submit photos of posssible and full knex grenades!

Topic by knexgunmaker5000    |  last reply

Economics, Investing forums? Answered

I'm having trouble finding a discussion group that deals with investing, stocks, economics. For example, I want to better understand some indicators but the forums I found on Google search discuss how a stock or sector is doing. Is there nothing that is more general? I was hoping Investopedia had a forum but I didn't find anything. Thanks

Question by phillyj    |  last reply

The forums are dog slow.

Anyways, we need somebody to make a "build your own online store for free" instructable.

Topic by royalestel    |  last reply

Answers vs. Forum?

I'm new to instructables and just getting the hang of things. I'm not sure I really get the difference between what should go on the forum and what should be posed as a question. Here's my forum post, but after I did it I thought it maybe should have been a question... Thanks

Question by obsessed    |  last reply

What is a forum topic? Answered

I've seen and heard about this my I still can't figure out what it is.

Question by Glad(to-meet-ya)ys    |  last reply

Model Railways Forum

This is the forum for modelrailway lovers at instructables! Questions, Ideas, and all the things ,all scales , real or model are welcome to here!

Topic by simaopintocorreia    |  last reply

New Science Forum

For anyone interested, I'm trying to start up a homebrew science site. It could use some more members :Phttp://homebrewscience.comEventually, you'll be able to participate in member projects, write articles (and have them peer-reviewed), and share photos and video.

Topic by Sno  

How are forums organized?

I think there is a lot of good information within the Forum section of the site, but I have not been able to figure out if there is any particular organization to it.  I do fine when I click on Forum, then there is a list of topics, or divisions, alphabetically arranged.  But click on one of those topics, and it seems there is no order or organization at all.  There are buttons for:post, posts and topics, topics, featured,etc, but clicking on them doesn't seem to alter much, if anything?  It would be nice if things were arranged either: alphabetically, numerically, by author, by date, by topic, etc.  Or am I missing something (which is very possible, I admit...) Any help and or enlightenment would be appreciated, thank you.

Topic by Creativeman    |  last reply

Gun Forums and Comments

Anyone noticed that all of the comments on gun instructables are really bitter and often very combative? Maybe there's a trend between people who feel the need to use guns and their personalities...

Topic by DELETED_craz meanman    |  last reply

This forum confuse me.

What was wrong with the old one? It didn't work well on mobile devices? Why do you make me hate people with mobile devices? Some of them may be a good persons...

Topic by Waldemar Sha    |  last reply

A link to the Answers forum?

I'm not blind, but I sure can be clueless at times, but I can't find any decent link to the Answers: pages on the home page.  I like helping people by giving (hopefully) constructive responses to their questions.  But  I have the darndest time trying to get there. Just put a link in the top of page banner... Please!

Topic by TheZuke!    |  last reply

My New Forum

Alright sorry I know DGM already made a thread for me but I'm going to make my own so that I may update it with the most recent additions. We're are still very much alive and not closing down after all. so I made a site called K'nexables (uncreative I know I just wanted a quick name) because I didn't like everyone clinging to 'ibles. I know that the insults have gone down but we'll never be highly respected in the community. And it would still be nice to have a place of our own. However, KI isn't a favorite for some of you. I can't blame you but I know there are those of you who like it so I'm not targeting you. I'm not trying to compete with KI I'm simply giving those who don't like it the option to join me. You may be wondering- What does TheDunkis's site have that would make me want to use that instead? Well here are some current features and some soon to come.-Chat with different categories based on the forum. If you're a member of the forum you're a member of the chat.-Wide selection of categories including non K'nex topics.-Good amount of BBcodes to make posting easier.-VIP forum. Equivalent of the Secret forum on KI but there are many more ways to get into it.-Constant Contest. We may have more than one running at a time (although all ending at different times so that you may participate in all of them even if low on pieces). Sorry our prizes aren't physical but you can still earn a variety of forum prizes.-Friendly atmosphere. We'll attempt to be a little more friendly than KI. Not saying that KI isn't but they can be intimidating to new members. I'll have some firm but strict rules with a fair and just punishment system.-Not that most of you even care but me and couple others are planning on prioritizing KA as our main posting site. All of my future projects will be posted here and you'll have to join in order to see them. I'll post them here too though just not for like a month after posted on KA.Alright I think that's all of them so far. Here's a list of the things I'm planning on adding.-Ranks with K'nex pieces for images-Karma or forum rep-Possibly a cash mod for an online forum economy (trust me it'll be used in a variety of ways)-Possibly a portal mod. A sort of front page that has many useful tools.-Anything you want! We'll pretty much add anything that seems helpful and easy if you suggest it. We'll pretty always add a new category if you suggest it as long as it makes sense.Any questions?

Topic by TheDunkis    |  last reply

Another Teeth Forum

Hey, just saw there were alot of responses to the other forum and I'm having trouble finding anything that makes me feel better on the Web, so I figured I'd ask here. I had 1 wisdom tooth that had grown in properly and rotted, pull about 6 days ago. I'm still having "I need serious painkillers" pain. I'm pretty confident that its not dry socket. none of the pain is really coming from inside my mouth other then the side of my tounge. most of the pain is in my chin jaw line and up into my temple. I've had plenty of extractions and they all heal enough not to hurt after about three days. Am I gonna die? no but seriously..... is this normal?..... like maybe from him reefing on my jaw to lossen the tooth? or am I screwed and should go back to the dentist?

Topic by chaoscampbell    |  last reply

Forum: Mashed Potatoes

Yum. The perfect comfort food eh? I love 'em, Do you love 'em? What do you think goes best with them? Share your recipes and comment and ideas here!!! Mash potatoes THEY ROCK!

Topic by Baron A    |  last reply

Forums are retiring - I am building a replacement-forum

OK... As many of you may have heard, the forums here @ Instructables are closing permanently this october. See may have its cause and it is all explained in the linked post. I want to thank the instructables-Team to have provided such a great community over all these years. I learned a lot and enjoyed reading all those posts and answering those questions asked. I may even have had a positive influence on someones live. Who knows?Anyway: I dont aggree with the result of the analysis that there is a falling # of posts and activity in the forums here. I think it was more a self-killing system with bad & old Forum-software not motivating for new users and new posts. This in return gives low activity and low incentive for staff to update the forum and make it more appealing. Less appealing forum = low user-acitvity = low staff-incentive = Less appealing forum = ...I still think there is a big benefit for a dedicated forum for DIY and instructables. But ranting does help nobody. It is a free world and Instructables / Autodesk have made the decision. OK. Lets see what we can do from here on.I quickly grabbed a Domain, booked a webhosting and set up a rudimentary phpBB.-->> <<--Currently, userregistration is disabled. If you want to help out, please dont hsitate to contact me here om Instructables via PM. Soon we will have the structure and details and rules fleshed out and will be opening the gates.Someone has a nice idea for a logo?

Topic by Orngrimm    |  last reply