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Is this a fake G-Shock? Answered

Hi, I've got a G-Shock with the model no. G-100-1BVMES. Is this a fake model no. as I can't find it on European, US or UK G-Shock websites. I got it from a well-known jewellers so I don't think it's fake...but when I looked the model no. up it only appears on a few websites. On the G-Shock UK website is appears as looks like my one but I'm not 100% sure if it is a real one under a less popular name. Any information would be much appreciated. Thank You super_me

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How can I extend the range of g-sky wireless USB Adapter (Model GS-27USB)? Anyone has an idea please?

How can I extend the range of g-sky wireless USB Adapter (Model GS-27USB)? Anyone has an idea please? I have that device but its range is not that far

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Yet again PICAXE? Answered

I wanted ti make a matrix using picaxe plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz HELP

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I'm using a computer that blocked off my email sites. I need help!

So I'm using a school computer that blocked off my Email sites. I need to email my friends. Can you help me?

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Need help, what`s that thing for?

Hey! So what could it be?it got little peeping speaker, on/off switch and a "Tactile Switch" AA battery is too big and tall, AAA fits but its tall too, but i runned it on AAA(put something between the battery and contact) Then its making peep peep untill i switch the pushbutton. On the board is writed "UNILARM" Thanks for any help:)

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how to put a g i joe parachute on correctly?

I just want to know how ok

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To all newly approved people's, sorry for the long wait. No, i wasn't doing it nerfhaven style, my account is broken and i just found out that it works on my phone.

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Use G+ as an K'NEX outlet?

As many of you guys know, I am a firm believer in an alternative site for us K'NEXers. I just think that the K'NEX world is big enough, and cool enough, for us to find our own "colony," if you will. But, sadly, the amount of work it would take to move everyone from here to that "other colony" would be rather impossible to do, besides, how do we guarantee that we'd keep them there? So then, I had this idea. A large majority of people who have a email address use Gmail, right? So, why don't we just create a G+ K'NEXers page and a G+ group to stay in touch? After all, it is easier to just post a quick pic on G+ than to come here to instructables, and the Google hangouts option allows us to chat and keep in touch via IMs. On top of all that, it is just better that we keep to ourselves, after all, the instructables site is more for Make/How to/DIY, and K'NEX really doesn't fill that slot, IMO. Don't get me wrong, instructables is a great website, run by great people, but the K'NEX world deserves its own area on the web. What do you guys think? How many of you have Gmail (you needn't post your email address), and how many would be willing to get a "fake" email address to keep in touch? Again, like many of my other topics on this subject, this forum thread is just to gauge interest. -The Red Book of Westmarch

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G+ links showing up as youtube videos

OSX 10.9.3 Chrome 35.0.1916.114 When commenting on an Instructable, I pasted in a Google Plus link to an image gallery. Example: This link was incorrectly assumed to be a youtube video and showed a broken youtube video as soon as I hit return after the link. This link was parsed as a youtube video as long as u/0/ was in the string. Any string that included "u/0/" was parsed as a youtube video and any string without it was parsed correctly.

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Knex S.G.S.L

Here is a really cool gun I just made up. Its a grey spacer launcher. Its pretty fun to shoot, it goes about 10FT using grey spacers. It is single shot but its just plain cool.  

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My dog died...

(sob) (cry) (sob) My dog died. My mom ran him over. He survived the accident but the surgery and other stuff would of been $4000. And there was a chance he wouldn't make it through. So me my mom and sister and dad (my dads away in California for my uncles wedding) decided to put him down. So it was a hard good by to my dog Sandy.Sorry no pictures.

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G-Code interpreter/loader/streaming for Arduino UNO without Stepper Drivers?

I have a MAXNC CL10 mill, which stopped working a few weeks ago, PICs not working... Anyway, Looking for a sketch to interpret G-code and drive the unipolar motors. I searched around and founded Grbl and a few others, which uses driver circuits, but I don't know enough about programming to change them to what I can use. Any hints, pointers, road maps would be helpful.

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N.G.C.A (National Geek Center of America)

This is the N.G.C.A(national geek canter of america)! please join! as this group is for all the "instructo-geeks" ! please geek responsibly. this message was brought to you by the National Geek Center of America(N.G.C.A.)

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Gears of War Lancer Assault PISTOL. Semi-Auto, (well not yet)working saw.

I'll be posting a pic soon. By the description, tell me if I should post. Up-Update: The saw is crap! It sucks, bigtime! Up-Up-Update!: My semi-auto system wasn't reliable, so I have to use dutchj's mag, barrel, trigger, and system. I WILL ask permission.

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Disappearing Go g e?

You may have seen that Google has a crop-circle theme today, with a hovering UFO. The "l" is missing (even from the name of the image-file). A while ago, an "o" was kidnapped by a very similar UFO. Do the artists at Google know something we don't...? What letter is next?

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Quick question about turrets

I planning on maybe building a turret gun and I was just wondering if the White rod mini pins on the tr-8 are essential for good ranges from a turret, as, if it is viable, I would quite like to build a turret without the mini pins. thanks, I.E.

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G.E. dielektrol capacitor making popping sounds internally Answered

I recently acquired a G.E. 40,000 volt capacitor and initially it was fine but it has started making loud popping sounds inside while charging and discharging. It sounds like there might be arcing inside but it still holds a charge just fine which is quite strange. The sound always comes from the same exact spot and the capacitance has decreased from 1.88 uf to 1.5 uf. I'm wondering if inside the cap there is several smaller ones and maybe a connection came loose during shipping but I really don't want to pull it apart because it's welded shut. Any advice on what I should do would be helpful :) Thank in advance!

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Join the Borat group! Gain a free subscription from yours truly!

The group "Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan" is for those who appreciate, enjoy and admire the cunning brilliance of Borat Sagdiyev. Borat fans unite! If you're a mere passerby and haven't watched the movie yet, watch it! WATCH IT NOW!Very nice, sexy time, jagsemash, wa wa wi wa, great success, etc.Kazakhstan is the greatest country in the world, all the other countries are run by little girls.BORAT FANS UNITE!!!!P.S. As always, join my group and you get a free subscription from yours truly.

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How to hack into g-mail accounts?

YO!!!!! I need to know how to get into g-mail accounts i heard there is a way i just don't know that way please help thanks!

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how to build a G- Force measurer?

I recently seen on Tv where you built one of these and measured G-force on a rollercoaster the end of it and don't what it was called. on diract Tv sat the 28th march 2009.

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Robosapiens india and IIT-G presents

'Short Term Internship Program in Robotics and Embedded 'C' certified by Techniche'09 IIT-Guwahati and robosapiens India.http://www.robosapiensindia.comSTIP or Short Term Internship Program is a career oriented program which gives the participants the opportunity to have a tété-a-tété with the industrial approach to Robotics and Embedded C. It gives you an insight into micro controller and what goes into the making of an embedded system. This duration specific program has been introduced as a result of popular demand from participants of our previous programs.We fell proud to present you with this unique internship variation which will not only change the perception of an internship but will also improve its credibility and efficiency. The course outline is as follows:Course Outline:- • Embedded System Design and Robotics: An Introduction• Microcontrollers & their Architecture• Introduction to Embedded C Programming • Interfacing of peripherals to Microcontrollers • Project Building • Introduction to concepts of RTOSThis course includes the Free Embedded system SDK to all participants.Why this course is a ‘must’?So why should a student go for STIP. We think the following summarizes the plethora of reasons why STIP is a dream for every embedded system and robotics enthusiast:• Embedded System is best understood by applying it in robotics.• Robotics and Embedded systems have a lot of scope in college projects.• The AVR series that we will be using is the most commonly employed series for micro controller at both academic and industrial level.• A participant gets to learn and apply Embedded C programming which is the main programming language for embedded systems with resource constraints. • This is the best way to get to know other robotics enthusiast around the country. • One gets to be in touch with the most talented and experienced professionals in this area of academics and interact with them.STIP benefits in a nutshell:• Exhaustive training with extensive guidance by our panel of experts.• The project based completion of curriculum with both theory classes and hands on sessions.• One can also buy development boards and other robot parts that we’ll use throughout the program.• Certification by IIT Guwahati; Techniche’ 09.• Accommodation facility for participants coming from far away locales.Free Embedded system SDK kit includes :• AVR series microcontroller Based Reserach plateform.• 1 Atmega 16 Microcontroller.• AVR series Universal Programmer.• Connecting cables.• 1 LCD display.• Robosapiens india AVR Loader v1.0 Beta software package.Certification by Techniche'09 IIT-Guwahati and Robosapiens India.Robosapiens India ties up with Techniche'09 India Institute of Technology. All the participants will get a valid Certificate from us.STIP Program cost includes:• Two weeks instructor led exhaustive training.• Two weeks of industry defined, project work.• Take away Embedded system SDK Kit.• Post Training assistance for Project work.• Accommodation assistance.Course Curriculum Details :Embedded System Design: An Introduction Introduction to micro controller is the first step to know about embedded systems. What is a micro controller? What’s inside it? What makes it an embedded system? What are the different families of microcontroller, its derivatives and its applications in industrial projects? Why AVR is the most widely used micro controller family? What goes into designing an embedded system? Its criteria and handling resource constraints.Introduction to Microcontrollers and AVR Architecture This session includes introduction to the AVR series of micro controller, especially ATMega16, which we will be using in our program.Introduction to ATMega16 features viz. • I/O Ports. • Data Registers• Interrupts. • Timer/Counter. • External/Internal clocks• ADC (Analog to Digital Conversion using ATMega16). This session is for familiarization with various functional blocks of the microcontrollers and knowing the inside story of it. Introduction to Embedded C Programming • Embedded C-Programming for Microcontroller. • Introduction to C, Flow control statements, functions. • Data Types, operators and expressions. • Program structures and debugging. • Program Burning and Execution Interfacing of peripherals to Microcontroller(Atmega 16) • Actuators. • Geared DC Motor. • Stepper Motor. • Motor Driver. • Relays. • Solid State Drivers. • Integrated Circuit drivers. Interfacing of various kind of Display devices• Displays. • LED. • LCD. Interfacing various human interface devices with the microcontroller.• Input Devices. • Switches. Interfacing and Study of Sensors to enable microcontroller to acquire environmental data.• Sensors. • Temperature Sensors. • Light Sensors. Project Building and implementation of ideas• Designing• Devlopment• Programming and customizing • Debugging

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getting money sooner?

Hi, I'm trying to save up for a puppy, and i need a TON of money, of course, if i want to make SURE I can take good care of it. I'm told i will need maybe 3 or 4 years before I have enough, i want at LEAST $4,050 before i feel safe getting one, anyway, (some of it is for in case of an emergancey) I am getting a shelter dog, of course, and I KNOW all that stuff about "big responsibility" trust me, i am doing a ton of research on this, and i have a rodent, too. I am looking for a way to earn money FAST, and it cant be proffesional, or "adult's"  jobs, im only 13, so i can't, and no pet sitting or baby sitting, can anyone tell me any crafts or something like that that I can make and sell? Serious answers please, Thank you

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Load and print file lines in processing?

I want to make a cnc/3D printer using arduino, and right now my main obstacle (besides slow shipping on the remaining motor drivers) is how to get G-code to the arduino.  I have a way to get the Gcode in a .txt file, but I need to separate every line, then send it over serial every ~2 seconds.  Is this possible with processing, and if so, how do I do it.  Note: it needs to send each line separately, and so the arduino reads it as X# Y#, not just ## ##  not sure if there's a difference, but if there is, it must be picked up that way.  Also, I have GloviePIE, (a keboard emulator), if that helps in any way.    Thanks

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Does any one know how to play "Organ Donor" on the piano by DJ Shadow?

i cant seem to find any sheet music for the song, but would love to play it! D:? i've got the main theme so far c# g# f# g# e# f# d# e# c# c# g# g# f# f# g# g# e# e# f# f# d# d# e# e#

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can i run 40mhz car using a 2.4 g transmitter by soldering a receiver in the car ??

Can i run 40mhz car using a 2.4 g transmitter by soldering a receiver in the car so i can use my 2.4 g remote instead of my 40mhz remote>

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what is the best primary pistol ?

For a knex war thats not oddammo

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how do i fix this minecraft bug? Answered

Theres been a bug going on in minecraft that is hard to fix.its a bug that,when you fly to much in creative, it glitches up and when you try to exit it keeps the cursor inside the box. its happened to me twice and when it does, you cant go to any other websites or anything. you cant type in anything and if you sign out of gmail (or any other mail site) it wont let you back on unless you type both the username and password. thanks for helping.                       nfk11

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Processing and arduino mess up after 94 lines?

I have a pair of sketches, on arduino and processing, that sends a coordinate to the arduino from a text file.  For some reason, every time it gets to the 94th line of text, it moves one axis indefinately to the side.  No matter what text file, or if I remove the 94th line altogether, or whatever, it always does the same thing. If I start on another line, it goes 94 lines, then craps out.  What's going on?  All numbers are int, if that helps, except in the processing sketch, where theres some strings, to read the text.  -edit I've changed some integers to floats, but it still craps out at exactly line 94. 

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software that can translate bitmap to vectorgraph or G code for CNC?

I want to build something like a CNC. But using a pen instead of CNC's drill so that I can use it to draw image. I searched a lot about G-code, but they are all for vectorgraph. So I need help if there is any software that can translate the bitmap to G-code? THANKS

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Problems with H. G. Wells' "Little Wars".

So I was reading this instructable, and the Little Wars sounds like a lot of fun. But 'ible was fuzzy on the actual base battle mechanic. Does anyone know how to actually play this game? Please help!

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Converting G clamps or similar to a bench vice?

Looking to make some stuff but don't really have access to a workshop. Not so much of a problem tool wise, all I really need as a drill and a hacksaw, but will definitely be needing a medium size bench vice. Don't have one, can't afford one. So was thinking to somehow convert one or two G clamps or something similar. Was wondering if there's any existing resources or tutorials on how to do this, just so I don't unnecessarily reinvent any wheels. ta.

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Old 64 games for my g-pa

Nebody got some old 64 games out there? i want to buy some more for my grandpa to hold him over while i try to get him a Wii. pretty much any old game will do as long as it runs. im willing to buy but obviously not a lot for old 64 games. oh by the way, im not trying to be rude, but i am not stupid and i am not going to fall for any scams. srry but there are so many scams out there you have to warn people so they will stay away so you dont have to waist your time.

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arduino button problems, again

I have a problem with two buttons and a RGB LED. I want the two buttons to be pressed and then the brightness decreases/increases but it isn't working. When i press it, it decreases it but then it doesn't do it again. Any help would be appreciated. Code included below (problem is in bold) : int button = 8; int button_two = 7; int redPin = 6; int greenPin = 5; int bluePin = 3; int val = 0; int val_two = 0; int numb = 0; int r = 0; int g = 0; int b = 0; int i = 0; void setup() {   pinMode(redPin, OUTPUT);   pinMode(greenPin, OUTPUT);   pinMode(bluePin, OUTPUT);   pinMode(button, INPUT);   pinMode(button_two, INPUT);   Serial.begin(9600); } void loop() {   val = digitalRead(button);   val_two = digitalRead(button_two);     if (val == HIGH && val_two == LOW && numb < 7) {     numb++;     delay(300);     } else if (val_two == HIGH && val == LOW && numb > 1) {     numb--;     delay(300);     } else {     numb=numb;   }     if (numb == 1){       r = 255;       g = 255;       b = 255;   }   if (numb == 2){       r = 255;       g = 0;       b = 0;   }   if (numb == 3){       r = 0;       g = 255;       b = 0;   }   if (numb == 4){       r = 0;       g = 0;       b = 255;   }   if (numb == 5){       r = 255;       g = 255;       b = 0;   }    if (numb == 6){       r = 255;       g = 0;       b = 255;   }    if (numb == 7){       r = 0;       g = 255;       b = 255;   }   if (val == HIGH && val_two == HIGH) {       int r_cal = r / 5;     int g_cal = g / 5;     int b_cal = b / 5;         r = r - r_cal;     g = g - g_cal;     b = b - b_cal;   Serial.println(r);   Serial.println(g);   Serial.println(b);   delay(300);   } else {     val == LOW;     val_two == LOW;   }   analogWrite(redPin, r);   analogWrite(greenPin, g);   analogWrite(bluePin, b); }

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airsoft scope zeroing? Answered

Hey i was just wondering how i should go about zeroing in my new airsoft snipers scope. because they obviously arent like real guns in accuracy so should i just go for as tight a group as possible?

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Wanta make something

Does someone have a rig going? What are you using it for? What software are you using to generate g-code? What controller software are you using?

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polarity tester

Hi, if someone can help me how to construct such a tool polarity tester Thank you in advance for helping

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What should i do with a pda and a old scanner? Answered

Good day Instructables :)    I have a old Acer Scanner 620 (flatbed scanner) and a pda. the old scanner is too old to be compatible (remember that parallel port is dead long time ago) and the pda has a broken On button and the battery is damage. What should i use these materials for?    What can i do with them? Should i turn them into a spy camera (but i don't how to do that...) or something like that? I want to use them for something besides throwing into the rubbish Please help? Here are the photos of the pda and the scanner:=

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can i open up my 80 G ipod classic third generation?

I have the red " X " of doom and i would like to open it up and see whats wrong

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What chords do you know? G, EM, E, F,C

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The display of the Zoom G 2.1 Nu processor is damaged. Require proper guidelines to overcome the issue.

It is showing the black patches on the screen while starting up and unable to see the digits. Other parts are working  properly while display is the only issue to be solved.      

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E-books not downloading...

Hi there, I can't seem to download any of the e-books in pdf. Th Adobe download starts, ends abruptly, followed by the '..cannot not open file. Either the format is not supported or the file has been damgaged" error. This occurs with any of the ebooks. Waddup? :) Thanks!! G-Farce

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What is your favourite knex sidearm? Answered

Mine is the ironman69's G-D1.

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retrofit electric generators

Hello, my name is G. Keith I'm looking for a few bright individuals to start a company that will build and outfit over the road trucks with generators to create an alternative source of electric power. Please submit your inquiries and questions to the post or email me here. Thank you G. Keith aka (knowledgeCkur)

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