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Knex G11 aAttempt Would like some help

Hello Everyone, Beanieorstrich convinced me to try and make a firing G11 and I would much like some help so anybody interested please send me a private message.Thanks.

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Knex TH2BR [Mod 3]

Hey knexers! I have a modification of the TH2BR here for you to see. [Mod 3] Just some final pics of what I have of this gun. .

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Do the flatface g11 and g12 decks usually have concave?

I just got my g12 in the mail and it has pretty good concave. It has about as much as my berlinwood elias assmuth. The reason im asking is because my fiend has a g12 and it has little or no concave at all. So i want to know if the g12's usually come with concave?.

Question by GianniMora  

Canon USB/AA battery charger?

I'm looking to do a very long backpacking trip and was wondering if there was any way to charge my camera's battery without being plugged into a wall outlet. This applies to lots of these bigger batteries, but in this case I'm looking at the Canon NB-7L, that works with the PowerShot series. Litium-Ion, 7.4V, 1050 mAh. As far as I can tell, there is no way to charge this battery without these big wall chargers, although there are some off-brand variations which allow for power from a cigarette lighter adapter. Anyone have any brilliant ideas on how one would go about getting power to one of these batteries, via charger or otherwise? My main problem seems to be that all the alternative power sources out there (solar chargers, mintyboost, yada) provide their power via USB, which doesn't seem to do me much good. I know there's beefy battery packs out there that would work, but in the interest of saving weight, I'd rather not spring for a brick that weighs more than my tent. Any input is greatly appreciated. Cheers.

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