can 57 gb be compressed to 38 gb?

I have a windows vista laptop and a 38 gb external hdd. I need to back up almost 57 gb of stuff. Is there a program out there that has a compression ratio that big? please help? thanks!

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what does it mean when an ipod touch only shows a white pinapple on the screen and will do nothing else?

I bought a used ipod touch for my son. it worked real good for awhile. i went to plug it in to my computer to charge it one day and every since all it will do is show a white pinapple on the screen. the pinapple will stay there untill the power runs dead.  i have tried to find out online what the problem might be by reading other peoples problems with there ipods but i can never find a simular problem as mine. i read stuff about this thing called jail break or something. all of it is just foriegn to me. i havent messed with it at all besides plugging it in to my computer to charge it in fear that i might make it worse. my son really wants it fixed. can somebody pleeezzz help me.?                                   its a 16 gb  ipod touch

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Which is the price of a 30 GB Ipod classic($)?

I want to buy one please helpppppp.xD

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What does "4 GB of memory" mean? Is it the same as RAM? Answered

I've been looking into buying a new computer, and I'm trying to compare it to the one I have now.  Currently, my laptop tells me that it has 1 GB of RAM (I looked it up in the systems tab thing).  On the website of laptop I'm looking into, it says that it has 4 GB of memory.  No where does it mention RAM (unless I missed it, which is a possibility).   I guess in short, my question is, is RAM and memory the same thing? Thanks and here is the website of the Laptop I was looking at;+Core%26%23153;2+Duo+Processor+/+11.6%22+Display+/+4GB+Memory+/+250GB+Hard+Drive+-+Cosmic+Black/9732759.p?id=1218162977578&skuId;=9732759

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64 GB compact flash cards

I was reading this article about Samsung's 64gb compact flash (cf) card. This article is 3 years old and the largest I seem to be able to locate is a 48GB. Do 64 gb cf cards exist? If so where can I buy one? I thought this was really interesting, I was excited to put one to use in the ipod mini hackAlso anyone think it is possible to hack the mini this with sd cards or micro sd cards (I have seen sd to cf converters but the 16 gb cf card is still cheper than a 16 sd card to use with the converter, that's if the converter is even compatible with the ipod) Do sd to cf converters exist that support 2 sd (or micro sd) cards?just looking to bounce some ideas around ,Dan

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Sansa 2.0 gb. wont turn on?

When I try to turn it on it is saying, not enoughspace for Music DB please free 90mb. but the prob is I cant get it turned on not even hooked to the computer. I dont have a reset button on the outside of it anywhere...... If anyone can help it would be nice to know how to reset it even if I loose everything at this point I dont care. Thanks :)

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Is it better to get one stick of 4GB RAM, or 2 sticks of 2GB RAM?

I'm buying new RAM for a motherboard that has 4 slots. I may want to expand in the future, so if I buy a 4GB stick, that means eventually I will be able to upgrade to 4x4 = 16 GB of RAM. Is this a good idea, or is it better to split the RAM into two 2GB sticks?

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Question about 30GB Ipod Video

Recently i bought an 30GB ipod video from a friend of mine. And it happens to be one from the time when running videos on it murders the battery. so i want to watch the videos my friend had on there on my computer, problem is a window pops up asking me to authorize my computer to play them. Is there anyway to bypass this and play those videos(also there are a few songs that recquire autorization)? And I am aware of playing them while the ipod is charging but i want to be able to view them on my computer, just because.

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Why wont a 5.47 gb file fit on a 500 gb usb external hard drive?

I am trying to transfer an mpeg file that is 5.47 gb to a 500 gb usb external hard drive for use on a different computer. Why wont the file transfer. It says it is too big to fit on the hd and it wont fit into a compressed zipped folder.

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Minecrafted Britain

Ordnance Survey, the UK's official mapping organisation, have used their own OS OpenData to turn mainland England, Wales and Scotland into an enormous Minecraft map made of 22 billion blocks! They're calling it Minecraft GB. To download the map, and find out how they made it, follow this link here.

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Flash Drive Shrunk? Answered

My 8GB flash drive can only be formated for 250MB.  I installed an OS and now I took it off and reformatted but I can only get 250MB out of my flashdrive.

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MY RAM is not showing up ??Please help me?

Hello guys..I have Acer Laptop with 3 GB RAM . I want to Upgrade my RAM. So i open the back of my Laptop and Remove the 1 GB RAM and Put the 4 GB RAM. But when after that when i reboot my Laptop. It was only showing 2 GB RAM not the additional RAM that I connected. After that I remove the 4 GB RAM Slot and put back my 1 GB. then also again it was only showing the 2 GB..Nothing is working. ..Do i need to upgrade Bios ??

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can i use 500 GB hard drive or more in my macbook 3,1 (Late 2007)?

I just wanna upgrade my hard drive. So, help me out!! I am afraid 320 GB or 500 GB is not suitable for macbook or able to cause macbook freezed. Thanx guys! ;) P.S : Now, my macbook is using 80 GB (Hitachi 2,5 inch).

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Is there a way to bring to add GBs to a Ipod classic? Answered

For christmas, i got a Ipod Classic 160 GB. But, when i checked the settings, there was only 148. There was pretty much nothing on there, so was that a design flaw, or what?

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could this mod work?

On the ds all that is blocking the gb games from going in is two tabs. could you take these tabs off and make it work? like the SNES with famicom games

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How much RAM is on a stick?

I bought a $20 computer from the Salvation Army, and it is in working condition. However, I dont have a spare mouse, monitor, keyboard, or power cord for it. So I did like a normal nerd, and harvested it. I got all the internals(It was running a Pentium II on windows 98, so it's pretty old) including the RAM. It had 3 sticks-1 SIMM and 2 DIMMs. On the SIMM, it clealy said that it had 64MB. However, on the other two, it says nothing about size from what I can see. There is a label, if it means something, that says: MT16LSDT464AG-662C1      9807D      308210                      5000227 On the first label, and: MT16LSDT464AG-662C1 9808D 30821C                     5000227 On the second. I would really like to know how much is on these sticks, so I know if I should use them for myself, sell them, or just trash them. Thank you!

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why does windows 7 32 bit show only 2.17 gb usable memory inspite of having 8 gb Ram?

System config'n- Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit 8gb of RAM intel i7 processor

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i have 80 gb classic ipod when try to download music it only goes to 2gb and freezez ans disconects me?

I have 80 gb classic ipod when try to download music it only goes to 2gb and freezez ans disconects me?i wonder if its hardrive issues or what . please help me. i have new version of itunes.

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Does anyone know where I can find a cheap ipod touch 16gb 2nd gen cheap and in good condition? Answered

I need a cheap ipod touch 16gb 2nd gen that is in good condition and if you have one then I'll pay $150 for it if you'll accept.

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Possibility of installing 3G + Bluetooth + GPS receiver in my Acer emachines em350-21G16?

Acer emachines em 350-21G16 Intel Atom N450 1.66 GHz 1 GB RAM DDR2 160 GB HDD 6-Cell Wi-Fi

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Will a Terabyte make a laptop bigger? Answered

I'm looking into buying an hp envy 15z-j100 notebook pc from hp. It comes regularly with 6gb ram and 750 gb hard drive. It has customizeable options and if I upgrade to 8 gb ram and a terabyte harddrive then will it make the laptop thicker and will it affect the shape of the laptop or will you just have more stuff crammed in that little space? Also any other recommendations for laptops that are $600 or under (USD)? -Pucksurfer

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Question about the acer aspire one d250 netbook? Answered

Its a has the same features as all other netbooks but i read on a webshop site that the ram was upgradable to 4 gb is that true? It sounds kinda fake to make, a netbook with like 4 gb s of ram.

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Better Graphics?

Ok, is the ATI Radeon 9000 Diablotek graphics card better than the Intel G33/G31 Express Chipset Family onboard graphics? Specs: Pentium 4 2.5 GB DDR2 Ram Asus P5KPL-AM EPU Motherboard 80 GB Seagate Baracuda HDD YEAH!

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How can I retrieve pics from my 80 gb ipod classic.

Ipod was synced to an XP laptop that crashed. loaded itunes and backup music to new windows7 machine but i cant retrieve my pics. I can view my pics on the Ipod.

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Is there a way i could take the memory from an mp3 player and put it in my ipod?

My nano only has 2 gb so I bought a cheap 8 gb mp3 player but its really hard to use, so is there a way i could take the memory from the mp3 and put it in my ipod?

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120 GB Xbox 360 Drive, but no high-speed internet. What to do with it?

I got an Xbox 360 Elite for Christmas. It comes with a big-ass 120 GB hard drive, and it already has some demos and videos that came with it, but you can't copy music, videos, etc. onto the drive from USB devices, and I don't have high-speed internet, so I can't download anything onto it. What can I put on it from local sources, then? I mean actually putting stuff onto it, not streaming stuff from my PC.

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Hello Guys...hw can i compress my Data at a lowest Memory (1 GB To Near About 10 MB or more)... plz help me....

Hello Guys... i want to know that if i can compress my Data at a lowest Memory (1 GB To Near About 10 MB or more)... plz help me....

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I need help with R4DS and a micro sd card!!!!

I downloaded the starting progams to a 4 gb mirco sd hc card, it wouldn't even load. ("loading" was the only thing that would appear.) I used to have 2 gb micro sd that worked. Is there a program I need to add?

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My 60 GB IPod works but will not turn off. Any ideas for a remedy?

The IPod functions normally except for it not turning off when it's charged. I can leave it plugged in and it works or when I take it on the go my only option is to run it dead. It just can't be turned off I'm not sure what else to say.

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What to do with these old, non-working hard drives?

 I have about three old hard drives of 20 GB and 3 GB which failed and stopped working a few years ago and wouldn't spin or one of them makes too much noise and hangs the computer. I was thinking to throw them out now since its been many years, but wondered if anyone could tell me some good and cheap use I can put them friend took the first one, a 1 GB seagate, opened the cover, and kept it in his showcase. It looks good. But I want to do something useful.?

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Help with iPod Touch Storage?

I have an iPod Touch(4th gen, 8GB) and I've noticed a few discrepancies in the storage. When I add up the space taken up by my 'stuff'(apps, music, etc) I get about 1.6 GB, but the thing on the iPod say I've taken up 3.4 GB. Is this normal, and if not, what can I do about it?

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Overclocking of my Intel Pentium 4 CPU 3.00GHz 2992 Mhz Processor. How can it be done?

A friend of mine introduced me to the idea of over clocking my processor. He said it can be dangerous due to over heating issues. I am willing to add new fans into my PC so long as the speed can be controlled. I will not be able to obtain a better heatsink however (My heatsink is pretty beefy already). Ive done some research but have only been able to find very broad forums. I need to know how to do it, what to do and what not to do, how far past factory specs i can push it beyond and if my mother board with withstand it.. Also i have a follow up question I notice that the system summery stes that i have 1.57GB Avilible physical memory but i have 2.50 GB Installed physical memory. is there any way to overclock the RAM as well? SPECS: OS Name Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate Version 6.1.7600 Build 7600 Other OS Description  Not Available OS Manufacturer Microsoft Corporation System Name FASTCAR123-PC System Manufacturer Dell Inc. System Model Dimension 8400 System Type X86-based PC Processor Intel(R) Pentium(R) 4 CPU 3.00GHz, 2992 Mhz, 1 Core(s), 1 Logical Processor(s) BIOS Version/Date Dell Inc. A09, 7/7/2006 SMBIOS Version 2.3 Windows Directory C:\Windows System Directory C:\Windows\system32 Boot Device \Device\HarddiskVolume1 Locale United States Hardware Abstraction Layer Version = "6.1.7600.16385" User Name fastcar123-PC\fastcar123 Time Zone Eastern Standard Time Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 2.50 GB Total Physical Memory 2.50 GB Available Physical Memory 1.57 GB Total Virtual Memory 4.99 GB Available Virtual Memory 3.57 GB Page File Space 2.50 GB Page File C:\pagefile.sys

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With a netbook, is RAID 0ing the internal SSD and an SD card a good idea?

I've just gotten a netbook with an 8gb SSD, and it has a built-in SD card slot. If I put an 8gb class 10 SD card into the slot, would I be able to RAID 0 them? What would happen if I RAID 0ed them and then took the SD card out while it was on? Would it erase everything or would it just shut down? Would this work? I need 16gb of internal storage, and a 16gb SSD drive is over 70% the price of the netbook.... I'm thinking either Hackintosh or Peppermint OS or Windows XP as the operating system. Any other comments?

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Playlists! (What Games Are You Playing Now, part two)

OK, now give each game you're playing a score. Out of five, ten, whatever, I don't care.Halo 3 - Xbox 360 - 5/5Guitar Hero 2 - Xbox 360 - 5/5Guitar Hero 3 - Xbox 360 - 5/5Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow - GameCube - 2/5Oh man, Ubi Shanghai really dropped the ball on Pandora Tomorrow. Also, it's the GameCube version. GameCube versions of Splinter Cell always suck.Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory for Xbox, soon hopefully (getting it cheap (used) off Amazon).

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why would you jailbreak your ipod??? Answered

I just got a ipod touch 4 gen 8 gb....why do ppl wont to jailbreak them???

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Looking for a vps or reseller sponsor?

I'm looking for someone who could sponsor me a vps server or a reseller. I waned to use it for our web-host. In return I will advertise your site on ours. If there is anything else you want don't hesitate to ask. Requirements for VPS/Reseller: Space: 100 GB at minimum, but more would be greatly appreciative. Bandwidth: Unlimited I was hoping for, but 500 GB to 1 Tb would due. Thanks.

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Looking for a vps or reseller sponsor?

I'm looking for someone who could sponsor me a vps server or a reseller. I waned to use it for our web-host. In return I will advertise your site on ours. If there is anything else you want don't hesitate to ask. Requirements for VPS/Reseller: Space: 100 GB at minimum, but more would be greatly appreciative. Bandwidth: Unlimited I was hoping for, but 500 GB to 1 Tb would due. Thanks.

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Help horrible EXtreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeme lag on pc ?

Please help my friend pc in totally extreme lag and low fps on any game even simple flash game " happy wheels" fps average is between 5 and 2 fps and before 2 months the pc was normal and good speed for example AVA the game was 20 fps and his computer have: processor : pentium 4 (3GHz) graphic card : Intel® G41 Express Chipset ram : 4 GB kingston hard 500 GB 390 used  please i need help

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what should i add to my gaming pc?

Amd athlon ii 250 asus m2n68am plus 2 gb ddr2 ram  pny gt 220 1gb ddr2

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why won't VsSDK_sfx.exe respond on my computer?

VsSDK_sfx.exe (install file) won't work on my pc is there a file i need to remove with my anti virus product or is it just that vista cannot run programs higher than 2,000 GB?

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Why can't I use all of my computer's memory?

I have 16gb installed in my asus M5A97 and in system properties it says only 7.95 is usable. Why is this? The max memory for my board is 32 gb.  

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shows battery AND at the bottom of battery its shaded in and has lig bolt throygh it!

Have a 30 gb ipod wont power up when charger is plugged in it it shows a battery waith a bolt through it.. PLEASE HELP thanks me email

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