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Dog gps tracker?

Hi, is anyone aware on an instructable teaching someone how to track a dog?  I don't want it to track in real time (if it could that'd be fine, but I want to go for cheap and light)  I want to plug it into my computer and have it tell me where he went.  If this is possible can you send me a link?  For bonus points, an Ible' on how to hook up a mic. to record things.  Thanks -Kieran

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GPS based Camera Tracker

I just wanted to check with the community out there to see if anyone knows of a good place to start building a tracking system that is GPS based.  essentially, a person or object will wear a gps device and there will be one placed on a camera gimbal.  I am hoping to create a way for an arduino to do the math so that the camera stays fixed on the target no matter where the target / camera moves. Any thoughts??

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GPS Locator??

My brother and I are currently working on an air launcher projectile.  It is highly likely that it could go .5 to 1.5 miles.  We have the ability to test at this distance, however locating this costly projectile is likely to be difficult.  We have looked into gps trackers, however the cheapest one that would actually work was 500 dollars and if we had that kind of money we wouldn't need a gps tracker on the thing in the first place.  I just wondered if there was a quick and dirty way to make a short range locator.  I have heard of little bluetooth tracking stickers, but I wasn't quite sure if that would work to find a 1 foot long projectile in a square mile field.  This locator needs to be extremely shock resistant, fit in a container 7" by 1.5" and must weigh a minimal amount. We also are looking hopefully below 100 @most 150 dollars. 

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GPS tracker for a kid watch

Hello everyone ;  I want to do a watch to track kids with GPS , And I want to know what kind of GPS tracker I will use , the approximate price of the project , or any other information that can  help me  .  And thanks :) ^-^

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Arduino GPS Tracker Help?

Hey guys, I'm using a arduino uno r3, an adafruit ultimate gps shield, and a 16gb SD card. I have the Adafruit GPS Library and the "friendlier" SD library which is in the details for the shield online. Whenever I try to use any programs on the arduino and shield at all, it says: Ultimate GPSlogger Shield Card init. failed! Any way to fix this so I can start receiving and logging the GPS data?

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Anyone got an idea for a simple GPS tracker please

A friend of mine  lives out in the countryside (about 25+ miles away from the nearest village). His dog occassionally goes off on the trail of Deer etc. Normally it stays around the farm but every now and then off it goes when we are all working and not keeping an eye on it. I was wondering if there is a simple/robust GPS tracker that could be attached to the dogs collar (a bit like the dog tag metal disks that are available to put the owners name and address on)? My idea is that the owner could look on his PC or mobile phone to see whereabouts the dog has got to and then go and get her. If anyone has any suggestions they would be very much appreciated, Bernard UK

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how does a gps tracker work? Answered

Hi, Recently ive come to really enjoy and appreciate my first car i ought a while ago, and like everything good in my life, its going to disappear pretty soon, or be destroyed and/or rendered unuseable. Asuming its the former, i want to be able to track it down when its stolen, i know for a fact one way or another it will be, everything good in my life always is, or is broken or compromised in some way. I am aware of HOW a gps tracker works, thats simple signal timing and triangulation ect, dont really care. What i want to know is, namely with this particular tracker, is how will the tracking service work? The  seller couldnt do anything more than email me a copy of the item description so im not finding out from them. Once i buy such a gps tracker, how exactly will i be able to track it? will i have to pay for some expensive tracking service? or is it free, in which case i would do something like check its coordinates on some website. I really dont know. does anyone have any idea how the tracking service operates? free or otherwise. Thanks

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In need if some direction for GPS tracker and app builder

I am looking for someone to give me a little bit of direction or reference as to where and or how I can find someone who can create a GPS tracker or tell me how to buy them in bulk..... Also I am looking for someone who can design or create an APP for smartphones. 

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Antenna Tracker Pointer using GPS

I want to build a systems that can point a directional antenna to a known set of GPS coordinates, because if the base unit with the antenna knows it GPS location and then can have the know data of another directional antenna's GPS coordinated either via Google Earth File or a spread sheet or long/lat's or via another method....also I would like this system to be able to track a UAV or R/C plane/copter as the DIY antenna trackers do as I have seen on R/C forums and You-tube. the initial request is what I desire first....I want to go out into a field and set up this tripod mounted Pan/tilt mechanism with mounted directional antenna(s) and point it to the closest fix antenna of known coordinates, automatically.

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Detecting several different signals within a certain distance?

Hi guys,  I essentially need a device that emits a signal, while simultaneously tracking whether another device emitting the same signal enters a certain distance. If another device enters said distance then it will alert the wearer. I think this is possible, but haven't quite got the knowledge on whether it is possible. I thought about using GPS to relay wearers position to a server, which can calculate whether another device is in the vicinity and to send a reply back to the wearer, but to send data would be a continuous cost, something I'm trying to eliminate.  Radio frequencies may be another avenue to go down, but again, not sure.  In my mind I would have say 10 devices attached to different people in a rural area, and each person would be able to tell if there was another person (and device) in say 100m.  Anyone got any ideas?

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Antenna tracker or pointer....calling GPS robotics, UAV and R/C guys...

I want to build a system that can point a directional antenna to a known set of GPS coordinates, because if the base unit with the antenna knows it GPS location and then can have the know data of another directional antenna's GPS coordinated either via Google Earth File or a spread sheet or long/lat's or via another method....also I would like this system to be able to track a UAV or R/C plane/copter as the DIY antenna trackers do as I have seen on R/C forums and You-tube. the initial request is what I desire first....I want to go out into a field and set up this tripod mounted Pan/tilt mechanism with mounted directional antenna(s) and point it to the closest fix antenna of known coordinates, automatically. here is a you tube link for something along the line of what the base unit is and would look like: and and

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Knex Question

I was thinking about making a GPS tracker shooter. You could use it to shoot a GPS tracker onto the back of, say, a Truck in front of you that was driving really bad. I got cut off by a semi one time that didn't have a "How well am I driving" sign on the back. I think they were running drugs. Anyways, I'm not really familiar with all the different KNEX guns, as to which is most reliable and accurate and easy to build, etc. Can you recommend one that might be able to shoot a small GPS tracker from one car to another about 30 feet away? Thanks much, Royal

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I want to make a really basic tracker and follower system,will it be possible in DIY? Below are some details.

I started a YouTube channel and I obviously upload videos but unfortunately I don't have a "cameraman" available 24x7. I googled my problem and came across a few things like SoloShot etc. But these things are way too expensive in India where average monthly income is below 300US$. I thought of using RFID and infrared but these ideas are not successful,do you have something easy and affordable in mind? Thank you.

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Designing a micro GPS tracking device

Hello all, could anyone give me some insight to how complex the process of designing a very small GPS tracker which could be used to track lets say a person, which can post its co-ords to map software which is custom programmed etc in realtime. Hypothetical scenario: 1) Tracking someone who is on the move outdoors, only has very small pockets to fit the thing in.  2) The device must send co-ords to mapping software on a computer every 10 seconds maybe. 3) Someone can view there position on the map software in instantly to understand their exact position. Also how expensive would the whole process cost to manufacturer roughly? Thanks in advance and sorry for the vagueness in my question

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design for a battery charging circuit using solar panel?

I am using a 10-w solar panel for charging battery- 4v, 6ah(3 nos 4V, 2ah battery in parallel). This is used for a GPS tracker mounted on a roof top of loco wagon . usage is 24x7x365 . i have found that gps tracker is consuming about 150ma, 4v. But after 1 to 1.5 days of usage the battery discharges and tracker stops working. one more thing the sunshine availability is approx-2-3 hrs /day. the loco wagon is standing in bright sunshine for atleast 2-3 hrs in bright sunshine everyday. where i am wrong? thanks in advace

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Cheap Simple Pre-Loaded Sim Card? Answered

So I am looking at making some GPS/GSM trackers which are attached to a vehicle and then used in the case of theft.  They would be powered by the car's electrical and would also have a separate backup battery in case the thieves were smart and disconnected the electronics.  The only problem I have seen in planning is the requirement for a sim card on GSM modules.  I understand that I will be required to pay for service, but I need long range, maybe even international service which can send maybe 20 text messages at most.  A pay as you go would be reasonable too.  I just don't want to pay a monthly fee for a fake phone which just sits on a car doing nothing most of the time and doesn't actually do anything until it is called or texted.  Any car trackers I have found don't offer wireless capabilities and I really think my device would be useful.  

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Gps Tracking Device Extended Battery

First ever post after years of lurking. Searched but couldn't quite get the right answer. I'm trying to extend the battery of my GPS Live tracker. Currently I get 3, sometimes 2 days before the battery gets so low I must recover it. I saw where advertisers are selling 10 day batteries for up to $600. Just too much for me. The first picture is a completed model being sold on the internet. So I ordered the battery, ($58) and the charger ($45). Tomorrow morning I'll go find some connectors that match the charger and that I can use as a connector on the GPS. I'm going to go through the hacked battery case. I'll rig the the wires to match the holes then fill the empty case with hot glue to hold it in place. This is my big question: There are 3 electric tabs on the GPS. I have + and -. Can I just ignore the center tab? I will then run the wires through a hole I'll drill in the Hacked battery case. To a connector-connecting to battery. Any issues? The battery has a Built-in IC chip. I am assuming that is an IC chip on the old battery removed. I appreciate any input. Thank you.

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additional tech

If we send it up then should we put any extra tech? by this i mean in my design im working on i have a altimeter to see how high it flys and a gps tracker for recovery and to see the flight path also should there be a camera added?

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Can I convert a 3.6V battery into 4V?

Hello everyone,I am planning on using an A9G GPS tracker, whose working voltages are 3.5-4.2V. I have a mobile phone battery that would be perfect to power the A9G, but it's voltaje is 3.6V, so if it goes down a little bit, the A9G won't work.So my question is: Can I convert the battery voltage to constant 4V or so? Because I feel like if I connect them as they are, once the battery goes below 75% or so, the A9G won't work.Thanks

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How to increase life of a device using 3.7v li rechargeable? Wire second in parallel? Use battery with higher mAh?

Hi All Looking for some advice for a project I am working on. I am using mini-GPS trackers with a SIM card to track movements of small objects, so size is an issue. I have a GPS tracker I like that comes 3.7 v rechargeable lithium ion battery, I think it's something like 700 mAh (I will have to double check when I get home). Once removed from the case, the battery and card fit into the space of the objects I am tracking (spheres of about 45 mm diameter, so a little bigger than ping pong balls). Anyway, using the settings necessary for tracking these objects, the tracker only lasts 3-4 days before it's out of battery, and I would like it to last 10-14 days, ideally. How might I go about extending battery life once the trackers are deployed? Should I add a second identical battery in parallel? Try to find a rechargeable battery with same voltage and higher mAh? (And does increasing mAh increase battery size?) Cost and size are issues, and I also wonder if I could replace the batteries with, say, a disposable battery type in order to get more time -- I don't expect to recover the units after they are deployed. Normally replacing a rechargeable lithium ion battery with disposables would be dumb, I don't know enough about batteries in general to know if disposables of the same size/voltage might have more "oomph". Thanks for any thoughts or advice you can offer!

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Can a Bluetooth tag be used to remotely control a Powerpoint presentation?

I have one of these little doohickeys, which I thought was kind of interesting and potentially useful at some point: I'm wondering if there's a way I can get it to control a Powerpoint (or similar) presentation on Windows or OSX? I'm not sure how I'd go about trying to make that happen, so an Instructable post on it would be great.

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GSM remote temperature monitoring/ logging

Hello! I currently monitor low energy buildings using temperature, power and CO2 sensors.  These are stand-alone units which log to an internal memory. Which is great if the person is in and you can collect the data - but not so good if they are out. I want to take things to the next level and be able to collect temperature and power logs remotely.  There are bits of kit on the market which do this - but the cost is prohibitive (£1,000+).   There are also various other cheaper GSM based products on the market for GPS trackers, car sensors, home monitoring etc... Is anyone out there clever enough to suggest cheap modular components that could be combined to: 1 - sense a temperature 2 - log the temperature 3 - periodically send the file via a mobile signal I'm up for doing the work  if someone can point me in the right direction - or very happy if some has already done it! Many thanks John

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Physics Question: If I'm on a hypothetical train going 100 miles an hour...

Royalesteel recently posted a question in the forums asking if it would be possible to use a K'Nex gun to shoot a GPS tracker onto a moving truck in front of his car. For a moment, I thought that this would be impossible, as you would need a gun that can shoot faster than the speed of the car, but this isn't the case, is it? Say you're on a hypothetical train that goes 100 miles an hour, and you have a hypothetical gun that shoots a bullet at 100 miles an hour. At first, I thought that this would mean that the bullet shot from the gun would be at a standstill (it would seem that way to you, I mean), but I think that it would really shoot away from you at 100 miles an hour. Total, it would be traveling at 200 mph, I guess.So, ignoring wind resistance, all you would need is a gun that can shoot for a distance longer than the distance that the cars would travel in the amount of time that the projectile would need to get to the forward car, right?

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Arduino project

HiWonder if someone can help me with this code.Im using the arduino uno board with the sim808.Everything is working fine but can only work in stages. When i send "Track" it sends me back my location,when sending sms "ON" relay swiches on etc.When i start the module and want to find out the "STATE" its not working.Must first send "Track" then "ON" then "OFF" and the i can get the State reply.Why is it working in steps?My Code:#include #include #includeSoftwareSerial gps(0,1);DFRobot_SIM808 sim808(&Serial;);const int relay = 3;String lampState = "HIGH";#define samples 10#define minVal -50#define MaxVal 50String msg = String("");int i=0,k=0;int gps_status=0;float latitude=0; float logitude=0; String Speed="";String gpsString="";char *test="$GPRMC";void initModule(String cmd, char *res, int t){ while(1) { Serial.println(cmd); Serial.println(cmd); delay(100); while(Serial.available()>0) { if(Serial.find(res)) { Serial.println(res); delay(t); return; } else { Serial.println("Error"); } } delay(t); }}void setup() { pinMode(relay, OUTPUT); digitalWrite(relay, HIGH); //mySerial.begin(9600); Serial.begin(9600); gps.begin(9600); while(!sim808.init()) { Serial.print("Sim808 init error\r\n"); delay(1000); } delay(3000); Serial.println("Init Success, please call or send SMS message to me!"); //************* Turn on the GPS power************ if( sim808.attachGPS()) Serial.println("Open the GPS power success"); else Serial.println("Open the GPS power failure"); { Serial.println("Initializing...."); initModule("AT","OK",1000); initModule("ATE1","OK",1000); initModule("AT+CPIN?","READY",1000); initModule("AT+CMGF=1","OK",1000); initModule("AT+CNMI=2,2,0,0,0","OK",1000); Serial.println("Initialized Successfully"); for(int i=0;i delay(2000); get_gps(); show_coordinate(); delay(2000); Serial.println("System Ready.."); }}void sendSMS(String message){ Serial.println("AT"); delay(500); Serial.println("AT+CMGF=1"); delay(500); Serial.print("AT+CMGS="); Serial.print('"'); Serial.print("1111111111"); Serial.println('"'); delay(100); // Send the SMS Serial.println(message); delay(100); Serial.println((char)26); delay(100); Serial.println(); delay(5000); }void loop() {if(Serial.available() ){if(Serial.find("Track")) get_gps(); show_coordinate(); Serial.println("Sending SMS"); Send(); Serial.println("SMS Sent"); delay(2000);} if (Serial.find("ON")) { // Turn on relay and save current state digitalWrite(relay, LOW); lampState = "on"; Serial.println("Relay set to ON"); msg = ""; } if (Serial.find("OFF")) { // Turn off relay and save current state digitalWrite(relay, HIGH); lampState = "off"; Serial.println("Relay set to OFF"); msg = ""; } if (Serial.find("STATE")) { String message = "Lamp is " + lampState; sendSMS(message); Serial.println("Lamp state resquest"); msg = ""; }} void gpsEvent(){ gpsString=""; while(1) { while (gps.available()>0) //Serial incoming data from GPS { char inChar = (char); gpsString+= inChar; //store incoming data from GPS to temparary string str[] i++; // Serial.print(inChar); if (i < 7) { if(gpsString[i-1] != test[i-1]) //check for right string { i=0; gpsString=""; } } if(inChar=='\r') { if(i>60) { gps_status=1; break; } else { i=0; } } } if(gps_status) break; }}void get_gps(){ gps_status=0; int x=0; while(gps_status==0) { gpsEvent(); int str_lenth=i; coordinate2dec(); i=0;x=0; str_lenth=0; }}void show_coordinate(){ Serial.print("Latitude:"); Serial.println(latitude); Serial.print("Longitude:"); Serial.println(logitude); Serial.print("Speed(in kmph)="); Serial.println(Speed);}void coordinate2dec(){ String lat_degree=""; for(i=20;i<=21;i++) lat_degree+=gpsString[i]; String lat_minut=""; for(i=22;i<=28;i++) lat_minut+=gpsString[i]; String log_degree=""; for(i=32;i<=34;i++) log_degree+=gpsString[i]; String log_minut=""; for(i=35;i<=41;i++) log_minut+=gpsString[i]; Speed=""; for(i=45;i<48;i++) //extract longitude from string Speed+=gpsString[i]; float minut= lat_minut.toFloat(); minut=minut/60; float degree=lat_degree.toFloat(); latitude=degree+minut; minut= log_minut.toFloat(); minut=minut/60; degree=log_degree.toFloat(); logitude=degree+minut;}void Send(){ Serial.println("AT"); delay(500); Serial.println("AT+CMGF=1"); delay(500); Serial.print("AT+CMGS="); Serial.print('"'); Serial.print("0742296587"); //mobile no. for SMS alert Serial.println('"'); Serial.print("Latitude:"); Serial.println(latitude); delay(500); Serial.print(" longitude:"); Serial.println(logitude); delay(500); Serial.print(" Speed:"); Serial.print(Speed); Serial.println("kmph"); delay(500); Serial.print(";=15&mrt;=yp&t;=k&q;="); Serial.print(-latitude,6); Serial.print("+"); //28.612953, 77.231545 //28.612953,77.2293563 Serial.print(logitude,6); Serial.write(26); delay(2000);}void serialPrint(){ while(Serial.available()>0) { Serial.print(; }}ThanksHein

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computer controlled rc car roller coaster

A new idea i recently came up with was to use the ir feature in the wiimote as a gps tracker for line of sight communication... basically, the idea is to build a framework (knex pieces maybe) and then make a track out of something else with lots of turns, ups/downs, a jump or 2, and a stunt track (kind of like a skiing terrain park) on the roof... also an elevator in a corner to take the car up, and finally 2 spiral tracks to also help the car get up easier. i will eventually make a sketchup version of this track and post it, right now its just on paper but still, the layout idea is almost done.the idea is to mount an led throwie thingy using an ir led an a locking push switch (push on, push off to conserve battery life) on the top of an rc car such as a mini cooper (pic 1). i will mount the wiimote at an angle on the top in a way so that the whole track is visible (or as much as possible).heres the idea: the car remote should be hooked up to the computer, and there is a way to do that if u google it an/or look at thisthe wiimote will track the car using the ir, and the computer will then steer the car accordingly. Advantages to that are : 1. the car can start anywhere on the track; 2. there is no need for borders like those "ai" cars which use ir sensors to drive their way around, which i happened to mention in another forum of mine so refer there for pics + description; and 3. it actually tracks the car's location, instead of just avoiding obstacles like those ai cars. this would allow realtime tracking, so it knows to stop the car when it eg. gets to the elevator, ect... now - naturally, this design will have some "blind spots", so there will be laser "tripwires" in those more major areas and have those signals routed through a microcontroller, which will then send out a # respective to the tripped area then routed to the computer, just like an advanced alarm system. for the controller (hooked up to computer), it would be nice to have the whole thing routed through and powered by a single usb port, so instead of integrating a hub, is there a microcontroller that is designed to directly interface with a computer, not just for programming, but for actual realtime commands and stuff like that..?as far as the forum goes, this is just a huge idea now and we each have our areas of expertise... so m asking for ideas about harware, materials, coding, and especially how to directly interface the program to the wiimote...also, comments, questions, and anything else u got is welcome and greatly appreciated.Thanks to all, rak

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Power banks and solar cells -could be great Instructable for you to make!

I was lucky to score a nice and real 8000mAh power pack with a solar cell from my local discounter.Realising the solar cell is more a gimmick than of real use I started to wonder....We all love our mobile devices and really hate that they need to be constantly charged up again.On long outdoor trips people used to carry a lot of gear and vital supplies.In todays times it almost seems that solar and battery power start to replace food and water.No trip is complete without pics, selfies and videos, some even take a drone with them.So: are there ways to increase your luggage weight by thinking smarter?Modern technology has come a long way and moves faster ever year.Solar cells are no exception here.Be it foldable setups or now even roll ups of flexible cell systems, you have the total freedom of coice.But then again: You are going on a week long camping trip in the middle of nowhere...Going on foot or using a bike means you need to keep the extras down or hire someone to carry them.Here are some of my yet to be finnished ideas:As long as you don't use them commercially feel free to make an Instructable or just use the ideas!1. Pop up amd normal tents.They seem to be the new standard now.Big with no poles on the inside and even someone who never used a tent can set them up.With the design comes a certain way of folding everything to pack it.Flexible solar cell designs won't break and can often be arranged so they would actually be able to replace parts of the outer tent material.And if it could mean they would get kinked too much and too often they are still perfect to create some "strap on panels" that can be rolled up and included with your foam underlay or mattress.A 200 or even 400W system can be transported easy and has less weight than a 80W fold up solution that you struggle to secure on your backpack or bike.2. Trackers!What is now almost a standard for fixed installations is still not seen in mobile setups.You pop up your panels, connect the power packs or batteries and go fishing, hiking or whatever.The sun moves on, the efficiency of the panels suffer.There are a lot of great Ibles for these solar trackers, from simple to 3 dimensional.Kites loves to use carbon fibre rods to reduce the weight.A tracking frame to hold a good sized flexible panel would count at less than 300 grams....In return you get up to 40% higher effiency and overall output compared to a fixed panel!Roll the panel up, fold the frame and you end up with a quite small roll that is easy to transport and very low in weight.3. Battery backups.No matter how long and well you planned, the weather might let you down shortly after your trip started.For a lot of comitted people that is no problem.The lack of power though can cause some to struggle to keep their video logs running.Your small drone might be great but it only lasts for less then 30 minutes until you need fresh batteries.Similar story if you use stabilizers, automatic tilt and pan gadgets or just a 360° camera.Just your cell phone alone can be a hassle if you use it as the main thing for GPS, pics and videos.At least one set of spare batteries seems to be a must have these days.For a lot of things it does make sense, for others not so much.Unless you really need ongoing power it might be enough to just charge you empty battery at the end of the day.But then the sun is down and options are gone for solar energy.In the RC area we can find a lot of powerful battery packs.Usually around 14V but 40 or more are no problem.And if you check the E-bike and scooter sections you will find some quite powerful and light weight battery packs.If you go outdoors a lot and for longer periods of time then it makes sense to replace the multiple battery options with just a single one.Use a high power backup battery with your solar system.DC-DC converters make it possible to literally combine everything with everything.Select the battery size so it will suit your charging needs and capabiliteis of the solar setup.Once time to close the tent you enjoy electricity to finnish your logs while your batteries are being charged during the night from the backup.4. Emergency generator.We all know these cheap gadgets like crank up torches or cranking mobile phone chargers.Nice to play with, utterly useless if you actually have to rely on them.A full charge for your modern phone might mean you crank for at least half the day - good luck!If you already carry a supply of gas for your cooking needs then these new fuel cells running on butane might be nice.Some of the Kickstarter projects actually made it into production!Prices though are more for real fans or those with enough money...But a small RC engine can drive some nice DC motor with very little fuel....In return you get a pocket sized generator that can charger your phone fully in the same amount of time a wall charger would...

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Get Paid for your Hardware Projects

Looking thru all of the cool projects here, it seems like there are too many projects that took tons of effort, sitting in attics. Or they're being used by the project designer, but no-one else can benefit from the designer's hard work. A lot of people would love to try some of the projects you've come up with, but they're not sure where to start.Here's what I'm proposing;- I'll keep a stock of the most useful components (passives, IC's, etc). I'll also keep stock of several 'generic' project PCB's.-You come up with a cool project using these components, Or modify a project you've already done. Once you've got it done, send me your source code / design and a Howto.-I'll publish your projects on my site, and I'll market my site to drive hobbyists. I'll spend real money marketing it, driving traffic so that thousands of folks will visit and check out your projects.Here's the best part; If a visitor thinks your project is cool, they can order the materials to build it. I'll take care of shipping, inventory, payment processing, etc, and I'll share the revenue with the project designer. Imagine if your hobby paid some bills instead of making them! And all you have to do is write up a 2 or 3 page 'How I did it' and share your code.HOW TO GET INVOLVEDI need to do a fair number of things on the business side, so I won't be ready to launch for 2-3 months. Before I can launch, though, I need to figure out what the inventory of components should be. There are two ways to get involved;IF YOU HAVE A PROJECTGo to the website and submit a brief description and a Bill of Materials (BOM). The BOM is the most important. Once I've collected enough BOM's, I'll build an initial component inventory for projects. Try to be thorough with the BOM (Everything but solder). Your project doesn't need to be done (or even started), but if you share your project now, you'll get priority listing when the site is launched.IF YOU WANT TO SEE A PROJECT AVAILABLEVisit the website and drop me a note. I'll collect project ideas and see if any designer are interested building it (or chase down a designer who already did).My goal is to let other folks enjoy your awesome projects and appreciate your work. You'll also be able to make some money with your hobby, too. All feedback is appreciated!To get you thinking, a few projects I've seen around or think people might find cool; 'IRC client in an altoids tin', Music Visualizer, C64 wiimote baseball bat, LED stock ticker, Homemade portable MP3 player, POV clock / 3d display, Guitar Hero kit, LED lighting system, 3d printer, Parking assistant, SIM card reader, Metal detector, GPS logger / tracker, Balancing Robot, Remote Camera recorder, PS/2 Keylogger... Whatever! At this point, I don't need completed projects, just an idea of what they are and the Bill of Materials.The only way to make this project viable is to limit the inventory depth. By submitting projects now, I'll be able to build an inventory that will best support your ideas.The website is Thanks in advance,Nick

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Green Science Fair Winners

Instructables and Discover Magazine are happy to announce the winners of the Discover Green Science Fair for a Better Planet Contest!We asked you to show us some great green ideas and you responded with a flood of them. Over 200 Instructables were submitted over the past few weeks and tons of useful information has been put out there to help others with their own green projects. You are all an inspiration, truly.Thank you for putting so much time and effort into these Instructables. As always, we wish we had more prizes to give out. Now, on with the winners! First 10 Entries For jumping into the contest early, the authors of these Instructables will receive a Discover Magazine t-shirt. Ways to be green How to get FREE 9 Volt Batteries Recycle plastic grocery bags into Loons! Tips on how to improve gas mileage All-Natural Incense Burner Science Fair Display Board How to recycle an old sweater How to Boycott the Bottle Easy Seed Starter Supercharged Lemon Runners-UpThe authors of these Instructables will each receive a copy of 20 Things You Didn't Know About Everything, a book from the Editors at Discover magazine. Mini Wooden Portable Compost Bin How to build a 72Volt electric motorcycle How to Make an Easy Inverted Planter £5 Japanese lamp from recycled materials Trickle charging auto-switching LED helmet Make your own plastic tote bag from recycled plastic bags From old Tourist Map to Gift Bag How to Make A Solar Powered Fan! solar lawn mower How To Smell Pollutants Third Prize The authors of these Instructables will each receive an Eton FR150 Microlink, a Solar-Powered, Crank-powered Portable Radio with Flashlight and Cell Phone Charger. Cheap solar tracker Organic planting pots from newspapers Bike Generator Recycled Denim Shopping Bag The Green Pail Retained Heat Cooker Second Prize The authors of these Instructables will each receive a Sansa Express 1GB MP3 player, Instructables Robot t-shirt, patch, and stickers. Solar Powered Trike Urban Homestead Garden (squarefoot gardening abridged) First Prize The author of this Instructable will receive a Celestron Skyscout that uses advanced GPS technology with point and click convenience to identify thousands of stars, planets, constellations and more. Plus Instructables Robot t-shirt, patch, and stickers. Make Your Own Biodiesel Processor Thank you to all of our judges for helping to choose the winners. Colin Bulthaup (CTO of Potenco, co-founder Squid Labs)Christy Canida (Instructables)Stephen Cass (Senior Editor at Discover Magazine) Saul Griffith (President of Makani Power, co-founder Squid Labs, MacArthur Fellow) Corwin Hardham (CTO of Makani Power, co-founder Squid Labs)Jeremy Jacquot (, USC student in environmental sciences) Tom Kostigen (co-author of The Green Book: The Everyday Guide to Saving the Planet One Simple Step at a Time)Ed Lewis (Instructables)Corey Powell (Executive Editor at Discover Magazine) Sarah Richardson (Senior Editor at Discover Magazine) Gemma Shusterman (Media Lab grad, Juror for the 2008 SIGGRAPH art gallery)Tyghe Trimble (News Editor at Discover Magazine)Eric Wilhelm (Instructables, co-founder Squid Labs) Daniel Wilson (Roboticist, author of How to Build a Robot Army) Laura Wright (Senior Editor of On Earth Magazine, published by the Natural Resources Defense Council)

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