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The intrest of geocaching

OK did you know you can search for people that have the same interest as you well take goecaching for an example and there is a list at this link, if you want to add geocaching to the list click here, so give it a go.P.S please send a post to tell me who added geocaching to there interests because of me.cheers and have fun geocaching.

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Is anyone into GeoCaching?

Something I have had fun with and opportunity, when the cache is large enough, and that is circulating tiny instructable bits at cache sites. Next, I want to attach a tracker tag so as to see how far the thing has traveled and where. Any others have an interest? Especially in the Arizona area where I have relocated to.

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First Geocaching Excursion!

Well, Today I plan to go on my first geocaching excursion, I don't have a GPS, but I know the area, and I'm not going to far from home. I'll report back, with pictures, and any goodies I come across! Wish me luck! :D

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Want some info on geocaching.

Ok so if you have any geocaching question please ask here.

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Electronic Geocache. Rasie/ lower in/out of ground using switch. Any help or schematics will be greatly appreciated! Answered

I am wanting to create an electronic geocache that will raise and lower in/out of the ground. I believe I will need a DPDT switch ( which I will mount on a tree and run wiring underground to geocache ) to control the motor that will raise and lower the container. But I am wanting the motor to stop running once the container has ascended or descended completely. I'm not sure if I should use a timer or another componet to control the motor. Also my electronic knowledge is very limited and any help in this project would be greatly appreciated. I should have put this at the top, but this will help for those who don't know what a geocahe is : Geocaching is an outdoor sporting activity in which the participants use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches", anywhere in the world. Geocache will be a cylindrical tube. 4 inch in diameter and 14 inch tall with a weight of about 2lbs. Please post a message and I will gladly give any additional details. Thanks in advance! -Will

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Bird House Geocache with a Twist

Hello everyone! I am interested in creating a geocache for an upcoming event I will be attending. My thought is to have a birdhouse (fairly large) that will have walls that are on hinges that open when the person presses down on a plunger of a dynamite box (handmade of course). Crazy idea I know but I am basing it on the event. While I have limited electronic knowledge I am in dire need of help in trying how to make this work and have it be able to reset itself for the next person to find.I would greatly appreciate any help with how this would work, and would definitely give credit to anyone who helps in the cache listing. Thanks in advance. -Will

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What would i find in a geacache? Answered

What kind of  object(s) would i find in a geocache?

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Arduino Powered Motor Controlled by Push Button

I am very new to Arduino, but have a project in mind that I would love help with. On Friday I will have the Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3 and many extra parts like servos, motors, etc. I have also read through Intro to Arduino V2 and Arduino cookbook, so I'm trying to learn but I'd appreciate any help I could get with this project. I would like to control a stepper motor with a push button to lower what will basically be a drawbridge. I will need the motor to stop at a certain point and then be able to push the same button or another to raise the bridge. I may also want to incorporate a Scrolling LED on the box housing the button(s). I'm still a noob but the code looks like something I would be able to work out (but I'll take any and all advice), I'm going to need a lot of help with designing the circuit and being sure I know how to connect an outside power source so I do not short the board in anyway. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated and I will gladly list you as a source when this project is completed. Thanks! -Will

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Minting My Own Geocoin

I've been Geocaching for a while now and I wish to make my own Geocoin. I looked around all the "official" sites, only to have my head explode at the prices. $1,507.38! That's more than my high speed camera!Three for $27 with the fine print stating that you will more than likely end up paying $360-$540! Is it too much to ask for one or two custom coins at a cost in the lower double digits?! Why would I want to pay so much for something that will travel around in caches subject to anyone's whim? My question is, how can I make my own custom coin? The tracking code will be provided by one of the Travel Bug Dog Tags I own (at least those are cheap). Any help or advice will be useful, just let it be known that I am absolutely terrible at molding.The desired end result should look something like these rough sketches, front and back (followed by an example coin that I picked up and moved. No tracking numbers, no cheating!).

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Me and Han went Geocaching - Success!

Hi all, well me and han decided to buy ourselves a GPS unit for an engagement present. Mainly with the aim of tresure hunting! We had much success today, we went back upto curber edge, and found two caches. One we got a little handmade ladybird, and the other we found a stonehenge geocoin! Not bad for a first trip. Were looking forward to creating our own, and finding some more!

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"What tip, trick or homemade gizmo do you use that is an absolute must while geocaching?"

Please I need all the ideas I can get seeing that I'm new to the game.

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I found a Travel Bug while Geocaching and I was hoping someone could explain the hardware it's made of if possible. Answered

This is what I found, I know what the clip is, I'm just not sure about the other pieces. Thank you! (Here is a link if the picture does't load for whatver reason)

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Battery power and power consumption help!

I have a geocache project and need help with the power supply and power consumptin inside it. The basics of the project: It is a large wooden box. The box has a on/off switch. It also has various various coin slots. Flip the switch, turning it on, to supply power to the solenoid inside. Dropping a coin through the correct slot will trigger a momentary micro switch which activates the solenoid and springs out the drawer of treasures. Take your loot. Close the drawer. Turn off the switch and leave it for the next adventurer. And it works! Yay! Commoonents the question:  The solenoid is a 12v  door latch solenoid. The battery is a 12v 5ah sealed lead acid battery.  The coin micro switch is: My question. This geocache that lives, protected, about 3 blocks from my house. I obviously won't be charging the 12v battery very often. Since this setup only has momentary power draw once in a while. Say once a week. Maaaaaaybe. Does anyone have any alternate power recommendations? I am okay with changing out the batteries once in a while. But I'm hoping for a once every few months. I originally used a new lead acid battery but it seems to have died. Possibly from letting the charge fall to low and then sulfation occured. I'm considering using a 11.1V Lipo Rc battery instead so I can recharge it at various levels of depletion. Thing is I need it to last a worth while amount of time without loosing power but also killling the battery from just sitting there.  Thoughs woukd be GREATLY appreciated.  -McG

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auto generating morse code device

Need ideas on building an auto generating morse code signal for a geocache I'm building. The idea is, a user will plug a battery into the device and as long as the battery is plugged in the device will emit looping morse code message either with sound or light, preferably light. Thanks for any ideas!

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Suggested feature "DoneIt"

An inspiration from Geocaching.  It would be cool to have a feature where members could check a box and post a pic/vid when they have completed a certain instructable.  The "DoneIts" should show up on both the "doers" user/profile page, as well as the instructable owner.  You could also leave a short note on what you may have done different, or any tips and tricks used to complete the project.

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What material could I use to make a replacement cover for a ring binder?

I have a small ring binder that had the front cover torn off. The rings are still good, and there's plenty of paper, so I want to replace it. I use it to keep my geocaching notes in, so cardboard or fabric are not options. I'd like something with similar properties to the original vinyl-covered cardboard. It is held on by two rivets. Suggestions?

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Soft Pretzels, Modify a Rubik's Cube, Steampunk Keyboard

  Soft Pretzels Modify a Rubik's Cube Steampunk Keyboard The Evil Geocache Coffee Cup Cake Milk Crate Garden Cheap Screen Printing Adjustable Paracord Chair Knex Piano Playing Robot Baking Bread Chest Camera Rest Easy Solar Oven High-Power LED Bike Light Coffee Cup Ceiling Aid Auto-Watering Plant Nursery

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Help with Geomate Jr. ?

My first instructable would be to turn my Geomate jr. into a paper weight or door stop as the company (Apishere)has gone belly up! Does anyone know how to put geocache coordinates into the device. The software they provided doesn't work. I guess the problem I'm having is to get LOC files off of and into the device. I can use either chrome or MS Internet explorer. or Are there any tech savvy makers that can hack this device in other ways?

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Air delivery system using pvc

Hi, I am a geocacher and I recently saw a youtube video of a cache container that was a 2 inch PVC pipe.  At the bottom, the cap had a tire valve in it.  When you pumped up the container, a pill bottle came out the top.  I have attempt to build something like this but nothing seems to work.  The pill bottle will not rise.  Can anyone help me with what I am doing wrong? Thanks, Kent

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High Speed Suggestions- More Please!

As you may know, but need reminding of, Summer is just around the corner! This means that I will have plenty of light and much needed free time! Geocaching and iBling aside, I plan to get some excellent footage this summer. Only problem is, I need ideas! So, what would you like to see filmed at 300, 600, and 1200 frames per second? (I decided to post a second topic, seeing as my first one is a little crowded.)

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Cheap GPS Unit

Where can I find an incredibly basic GPS? I am looking for bare minimum, something that just showed its location or that had an LED that got brighter as you got closer to an entered point. I am just trying to determine if simplistic GPS units are still available amidst the flurry of moving map, full-color, talking, computerized models with built-in A/C and a fridge. I would like to get into Geocaching, and just have a cheap GPS, but the cheapest ones I can find are still LCD screens with moving maps that cost $200. I'm hoping for well under $100, but I'm not holding out. I'm a geeky high schooler with no budget to speak of.

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Nerd Alert!

I am heavily involved in letterboxing. I've seen letterboxing posts here on instructables, but just in case it's not a familiar topic, it's a hobby similar to geocaching. Especially when we have events and get-togethers we will often engage in self-deprecating humor about our nerd status. For upcoming events I would like to create either of the following props, and would appreciate any ideas on how to approach them: (1) Nerd Detector--some sort of box that would have some sort of motion or proximity sensor that would trigger an alarm, siren, etc., when approached. (2) Nerd Tester--something akin to the "love tester" from old, old-school arcades. Someone would grip a handle, and some sort of meter or display would indicate the participant's (supposed) level of geekery. Thanks for any ideas!!!

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Tick repellent spray for dogs?

My dog and I go out geocaching often and it brings us to many locations deep in the woods.  Naturally, both her and I pick up dozens of ticks along the way. The dog takes a monthly dose of Frontline and it works.  The ticks bite her and die.  No problems with the medication.  I spray myself with bug spray and there are few issues of ticks getting on me when we're out. The problem is, when we go home she will have ticks on her that I missed and they will crawl off of her and onto me or my wife.  I'll find myself sitting on the couch watching TV or driving to the store and I'll get bit by a tick.  My thinking is that if I can repel ticks from the dog, we will bring less home. Is there a temporary spray that will repel ticks from my dog for 3 or 4 hours while we're out hiking and is compatible with her Frontline medication?

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Lonely Planet Travel Tips Contest Winners

Instructables and Lonely Planet are happy to announce the winners of the Lonely Planet Travel Tips Contest!The world is a big and crazy place and to truly understand that you need to see it in person. Thanks to the entries in this contest we can learn from the mistakes and successes of others and help plan for a better trip in the future. The advice in these Instructables cover trips both grand and small, but all of the finalists have some advice that would be helpful.With all of the cool travel books from Lonely Planet as prizes we can only hope that these travelers will be planning yet another trip to explore a new place and get another perspective on life.Now, on with the winners! Third Prize The authors of these Instructables will each receive their choice of Lonely Planet phrasebook and an Instructables patch and stickers. In random order. When in mosquito bite, use THIS PRODUCT! Tips for the traveling photographer How To Do Waikiki And Oahu On The Cheap The Oh S..t Kit Altoids Tin Emergency Candle Best FREE Things to do at Walt Disney World Some Simple Travel Games for Car and Train Journeys How to: Bathtub laundry How to "Do Toledo" in 30 days (or less) How to travel to London, England - and have a great time! The "i have no clue what geocaching is", geocaching guide! The Robolocity Roaming Instructables Robot Gnome - RoboGnome Second Prize The authors of these Instructables will each receive Bluelist 2008: The Best in Travel, choice of a Lonely Planet guidebook, and an Instructables t-shirt. In random order. How to get the BEST out of your travels Urban Survival 101: Mobile Computing on the Fringe Improvised Flip Flops out of a camping mat Bumcamping in Japan pocket sized map book Business travel when you're not going executive class Space saving folding techniques for cloths. Prize (10) The Pocket Pal aka A Gals Other Pocket Pal RadBear's Travel Tips Traveling by Scooter First PrizeThe authors of these Instructables will each receive a choice of Cities, Asia, or Africa photo book, Bluelist 2008: The Best in Travel, choice of a Lonely Planet guidebook, and an Instructables t-shirt. In random order. Handy Tricks: World Traveler Edition by stasterisk Packing for Tropical Travelby aneel Turning a Cruise Full of Old People into a Death Defying Adventure by iwasthinkingaboutsoup

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Sort of an LED question....

Every October I organize a Halloween event for Letterboxers in my region. For those who aren't familiar, letterboxing has some similarities with geocaching, which seems to be more well known.... an outdoor treasure hunt thing. Since I don't hide the hiking trail letterboxes until the day of the event I can't give seekers printed clues. Since the hiking starts after dark I have used light -- LEDs -- to direct participants to the boxes. This past October I thought about how neat it would be to fix the LEDs so that they would illuminate only when instructed to do so. Although I want nothing more complicated that for the LEDs to light temporarily when a button is pushed - I figured that this was not a practical option... UNTIL I saw a recent instructable that repurposed TV remotes to activate other items. So, now I'm wondering: A) can I rig up a system whereby LEDs would be lit by some sort of remote control, be it an old TV remote, a phone, or whatever, B) if so, is it something that a fellow such as myself, who is NOT an electronics person but who is very good with instructions, could do, and 3) would it break the bank to set up as many as nine LED "targets" and at least several remotes? I always love the advice I get in these forums... looking forward to hearing from you!!

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So.. I got Married on Saturday. [update]

  Update My Wife and I, would like to say thank you for all your kind messages. The sun is shining over the mountains, we have an amazing cottage with crazy wobbly oak floors, and we are both very happy. I am hoping to get some pictures blogged up on here, both for you all to enjoy, but also to link to my family. Most of you already know, but tomorrow I am getting married. It certainly has come around alot quicker than I expected, but I did expect it to do that. The ceremony is at 11.30 in the morning. Then we head off on our honeymoon to the Lake District. I am really excited, and can not wait. I have just finished packing all my gadgets,  now I need to start packing boring things like clothes and such. We are taking the internet with us, but mainly so we can do a little geocaching, and keep a keen eye on the weather. So, wish me all the best, no doubt I will need it. Having said that, I am not one bit nervous. I intend to get ready early enough to squeeze a Left4Dead game in before the ceremony. The downside is that you will see little of me, the upside is, we are hoping to do a 'How to get married' Instructable, after that, I intend to use my new found space and freedom to beat Kitemans 100 Instructables In less than 6 months.

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Did you miss me?

You may have noticed that I mysteriously stopped posting for a couple of days. I've been camping! I came on as a last-minute substitute when another leader was unexpectedly hospitalised, and whizzed off to Gilwell 24 with a small group of our Explorer Scouts. It's an awesome event for teenage scouts - from 09:00 Saturday, to 09:00 Sunday, 24 hours of non-stop activities without the requirement of sleep.  Four thousand Explorer Scouts took up the challenge, and almost all of them managed a full 24 hours of extreme Scouting. 3G Swing Archery Bushcraft Zone Bouldering Campfire Climbing (Outdoor rock and revolving wall) Craft zone Crate stacking Disco Fairground Flying Trapeze Geocaching Giant games Gilwell gauntlet Global Zone - including Shelterbox High ropes course Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting Mountain boarding Orienteering Outdoor arena Quad Bikes Outdoor Woodland Quaser Raft Racing / Boat Racing Rifle Shooting Competition Scavenger hunt Scuba Diving Slacklining Speed climbing Segways Simulators Technology zone Water rockets Assault Course Car driving Go Karts Power Boking Inflatables Fire Building Fishing Military Activity Team Speed Stacking Caving Zorbing As well crafts and other activities going on all the time (I had my first go at wood-turning at 14:00, and was soldering together an AM band radio at 22:30 (goodness me, the writing on a capacitor gets small later at night!)). Add to that a month's rain in about 20 hours, giving liquid mud on the scale of Glastonbury, it's hardly a surprise that every single Explorer fell asleep on the train home. Because my standing-in was very short notice, none of my electronics were properly charged, but I did get a few snaps of the atmosphere before my iPod completely died. I have never been so wet or so dirty on a camping trip, and I was taking it easy - it's the first time I've been forced to pack my tent away wet and muddy at the end of a camp. If you're a Scout or an Explorer, and will be over 13½ next July, why not take up the challenge yourself? If you fancy taking part, offering an activity, or otherwise getting involved in next year's event, they are already taking comments and ideas.  If you're not in Scouting, and didn't realise it was so awesome (or that girls are allowed at any age), then why not think about joining? (As an aside, I'd never seen Rock-It-Ball being played before.  Looks fun.)

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secret boxes for the outdoors - revisted

Hello, Instructibles gang…. I posted several questions related to “secret boxes” over the weekend. I got some feedback suggesting that the inquiries should have been combined, and that they didn’t include enough information to lead to worthwhile answers. The topics came to mind sort of haphazardly, so I do apologize for the scattershot nature of the original posts.  As to the latter issue, “secrecy” was never the intention… rather, it was that this is all still in the “doodle” stage of planning, and I didn’t have a lot of details to give in the first place. Nonetheless, I’ll try to get a little more concrete - and combine the three questions in the process. I’m a letterboxer. Letterboxing stuff comes up now and then on Instructibles, but for those who are unfamiliar, it’s similar to geocaching (which seems to be more well-known), but with an added, artistic component. Whenever I see “secret boxes” in my regular Instructibles emails I think about whether the designs could be adapted for letterboxing purposes – either “on the trail” or at limited-time events and get-togethers. Naturally, I’ve been looking through my bookmarks and doing Instructibles searches, google searches, etc., but I’d appreciate if anybody might be willing to point me toward some of their favorite designs. I’m increasingly interested in creating boxes that are “hidden in plain sight” – not concealed, but rather “hidden” by virtue of the fact that they look like something else – such as a birdhouse or mailbox – and might in fact actually BE that something else, in addition to being a hiding place. I would welcome any suggestions that the community thinks might fit the bill. Here are some of the preliminary ideas I’ve been thinking about: 1)      Folks hunting the box are told to take a 9v battery, with the snap-on wire leads, with them. When they get to the box they have to put the leads into two holes, where they and the battery complete a circuit. The current trips some sort of latch, allowing a door to be opened. Of course, the door would have to re-latch when closed again. 2)      Something similar to #1 but a little more electronic. Hunters might be given a schematic of a simple Thing that they have to build and take with them. This would, essentially, be a key. I’ve already received an interesting suggestion involving RFID chips. I also got to thinking that a USB connection could be very discreet and easily hidden, and THAT got me thinking that the “key” could perhaps be something on a smartphone… data rather than hardware. I’ve got basically no background in electronics, but I’m fairly good at following directions…. 3)      Pretty much any other contraption where some sort of hidden compartment would be created, which can be accessed through some sort of process that likely wouldn’t happen randomly or accidentally. (I know… could I be any more vague?) The boxes would likely be mounted to something solid - a tree, wall, post, etc. - but I imagine it could be that you take it down, do what you’ve gotta do, and then put it back. And they would most likely be exposed to the elements and would have to stand up to being out of doors. The size of the compartment is entirely flexible…no minimum or maximum dimensions.  And, as stated, I’m a beginner when it comes to electronics – but I am more than willing to learn! I know what I’m trying to describe, but please let me know if I’m not doing well in communicating it to others. Like I said, I’m not trying to be secretive. It’s just that it’s still a very open-ended scheme – not many specifics – and I’m interested in hearing how different folks might approach it. Please shout if you have any thoughts or want more info.

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