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Guess the album ? Answered

Hello, This is a very, very long shot . . .  When I was young I bought a second-hand record  originally from the 70's  or very early 80's . . .  I have no idea what happened to it but almost weekly I think about how to hear it again . .  I have stopped myself from asking in Answers for several years but today is the day. As far as I remember it had an album cover with a plain beige border, inside the border was a drawing of an art nouveaux type woman woman with flowing clothing. The theme was all Hari Krishna but not an actual Hari Krishna record. Lyrics such as  " there is a distant place called sweet something,  where silent  something something, . . .  Beneath a snowy ocean lying wide lies something something . . . " there was a lot of Govinda going on. I've tried looking for album cover on Google images. I've tried typing in all the lyrics that I can remember. No luck . . . any ideas anyone. And, no, it's not Kula Shaker, although I do actually like that track. Thank you

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Just for fun, guess who my avatar is!

Just for fun, guess who my avatar is! Yup. That's it.

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i'm trying to make the 'guess who' game but i can't find where the question mark side of the cards are?!?! Answered

Guess who game, i can't find the question mark side of the cards.

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The Guess Who - These Eyes

These eyes, cry every night for you These arms, long to hold you again The hurtin's on me yeah But I will never be free No my baby no no You gave a promise to me yeah You broke it - you broke it These eyes watched you bring My world to an end This heart could not accept and pretend The hurtin's on me yeah But I will never be free no no no You took a vow with me yeah You spoke it - you broke it These eyes are crying These eyes have seen a lot of love But their never gonna see another One like I had with you These eyes are crying These eyes have seen a lot of love But their never gonna see another One like I had with you These eyes are crying These eyes have seen a lot of love But their never gonna see another One like I had with you These eyes cry every night for you These arms long to hold you again These eyes are crying These eyes have seen a lot of love But their never gonna see another One like I had with you These eyes are crying These eyes have seen a lot of love But their never gonna see another One like I had with you These eyes are crying These eyes have seen a lot of love But their never gonna see another One like I had with you These eyes are crying These eyes have seen a lot of love But their never gonna see another One like I had with you..

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"How Many" Contest #3. Win a patch! =WINNERS ANNOUNCED=

First of all, yeah, it's not really Knex. But this is one of the most popular sections, and this is where I posted the last two. CONTEST ENDS DECEMBER 24. Anyway, there are 2 ways to win. 1) Guess closest to the actual amount of rubberbands. Winner: cj81499 2) Guess how the amount of rubberbands relates to my 'ibles account. Winner: Nobody (Sorry) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The actual relation between the amount of rubberbands and my 'ibles account is that I joined 3/05/09 (March 8, 2009) and 3+5+9 =17. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Note: You can only win once. =============================================================================== knex gun builder: 25. No relation guess. Kairah: 19. Wrong relation. chopstx: 18. Wrong relation. Killer~SafeCracker: 9. Wrong relation. Shadowman39: 22. No relation. Rock Soldier: 3. No relation. shadowninja31: 15. No relation. knexfan9182: 25. Wrong relation. DJ Radio: 20. Wrong relation. knex_builder_freak: 16. No relation. Hiyadudez: 18. Wrong relation. cool bas3: 21. Wrong relation. smilee: 28. No relation. cj81499: 17. Wrong relation. Kinetic: 23. No relation. knex_pls: 84,340. (LOL) No relation. Seleziona: 36. No relation.

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Sneak Peak

I haven't posted anything original in forever (well 5 months to be exact).  I started this project on Friday and I'm almost done with it.  Tests on this gun when it was unfinished have yielded very good results.  I can't wait until this is 100% complete and ready to show off fully. Try and figure out what it is in the meantime.

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Looking for a particular type of air valve

So 2 parts to this question, one is what would it be called, the other, where would I find it. I am looking for a valve  that would have 3 stems, for lack of a better term.  One one end would be the source, another the output and the last would alternate between pulling from the source and pushing to the output.   Any Googling tips?  Not looking for anything industrial, simple small plastic valve would suffice.

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Guess the Pieces contest!

Https://, So recently, I’ve finally finished counting all the pieces in Convolution. I thought it might be a cool idea to make a contest about it. There will be separate categories with points awarded in each category. The one who has the most points wins! You are allowed to give ONE guess for each of the categories. Here are the categories and the scoring system for each one: 1) Grand Total: Guess the grand total of the piece count. The closer you are, the more points are awarded. If you are within 50 pieces, you get 10 points, within 100 you will get 8 points, within 250 and 6 points are awarded,  within 500 and 4 points are awarded, within 1000 and 2 points are awarded, and within  2000 1 point will be awarded. 2) Most Common Piece: Here it is simple; just give your guess of the most used piece/part in the machine, and the amount of times it occurs.  You will get 2 points for guessing the correct piece/part, and another 2 points if you are within 50 of the amount of pieces used. 3) Least Common Piece: Just as simple as the second one, guess the least used piece/part in the machine and the amount of times it occurs.  2 points will be awarded for the correct part/piece and another 2 points if you correctly guess the amount of times it is used. 4) Price Total: In this category, simply give an estimate of what you think the price of the machine would be if you were buying it piece by piece from the K’nex website.  Prices are based firstly on the K’nex website, and if the piece is not found there, the price will be based on the price of the K’nex User Group. Prices are calculated in USD. If you are within $25, you will get 6 points, within $50 and you will be awarded 4 points and within $100 and you will be awarded 2 points. For reference, my room measures 2.28m(7’6’’) high, by 3.65m(12’) by 2.74m(9’). Also, here are some pictures and the video for reference as well. Video: Best of luck to everyone.  The contest deadline will be February 10.

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Guessing game for you...

We have a lot of LCD projectors at school.As you may, or may not, know, they work by splitting the light from a bulb into three beams, shinging them through three different-coloured LCD filters and them re-combining the beams to form a full-colour image on the screen.One of our projectors developed an odd blotch in the image, and a few minutes' furtle by our IT technician found that one of the LCD filters had packed up - the layers had delaminated slightly.Cost of a brand-new projector - 465GBP.Care to guess the price of a replacement LCD unit?

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Guess where I put a robot sticker

I'll give you a hint: It is in a place where it is not supposed to be.

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Christmas guess game!!! Win a patch!!

It's time for a game!!! Guess the amount of beads in this container. That's all. Whoever guesses the closest gets: A sub from me, Five star rating on any 3 instructables of your choice,  A fave of any 3 instructables of your choice. Also you will win a patch thanks to Hiyadudez. Enter before midnight, December 21, 2009. You just might win. Also you may only guess once. The contest is over!!! We have a winner. It's ......... GjDj3. He gueesd the number and was only 6 off. Good job!!! Guesses: DJ Radio - 75 Shadowman39 - 646 Silentassasin - 383 Cool bass3 - 287 Smilee - 414 Hiyadudez - 400 Knexfreek - 740 Logic boy - 377 lioneatr - 357 knex gun builder - 300 stale56 - 401 Jamalam - 231 kinetic - 1053 Kileman - 756 lemonie - 736 nachomahma - 724 GjDj3 - 760 Knex builder freak - 850 serial-cricket  - 786 Rock soldier - 800.5 bounty1012 - 200 I_am_Canadian - 580 chopstx - 345 Killer~SafeCracker

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Guess What I Found!

I Found the fan under the keyboard and the keyboard just slipped right off! i blew it out and it works better. thanks 7UP Guy

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Guess My Mileage Contest!

In about two weeks, I will be embarking on a nearly 2000 mile road trip from the "right" coast to the "left" coast of the United States. I will send the person that guesses my fuel economy over the entire trip a $10 (USD) bill and 1 instructables patch.Rules1. Thou Shall Not Exceed My Mileage2. Thou Shall Guess a Number Ending in the Thousandths ( Thou Shall not guess a previously guessed number4. Thou Shall guess MPG (please no l/100km et. al. - just to keep the rules more simple)a. If no one guesses exactly, the guess closest, but not exceeding the real number wins.b. If two people guess the same number - see rule 3. The first person's guess is validc. You can change your guess by replying to your original guess - once your guess is changed, it can be taken by someone else.d. Guesses that do not accurate to the thousandth will be ignoredHere's some clues to assist your guessing.Car2000 Volkswagen Jetta2.0L Naturally Aspirated Gasoline Engine ~110hp ratedCurrently 102,xxx Miles on the Odometer5 Speed Manual GearboxOil change ~1500 miles ago (it will not be changed for another 9-10K miles)Tires inflated to 50/55 HOT - these are all seasonsGrille Blocked OffPassenger Mirror Folded in (possibly will be removed)Scanguage2 to monitor coolant temperature, trip mpg, TPS etc.CargoPossibly 1 mini fridge >100lbsMe: ~130lbsPassenger ~150lbsTwo suitcases (one will not exceed 50lbs)Possibly a third suitcase (not exceeding 50lbs)Lets tack on an additional 200lbs for things I'm not seeing nowEPA Estimates24mpg City31mpg Highway27mpg CombinedMeI use hypermile driving techniques... That is:1. Accelerate based on Brake Mean Fuel Consumption Charts (~2500-3000 RPM - 50% throttle = most efficiency)2. Coast and Burn with 3+++:1 coast-burn ratio (engine either off or idle)3. Engine Off at stoplights and approach4. Windows UP - AC OFF (this may change, but that's currently how I'm riding | AC will trump windows)5. I will not exceed the speed limit - I may travel below for optimal fuel economy6. Bump Start where applicable (following the same method the Prius uses to start its ICE)RouteCurrently being discussed and looked over. I20 is looking promising, but it's up in the air.GaslogPlease take this with a grain of salt. I only just recently started hypermiling (beginning of April lets say). So only the last tank (which was 100% city) reflects that.My GaslogCalculationCalculation will be based off the sum of the miles (accurate to the tenth) divided by the sum of the fuel pumped (accurate to the thousandth). Everything will be based on receipt, not scangauge2 data.ChangesThis is the section that I post changes to my car, cargo etc.. A change can be as basic as a bit more anticipated weight or as drastic as major aerodynamic modification or mechanical. A possible change may be a hot air intake.Finally, a note about my oil changes.... I send an oil sample to Blackstone Labs for oil analysis. My last oil change interval was a tad over 10K miles -- and the lab report indicated my oil was still good - everything was good except a slightly high Cu level. Not in the danger zone, but something to watch. My point is... Don't give me any crap about 3K miles - I like my oil films established and don't need constant oil changes screwing that up -- that's why I pay for oil analysis (besides, it comes out cheaper in the end anyway).

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guess who bought a jeep

Yeah i bought a new jeep last weekend. i would have gone with something a little more fuel economical but cars ride too low to the ground. (i live in the sticks) plus i figure i can haul stuff with it, women, dead hookers, and general stuff i have accumulated over the years. its an 08 jeep liberty. i got it for less than invoice and the dealer is throwing in free leather seats. other than that tire i had to buy this morning so far i like it. (i ran over a nail and it punctured the sidewall, but i bought tire insurance so it wont happen again) i took a pict of it with my camera at night time with a 15 sec shutter its the only good picture i have

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guess-the-joke's-punchline contest

EDIT: THE CONTEST HAS CLOSED!the winners:blue ribbon: GorillazmikoHonorable mention: Dsman195267the joke:A man walks into a fireworks store and asks: "Can I have a bang for a buck?"the joke with honorable mention:a man walks into a fireworks store and says: "it's dark in here, can I have a match?"

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How Many Pieces?-Contest: Winners Announced!

Hello people of Instructables! I have a few pro memberships that have been around for a while now, so I have decided to make a piece-guessing contest. All you have to do is guess how many pieces are in my Knex skeeball machine. The six people that guess closest to the number will win! _________________ The contest has ended, so it's time to announce the winners: The grand total of pieces in the machine is 28,396! Below are the winners and what number they guessed.  Winners! 1st place: bethekind - 28,001 2nd place: mikeasaurus - 28,000 3rd place: Duplo for Daddies - 27,999 4th place: RCS82 - 27,850 5th place: Mountain Dew dude - 27,593 6th place: technicalrob - 29,666 _________________ Rules: 1. Only one guess per person 2. Don't guess the same number as someone else Prizes: 1st place: 1-year Pro membership and a patch 2nd place: 1-year Pro membership and a patch 3rd place: 1-year Pro membership and a patch 4th place: Patch 5th place: Patch 6th place: Patch Below are some deconstruction pictures of the machine, just in case anyone wants to see them (it took a month to take apart/count pieces).

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Guess Where I am Going Camping/Hiking!!

I am going to Gettysburg PA. I will post pics on Sunday when I get back. has anyone ever gone there? ttys.

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I am.... Guess what 'I am going to'... Whoever guesses right firstly gets a patch, 10 5* ratings, and a sub from me. Get guessing... >=] PS- I do not mean 'I am going to...'     a different country on holiday or whatever. I mean something im going to do.

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Hey, guess what I got.

So, I just got a bunch of staples for my electric staple gun and want something to staple. I also want to make something for Emily. She'd like that. "Must affix everything to everything!"

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Guess who just got a motorbike?

Me :pNo seriously, at the food pantry/ thrift store I volunteer at, someone donated a fairly good condition Whizzer Pacemaker II, Midnight Blue. I bought it. It isn't yet registered for road legal, but that's ok because I haven't got my car or bike license so I'll call it a scooter for now. Anyways IT IS AWESOME, just a few paint dings, slightly rusty chrome, broken/missing turn signals and I haven't gotten it to run yet BUT I'M WORKING ON THAT... So anyways, here's some pics:148cc engine, awesome retro looks....

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I guess you call this homework? Answered

BUT It isn't my home work. A friend Emailed me this and asked if I knew how to work it out. Th answer was no - do any one help - No teaching involved here my friend is in his 70's. A car engine has four camshafts each supported by three journal bearings. The engine runs at a maximum of 8000rpm, and the camshafts rotate at half engine speed. Assuming the engine oil to be 40 degrees - Determine the maximum power absorbed by the camshaft bearings. Other data given below journal bearing = 35 mm bearing axial length = 20 mm radial clearance = 0.018 mm oil grade = vg32 oil density = 890kg m   ̅³̇

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Guess who has Swine Flu?

My younger brother (age 8) was diagnosed with Swine Flu about 2 hours ago. He's had a high fever since yesterday. Since he got loaded up with shots within 48 hours of his fever's appearance, he should become a proud survivor of the morbid Pig Flu that will cleanse humanity like no other form of genocide has yet accomplished.As for the rest of my family... Everyone's fine but my mother and I; we've been experiencing minor flu-like symptoms since early this morning... this may or may not be related to Swine Flu, so I'll keep you posted.What you can do to protect yourself from Swine Flu:First of all, DON'T PANIC - really, my brother is the first person I know personally who's gotten it, and the fact that it's my brother and not the friend of a cousin's stepbrother's girlfriend is just pure coincidence. I'm no math genius, but if only 10,000 of the world's 7 billion people have Swine Flu, that's quite a bit less than 1%.Wash your hands oftenTry not to touch your face, especially around your mouth and noseUse common sense - if someone is sneezing their brains out into their hands, refrain from high-fiving him or her, etcWish me luck.

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Guess how many pieces Catastropha has

Ok, some of you may have noticed my ball machine Catastropha. If you haven't then take a look at it! :D Well, the point is: I'm making a contest, just guess how many pieces it uses. Every person can only guess once, dead line is Friday next week, even if I'm not finished counting pieces then. Oh, and a number can only be guessed once, otherwise just the first post wins. First place will receive a patch and a three-mounth pro-membership. Second and third place will receive a patch. And yes, the pics attached ARE Catastropha xD ESTIMATES: Xeda (from a other forum) - 3,700 Kerm (from a other forum) - 4,000 DJ Radio - 9,000 Juju (from a other forum) - 15,176 jsj795 (from a other forum) - 18,894 patriots8888 - 19,978 parser padwan (from a other forum) - 21,438 sathothy - 27,478 KneXtreme - 27,500 CassisDude98 - 28,500 RNB - 28,538 martijnb95 - 29,999 jmiester - 30,500 monsterlego - 32,347 I_am_Canadian - 36,000 turiqwalrus - 40,000 superbestknex - 47,000 knexinventer - 47,687 knex man2 - 56,267 Kjelddy (from a other forum) - 75,000 altair ibn la ahad - 100,000

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I guess this really is an adult site now

Last week I had a couple days off school, so a friend and I went to visit a teacher at my old high school. One of my Ibles came up in conversation, so I borrowed a computer to pull it up. Guess what? My senior year of high school Ibles had no restrictions. In the last year and a half Instructables has been reclassified as Adult. As a result, nobody in the Topeka school district can access Instructables. Hmmmm, I wonder why they would think Ibles contained adult content, which might not be appropriate for the elementary school students? Such a mystery...

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How many?..... Contest #2. =CONTEST ENDED=

ANSWERS: Anomaly: The rubberband rapped around the end of the rod near the bottom left corner. Amount: 96. Relation: I was born in 1996. Yes, I'm still bored. Here's another challenge. 3 people can win: 1. Guessing closest to the actual amount of red rods. 2. Finding, and pointing out the anomaly. 3. Guessing how the number of red rods relates to my life. (You can only win once.) If you win, I'll subscribe to you, favorite all your 'ibles, and *5 all your 'ibles. Oh, and don't forget the "HYE FYVE!!!!111" ENDS DEC. 6TH =============================================================================== LOGIC BOY'S RELATION GUESS WAS CLOSE ENOUGH, HE WON. HOWEVER, EVERYONE CAN STILL VOTE ON AMOUNT, AND ANOMALIES. =============================================================================== KNEX GUN BUILDER'S AMOUNT GUESS WAS CLOSEST, HE WON. NOBODY GUESSED THE ANOMALY. CONTEST IS NOW OVER. Weissensteinburg: 415. No anomaly guess. DJ radio: 75. Wrong anomaly guess. Lithium Rain: 612. Wrong anomaly guess. Shadowman39: 300. No anomaly guess. Killer~SafeCracker: 130. Wrong anomaly guess. bigdylan91: 212. No anomaly guess. shadowninja31: 200. Wrong anomaly guess. logic boy: 217. Wrong anomaly guess. CORRECT RELATION GUESS. Hiyadudez: 406. Wrong anomaly guess. smilee: 111. No anomaly guess. knex gun builder: 100. No anomaly guess. CLOSEST AMOUNT GUESS. Jollex: 288. Wrong anomaly guess. cj81499: 175. Wrong anomaly guess. Hiyadudez: 406. Wrong anomaly guess. chopstx: 285. Wrong anomaly guess. Kryptonite: 119. Wrong anomaly guess.

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How Many Pieces?-Contest: Winners Announced!

Hello everyone! Now that I finished Cataclysm, I decided to hold a contest. And, first prize is a 3-month Pro membership! After a week of demolishing and counting, the grand total is 28,538! Here are the winners: WINNERS! 1. fishgish509-28765 2. firebombfury-28000 3. sprout_less-29,500 Congrats to the winners, and thanks to everyone for entering the contest! :-) Special thanks to Hiyadudez for designing the patches for me. I posted some pictures below of Cataclysm's deconstruction, and the piles and boxes of pieces. The contest is simple: just post a comment below and guess how many Knex pieces are in Cataclysm (pictured below). The 3 people who guess the number closest to the actual number will win! READ THE RULES!!! -Only one guess per person. -If you guess the same number as someone else, the person who guessed it first will count (so don't guess a number that someone else already guessed). PRIZES 1st place- 3-month Pro membership, and a patch 2nd place- Patch 3rd place- Patch All the patches will be different (one saying first place, second place, etc.). I will be providing the patches and Pro membership. The contest ends in a week on Sunday October 10th. Good luck! :-D

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Finding the center of an elipse (I guess) with random points on the circumference? Answered

First thing to note is that this is NOT an assignment for school, it is a real life issue. I'm trying to make a collar for a little laser diode module which has proved to not be centered (as expected, it was only about £5). After sticking it in a lathe pointing at a wall (the wall isn't parallel with the lathe thus making it an elipse problem) and spinning it by hand, I get a wobbly circle/elipse shape which i then marked out on a sheet of paper to find a center point from which I can find how many degrees off it is which will allow me to make a proper laser re-alignment collar.

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Guess My Mileage Mini Round - Kardboard Kammback II

Okay... I've got a 2 hour highway trip.... Same stats as before... except some aero modification :P I've done something unspeakable to my car... At least it looks a bit more like a kammback :p Looking from the front -- this adds no additional frontal area... So we'll see in a few hours if this helped at all :D Take a crack at it... I'm about to go fill up, grab some lunch and hit the road. Yes, you can still see the brake lights and you can still see out the back windscreen ;) I'm about to hit it with a permanent marker with some stats about my mileage :p And no, it doesn't damage the paint :p AND the radio still gets reception -- even though the antenna is held down like that :D

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New Knex ball machine contest closed Winner: Purple Waffles

As some may know I have started a new ball machine. I'm planning to make it my largest yet using over 20,000 pieces.  Here's the contest: This will work a bit like hangman. You guys guess letters until someone guesses the answer and the one who finds out the name of the ball machine will get frequent updates on Skype or Email with pictures of the ball machine plus a preview on another project I'm working on. Shadowman39 will also be providing a patch to the winner (Thanks Shadow).  Two letters will already be given and spaces to fill in the rest. As poeple say letters I will add them to the phrase. Rules: You may only guess ONE LETTER per day. If you guess a letter that appears twice in the name then only one of the letters will appear. Some people who already know what the ball machine is called CAN NOT give away any answers in any way (I'm talking to you Shadowman39). You have to guess the whole phrase. you may not guess part of the phrase. Without further ado, let the contest begin! DRAGON   JEWEL Good luck members and happy guessing. :-)  Purple Waffles won the contest. Thanks for participating    

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I guess the Autodesk Lawyers get paid by the word?

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So, I'm guessing everybody's got some sort of skill/z they are proud of, what's yours?

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My new new knex arsenal

Here it is. Take a guess.

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9 - Step Origami

NOTE: try guessing the final result before reaching the last step.

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Jameco's newest Puzzler

Ok guys n gals, I felt good enough this morning to wade through my email, and I found the latest Jameco Puzzler, just waiting for me. I puzzled over this for about 3 minutes, and then guessed and low and behold.......(see the figure below) So anyways, HERE is the puzzler, make a guess before looking at the answer :-)This is NOT a contest, have fun with it....for those that have electronics background, think about it for a bit, remember how an opamp works, and you should be able to get it right on the first guess. Above all though, have fun with it.

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Spell checker

I was going to put this in bugs, but its really a feature request.  Feedback I guess? Does the WYSIWYG editor support custom dictionary additions?  It would be nice if it didn't attempt to correct the name of the website. It would also be nice if I could swap it to British English, but I'm used to being second guessed now! Thanks

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Is this normal for calamari?

So I had calamari for the very first time recently. It was okay, I guess. Can't say it was great. It was breaded and I guess fried. I didn't think it was awesome - kinda squishy and crunchy and purple inside. D=Did I get a bad batch or do I just need to train my southernified taste buds?

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random led scrambler

I recently was asked a challenging question concerning a type of circuit design. My electronics knowledge is somewhat limited and was wondering if i could get some help on this project. The project is: How do you get one led to light up amongst a row of say ten or more leds by selecting from one switch from a row with the same number of switches. The system should be set up so every switch will have a randomly selected led circuit. In other words the leds are randomly scrambled for the switches. This is basically a type of led guessing game but also involves guessing witch switch will operate which led. Thanks!

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I really don't understand why guys get so weird about girls liking the same things they do.....i mean Im a girl and i enjoy video games and things like that ( which i guess is weird) and yeah so what do you guys think about that? just bothers me i guess that some things are only seen as guys activities and only they can do them......and its not like im only into guys not a tomboy i swear i like to and i have a psp which i guess is im done

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How many?...... Contest. =CONTEST OVER=

I was bored. Yeah. Whoever guesses closest to the real number of Oodammo's gets..... A sub, and 5's+faves on all 'ibles. I'd give out a patch, but..... No pro yet. Also, if you see the anomaly, and tell me where, and what it is, you get the same thing. EDIT: Guesses will be invalid after Dec. 5th. EDIT2: I just realized, people might think I cheated when I tell, as in, to give the win to someone who was wrong. So I'll PM the answer to someone who already guessed. They will not tell you. BIGDYLAN91 SPOTTED THE ANOMALY, HE GETS THE PRIZE, BUT EVERYONE CAN STILL GUESS FOR AMOUNT. ============================================================================= THERE ARE 125 PIECES OF OODAMMO IN THE BUCKET. SO TECHNICALLY, BIGDYLAN91 WAS CLOSEST, BUT HE WON ALREADY. SO, KILLER~SAFECRACKER WINS. ============================================================================= logic boy: 117 Kiteman: 151 Hiyadudez: 104 Lithium Rain: 357 bigdylan91: 121 Correct anomaly guess. NachoMahma: 83 Doctor What: 163 smilee: 143 Djradio: 50 Killersafe~cracker: 130 Gjdj3: 51 Seleziona: 67 Shadowman39: 100 ItsTheHobbs: 45 Bartboy: 190 I_am_Canadian: 223 knex gun builder: 101 cj81499: 154 kNeXFreek: 212 chopstx: 142

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Hello everyone!

I hope you are all having a good day. Guess who is publishing an instructable soon?

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(solved) Need a Volunteer : Science : How do they guess the chemical composition of things ?

Hello :-) Here is one of my many unanswered questions ... I googled a lot about this one, but so far, I failed to find anything usefull, probably because I don't have the correct vocabulary. That's why I'm asking to you ... I'm still wondering how scientists manage to guess the chemical composition and molecular structure of things ... For example, how do they know that saccharose is C12 H22 O11, and that it's molecular structure is like the picture below ... About crystals, I've read that they use Crystallography to determine the arrangement of the structure ... But how do they do with organic elements ??? Thanks in advance for your help :-) PS : I can't post this thread into the "Volunteer" group forum. It says that I don't have the autorisation. Do I have to join the group too ?

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Embedding a Second Video in a Video Instructable?

I'm trying to embed a second video into my video instructable. I'm guessing that because it's a video instructable it is limited to the one main video and no other videos can be embedded? You can see I've been trying, but I guess that's my question: is there any way to embed another video?

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Puppy names!

Guess who got not one, but two puppies? :D And guess who has absolutely no clue as to what to name them? Yeah, that'd be me. So what do you think are some good puppy names? Here's a picture of them, one has an ear that sticks straight up and the other has an upside down white triangle on his forehead. Oh yeah, they're both boys.

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Website for collaborative design

I'd like a site where people can bounce ideas off each other and work on them together, like a wiki for projects. I thought Instructables was like this, but I guess not. For instance, I posted this idea as a "collaboration": I guess collaborations are more for writing collaboratively and not collaborative design. Anyone know of anything that does fit the bill?

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St. Anthony's (The T Cross)

Hi, Does anyone know what kind of joint was used in making of a St. Anthony's  (The T Cross) that the Romans traditionally used for crucifixion. I've looked and looked and I just cant find it. I can guess but I don't want to guess. I want to make one that will be about a foot tall for a friend.  I hope you can help. Thank you 

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Shoots through Cardboard

Hey um im guessings this to be new and also this is a nice gun you should build if you hhavent alrdy>

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