I need t make a simple water (moisture) sensor to connect to a talking catfish plaque.

I have a concrete basement (swimming pool style) no drains or sump pump. Its below ground level so no where for the water to go ! So if my boiler blows or leaks I will have a very ugly swimming pool. And all my workshop will be floating. I have this cool talking catfish plaque. Its 6VDC batteries and a Transformer for AC plug in power.  I need a simple switch to activate the plaque. I tried two wires from the switch it has , put in water, no luck. I tried the alum. foil type posted instruct. that does not work either. So any suggs.? Thanks Simple is better. I can solder and read simple scematic .stuff. But KISS.

Question by triumphman 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago