What kind of R/C truck should I buy?

Hello everybody,      I am looking to get a r/c truck and I was wondering what kind should I get. I want to get something like the hpi blitz or the traxxas slash. Something that is off road and fast. I would like to stay under $350 and I wanted to know what you guys think. Thank you.                                                                                      KneXtreme

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nitro cars

Hello my new hpi savage xl nitro truck has lost nearly all its power after i crashed into a tree. whats wrong and how do i fix this?

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Remote Control K'Nex Car

Hello, K'Nexing community! It's been roughly three years since I last posted anything on Instructables. Anywho, I've finally gotten the motivation to create something out of K'nex, and also combine it with my favorite hobby of hobby-grade remote control cars.  This car that's featured would be a brushed, but also fast on-road cruiser. Features/Notations of vehicle: Powered by: 12T or 15T Brushed motor ESC: Old ESC from ECX Torment, or Traxxas Slash ESC RX/TX: Team Associated combo Servo: Team Associated servo Solid Rear Axle Power Source: 2S LiPo More details and pictures will be added over time, and hopefully it won't take another three years. XD I've also included a couple of pictures of my current RC cars.

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Can this Charger charge this battery?

For the past couple days I have been looking through the internet for the perfect battery and charger for very little and i think I found it!!! Please let me know if you think this battery and the charger will be compatible and will charge properly. I intend on cutting the leads of so I can have matching leads  (so the battery and the charger can connect obviously) Here is the battery I intend on purchasing:  http://www.ebay.com/itm/7-4V-1600MAH-20C-Lipo-Battery-1-18-Car-RC-Traxxas-Tamiya-HPI-Mini-Z-/271005789069?pt=US_Rechargeable_Batteries&hash;=item3f19342b8d Here is the charger I intend on purchasing to charge the battery: http://www.ebay.com/itm/DC-8-4V-1A-Charger-2S-7-4V-LiIon-LiPo-Battery-Pack-US2-/220715406621?pt=Battery_Chargers&hash;=item3363a9d51d Please let me know if this charger will be able to charge the battery! Thank you so much for all your guys help! I love instructables, everyone helps everyone out!

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