Halogen to LED.?

Right now i'm working on photo spectrography, and using a halogen lamp because of the wavelength it outputs. The thing is, we are trying to make a more portable version of this, is there a type of LED or an array of them, that i could use for this? Take in mind that the LEDs have to output a wavelength very similar or equal to that of a halogen lamp.  

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Halogen Heater?

I stay in the northern area of India and have been using different types of heaters for warming a room. The one i feel s the most effective is halogen heater since they don't dehydrate the room like the others, but commercial heaters are ... how should I put this ??? SISSY ... they have only 2 - 3 halogen tubes and they don't heat the room fast enough. I planning to make one with 6 tubes. Any inputs ? any things i need to be careful about ??

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Halogen flashlight mods

Heh...flashlights of death forum.....seems like just the place for this question. I've seen some vids online about using the halogen track light bulbs (mr16? something like that) in maglight mods. Anyone have any exprience in this? A couple of them can be ordered but they are expensive and custom built.....one of them is called a mag85 and there is another called "mac's torch". the guy that made mac's torch (i'm assuming mac) made a video in which he put down a piece of news paper and set it on fire with this light! I believe he was using a special order 100 watt halogen in that one. Now you may see why this question seemed appropriate for the "flashlights of death" part of the forum lol. Nice meeting you all and I'm always tinkering with things to bad I wasn't taking pictures but I will now!

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How to run a mini halogen light from the mains? Answered

Hi all, I am working on a project and need to run a mini (35mm) halogen globe from the mains.  I live in Australia and our  mains from off 24v.   If I try and run the halogen it works ok but soon heats-up a lot.  I'm assuming that I need a transformer to reduce the voltage or amperage but cant find anything on the net!  I want to run the lamp that I am building direct from the AC socket.  Does anyone have any solutions?  I have also looked at 12v LED ones as well and thought that this might be the best path to go down.   Thanks, Marcus

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Voltage conversion for halogen bulbs Answered

I need to convert 120v to 12v to power four 12v 20W halogen bulbs. What type of converter do I need, and with what specifications? Where could I find one. Is it possible to dim the bulbs?

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Frequency of 12v halogen transfomer?

Hello everyone.. I would try using a 12v transformer halogen (please see photo) for flyback driver (about 10-30 watts) .But seller sell on Ebay do not know the frequency of 12 vac, so could you help me to know that(frequency of 12 vac out) thank you in advance.

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Hack Needed: Rechargeable Halogen Spotlight

Greetings all, I'm in need of a hack to replace the lead acid battery in a rechargeable halogen spotlight purchased at a local store. The spotlight came with a AC recharger but 15 charge time hours returns only approximately twenty minutes of usable light. I'd much like to replace the power source with something of a longer duration than the current one third of an hour. As much interested in simply rewiring the device to work from my car's AC outlet if possible. Mind I only have a few dollars invested in this device still I'd like to see if a replacement power source is worth the effort. Thanks to all who reply.http://ledmuseum.candlepower.us/third/fixit.htm

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why do halogen lights keep blowing? Really scared of fire!

I live in a rented attic flat and just before Christmas four of the ceiling halogen spot lights in my hall and livingroom blew.  I called the landlord (he is an electrician) and he replaced them - then charged me £50!  Two days later the same lights blew again.  There seems to be condensation or something around a couple of the bulbs. (They are sunk in the ceiling.) The next day I went away for two weeks for Christmas, came back yesterday and this morning there was a 'pop' noise and all the five lights in my bedroom blew. (I hadn't just turned them on. They were already on.)  I can't locate the fuse box and I am worried about an electrical fault causing a fire.  It is a new flat (five years old, and the landlord did all the wiring - he is an electrical contractor.) I have to be out all day tomorrow, leaving my little dog there, and I am scared there will be a fire.  I am going to speak to him tomorrow and try to get him to come and sort this out tomorrow night when I get in, but it took ages to get my landlord to come and sort the last thing out, I am living in semi-darkness, and I can't afford to pay hundreds of £ every time the bulbs go.  I have only lived there three months.  What should I do?  Is it safe? I would feel better if I could turn everything off at the mains before going out tomorrow, but I don't know where the thing is to do this - and I don't want to meddle with stuff I know nothing about.  

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How can I be safe when wiring up a 230v halogen bulb? Answered

Iam making a dehydrator and i want the high temperatures needed for preserving meats. If i use a 500w halogen bulb, how would i wire it up to the mains with a dimmer switch aswell?

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Arduino to control 75w halogen lamp as a on/off switch. Answered

I am using a tip120 but it gets too hot, so i got a tip3055 is it going t be fine? what do you guys suggest? need any other infomation?

Question by gioruchan 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Does anyone have any guides on how to make a dimmer for halogen lights? ?

I'm trying to install a dimmer in my car for 2 fog lights. they're about 40 watts each. I would like to be able to dim these bulbs. Thanks.

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Portable lighting solution: Is it possible to power (400watt) Halogen light from a 12V Car Battery? Answered

Im trying to work out a cheap, portable way of lighting when on location whilst filming. The idea of a generator is just to expensive to even think of at the moment, so is it possible to power (400watt) Halogen light from a 12V Car Battery? Or  Are there any readily available 12V lights that produce the same light as 400Watt halogens and above? Thanking you much :) 

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12 VDC

AC -> 12v DC, 1000mA Output -> Halogen Lamp = Nothing.DC -> 12v DC, 10 AA Batteries -> Halogen Lamp = Works fine.Yes, the wall adapter works.Why does the Halogen Lamp not accept the current?@ 6v, 5W (0.83 Amps, right? Just under the AC output..)

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can a halogen light bulbkeep plants alive indoors? Answered

Like this one http://www.petco.com/product/4969/Zoo-Med-Repti-Basking-Spot-Lamps.aspx?CoreCat=RepAmpFC_Heating

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What's the best broadband collimated light source?

I am measuring the transmittance of different glass samples using integrated sphere and a radio spectrometer.... the light source that I am using currently is a Halogen car head light... but it is neither collimated nor bright enough.....  Could you please suggest what light source shell I be using... Moreover could you please have a look at the pic attached and suggest any improvements in my method of transmittance measurement.. I'll be very thankful to you for any assistance in this regard. Kind Regards

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20amps at 12volts, What to do with it?

From taking down the halogen lights in the kitchen I'm left with a 250W transformer that outputs 12V, which I somehow took around 20amps to be, that's just using the first calculator I found... I was wondering what to do with it, it's got a couple of projects to be attacked with, kind of scary evil ones involving high amperages through unsuspecting materials... However, could I spot weld with it, I mean really thin pieces of metal, not to mention what else could I do with it. It's a well made transformer that doesn't overheat easily, has a nice tough casing and handy mounting points...  So I kept it in the, I'll do something with that spot... 

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How do I wire a halogen lamp (work lamp) to a pressure switch or light switch for a stage light box?

Ok so I have looked everywhere I can think to find out how to wire my halogen work lamps to a light switch so I can turn them off and on for a stage light box like this http://mynamesdirt.blogspot.com/2010/07/how-to-build-stage-light-box.html but with a light switch instead of a pressure switch

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Using Halogen light transformer to run LED lamp?

Hi all, I have the following problem: I'm trying to use the electronic halogen light transformer to run with an LED lamp that came off an emergency lighting unit. THe Lamp works fine off a 12v battery but when connected to this transformer (and a rectifier with a capacitor) both the lamp and the transformer get really hot. THe transformer outputs 11.6v at 4.9A.  It seems like the lamp is drawing all the current it can take from the transformer but it doesnt when connected to the battery? Whats going on here? THanks for all your imput!

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Can I use a 50w 12v halogen bulb instead of LEDS on this cirucit? Answered

I have Made this circuit (in the link  and pic) with one LED, It works great and its one of the best instructables I seenand built, mainly because its easy, simple and has a nice outcome. (the pic is not mine, its motadacruz's) I would like to know if I could use this with a 50w halogen bulb?, providing I supply another wattage and voltage. https://www.instructables.com/id/Music-LED-Light-Box/step6/Building-the-circuit/ Thanks Oscar

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Can I use a store bought halogen lamp in an LCD projector?

I have a Sony VPL-V500 LCD projector but I can't afford a replacement bulb($200-500). Can I use a halogen lamp from a lighting supply and put it in the lamps housing, drill a hole in the side of the projector for the cord? Here are the specs for the replacement bulb meant for this model. Any help/info appreciated. Thanks. Lamp For SONY VPL V500 Projector PKPJ-500 Contains 1 Lamp(s). 250Watts, Metal Halide Ships in 1-3 business days. 3 Month(s) Warranty. Manufacturer Original Lamp

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What driver/ power supply do I need to wire up two 12v led MR16 bulbs? Answered

I am designing and making a lamp for a technology project at school and after doing lots of comparisons found these bulbs which seem to have a good spec. Mr16 LED DC 12v 3.8w 270lm White I wish to have two of these bulbs wired up with separate switches so that I can control them independently, how do I wire these up? Do I need a special lighting/LED driver or will a standard AC-DC 12v transformer (wall wart) suffice? If so can anyone recommend any that will do the job and post a link. I would also like to go for the most affordable option. On the bulb webpage this 20W Variable microdriver LED driver is recommended for someone wiring up 5 bulbs. is this overkill for what I want? I am ordering the bulbs from rapid online so if they sell something suitable please link me to that. Thanks to anyone who can help me.

Question by mdog93 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

converting a 6v rechargeable halogen spotlight so it can use a standard CFL bulb. is this a stupid question?

  i have a 1 million candle power spotlight form home depot ($10) it has a 6v 1200mAh battery in it.  I want to make the rechargable light able to use low powered CFL bulbs.  can it be done?  Anyone know?   Thank yall 

Question by firemount 9 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Outdoor LED light fixtures?

I have an outdoor landscape lighting system. I just converted the light fixtures from halogen to LED. Most of the system works fine, but there is a section that will not light up. I know there is power to the cables within that section because I can connect one of the old halogen lights and it will light up. But when I hook up the LED it will not work. Any ideas?

Question by carviso 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Need help with circuit board replacement/repair for 20W halogen solar light statue powered by rechargable batteries.

I have a solar garden statue with a 20W halogen bulb that is powered by 2 AAA rechargable batteries.  It quit working and upon taking it apart I found that the circuit board was corroded and some of the resistors had broken off.  I have been searching for weeks for a new circuit board with no luck.  I need a very small circuit board with an on/off switch, leads for the solar panel, the battery holder, and to connect to a plug that goes to the light.  The solar panel and batteries are in a seperate faux rock that plugs into the base of the statue.  The light in the statue is a 20W halogen bulb that they soldered the wire onto the contacts on the bottom of the bulb.  I have been told by several people who carry circuit boards that the board must have some type of step up transformer to power a 110v 20W halogen bulb.  Can anyone direct me on where I can get a new board for this solar statue or how I can get it working again.?

Question by rgodchaux 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

can I use a rectifier as a dimmer for halogen light bulbs?

I am wiring a custom exhaust hood, and am wondering if I could use a IN5402 rectifier diode rated at 3 amps, 200 PIV connected in series with a 1.9 amp halogen light load, running at 120 Volts AC in order to dim the lights in the hood at about half bright? Wondering specifically if I will run into any problems with the longevity of the "dimmer", or the life of the bulbs? Also wondering if any one might know how I could make a very simple circuit that could slow a fan down to about half speed. I am using single pole double throw bat handle switches to make a high and low setting. High will just go straight through, and low will go through the dimmer or speed reducing module. Thanks rik

Question by wirepig 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Battery Powered Lamp

I have to make a battery powered lamp for a school project but having no experience or knowledge whatsoever in electronics I really need help! I'm using a halogen GU10 bulb which is 35W, 240V, toggle switch and 2 AA batteries. Can someone please explain how I would wire the light bulb to a toggle switch and batteries? Also, do I need a resistor anywhere? Apparentely halogen bulbs aren't really suitable for lamps, so should I change to a superbright LED? Thanks!

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Question about a flyback's polarity Answered

Hello, I am confused with this flyback transformer I have. I have a pulsed DC input on the primary coil (pulses from 0 to 15V) and that creates high voltage in the secondary coil. When I connect that input in the opposite direction (wrong polarity) I don't get high voltage any more. The possible explanation for this is that the primary coil has a diode in series with it. Now, I'm confused by this because I tested if there actually Was a diode in there (by connecting a DC supply and a DC motor, in series with the coil) and the motor always works! (also tested with a halogen light) I put the coil in series with the motor to test if there is a diode inside. If there would be one inside, the motor should not work in one of the two cases, when I switch the pins of the primary coil. So, as the results of the test tell me: there is no diode in series with the primary coil. could it be possible that there is a diode in parallel with the primary coil? If that's not possible, how come the flyback is not working when I connect the polarity incorrectly? Could someone please help me out with this? Thanks, Electorials

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Help with controller circuit for galvanic etching machine? How can I eliminate the halogen lamp from the circuit? Answered

I want to put together an electroetching rig (as detailed here), and I already have a battery charger, but I need to make the controller (diagram attached). My question is: Is there a better solution for the circuit than having an 12 volt halogen lamp wired in? That just seems really clunky to me, and my gut tells me there's a better solution that is not "go buy a laboratory power supply". I have nothing against old-school, but this looks positively prehistoric. Anybody?

Question by RavingMadStudios 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

cheap LED sources

Hey everybody, I've been looking for a good source for cheap LEDs for a project I'm working on. I want to replace 14 different 60W halogen bulbs with home-built LED lights. The reason for home-built is that the halogens burn out like crazy, but the light fixture looks nice, and isn't going to be replaced. The halogens put out an estimated 500-700 lumens (from the google research I did)So.... I'm looking for the best deal for white leds per lumen. the best deal I've found so far is:http://www.phenoptix.co.uk/Ultra_Bright_White_SUPERFLUX_LEDs_3000mcd_p/whi-flux-3000.htmat .021cents/lumen from the brightness calculator http://led.linear1.org/lumen.wizbut considering the quantity I want.... there's not even enough room to fit those LEDs on the fixture (due to the large case size)or if I buy 1000 of them (about the quantity I'm looking for) I'd be getting a slightly better deal, but still coming in at $120, not to mention they still don't fit. The physical space for the leds is a cylinder with a diameter of about 30mm and a height of about 70mm. Any Ideas/suggestions for cheap white LEDs?Thanks!-Zaen

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120V LED Under Cabinet Lighting

Hello everyone. I recently purchased a new home, of which has some nice Under cabinet lighting. But they are extremely hot when I use them. Heat = wasted energy right? I want to be as Green as possible in my new home. The problem is, the Bulbs are these weird straight 120V Bulbs from Westek.http://www.servicelighting.com/Westek-00862-LB25B-25W-120V-HALOGEN-Double-Ended-Halogen-Incandescent-Light-BulbSo, the question is, Can I some how make an LED replacement Bulb? Each housing has 2 of these bulbs, and I have 4 of the housings. I can't read schematics, but any info would rock. Thanks everyone.

Topic by Leejin 9 years ago

How to build a High power LED flood light?

Dear All; I need help to build  80w LED flood light.I have 1000 W halogen flood light and I can use the housing. Some body please help with full guidelines as I am new to this type of game. ShannSL

Question by ShanSL 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

Connect two transformers in parallel? Answered

Hi! I have a question in case someone can help me. I need an AC/AC converter from 120V to 12V for a halogen lamp. The required output is 210W, but I can't find a big enough transformer for this. Is it possible to connect two, 105W output transformers in parallel in order to achieve the desired 210W?

Question by JuanC368 1 year ago  |  last reply 1 year ago

Where can I find someone to do a small tempered glass job?

While replacing the halogen bulb to my outdoor deck floodlight, I dropped the plastic cover and the tempered glass panel shattered.  Where can I find a vendor to provide a 3.5 x 4.5" replacement panel and what kind of glue do I use to replace it?

Question by lshar 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Finding An IR/UV light Filter? Answered

In step 5 of this Instructables he places and IR/UV filter over the halogen bulb in the projector to prevent the screen from fadeing and keep the temperature down. Does anyone know where to find a filter like this? I have been looking around the internet and at a couple of hardware stores and haven't found anything. ,Dan

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Can Flyback Transformer drive by Induction Oven? Answered

Can Flyback Transformer drive by Induction Oven? I thing Induction Oven can create 20kHz-40kHz. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Induction_cooking And Flyback Transformer need high frequency to work. I thing waveform is not a problem. I used plasma ball driver , CFL ballast driver and Halogen Transformer as my FBT driver . And work well.

Question by james34602 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

Design help for battery powered LED lighting for display case? Answered

I wonder if people might have suggestions for battery powered lighting for a display case? The all glass case (except for base and canopy) now has an AC powered four MR16 halogen system. I want to replace that because of the heat, and because I don't want a power cord running from canopy down the glass sides. Ugly. I'd like to replace those bi-pin halogens with LED lights and power it all with a rechargeable battery. The canopy over the six foot tall case is 4" deep by 15" wide by 70" long, open at the top. I'd like to conceal the works in that 4" space. I'd want the battery(s) to be easily removeable and reinstallable for external charging. Long life to maximize intervals between charging would be a big plus. The lights would typically only be used when we have visitors. Maybe for as long as a couple of hours several times a month, but probably typically for much shorter periods. Ideas? Thank you. --David

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Light Bulb Maximum Output?

I am trying to fix a broken spectrophotometer that is valued at well over a thousand dollars. The problem: looking in the light bulb compartment, it seems the tungsten-halogen lamp is pretty dim. The bulb is rated for 6V. Using a multimeter, it appears to get about 8 volts. Could too much voltage cause the bulb to be dim? If so, How can I lower the voltage to 6? Would a resistor work? Thanks!

Question by sciencehideout 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

Battery Pack or Car Battery - Biking

To all of you night bikers out there, do you power your lights with a battery pack of NiMh or Li-Ion battery packs, or do you use a lead-acid car battery? The weight of the car battery kind of turns me away from it, but I don't want to have to recharge my batteries every day. I'm looking to power LEDs and maybe halogens. Thanks!

Topic by Bran 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Overhead Projector

I have 2 overhead projectors that blow their bulbs. At $18-20 apiece I don't have the money to experiment with them anymore to figure out why. Has anyone got an idea how to convert one to use something like a standard Halogen or Xenon light? I would also need to keep the fan functional as well since any strong light is going to get very hot. I use them in my fiber art studio to project ideas onto paper for patterns.

Topic by CrystalDyes 11 years ago  |  last reply 11 years ago

Led Lightbulb for r7s socket or how to repurpose from rs7 to gu10 or other sockets

I have some nice wall lights but mounting R7S bulbs. These are halogen and of course use a lot of electricity. I have looked everywhere for a compatible LED lightbulb but the problem with all the ones available is that they are designed to fit floodlights, ie. they take too much space and cannot be fit if your socket is a small linear r7s. Attached example of the led bulb shows that behind the connectors the casing takes too much space and this is what is stopping me from using these lightbulbs. Also u can see my lamp and how tight the space is behind the halogen bulb So questions 1 - do you know where i can find such a lightbulb with no space or very little space behind connectors ? or 2 - any instructions on how i can repurpuse the current lamps by replacing the current R7S socket with something else?  I dont know much about electrics so i wanted to get a understanding with a step by step process so that i dont blow myself up. pls notice this forum images are not getting saves so here is a link to a album to the wall lamp images

Topic by diegog4 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

How do i open a flood light

I have a 120v burned out philips 90 watt flood halogen light i noticed that the top has some sort of glue that holds it together the lens(top)is glued the the bottom is there any way i can like melt the glue to take the lens off? i want to put some led's in there so that i can reuse it i want to reuse the reflector and put led's in it thanks and please reply

Topic by ReCreate 10 years ago  |  last reply 10 years ago

Projecting outside: colours?

Is there a way to get colours to be more contrasted so that they can be seen more clearly? I want to take this: https://www.instructables.com/id/PROJECTION-BOMBING/ and turn it into this: http://www.gregbernstein.tv/walmartwatch/ Also, is there a way to increase the lumens of a projector by changing the bulb or something? I have a feeling my projector isn't bright enough to project outside. I was thinking of using this: https://www.instructables.com/id/Halogen-Work-Light-Projector-Mod/ Would that be bright enough for outdoors projecting or is there another cheap alternative?

Question by 123fakestreet 9 years ago

How do I convert a usb enabled device and attach a bluetooth r/t (and rechargeable battery supply unit)?

I have no background in circuits but am trying to combine a fairly complex sensor (manufactured on its own board, powered by usb) with more electronic components that I am buying.  I want to add a bluetooth r/t and LiPo battery system as well as a circuit board that has a tungsten-halogen lamp with photoresistor setup.  My question is, is there a simple way of combining different circuit systems?  Thank you so much!!

Question by OptoTron 3 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

6v dc./sla. down to 3v dc to power a 1w.Duracell led flashlight that normally runs on 2 aa batteries or 12v to 3v.

This set up is for a bike light, I have access to a 6v sla. batt. that came from a larger flood light that was useless because of the power sucking halogen bulb,approx 15 min. run time.it also has its own charging circuit and a separate circuit for a single led night light.I tried looking up resistor values,but get confused cause i'm getting different answers from different sites ! LOOSING MY MIND ! HELP ! thanks oh..I use the night light circuit to power a red led flashing bike light for the rear.

Question by robin67 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Lighthouse pulsing light

Hi all - I am building a wooden model lighthouse, it will stand 5 feet tall and become my driveway landmark. I have been searching for a good light circuit, a non-LED version, preferably using 120v AC. I would like the light to just do a slow flash or pulse and haven't found a circuit anywhere. I did find one SCR simple circuit using a high rated capacitor, but I am looking for more options. I have a coloured halogen which should do the job well enough. So have any of you brainiacs come across any circuits close to this description - thank you for reading / responding. Bill

Topic by bstacy37 2 years ago  |  last reply 2 years ago

5 mm led's 8 LUMENS PER WATT!?!?!? [answered] Answered

Well i was thinking, 5mm LED's take about 1/10 of a watt, correct?  and from this calculator found out Cree 5mm led's are .806 lumen's. i assume they are 1 tenth of a watt. well, my calculator states they are 8 lumen's per watt (if i could run them at a watt.)  i figure they are 1/10 of a watt because because this 500 led light makes takes about 50W as in the video and led's give less than a lumen of light. so far, it seems leds just last long and emit blueish light. is incandescent light better? with 20 lumens per watt from halogen?

Question by -max- 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

How many Volts and Amperes can arduino handle?

Hello! I'm totally new to electronics and adruino's. Please forgive me for stupid questions. I have an idea how to make dawn simulator with LEDs. I plan to use a lot of them, 300-500 from first draft. LED will be in white, yellow and red color, 5mm. I thought to use 12V, ???A adapter (maybe form 12V halogen lights). LED will be connected in serial and parallel combination. So, my stupid questions are: Can arduino work with 12V? How many V's A's can arduino handle? I need those answers for start… If you can help, please do :) Thank you!

Topic by davor07 7 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

Modifying my scooter for charging a battery?

I have a Scooter and now i have added a battery within it. I charge the battery externally, but lately i have seen that the lights that i keep on in the night (halogens lights) tend to fade away after 30 min or so and gone. Now i want to charge the battery while on the move. I tried doing so through the coils that were in the scooter by adding a rectifier circuit it works but the head light goes dim, and this idea didn't work out for me. But now i am planning to buy an external alternator and modify my scooter to charge the battery. Is it possible and if so what is the type of alternator i should use and the Amp ratings. My battery is a lead Acid Battery. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k_kxy2XLDxQ Thanks in advance

Question by raikut 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

NEED HELP! LED project .....

Hello, I'll make this as quick and simple as possible ... I'm working on making a headlight for my motorcycle (Kawasaki KLR 650) ... I have about 55 watts to work with (probably a little more than that now) ... it has to run on a 12v system... How much light is it possible to produce with this amount of power? ( I might have as much as 60 - 90 watts to work with, as I've swichted all the other lights on the bike to LEDs so my power usage is down from stock) It would have to have a running light ... and a "bright" light. I have no experience with LEDs, and A minimal amount with electronics. Any help would be apreciated.... I have no idea where to start with this... Requirements: Waterproof Super Bright (brighter than a 55w halogen bulb, would like to be as bright at possible) dim and bright mode Able to run in 0 - 130 degrees ferenheight evironment(spelling)

Topic by Lead_Magnet 12 years ago  |  last reply 12 years ago