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I need help! Im trying to get rid of two pictures, due to legal reasons, when i do this, it says the pictures are in use! What do I do, help me out ASAP? Jenna

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Please send me good ebooks for learn linden script. I am in a beginning stage. please help me.

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I don't know how to do anything on this site! Can someone at least tell me how to disable my account?:(

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Ok. So I got this sweet new flashed based 4g creative zen mp3/mp4 player. I can't use it! I have 2 computers, an old windows 98 and a newer one running fedora core five. Please help! It doesn't even work with gnomad. And on the 98 it says it doesnt support that windows! Please help!

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This thing is broken i cant publish any help needed thanks

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Hello, I have the rippen rocket set and i added a customized chainlift on it but i can't figure how to get the chain going on the track. I keep trying but the chain gets stuck on the knex guide.

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I have recently created a website offline which is about 1 mb in size. my next step is to upload it to a webserver so that others can view my website. i have registered a domain name at for free. can any body help me to upload it to a perfect webserver ?my website also contain images . i want that images to be displayed in it.  please mail me at

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Ok if there is a hacker reading this who is willing to provide an apprenticeship, then please reply to this topic.

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I need help finding out what knex gun should i build. - i want it to have under 350 pieces. - i want it to shoot 45-60 feet. -i want it to have a good look PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!

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I had a missing instuctable, but i recovered it. Also, how long does it usually take to get it posted? Is mine not good enough?Here it is.Please comment on it.

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Hey I want to get into airsoft, but I'm 16 ands I'm quite certain my dad will think I'm a sissy. any ideas?

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I really apologize if it's not going to proper topic. But I need help and here is my problem. I was working with illustrator and ran on the following error: “Can’t open the illustration. The illustration contains an incomplete or garbed object description.” Any ideas how to save my work?

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Can anyone get my instructables noticed, Especially my first one? Please help! Respond soon!

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Whenever I finish the preview thing in make an instructable, it makes the text re and when I click save and make next step, it goes back to the top and shows me everything i wrote

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Hi! Yesterday I published an instructable on sunflowers and sent it as a contest entry but still after one day it has not been accepted nor have I got any mail about its rejection. Thanx

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Hi people just discovered this forum the other week and im stuck and need help with something.   any kind people know what the actual name of those octopus bubble tripod camera stands are ?   you know the ones which pop and click together and can grasp hold of things.   i know there called octopus bubble something or other but that's the name of the tripod , cant seem to find the name of the actual legs.   anyone help or even know what in talking about ?

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I need alot of help. if anyone out there knows html, can you plese find or create a html code for interactive polls?

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I need a name for my ball machine! i wont post it until i have a good name. any suggestions?

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Help!? Answered

My computer is not let me logout or instructables not leting me logout! One or the other! But help!!!!

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I want help making an old microwave clock hookup to a 9 volt battery for power... Any ideas???

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Help :-(

Unfortunately, i believe i have uninstalled the wireless driver for my hp desktop computer. i have attempted my own searches for something online, and failed. i believe im using a linksys adapter and don't have the cd for it. does anyone know where i can get the driver for an HP, linksys, or whatever it may be. i am stupid

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Hello,I'm Marcin from Greece. I saw yesterday a video about a interactive speaker cloud,but is too expensive for me.I started search about how to build one and I saw Arduino think. (I don't have any experience about it but with instructions I believe I can make it for my nephews) That is my project: I think to use led lights and speakers 2.1. I want to sync the woofer with a specific led strips that gonna make a bright white/light blue light when a loud lighting strike hits and then the following sounds that happens at lower volume to light up the others leds,and some times some random lightening lights. All of those thinks to sync with a sound effect of raining and storm that I will download from YouTube and can play for 1 hour and more. Maybe inwill use ceiling power supply so please someone tell me if that is possible to me to make it and how much gonna cost and if anyone can guide me about what I will need and the commands.Please if anyone can,really I want to make it for the kids because they love it when is raining and hear strikes.Love from Greece.SORRY FOR MY ENGLISH.

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I was planning on building a mini fridge and i was gonna use a peltier cooler and pvc pip maybe but i was wondering how could i insulate it so its more efficient? thx for help

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I built a 30kv static electricity generator with nighthawkinlight’s instructable.But everytime I use the switch I get shocked.My 20kv generator doesn’t do it though.The switch i am using also doubles as the battery holder.Can you guys help me find out what i can do to stop it?It is the “Elpa battery case”.It looks kinda like the case above.

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Does anyone want to help with my new site

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I want to make a LED circuit so as to make the LED blink...please help

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HelloI want to move a dc motor with the help a arduino and motor shield for an huor. what do I do??

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I just made a instructbles and published it but i wont show up an it says i havent posted it yet??? can someone please help me

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Hi everyone.i need ur help.i want to make an airgu but i dont know how to make it.can anyone help me..

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I have a small bluetooth speaker amp there is three wires going to 2 speakers and i can not get them to work looking foe help 

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HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I am still "green" in the arduino feild and dont understand the code completly and I am trying to make an arduino theremin using a speaker and a ldr (light-dependent resistor)   PLEASE HELP!

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I cant change my screen name

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Help! two keys popped off my keyboard, how do i replace them? i have a compaq presario f700 laptop. thanks in advance!-toogers

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I need help! So, how would I fit 2 firing pins in here (I can't figure out because of the purple connectors (they get in the way)). Please post comments!

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I am a beginner and i want to learn how to be as good at making crap as you guys are.... my house has no materials whatsoever and even if it did, i wouldnt be able to make the stuff on this site.... how do you practice for this stuff? help please!!!!

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Where can i get a tut for for graphics programing in erl and where can i get the module

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Wat is the termalujy for kne xguns thast usd most?????i wunt tu udnrstad teh insterctbles more

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No matter what i try i cant seem to load pictures so im not this stupid grey head can someone help?, i know its un-grouprelated but some of u guys have pics and i want one, its pissin me off

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I need some help translating this diagram to a small printed ciruit board I bought from radioshack. I've never done this before and wish to learn. I decided to build this lie detector for my science class science fair project and have all the necessary equipment, I just dont know like what row to put what and emitters, base, and all that good stuff. Please help. Thank you.

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I had 8116 comments earlier and i now have 8119, i tried to reply to them, but the 3 comments didnt show up... why?

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Recently, I posted the card shuffler me and Shadowman39 made. However, there is something that came to our attention. It is appearing in the featured filters, but has no featured badge/banner. It appears in ALL of the featured filters, but its not saying that it is actually featured... Any admins or ibles staff, or just anyone, have an theories? Thanks, Hiyadudez and Shadowman39.

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Hey guys, i can't seem to add pictures to my acc so my pic isnt a head thats all grey and stuff so can someone tell me how u do it?

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Hey I tried to read The hitchhicker's guide and it still dosn't make any sense!!!!!!!!  if anyone can tell me anything that might spark some brainwaves please tell me Thanks!!!

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Good day, can anyone help please? My 7550 displays what seems to be a computer icon on the left hand side of the screen and a sewing machine on the right. I have pushed every single button, but it won't sew... Browsed through the owner's manual to no avail, disconnected all the cords and electrics, still nothing. The only thing functionning apart from the screen is the lightbulb. Many thanks!

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Not Available.

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Ok my project involves 4 LED's in parallel connected to 3 AAA batteries in series. Individual LED's keep stuttering and then finally going out after a few minutes. Is this a problem with the power source? Or are my LED's just bad?

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I cant open anything on my PC nothing works. I am only able to get into google chrome. A GUI pops up when I try to open a program asking me what program I want to use to open it. I tried downloading Malwarebytes but it wont open either. What do I do? Please help! My PC is a big part of how I make money. (ALL THE FILES ARE .EXE!!!!)

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I once had a pro membership and could download the Pdf of the project. I'd like to continue doing that as I am not always on line and the print out project works best in my shop. How can I do this now?  thanks.

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Ok, I'm kinda new, so sorry if this is a dumb question, but I have a Motorola Phone Charger that gives out 5V and 500mA. I want to make it a USB Charger. Will it work? (If I just connect the USB Female End and the Phone Charger directly.) Or do I need some parts or something?

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