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What do we do about "homework" questions ? There are blatant examples nearly every day. Its tempting to fire off at them, and I have succumbed, but should there be some more structured way ? I'll often help the questions where someone has already clearly made an effort and is stuck, but today there is someone doing a B Tech wanting his project doing for him ! Steve

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help killer homework

Help you have 3 hours to find the life cycle of a hermit crab for me i need a diagram and if possible adaptation though im ok on it. help help help help help

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Snow Day Homework!

Three out of four of Kitefamily have got a snow day! Only Roger-X has had to go to school, but #2 son's teacher set him homework! He had to build a snowman and take a picture of it. Unfortunately, the snow is too powdery to pile high, so he scraped and swept the snow together to make a picture of a snow man. He got a little carried away, though - I had to stand on a chair to fit it all into the photo.

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Optics question; physics homework... Answered

Hi guys, There is a new physics teacher at school and he asked us this question: an object fell into a very dark hole in the ground and you don't have a flashlight, but the sun is 30 degrees above the horizon. Using a mirror you have to reflect light from the sun into the hole. In one case the hole is one meter deep and in the second case it's three meters deep. The question is: what angle should the mirror be placed in relation to the sun (or horizon) to illuminate the hole? I don't really remember how to calculate this so if you can help me that would be great. Thanks!

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can you help with homework?

Im in algebra 1 and need help on a word problem The scenario is a cinama sells 532 buckets of popcorn for 1489.50. A large bucket sells for 2.25 and a jumbo sells for 3.75. Questios: 1.write an equation to model the situation (slope intercept or something) many jumbo buckets were sold?

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Homework question - Philippe Petit's knees Answered

#2 Son is doing a short talk at school on Philippe Petit, the Frenchman that tightrope-walked between the Twin Towers. He has plenty of information, except he has found several references to a move Petit did called "knee salutes".  He would like to do one in front of the class, but we can't find an image or description of the move. Anybody know? (Edit: Best Answer chosen by #2 Son)

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I guess you call this homework? Answered

BUT It isn't my home work. A friend Emailed me this and asked if I knew how to work it out. Th answer was no - do any one help - No teaching involved here my friend is in his 70's. A car engine has four camshafts each supported by three journal bearings. The engine runs at a maximum of 8000rpm, and the camshafts rotate at half engine speed. Assuming the engine oil to be 40 degrees - Determine the maximum power absorbed by the camshaft bearings. Other data given below journal bearing = 35 mm bearing axial length = 20 mm radial clearance = 0.018 mm oil grade = vg32 oil density = 890kg m   ̅³̇

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Green poll! (aka. Homework help!)

Thank you in advance for reading this; it'll only take you a minute. I'd appreciate if any of you forum readers could help me answering this poll, its for school. So if you could answer the questions in an orderly matter ( 1) yes / no 2) yes no......etc VERY MUCH APPRECIATED! Questions: 1) Generally speaking, Do you recycle Yes / No 2) Do you use any "green" product Yes / No 3)Do you believe that using "green" products will create a impact on ecology Yes / No 4)Did you know that over 30 million trees are cut annualy for distinct uses. (in the U.S. Alone) Yes / no 5) Did you know that rain water can be used for irrigation and other services Yes / No 6)Do you have children (we wont stalk them ) Yes / no 7) Do you think about the kind of world you are leaving to future generations Yes / no Did you know that grass can be used in your House's roof to keep temp. changes to the minimum, And that it aids as impermiabelizer (or w/e) Yes/ no 9)Do you know of any company that excels at selling green products? Yes (which one?) / no Once again, Thank you for your time!

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Homework Excuses thet will be the Talk of the Teachers Lounge

When you forget your homework, it's nice to add some humor to the situation and make the teacher laugh (hopefully).  Here are some excuses I came up with: "It fell into the Twilight Zone!" "My Chicken was in my room while I was doing it, and his diaper fell off.  I figured you didn't want it in the classroom, so I saved everyone the drama and chucked it in the chicken coup for them to enjoy.  Your welcome, by the way." "Well, just as I was finishing, I heard a 'er-er-reh-ah', and my paper turned into o paper figure.  Then there was a 'er-er-er-ee', and it transformed into a paper airplane and flew out the window!  The last thing I saw was a Decepticon insignia on the back.  I'd watch out.  It's a new era of Decepticons!" "My cat ate it, horked it up, and told me to clean it up.  I've got it in a plastic baggy, if you still want it." "Four penguins came into my room, took it, and told me they needed it for a top secret mission.  The leader told me 'You didn't see anything!'.  I assure you, it's being put to good use." "I was doing this outside, when this little green block-thing came up, looked at me, screamed, then blew up.  It's all ash now, so it's useless, so, I drew a picture of a creeper instead!" "Homework doesn't exist in my dimension." "Megatron stole it!  I'm telling you, I wasn't going to NOT give it to him!  He had a blaster in my face and everything!  I spent the rest of the night trying to figure out what happened, so I absolutely had NO time left for re-doing it." "I lost it in a mine.  If you want to find it, the world name is 'Procrastination'." "The neighborhood dog chased me, took the homework in his jaws, and told me 'This ain't over!'  I cannot tell you why he said that, because that is my bussiness." "I ate it.  It was bland until I added barbeque sauce." "Harry Potter turned it into a toad!  I yelled at him to turn it back, but he turned it into $1 million, and I am NOT giving it to you now!" "The TV hypnotized me into thinking it was a rabid squirrel, so I ended up smacking it into oblivion." "Function error; please define 'homework', or reboot." Please check out TheOneAndOnlyMissingNo.'s instructable on fake Windows XP error messages: Its a lot of fun to make, and printing them and giving them to your teacher would be funny as well. NOTE: Realizing now that it might insult the teacher (Thanks, Kiteman), if you DO use one of these, just come clean at the end, smile, and Say "Yes, I forgot to do it.  It won't happen again."

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i need to know how long it takes to make a bespoke bag, be it a uni, school, handbag or or laptop bag.

The bag could potentially be made of any material, i just need to know the process, and most importantly the time it takes to make it on average.

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A Physics problem I can't explain properly Answered

If a stick with dm/dl =const is hanging on three nonstretchable pieces of string (l1=l2=l3 and l is the distance between them) you can't find the tensions, because the problem is unsolvable if all the strings don't stretch. It is kind of obvious, because if a string happens to be 0,00000000001 mm longer than the others the tension will be zero. But how to prove this normally?  Sorry, I almost never use English for Physics conversation, so I don't know any proper words...

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Does anybody else have summer homework?

Is it not the most ridiculous thing?! I have to read 2 (count 'em - two) books and do a book report on each, one of which includes making maps, graphs, and a load of other stuff.To me, summer is supposed to be a break. Like, Christmas break, or Thanksgiving break, where there shouldn't be any homework given.And what's even more stupid (but slightly funny in a way) is that I'm going into 9th grade. All the teachers and counselors were saying how much stress you're going through, and then they make us do all this homework, which is major grade, be due on the first day of school?I'm not in AP classes either. Just 9th grade gifted! It's crazy!Geez! Shouldn't there be a law against this?

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Forum topic:homework

Make a new forum topic for homework...

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physics mini potato spud gun homework help

Im a grade 11 n i need to write an essay about mini spud gun, but i dun reli understand the physics theory behind it? i search it thr the internet n is now more confused? which one(s) of these is it involved with?>> Projectile Motion Newton's 1st Law of Motion: Inertia Newtons 2nd Law of Force and Acceleration Newton's 3rd Law of Motioin: Action and Reaction Momentum Energy he Boyle Law or the Kinetic Theory of Gases?? why? thanks so much! im not askin like for ppl to do my hw, i juz wanted to know which one of those is a potato gun involved wif.thanks!

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When am I helping vs doing someone's homework for them?

I try to answer all the questions that people post to my 'ibles. (At least all the ones I have a useful answer for)  I also know that some of my projects are being taught in schools and universities, which is really really great! Every once and a while I get a question that sounds like a homework question.  I'm not entirely sure it is, there might be cross-language difficulties or other reasons for the awkward phrasing and unusual specificity in the question, etc. If it's not a homework question I want to answer it.  If it is a homework question... well I don't do people's homework for them. I know there are lots of teachers (and students) here, what should I do?  Ignore it? Smartass answer? Something else?

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how to decorate a fleece hat?

I'm 13 years old and i'm struggling with my home economics homework. Because myself, as a boy, i don't know or care about how to decorate a fleece hat :/ and i can't seem to find anything on the internet. I've been using Google advanced searches blah blah blah blah de blah, can anyone help? asap. i need a long paragraph (about 2 in one ish) or something roughly that size, maybe a few paragraphs. either a link to a website or have it in an answer on here, thanks :)

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What is the most effective and easiest way to study while doing something else? Answered

I usually study most of the time after summer but I still want to do something during school so I need a way to do an ambition while studying, must be very hard ain't it.

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Does anyone here have experience with software "College Algebra Solved"?

I'm taking College Algebra online and would really like some help with my homework and tests. I don't have a graphing calculator as the one I need is fairly expensive so I have to do everything by hand which takes FOREVER. Seriously it's the only reason I hate math. So I found this software called College Algebra Solved. It claims to answer the problems and gives a step by step for you as well. The one thing I hate about software like this is you can't demo it before you buy it. I was wondering if anyone here has experience with this software because honestly all I really want is this thing to answer my questions for me with little effort on my part. I know it's lazy but isn't that what technology is for anyways? I mean would you call using the toilet lazy because you don't want to dig a hole in your backyard? So, anyone, will this software relieve me of the long tedious drawn out work of solving my College Algebra problems by hand? Does anyone have real experience using this software?

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Entire Safari Library of 8,000 Technical Books on line !for free! for California Residents - free scanner too

I just found out the San Francisco Public Library has the entire Safari Library on line for free, for anyone with a San Francisco Library card. That's 8,000!!!! technical books. They have the entire O'Reilly library. Anyone living in California can get a library card. (Since The Best of Instructables is an O'Reilly book it's also in the Safari Library, but you know you want your own copy!)If you don't live in California, check your local library's website, and see what they offer online. SF also has many eBooks, and books on tape on line for free.I also discovered they have a scanner by the Microfiche in the Main/Civic Center branch (I don't know about other branches), that will eMail microfiche/microfilm pages to you for free. It has a regular scanner also, so you can scan a book, or magazine page, and email it to yourself - for free - no need to pay for copies. The scanner has a USB slot, so you can just save the scans to a USB stick instead of emailing them. It's on the same floor as the Magazines.I don't know what other libraries are doing but SF has a huge amount of stuff available online.

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forget homework, school sucks, no matter what i get bad grades, anyone else?

Btw, anybody got an exercise lab introduction i can have, it just has to be about exercise and what happens when you do it. seriously, i dont want to do it.

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HELP! What can you use to decorate cakes. urgent! Its my homework? Answered

I cannot think of anything, i need 9 more things. I'm aiming for a high level so help!

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accountinghomework help

Thanks for this writing . It is the most popular gallery and topic..I really helped.

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Okay so this is where you would come to get help on any type of Homework assignment.... Jump in and get all the answers you are looking for.

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Well, I am sitting in Physics

I'm supposed to be working on my rocket project with my group, but we have a substitute today (hells yeah!) She's new to the school, which is good, because we are playing volleyball with a balloon, watching movies, and listening to music. Among our fun, we played Hangman on the SmartBoard, and popped balloons. Our rocket is about done, we just need to make a power-point as documentation, and we need to launch it, which we will do on friday!Oop! the bell just rang, cya in lunch!ROGER!!

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Is vomiting a chemical change?

I need it NOW for my science homework! Please answer my mom does not even know i think it is but Im sure! :(

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Given the derivative of a function, how would you find the original function? Answered

I am trying to teach myself calculus, so I am asking this question. For example, given that the derivative of a function is 2x, you could use the d/dx [x^n] = (n)(x(n-1)) to guess that the original function was x2, but what would you do if you were told that x2 itself was the derivative of another function? Please help me. Note that I am NOT someone asking for homework help, my homework from school is not calculus.

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Holidays again

Right, I'm off again to tomorrow, a week at my parents. I may be online while I'm gone, but in the meantime, don't forget your homework - giving me ideas for an umbrella Make, and sourcing LEDs for me.I'll be back in a week (somebody tell Royalestel).

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direct nodeMCU control?

Hi guys this is my first attempt on automation using the nodeMCU lua ESP8266  My goal is to control the gpio via wifi without connecting the node to my home network it should dependent  I have found e bunch of code but it has to be joined to my homework thanks

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The geek daily Scheduel. <--- i hope i spelt that right, otherwise i'de be a geek castaway.

What Geeks do every day.7:00 AM= Wake up and brush teeth, then polish braces. (LOL)8:00 AM= After hour long brace polishing we eat a healthy fiber filled breakfast.8:30 AM= Leave for school. We like to be early.12:00PM= Talk to friends about Conquer.3:00 PM= After school, run away from bullies, all the way home.3:45 PM= At home, play Conquer.3:46 PM= Live Conquer.4:00 PM= Start doing homework.7:00 PM= Finish homework and study8:00 PM= Eat dinner then sleep instantly. Repeat every day, any day.

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How Can I Make Studying FUN???

I dont like going home after school just to do my homework and study! i cant do it, anyone know how i can make sudying and doing my homewok fun & easy ???

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A device to measure the intensity of light should I do. Help Please?

Actually thisis ahomework.Wouldyou help me.Ido not know how.What materialsshould I use.I wonder how can I dol. In fact, my homework to make an the sensor, example of rain sensor. That is something like I will a new sensor produced. I'm sorry I'm trying to write Google translate thanks.....

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I was wondering if anyone else was like me in the sense that they stay up late and do everything that night. Most nights im up past 1 or 2 am, and wake up around 7 or 7 30, I also do all my homework or work on projects at late night early morning too. And the best part is staying out until dawn which I also love... Is anyone else like that?

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Strain gauge? Answered

I need some help in this homework. Foil length of strain gauge is L Resistance of strain gauge is R Equation is deltaR/R=0.485(deltaL/L) the strain gauge is given a strain of X%. The question says to calculate the change in resistance on the strain gauge. My problem is that i don't understand the X% strain. I'm not asking for answer, just want to know what the X% strain means

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hi, a long time ago whilst at college I took a photo of the orbit( or part of ) a planet.

This involved pointing camera at a planet and taking a photo but leaving shutter open for many hours. Could anybody please remind me how to do it, and any settings required, also can it be done with a digital camera? many thanks for helping me with my sons homework. barry

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I've been under a great deal of stress lately. First off, there's the new school schedule. It cut lunch in half (By the time you get out of line with your food, lunch is over), doubled the amount of homework, and cut the time you have to do that work in half. (It basically scr*wed everyone) This schedule was supposedly based on a school vote (I guarantee at least 90% of the student body voted NO), but those "votes" went strait to the shredder. I've been doing 5-6 hours of homework every night. To add to this stress, I had my driving test, which I thankfully passed. That isn't the worst of it though. A few days ago we found a bloody lump on Mazee's neck, and we are worried sick that it is cancer. She went into surgery yesterday to get it removed, and we are anxiously waiting for the test results. Mazee has been crying and moaning all day, and I feel really bad about it. IT'S NOT CANCER! :DIt was Benign Hemangioma, a non-cancerous tumor.

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Yarn work Question

Hello! I'm Jordan the Knitter and I'm new to instructables. This website is amazing! I thought it would be fun to start out with a question. Is there anything you would like to learn in the realm of yarn work? I've been working yarn for about eight years. I spend a good bit of time avoiding homework by instructing others and making my own designs. 

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Positive affirmation box

I am trying to make a positive affirmation machine so that when my students turn in homework it will either give an audio message or display a message that says something good.  I know I need to build an optical sensor but I was wondering if there is a build that you can suggest that I can modify?  I have moderate skills with building electronics and access to plenty of materials but I am lost as to how to start.

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What have you tried to get away with at school?

Today, my friend told me that his homework last night for U.S. History was to make a timeline of Important Events in the 1800s. This is how he did it: he got out a blank sheet of paper, wrote on it that he didn't think anything important happened, and turned that in. What have you or people you know tried to get away with at school?     

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how to factor a 4 degree polynomial?

How would I solve an equation similar to this purely by using algebra, no graphing as I want exact answers. For those people that don't like helping people on homework, I have to say this. I have like 20 problems like this, and I just want to get down how to solve them.x3 -3x>x2 + 7btw the class is pre-calc

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I'm Back! and got some ideas

Well thank TheDunkis he kinda inspired me to come back (and when looking through his things gave me an idea to revolver v2 - which i should have been working more on)so yeah good to be back and outa school with no homework...wait... aw **** i gota read 500 pages of american gods before jan 10th. - thats not a problem though.well ill be working for the new revolver cyas

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Mitre saw comparison

Hi, I'm looking to either buy the Bosch GCM 12 GDL Professional or the Metabo KGS 315 Plus Crosscut mitre saw. Ive done a bit of homework and both saws appear fairly decent, however the Metabo doesn't appear to have many objective reviews. Can you please recommend one over the other giving reasons for your choice? Thank you very much in advance.

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Lead in eye!?

What I do!? When I was wrighting my Math homework and my stupid pencil lead broke, few up in my eye! And its stuck! I've tried watering it out, but no luck. Looked in the mirror and theres a faint black line under my eye (not on/in it, I mean in between). Will the pencil lead do something bad to my eye? Will I need special treatment to remove it? Is it possible my body "somehow" remove that lead in my eye?

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How does 'fire cupping' work, and what's the Physics behind it? Answered

This is another unethically homework-based question.  I have to estimate the pressure inside the cup, but I don't get how low pressure is formed.  I am not sure that you can heat the air inside so much that the thing will suck in your skin immediately without giving you bad burns. Anyway, they put a match in it for a really short time... Any ideas? The topic is Gas Laws, if it can help anyone.

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in my engineering club i was asked to build a driver circuit push-pull emitter follower.

I have no idea what this is. I have recently started an engineering club ( i am 14) and wanted some help with my homework. I am using my older brother account because he told me to found it out myself. i have until tomorrow to find the right circuit and then build it when i go to my club using a software called multisim. 

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Does anyone want a really enjoyable Maths problem I've been thinking about for days?

Here is it: Prove that (Xn): (any) n Xn=1+1/1!+1/2!+1/3!.....+1/n! converges and lim(Xn)=lim(Yn), where                     n Yn=(1+1/n) ( (any) is upside down A, n in the end is power) I know asking homework-based questions is unethical, but I've been doing it for 2 weeks and my teacher tells me it is very enjoyable... Any ideas?

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i need ideas for a robot hand?

Must be controlled by a.i(learning a.i like a chat program) my problems:how can i make the a.i(programming preferably in basic :) how can i make the robot hand and how can i link them together i know serial port might work im not asking you to do my homework(only THE ideas i need muhaha) is there any previus project that i can look at? and if i were to make the hand real life sized how big motors will i need

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I'm having headaches everyday; what could be causing them?

Ever since week 2 from the start of school, I've been getting headaches... and lots of it. From headaches, day 1, and a week thereafter, the headaches happened twice daily. Now it's week 3, and the headaches seem to be subsiding... a bit... Now I only get a few headaches every other day. What can be a viable explanation to this madness? In case this helps... I've limited my drinking of CocaCola since the past few months. I've started drinking water more often. I should be taking vitamins, but I forget to do so. What more is there? Yeah, we've received a lot of homework since school, day 2. Normally, I don't take in a lot of stuff just like that, but I was forced to do so under these circumstances. Perhaps, a combination of stress and vitamin deficiency? UPDATE: Headaches are subsiding now. Just a side note: it's as if everyone got headaches at the same time as I did. Multiple people received their dosage of headaches at roughly the same period. One of them was pregnant (understandable), the rest were college freshmen. I believe we can say that the headaches originated from a bit of "shock" from entering school (our homework instance rates upped by more than 100%!)

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