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Sorry for the bad title but can you upload a video without having an account on youtube or metacafe or any of those websites? Like directly to instructables? If so please help me out.

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OK....i have checked out how to embed a vid in instructbles... and dont get it...can someone help me and teach me? plz?

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I was wondering, how would I be able to get an Instructables T-Shirt without buying one from the store, or winning the Homemade Holiday's because I know I'm not going to win...

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how///////what? ?

How do i do things without messing up whats the best and easyest inbles whats the best gift site

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How to post

Hey, how do i post an instructible into a group i created? and also how do i post into a grop i joined

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how can nos work? Answered

Need to know info

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how do i delete an instructable.?

How do i delete an instructable

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How do I make a suggestion to this website? Answered

I have a few sugestions for instructables. How do I tell instructables about them

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How should I wire this all together?

Hey guys, me again bugging ya's. I took some pictures today of some stuff I've put together and I want to know how I should wire it together to do something useful with it. Take a look at the pictures below, my questions are mostly in the yellow notes. I have another question though, I have this here 6v sealed lead acid battery and was wondering if it's possible to charge it using a current less than 6v?

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how to make a easy headboard using foam board?

I need to make a lightweight headboard. I have a 3 panel screen I thought about using, but would like to use foam board because its light weight. No fancy designs, just basic square shape maybe covered with microsuede.

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How do I tell if my cat is pregnant?

My cat got out a couple months ago,we think she is pregnant,we can kind of see she is getting bigger but we think she is just growing.If you think you have info on my question please comment,I need to know.If you comment;thank you.If you comment and it is not nice;don't comment again.  

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How is that Possible?

How? I call shenanigans.

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Deleting Pictures from your library?

How do you delete pics from you library

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how to unsubscribe ?

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how to chill?

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The Same How To?!

This morning I put up this how to on how to cure the hiccups and there is already this one and this one. So what should I do?ThanksJoe Rowley

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how many?

How many square feet of helium do you need to lift 1pound?

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Microphone how?

I was wondering, How could I turn an old speaker into a microphone?

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How to skateboard

Some of us should post lessons on how to skateboard because there is none on this site (i think). People could teach others by pictures or videos step by step on how to skateboard. Like tips and tricks. Also we could start at like basics like how to turn and stop. Then have some tricks like how to ollie and kickflip.

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How to unsubscribe?

How do I unsubscribe from a channel or is there no way to do this?

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how to fish?

I want to know how to rig my pole to catch a fish. And different ways to fish

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how to unsubscribe?

Don't like

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how many?

How many square feet of helium do you need to lift 1pound?

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How to Goat

Needs no further explanation I think.

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how to block this? Answered

This ip addresses killing my internet data, how to block this it's receiving data without my permission.  

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how much ...

I have 6000 knex which is about 50 pounds how much should the i sale them for,thank you in advance?

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Need to UNSUBSCRIBE Answered

I need to unsubscribe as I do not wish to continue.   Thanks

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How to be scene

Scene is a style that if you are unaware of you can easily google and find and I am interested in this but I don't want to ruin my rep or hair or anything so I was hoping someone could make an instructable on how to be scene

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How is this possible?

Eric? I think we have a bug... Anyone else notice this?

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dosimeter, how to

Any body have a simple way to build one cheap 70 120 db requirement

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How to letter?

I noticed the lack of instructables on lettering; that is, writing artistically. Parts of this art are simply layout-related, others involve coloring, etc. Sometimes it's stylized, other times it's simple. See examples. Is anyone intersted in an instructable about how to do this?

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How was this done? So, I was looking to double the range of my TV B Gone, but all the tutorials on how to do it are outdated with Gen 4. Can anyone make a clear explanation of the video? (For example, where to solder wires, what types of batteries, etc.)

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how to remix?

What are some good programs or freeware to remix songs effectively, also any good tutorials available?

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how to not procrastinate?

Just looking for advice and such on this matter. lately my procrastinating has gotten out of hands, and i've been missing due dates and kind of blowing everything off

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How to hack? Answered

I wanna learn ethical hacking, can u guys suggest some sites or something which teach? preferable for free? thanks for ur time! :)

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This is a 3" cabinet pull. It caught my eye as a super steam punk component. Just imagine it with two LEDs inside the cage. Anyway how is it made ? That unit is magnetic, has 8/32 cabinet threads, solid otherwise and the cage appears 3/4 rotated This object would be perfect for 3-D printing.

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How to graffiti.

Hey, im realli big fan of graffiti, but dont know how to do it? cn som1 please tell me, thnx. the pics below are som rough desgins ive don on paper. I should clarify, i do not plan to damage peoples property, i plan to work on large canvas and put it on my property.

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How to scream? Answered

Like singers do in bands such as Avenged Sevenfold, Atreyu, and Bullet For My Valentine?

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build an italian icy cart?

I'm interested in selling italian iceys but don't have the money to purchase one, not even a used cart comes in cheap. I'm kind of crafty so my wife suggested build one and we don't need refrigeration so a simple one will do. I know i can have loew's cut my pieces but what about the stainless steal inside and out, how do tackle that?

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how to with keys...

Can anyone out there tell me "how to" flatten an ordinary house key??? I have been wanting to do a project for many years with keys flattened like the pennies we used to put on railway tracks. i have asked at machine shops and metal workers and EVERYONE says it can't be done... that of course just makes me want it to happen even more!!! thanks, Karen

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How lame is this?

It looks like someone is trying to sell my instructable on ebay:|66%3A2|39%3A1|72%3A1205|240%3A1318|301%3A0|293%3A1|294%3A50I have to say that's pretty weak. It's not like they even took the time to build one and modify it or improve it or anything.

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How is

Okay, I needed to buy some parts to build one of those huge Jeopardy tables with the buttons and the lights and all the little wazooos. However, I can only find that has those huge 100mm push buttons, and they also have a arduino relay shield i want. Anyone ever buy from them before? How is their service and shipping response? I WOULD GREATLY APPRECIATE ANY HELP CAUSE THE CANADIAN STATION HAD SOME BAD REVIEWS

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How to enter?

I entered the converse back-to-school contest last night, but my instructable hasn't appeared in the recent entry area in the converse back to school contest. Is there some kind of criteria or set of rules that I missed? Is it just waiting to be checked by a moderator? Can entries get rejected?

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How to Sew?

"Do you have any sewing machines?" I asked the voice on the other end of the phone. "Yes, we do." said the voice. "Great!" and I hung up and hopped on my bike, out the door before they even heard the click. Minutes later, I was home with my new $30 White sewing machine. It had electrical problems, but that's okay 'cause I'm an electrical engineer! So I fixed the wiring and set to work. The trouble is.. I'm not a sewing-engineer. In fact, I've barely ever sewn before. There are all these knobs and buttons. I played around with them to see if I could figure out what they do, but there are still mysteries. Maybe you can help me out. How do I throw it into reverse? As far as I can tell, there are two possible selector knobs for stitches. What's going on there? What should R-C-L-TN do? What am I choosing, when I turn the knob more towards SS or M? Why does the bobbin thread bunch up underneath like Gandalf's beard? The pink button in the middle of the stitch length wheel?? Anything else I should know? Muchos gracias! PS - who wants to be the first to post a "How to Sew" instructable?

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How to Mount that ? Answered

******************Disclaimer *************************** So first Of all........ only positive answers...... no negative sentence ...... questioning my ability ,Knowledge , "Right Tools" comment in bio....... if you want to answer , answer ...... i'll thank you........... if you want to comment on me...... sorry but i don't want that stuff......maybe i am a loser.... maybe science is not for me........ but budd i Don't need your advices. (i am pointing to an old man in the community , who does nothing else than to insult others.. sorry old man but i don't need your help.... every other person who wants to help is welcome.....) ********************************************************* So the question is....... that i am about build a pc......... i searched lot of cabinet's onn web...... and ended up deciding to make my own...... and as i searched for diy cabinets i found a wall mounted pc...... i understood everything in that tutorial...... except for one thing...... how to hang that thing on wall....... should i use screws or any kind of mount........and are screws "safe" to hold my costly pc (actually it ate up my whole year's pocket money.). and if so , haw many i need...... what precautions i need to take . ? and one thing more....... what are those rod's called which are holding the glass on the case ? 

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