Drawing Hub

I have only been drawing for a few months and so far I think drawing goes hand in hand with my other 2 loves which is poetry and music. If you want to check out what I have so far and how much I have improved, you can browse through my profile page on drawinghub.com/user/CocoPebble

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geodesic dome hubs

Hi everyone i have been wanting to make a geodesic dome for a while now and i dont want to spend money ond conduiting which looks easy to do and all the angles associated with timber domes seem over complicated so i thought that pvc/ plastic pipe might be cheap enough though i find the hubs extremly expensive so i thought up a design that is in between almost all homemade hubs. the center of the hub is circulat like the pic and the bolts potrude at all apropriate angles then on the bolts is a rubber sleeve that snuggly fits into the inside diameter of the tube you are using then when you tighten the bolt the rubber is squished and pushes outwared on the tube so the hub stays on the tube just thinking that someone here might be able to improve the desighn and or make it. thanks for your ideas.

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Electric Hub Motor

I have 48V 6AH Battery and 350W Hub Motor with controller for Fat tyre CycleIm getting a speed of 40.Hence want to know to increase speed upto 55 or 60

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I have been needing a usb hub for a while now, and I went on instructables to see if anyone had good ideas for usb hubs, and i found this and i got the idea to make a usb hub cow(7 port), using a can for teh body, and the hub would sit inside the can, and i would use usb extension cords, 6", to go from the hub to certain parts of teh body. The cow would be standing on its hind legs, and on its belly, the utters, would be 4 usb ports, then the arms would be sticking staright out, but i might have it so i can move them freely, and for each hand would be a usb port, then on the head, the mouth would be the otehr usb port, and i could use fiberoptics or somthing for the eyes to go to the LEDs on the usb hub if it had any, but thats my idea, if anyone has suggestions, they are appriciated, im probably going to make it in a couple weeks, and i will put it on here

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whirligig propeller hub ?

I have started to try my hand at making whirligigs, but always run into problems when making the hubs for the propellers. Does anyone have any ideas? I had a pdf file on how to make a jig for them. but I do not have a table saw.

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USB Hub Spider

Here's a variation on my USB Hub Monster that I'm working on. I've added a couple of legs that have alligator clips on it to get to the full eight legs for true spidery creepiness. The legs are nearly done, but the body is practically untouched. Expect to see some glowing red eyes when it's done. There's another USB creature I'm working on right now as well, but it's a little shy.

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DIY Ethernet Hub

Ive been trying to figure out if they even exist. All I can find is information about ethernet switches which I dont need. I need my single ethernet in my room that goes to my xbox to also be able to go to my laptop so streaming my xbox isnt so laggy. My idea I came up with was making an extension in a way and then bridging that to another ethernet out. Check out my pictures. I now realize that whatevers in the first one that gets the info first takes the cake and then the second doesnt work. ANy ideas of what i can do or is this hopeless?

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Can i make a USB hub out of a dead computer?

 A while back my family's computer died, so we got a new one. But alas, there aren't enough USB ports. So here's my question: Is it possible to make a four (or more) port USB hub using only the parts from a dead computer?

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Powered USB hub that doesn't power from the PC if its available first ? Answered

Odd problem. I'm trying to find a USB hub that does NOT ennumerate when the external power isn't connected to the hub. All I've tried so far do their best to supply the connected items with what's available. I have devices attached that need more than 100mA, can't get it, and freak out. I've tried a standard hub, and cut the USB +5 from the PC, which stops the things ennumerating sure, but they don't ennumerate when you plug the power in ! I suppose I COULD put a signal relay in, or logic that would do it, but something off the shelf would be better. TIA gang

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How do I turn a old powered USB 1.1 Hub into a gadget charger?

This one won't power up unless it has a signal from a host, I tried shorting the data pins together and the power pins and the data to power and ground to data but couldn't make it do anything. I don't want to chock it up as another useless gadget, help me make some use of it! Thanks guys&gals!

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How can I lengthen a bicycle axle? Answered

I want to install a different rear wheel on my OCC Schwinn Stingray. The giant distance between the dropouts means no standard hubs are available to fit the space. If I have a nipple and short bit of axle welded or otherwise attached to the end of the standard axle would that work? Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. Thank you.?

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How to dismantle bicycle hub motors?

I need to open up the hub motor to repair the wires which have been ripped out of the hollow axle. I am reluctant to use force to separate the motor shell and it does not seem to want to separate after removing the allen screws. Which side is the best to remove? It is an ebikekit 500wat motor.

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Is it possible to use a ROUTER or HUB with standart batterys

Is it possible to use a ROUTER or HUB with standart batterys like this: http://itp.nyu.edu/physcomp/uploads/battery_alkaline.jpg what kind of modifications has to be done..

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USB hubs, how do they work?

So I was looking on Instructables at diy USB hubs and noticed they all have one thing in common.  They all start with a premade USB hub, in modify the case.  Why is that?  I doing know how USB hubs work and I was wondering if someone could shine some light on the topic.  For charging things via USB, I know they can simply be hooked up in paralleland still charge, slower, but still charge.  Let's say I wanted to put multiple flash drives on one USB port in my computer.  I know that with pre-built hubs this is possible, but I don't know how to do it without buying something.  If I wanted to put, say two flash drives, on one USB port, could I simply hook them up in parallel?  Series?  Or would I need a special circuit?  If a circuit is needed, what circuit?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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what will happen if you build a 4 port USB hub without the hub controller in it. (i.e. The ports are in parallel)?

I am wandering if the USB host stack can enumerate the devices connected to that peripheral

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5-10 USB charging hub

I have several USB devices in my house. I'm sicking tired of all of oversized chargers which take almost two spaces in my extension cord .Recently I was searching on the web 5-10 USB charging hub. There are pretty costly and even that many of them are low quality or if you try charge all devices at once it won't charge them. I found on instructable only one related topic only one topic. Unfortunately the author made his hub by disassemble bunch of USB chargers. I would like to made one from a scratch (including power supply). I would like to made my device so powerful that it could charge even 5-10 iPads. I found on the web instruction how to make USB charger recognizable by apple products (simply using rasistors). What power supply do I need to use?  Where can i find circuits schematics for such power supply for this specific power supply . How powerful transformation should be to run this?

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how to make usb hub ?

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How can I make a wireless USB hub? Answered

I want a USB hub that can be used kind of like the USB mice with the micro receivers. It doesn't need to be a tiny receiver though. I want it to be able to reach through a floor to a place directly below it. I don't want it to be over $50, preferably using scrap parts and less than $10

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Makey Makey Community Hub

We are stoked to be part of this new teacher community! Thank you, Instructables! We are going to have our own community hub soon, and are hoping you'll want to be a part of it! Do you have a Makey Makey guide that you've created for your classroom? We'd love to see it and share it on our hub! Share a link in this topic to show us what you've made.

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Making/Modifying a USB Hub

I'm currently designing an accessory for my computer which will house 4 USB ports as a USB Hub.  The issue i've got is I need to be able to contain the whole USB Hub in an area that is only 22mm deep and 170mm wide.   I've taken a cheap USB Hub apart to see what it was like and I have run into a few issues. The main one is that the total depth of the PCB to the end of the USB Ports is 35mm, 13mm over the size I need.  The next issue is that I need room to place a screw between the USB Ports, 2 either side.  These screws have a width of 3mm and a head size of 5mm.    Putting a hole like that in the PCB would break and short the connections. Does anyone have any suggestions?

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A 12v Regulator in a USB hub?

I havea spare USB hub and it's not used. I wanted to take it apart and take the regulator out of it. It has a part number: PJ1084/CM 1B1. After Googling the part number I've found that it's a 12v 5A regulator, why? The mains adapter with it is only 7.5v, so where does 12V come from, the only thing that I know is 12V is the PS2, and this is definetly not for that.

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Lawn mower blade hub.

I'm trying to figure out how to get the blade hub off of the bottom end of the crankshaft on my TroyBilt - Honda powered mower. There is no set screw that I can find, and it doesn't appear to be a thread off. There is a key, but I can find nothing that suggests how to get this thing off. I need to take it off so I can change the bottom crankshaft oil seal. This is a Honda GCV160 engine. Thanks for any input.

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how do I test my hub motor, it dosn't work a tall, there was a short crcuit?

I replaced the controller but this had no afect

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Calling all Crafters: The Hub Network's Halloween Costume Contest (US)

Anyone with a little imagination can get involved in the Hub’s Halloween Bash Costume Contest, where we’ll search for the best DIY and handmade Halloween costumes in the country! After submitting photos and/or a video of your costume from 8/16-9/29 we will bring 50 semi-finalists (one from each state) to Los Angeles for a star-studded nationally televised event with celebrity judges, hosts and performances (Martha Stewart is the Halloween Expert Lead Judge this year!). There they will compete to find out who will win each of the six costume categories and take home $1,000, or win best overall costume and take home the grand prize of $25,000 and a chance at a walk on role on the Hub Network’s show, “R. L. Stine’s The Haunting Hour.” For further information or to enter a costume, visit: http://www.hubworld.com/halloween

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How do I make a Headphone/Microphone hub...

Hello, I'm a tabletop gamer and I have a problem. My problem is that sometimes I play at gaming rooms and there's usually a lot of noise there. What I was wondering is, is there an easy way of making a Headphone/Microphone hub that players at the table can plug in their headsets and thus ignore most of the ambient noise from the other people around them? I have an understanding of electronics and how to work with them. I just don't have the finer knowledge of how to actually make stuff from scratch unless I follow a blueprint with listed components to use. What's needed is something the "host" (be it a Gamemaster or the one who's running the game) can plug his microphone headset into and the players at the table as well (let's say 10 players, so that's 11 headphones and 11 microphones). And the host needs to have a means to talk to just some players at various times, and each player must in turn have the ability to speak to the host as well.  I'm certain this gadget or something similar is or has been made at some point in time, kinda like the conference tools corporations use for their meetings, just a little lower tech than that, and it needs to be easily transportable. I would be grateful for any help on this matter.

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Welcome to the Instructables Teachers Hub!

Welcome to the new home for all things Teacher related on Instructables. We hope you'll explore the new features and come back often to find and share projects, inspiration, and classroom resources. As you explore the new Teachers Hub, you'll see it's easy to find projects by subject or grade level and sort them to find all the best and freshest projects.Be sure to spend some time in the new Teacher Forum. It's a great place to connect with fellow teachers and make new friends! You could start by introducing yourself here or finding a topic that interests you and join the conversation there. :)We'll be working to continuously update and support your needs in this new area of the Instructables community, so thank you in advance for your valued feedback and suggestions.

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Is it possible to power an USB Hub from the computer's PSU? Answered

Is it possible to power an USB Hub from one of the unused lines of the computer's PSU? For instance, can I use the floppy drive's 5V to power the hub directly? Edit: I have tried to hook the hub directly to a 5V line from the psu (floppy connector), the computer won't boot and the dvd and hd lights keep flashing. I got a male molex connector from a broken floppy drive and found a plug that fits on the hub's power input. I checked for short circuits and correct polarization. When I plug the hub (just the hub, nothing else on it), the computer won't boot. When I unplug the hub, it boots as usual.

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howto take apart the r2d2 usb hub?

I own one of those cool CubeWorks R2D2 USB hubs. Now, the lights have gone out and I want to see if it is perhaps a matter of a loose wire... but I can't open the device... If anyone could explain how to do this without damaging everyone's favorite AstroMech Droid, I'd be very grateful!

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RAID Config with multiple flash-drives but no Flash-drive HUB

Is it possible to connect flash-drives without a hub and set them to a RAID config? Or should i stop being cheap and buy a hub and make them into a RAID set?

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What can I do with a wireless mouse? Answered

I want to use parts from a wireless mouse to make a wireless usb hub. I have a wireless Logitech mouse that has a tiny usb to plug into the computer. I want to know if it possible to disassemble this and use the wireless parts for a usb hub instead.

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is there a way to covert house trailer axle hub to a 5 or 6 lug hub?

I have a flat bed trailer with house trailer axles. I want convert just the hubs to today's convential type hubs.

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how do i get a 'hugi' DT Swiss hub?

I am looking for a DT Swiss Hugi hub

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could a 24v 8" hub motor scooter wheel be run off 2 18v 4ah cordless drill batteries?

If so, how long might it roll at a fairly constant average walking speed (3mph) on one charge? example wheel: http://www.uumotor.com/250w-sensorless-hub-motor-8-inch-brushless-with-tyre-24v-36v-48v.html example drill battery: http://www.dewalt.co.uk/attachments/productdetails/catno/DCB182/

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USB hub only 1.1 compatible? Answered

Hi, After looking at this USB hub microcontroller page I saw a part where it said this "The TUSB2077A hub is a 3.3-V CMOS device that provides up to seven downstream ports in compliance with the USB version 1.1 specification"Does that mean it's only USB 1.1 compatible?

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Can someone look over my Schematic?

Hello All! I have recently started using Eagle, so please forgive the messy schematic as well as the lack of labeling-I am still trying to learn the ins and outs of the software. So I recently received my raspberry pi zeros after months and months of waiting and have been incredibly satisfied with the size and compatibility. However, the biggest issue is the lack of USB ports, which of course were eliminated on purpose to decrease the weight, size, power consumption, ect. I thought it might be useful to design and fabricate a usb hub shield that follows the form factor of the pi zero. I was searching for information and came across this IC that can serve as a 3-port hub, the TUSB2036. However, it only operates at the USB 1.0 spec. Upon further research, I found that the newer model of this IC is the TUSB2046. I made an attempt to design a schematic off known references as well as the data sheets to form a small hub for the pi zero. Can someone with electrical engineering or circuit design experience please let me know if this would work? I used this schematic as a reference and [attempted] to modify it to accommodate the four port USB 2.0 TUSB2046. One important note, the pin labeling on the schematic follows that of the TUSB2036, as I could not find a way to modify it...Please reference the pinouts in the data sheet for the correct labeling on the TUSB2046. Thank you for all the help! 

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USB devices on my PC cause 'Power surge'? Answered

I have Microsoft Windows XP sp2 running on a dell machine. Whenever I plug my camera in to get pictures off of it, the keyboard and/or mouse stop functioning and i receive an alert that says "power surge on hub port" or something similar. In order to get my keyboard and/or mouse to work again, i have to unplug my camera from the USB port and reset all ports. This just started happening today, even after I restarted. The error message in the picture below keeps coming up and closing itself in some kind of loop as I type this... Why does my camera cause other USB devices to malfunction when I plug it in the? Why does that error keep popping up every half a second? And, on top of all this, my tooth is throbbing for no apparent reason :( Help! -Nepheron

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what are hub stacks on yo-yos for? Answered

I was wondering why people put hub stacks on yo-yos.  any hub stacks, the big flat ones, or the little ones, just hub stacks in general.  thanks in advance! :D 

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USB doomsday device usb hub

I'm sure most of you have seen the USB doomsday device usb hub on thinkgeek, I'm looking to make my own, anyone have any suggestions on where to begin? I have a usb hub so i assume ill just need to rig up some lights and switches to a box, can't imagine it'll be that tough.

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can you make hub stacks?

I was wondering if one could make hup stacks for a yo-yo, and if so, could you say how? or provide a link? thanks!

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USB Hub with Keyswitch (Keep your data safe)

I was wondering if anybody could help me with this. I was thinking of getting a USB hub (http://www.thinkgeek.com/computing/usb-gadgets/93ad/) and connecting 4 USB flash drives to it and then sticking it in a project box with a keyswitch to activate and de-activate the drives and also put a LED to show weather they're on or not. I'm sorry if that doesnt make that much sense, its hard to explain but if you understood it my question is: Could you show me how to wire the USB to the switch and LED? Thanks

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Automatic Standby Switch

I stumbled upon this little gadget...and thought I'd share it with you all. It seems like something that a lot of you could make pretty easily. The concept is simple, it plugs into the wall, and your device plugs into it. As soon as it detects your appliance/device is in standby mode, it cuts the power. Just a simple way to save the power that your junk sucks in when you're not using it. As NachoMahma pointed out to me, one big improvement would be automatic reset. Anyways, if someone wants to give it a shot, i'd love to see the instructable on it.

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how do you rebuild a rear wheel hub with coaster brake on a schwinn beach cruiser ?

I have all the parts but i'm unable to assemble the hub

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How do I remove a Shimano Nexus hub?

I am worried about taking my nexus hub off. Is there anything important I should know?

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sachs / ratary 30cc motorized bicycle hub converting to electric start

Hi i have looked for parts for this bike motor and have found a couple of importers as im an ozzy and found im gunna have to pay 125 for a pull start for it yet ive seen the mini motos have similar set ups and have easy start conversions and electic start converstions wich are much cheaper i also want an unrestricted cdi unit wich cost around the same could any1 tell me if there are any mini motos or thumptar parts ect that mite also fit as i no the 110cc thumptar motor was made from the design of the sachs motor for the 125 madass bike so there would have to be something to fit it besides these imported parts that cost an arm and a leg my bike is the 30cc ratary version .

Topic by jimmbay