IDE to USB adapter Answered

All i need is a picture of how its put together. an IDE to USB 2.0 adapter one that i could use for my 250gb IDE hard drive as an external. i have seen them pre made. Easy Ide, google it.

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ID-2 connect to serial - usb output? Answered

Hello guys,  I was thinking of buying an ID-2 RFID reader but I am not sure how to connect it to my PC. I was thinking of using a serial to USB cable. However, can someone tell me how to do this (I don't want any microcontrollers or arduinos). ~Thanks

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2 projects, 2 questions. help? Answered

Hi everybody i have 2 new projects i am working on, and i had some questions about them: 1-wirelessly (bluetooth) controlled LED So this is more or less a starter project, i just got a new laptop with bluetoth and i want to experiment, i figured being able to turn an led on and off via bluetooth would be a good start. 2-Webcam that fits in a PCMCIA slot filler card I think that this project has a better chance of actually being finished than the one above... along with my new laptop, i got one that had a broken screen, it also had a built in webcam. (acer travelmate 5530, the bottom will be used in some other project) I removed the webcam and later i had the thought that maybe it was thin enough to fit in a pcmcia slot. almost. the question here is if i sanded down the plastic parts on the top of the lens (not the lens itself, there is a bit of plastic that bevels around the lens) to the point where it would be thin enough, could someone help me find a pinout of the webcam? all i know is that its usb 2.0, but the connector has 5 wires, 2 of them are ground, but the data + and - and vcc are unknown, the wire colors are different than a normal usb color code. I cannot upload pictures quite yet but i will as soon as i can.

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Is it insane or is it possible? IDE + USB connection

One thing about being older is that you stop being afraid to ask "stupid" questions. So: Is it possible to connect ribbon cables to USB cables - this in an effort to get cheapo backup hard drive space. I am imagining a bank of old hard drives becoming a ridiculous chain of space. Be nice, now.

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usb enclosure hack

Current inventory: 2 Seagate ST340015A IDE hds (40 gb each) 1 Rosewill External usb 2 ide enclosure (pl2506 controller chipset) 1 40 conductor ide cable (mobo-slave-master) soldering iron/solder way, wayyy to much free time. OK, given the above items, is it possible to run both drives at the same time from the one enclosure? Fitting inside the enclosure is not an issue. So far, I have removed the original ide cable the came with the enclosure controller. And, installed my own ide cable. The only drive that is detected is the one jumpered as master, at either location on the cable(master vs slave). No matter what the other drive is jumpered as(slave, cable select), it is not detected. I tried setting both as master and neither are recognized. I have run out of ideas... suggestions would be great. And please dont suggest getting another enclosure. IM CHEAP!

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USB connector 2-in- 1

Hi, Is there anyway to charge battery through USB connector as well get output volts from the same port ? any 2-in-1 type adapter or hack available.  They should be able to work through external charger . Any time of solution would be help full. Thanks,

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usb network?

Usb male - male cable to connect 2 computer without a 'bride'

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Usb Charger

I have 2 questions; 1.) Does anyone know if I can use a resistor in a usb charger? If so, what bands.(ex red,blue green, ect). 2.) Can I use an 3v LED to reduce the power to 6v. Would 6v harm my electronics?

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PS2 to USB diagram? (Not ps/2, Playstation 2) Answered

  I've been looking for a diagram all over the internet, but I just can't find one. I'm looking to adapt a PlayStation 2 controller to usb, to act as a gamepad for my computer. ( I do lots of emulation. ) I was thinking I would just have to replace the current connector with a usb end, does anybody have a diagram or some wisdom to share?

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part 2 is out!


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USB ports? Answered

What are all those wires in USB ports used for? P.S : If I wire 2 USB ports in series, the voltage will not go up, right?

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How to turn an old laptop hard drive into a usb flash drive? Answered

Can you tell me how to wire the data connectors to the usb cable?

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Can I reverse A USB to PS/2 Adapter?

I have a USB to PS/2 adapter that I want to take apart and rearrange into a PS/2 to USB adapter. Will this work? Or is the circuit only one way? I'm thinking of replacing the female USB part with a male one, and vice versa with the PS/2. I'm not sure how I'm gonna get the thing apart. When/if I get this thing working, I wanna use it with a keyboard for my Xbox 360 (360 only has USB ports, I don't have any USB keyboards).

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USB phone

After finding out that my "high speed" satellite connection was only on down speed I now have 2 usb phones that I originally bought for Skype. What can I do with them now? Do I just throw them away? Does someone else want them?

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usb copier

 hi every body i think today to make a usb copier that mean a standalone hardware to get 2 usb and transfer data from one usb to other  or copy the usb data to external memory am good at pic  but really i dont know from where to start and what i need could any one help me

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problem with PS/2 to USB converter?

I bought an PS/2 to USB converter for my keyboard. I figured out a new problem when i was playing NFS MW i can't drive a car by using the converter. Every button has to be pressed separately, when i press a combination of steer left and accelerate button, the car moves left with a gain in speed when i release the steer left button the acceleration too stops, which is quite annoying while playing a racing game. Can anything be done to make work as it is used in normal keyboard?

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30GB 1.8" IDE, 160GB 2.5" SATA and a 3.5" 180GB HDD and I want to power them all from the SAME power supply, how? Answered

I am not looking for how to build the enclosure because that part isn't electrical (an area of expertise where I'm lacking), just how do I power them all because I am fairly certain that the USB port is not strong enough on it's own. Thanks all!

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Wiring up ID-12?

Hello guys, I am soon going to use the id-12 in a project but I'm a noob in this kind of stuff. I want to connect an external antenna (coil with a capacitor) Do I just wire that to pins 3 and 4? I also want to use a very 'barebones' circuit to actually make this thing work. I Posted another question and I think I can connect pins 8 and 9 to a serial-to-usb cable (not sure how to do that either). Can someone guide me onto wiring this thing?  Thanks

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Motherboard IDE to USB Device Adapter, Parallel to USB Device, or Serial to USB Device, Adapter Needed for Old Computer.

Hello, I have a Compaq Presario 220C. I know it is very old, but it has great sound, runs windows 95 great, and most importantly it has high sentimental value. The only thing holding me up from making use of it, is that It does not have an ethernet or USB port. It has the following ports available on the motherboard: ISA 8-Bit (Which has low clearance room to fit a card in and not clearance to the right or left either) Parallel Port Game Port IDE Floppy IDE Serial Port I am desperate and very determined to somehow be able to connect a USB Drive or an ethernet port on this computer. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much, HandyAndy

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2.5 HD Enclosure case copying files from Internal 2nd HD, 2.5 case stopped working, help ?

I recently purchased a 2.5 HD Enclosure Case with USB cables and it worked fine while reading an old 2.5 HD that I inserted in it. When I was copying files from an 2nd Internal HD, it was copying fine then noted. file in use, stopped copying, turned off computer, now I can't get the 2.5 Enclosure Case, with a HD in it, to be seen on my computer with the other HD's and USB's. Was the HD that I was copying to ruined or can I restore it in a procedure ? I would really appreciate anyone's assistance to fix the problem with the 2.5 HD Enclosure case that is not being seen on my computer, even tho the red light is on noting that it is connected via USB. Thanks.   mjy88keys  

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how do I make a 2.5 inch ide Hard adpater for my desktop from scrach?

I dont have time to buy one oline right now so i just need to move the files off a regular 2.5" ide laptop HD to my desktop.

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USB heater

Hi everybody! As sais in the title of the topic, I want to realize a USB heater. Let me introduce you to what I think. Last week, I was in the store near high school with some friends, and one of them told me : "It would be cool if we could heat up things in high school, to have like a mini oven directly in our locker, working with battery." Of course, the idea is not to install a oven in our locker, firstly because it would need an incredible battery, and secondly because it would be pretty dangerous.... So here is the idea : the goal is to heat up at least 2 chocolate breads at 60°C. The heating time is not very important, but it has to be under 40 minutes (a system will start the oven before our break). But here is not the most complicated : the oven has to get its power from a usb power bank(I can plug in 2 power banks if necessary). To conclude, I have to fin a solution to heat approximately 1.5L,( but most of it is filled with air), at 60°C, with a power of a maximum of 20W. I saw things to heat coffee by USB, would it work if I take the heating pad? Also, I would like to know how much power I can  get from a power bank (in W), before it to heat too much.

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USB power? Answered

I have a 1.2 V nimh battery and a 3.7V li ion (no protection circuitry) battery, which would add up to 4.9V if put in series. However, I want to turn it into a temporary USB power supply (5V) so ignoring all the things regarding putting 2 batteries of different capacities together, is there a way to kick the voltage up a tiny bit? I was thinking something like filtering the output of a joule thief, possibly. I also have a solar panel (4.5V, ???A) and was wondering if that could help, but I don't want to rely on it too much.

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How can you make a homemade ps/2 to usb converter for a ps/2 keyboard without buying one?

I have an Inspiron 6000 laptop, and the keyboard and screen are broken. The screen issue I am not really worried about, as the laptop has a video out port, but the keyboard issue is quite annoying, as there are no ps/2 connectors on the laptop, and the only keyboard i have is ps/2. I have spare usb cords, and I am pretty sure my keyboard has a four pin connector, but just in case, i would like to know how to do it with four or six, or whatever the standard is.

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USB to ps/2 keyboard adapter

I gather that computers that only have ps/2 sockets (no usb connectors) cannot simply use a basic adapter for plugging in a usb keyboard. I have never tried. Would it be possible to create an adapter to allow a usb keyboard to be used with such a pre-usb computer ? I found one arduino project that converted ps/2 to usb and I imagine that to be more difficult.

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USB Spacebar?

So Im not sure this is the right place to post. But please bear with me and forgive me if its the wrong place. Thanks! (Oh, and sorry this message is so long. I wanted to be extra thorough. :))Hi,My names Emily and Im in a band. Were a three piece: weve got a keyboardist, guitar/vocals (me), and a drummer. On the 28th we have a Battle of the Bands where were playing 4 songs. One of them, a new one, has just recently been recorded/mixed. On the recording, where weve worked very hard on getting it to sound very good, theres a sort of sparkly background melody thats going on behind the normal parts that was added in the mix. Since then, weve grown very attached to these sparkly noises. However, everyone has their hands full (quite literally) and cannot play the sparkly noises at the same time. We had to find a way to automate the noises playing.So, today we had a practice and we decided to try to get these sparkly things going. We did find a very unorthodox, time consuming and temporary way after a lot of time wasting. Our way of getting it to work involved getting a separate laptop, plugging it into the PA (the speakers, that is, for those who are less learned in audio), attaching a USB keyboard to the laptop, make a loop in the best way we could of the sparkly noise, and leaving the screen open so that the keyboardist could with his toe hit the spacebar to make the sparkly melody play. This method had a couple disadvantages:1) We simply cannot continue to use this USB keyboard. We only have one USB keyboard in my house, and its used on a computer that has no PS/2 ports. So I had to put it back today, and we just need another solution.2) The keyboardist kept accidentally hitting other buttons/the mouse pad when we used the built in laptop spacebar, making the automation stop, pulling up some weird program, etc. This was why we switched to the USB keyboard. However, he still occasionally hit the wrong button, caused problems, etc. We could, in theory remove all the buttons except for the spacebar on the keyboard, but like I said, I have to return the keyboard and I dont want to ruin anything.3) A KEYBOARD IS BULKY, can break, and looks weird on stage. We have a complicated enough set up already and this simply adds to the issue. I have no problem using an extra laptop, but the keyboard has to go!The solution:This is where you come in! My hope was to try to rig up a modified staples easy button, a keyboards sustain pedal, a Rock Band (the game) pedal, etc. (any sort of pedal) and just make it so that you just plug in the device and you have an assignable button. (In this case, a spacebar.)Im on a tight budget.Any ideas?PS: If youd like to hear the effect/song Im talking about, please go to (my bands website), go to Music, listen to the “In Mind (DEMO)” mix. Feel free to skip to the chorus, the part Im talking about starts at 1:04.PPS: When I posted this text into the message body box, all my apostrophes turned into weird special characters! So yes, I do know basic grammar, but my computer doesn't. Sorry about that :p

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usb pic programmer Answered

Im looking for a schematic or instructible for a pic progrem with usb id rather make it myself though if any one know wheres there one please let me know

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Primary and Secondary on a usb external drive?

I've got a external usb drive connector, and it only has a short yellow ide connector, what would happen if I connected a regular ide cable to the pins, would I be able to connect two drives? IE: 2 dvd burners?

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Why are the middle 2 pins on a USB always shorter than the outer 2?

If you look at any USB anything, then you will notice the data pins (the middle ones) are always sunken back and shorter than the power pins (outer ones).

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Two Arduinos on one computer??

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to use 2 arduinos on one computer. Since there are stuff to install and everything, is it possible to have 2 arduinos on 1 computer.

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USB hardware keylogger

Hey, there Inscrutable I want to make a Hardware Keylogger, I found some that are made in PS2  However, I want to make one for USB keyboards and buying one is like 200 dollars any tips/tuts? Please reply?

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USB 3 device in a USB 2 socket? Answered

Just checking, but am I correct in thinking that a USB3 portable drive will work in a USB2 port, just more slowly?

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KidWash 2 - For Adults!

Hi All! I'm going to be making a giant 100FT Slip N Slide for an upcoming BBQ and would LOVE to incorporate the KidWash2 ( design to the top of the SnS.  My question is - the width of the SnS will be roughly 8FT wide, would the top PVC pipe stand up to the weight or will it sag?  Thanks! D :)

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Hey guys,  I have been thinking, and I am going to build some solar speakers.  Now this is not my first time building solar speakers, so I know how to wire everything.  The only difference is this time I want to want to build my own amplifier.  I want to build a 2 channel 60-80watt amplifier.  I haven't found any schematics online that are similar to those, and I would want to wire in an off switch, a volume knob, a bass knob, and a treble knob.  Also, I would want to wire in an 3.5MM jack at the minimum.  If anybody could help me with some schematics and a list of parts, that would be wonderful.  Also, if anyone knows how, is it possible to wire a USB port onto here that will not only charge the device, but would also play music from the device to the amp.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Instructable only has 2 views

Hello, I published my Instructable on the weekend and it only has two views and its not showing up in the explorer. I understand about the human filters but It wouldn't normally get two views under those filters. Could someone tell me the possible problem? Jack,

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Help with USB booting? Answered

I really nead some help. I am trying to run a bootable linux from a flash drive. but my computer won't boot from a flash drive. I found this instructable: Howeverthe file that is linked in this instructable is not there anymore. It is the key to the whole thing. If somebody could help me find this or something like this I would appreciate it. Many thanks.

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I have "compaq vocalyst keyboard" without PS/2 nor midi. Is there any way to make an USB adaptator to use it ? Answered

So, I own an old Compaq Vocalyst keyboard (very similar to that one exept that mine is AZERTY). The plug was designed to be pluged into a specific Motherboard (that I trown away several years Ago). When pluged onto the old motherboard, this keyboard was used as the PC Speaker, it had a microphone (jack) plug and a hearphones (jack) plug. Is there any way to build an adapter to make that keyboard usable on nowdays computers (some USB or PS/2 conector) ? Thank you for any help you can provide :) (and sorry about my language, I'm french..) EDIT: some better pics can be found here:

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My old flash drive won't respond to anything.Why?

I just got an old Memorex Travel Drive mini, USB 2.0(it can't be very old), 512MB and when I plug it into my PC it says file system RAW(never heard of it), 0 MB free and on drive, and says thats its in a low speed port(1.1 I think). It is in 2.0 though.It tells me to format and I get the picture below.

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usb to fm transmitter

 Hi, I am a very big noob to wiring. For a present, I wanted to make my cheap old AAA powered fm transmitter into a usb powered one.  Thinking I was so smart, I cut up an old usb cord and soldered the red to positive and black to negative. It worked great until it started melting the transmitter.  So I now I realize that usb is much more powerful than 2 AAAs.  heh heh. I found this: but it's a bit over my head.  I'm assuming I need to get a capacitor or voltage divider but I could use a little help breaking it down into noob speak.  Plus the transmitter is a little thing, 2 inches, is there a smaller way of checking the voltage? K, thanks bye!

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Convert 2-AAA Keyboard to USB Powered Answered

Let me preface this by saying, no, I don't want to just get another wired keyboard - I want this one as it is small and compact, and looks/feels nice as well as it was free.I have received a small Silver Crest wireless bluetooth keyboard and it runs off 2-AAA batteries. I'd like to convert it into a wired keyboard because I hate battery powered stuff and I want a replacement for my current one(keyboard).I've read that some projects recommended adding several diodes to lower the voltage from the 5v USB output or using resistors but I'd like to have more concrete information for this specific project. Will the amperage be too much/little? Will there be any noise that might interfere with the signals? (since it's bluetooth) etc

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beginner USB question...

So I wanted to see if it was possible to create USB driven fans out of an old Sony WM-EX368 tape player. Now this player runs of 2 AA batterys, And I know that usb runs 5V. Now the questions are: Is it even possible? Whats the fastest way to find the right working cable in the walkan?

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USB Charger 2.0

Ok, member GoodAtIt wont reply at all, i have double all the parts for his usb charger 2.0 but all i want to know is how to make it into a double thing he did by putting 2 together to make one, someone help out. double the picture i posted thing.

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Color in Thermomolding, 2 methods

I need someone with a  Thermolding Rig to have a go at this:

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Combine 2 (or 3) Joysticks to make one?

Okay I got 3 old Joysticks and lots of games that would be awesome to use DUAL JOYSTICKS. The joysticks use that old Joystick Port. So my question is if there is a way to join them into ONE set and be able to plug it into my computer. And if possible make it into USB?

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How to made PS/2 to USB adapter

HI Everyone, can you give some advice of this ??.Coz I tried made not success,seem not simple or just direct cable to each other .. Thanks

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What is the best way to power a usb device with 2 batteries?

My project is to make a walking stick with a tesla ball at the top.  I wish to power a plasma ball ( like this one ) with just two batteries. The whole minty usb charger seems like overkill and meant for smartphones. This is a simple device that runs on 5v and 350ma. But I could not find any instructables anywhere for this.  I do not mind using 3 or 4 batteries if need be. Any link or suggestion would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advanced. 

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Usb fan for a Modem

Hello. I wan to add a fan to my modem(NET FASTER IAD 2) I wan to use the usb that is on the modem(for adding a network printer or a network disk). I used a usb cable but when I measured the voltage at every cable combination the maximum I got was 0.30v between green and red? Why that? computer usb's have 5v.... Any help

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Hard drive to usb?

I am a long time follower, and, if I am not mistaken, first time poster.  Please bear with me... I have looked about the site quite a bit, but I have found no solution to my question.  Heck, I don't know if it is even possible!  I have a few hard drives from older computers that have went the way of many older electronics do... :( ...and I want to do something with them, besides leaving them about to collect dust.  Is it at all possible to connect them to a usb port WITHOUT a hard drive enclosure?  I was kinda thinking about connecting a usb cable to the ide port, but will it work, and to which pins do I apply wires/solder? If this is possible and someone knows how to do it, please, PLEASE get back to me!  Thanks so much!

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Portable USB Power HELP!!!!!!!

I'm currently working on a project for my PSP, I work long hours away from power sources to recharge my PSP. So I'm trying to build a portable USB power device which I can recharge it with.I've hacked the solar panels from two old garden lights, they had 2 AA rechargeable batteries in each and no over charge protection in the circuit.I plan on mounting the solar panels on the outside of the PSP case and the batteries inside it. I've mashed (really I have no idea of the theory behind electronics) this project up from the following people..... problem is I seem to be getting 6 volts instead of 5 volts coming out of the regulator, like I said I'm a noob in electronics and any suggestions would great. hope this worked OK it's my first post.

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help 2 male usb to 1 female usb (the extra 1 male usb is for additional power)?

Can someone help me how to make usb with 2 male and 1 female usb. i can't run my alpha network adapter coz it is for a desktop computer not for a laptop so it needs more power to work. 

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