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OBD-II Anyone?

 So.... I'd like to interface my XP laptop with my 94 Buick's OBD-II. They seem to run about $150. I dont wanna pay that unless I have to. Any suggestions, advice? A treat for clicking :D

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Make way OLPC, here comes the $12 NES clone (not Apple II)

Correction:The project is modeled not on an Apple II, but rather on an existing $12 NES game machine clone, called the "Victor."It's likely based on the rather infamous NES-on-a-chip based clones that have appeared in millions of joystick-based games and other knock-offs....ComputerWorld ArticleMIT: From the Boston Herald:"Derek Lomas, Jesse Austin-Breneman and other designers want to create a computer that Third World residents can buy for less than you probably spend on lunch."Yes, the same school that developed the famous OLPC (One Laptop Per Child project) is creating a clone of the venerable Apple II computer. Projected cost is $12 per computer.Designers plan rudimentary web access, games, and it will undoubtedly use some existing Apple II software. Immediately, the old Contiki operating system comes to mind....Original story, the Boston Herald website

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star wars battlefront 2 trainors/hacks?

Does anyone know of any trainors and/or hacks that i could use

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Balance Sessions Part II

A while ago, I posted a video and an instructable about balancing boards. In the video I promissed viewers that there would be a sequel with the construction of my homemade board. Here it is.Hope you like it! I spent about two days making the board. And about 4 hours chopped up of editing.How do you like my editing?-Evan

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what is the difference between elm327 and OBD-II UART? if we are using elm327 then do we need to use OBD-II UART also?

We are working on our final year project that is getting the current data from the vehicle and display it on an android phone using arduino and bluetooth  module nrf8001. currently we are working on obd II interfacing and our task is to get the data on arduino and only for  testing purpose  using lcd. we are confused of whether to use elm327 usb cable or obd-II UART for the intermediate circuit between arduino and car's obd-II.  kindly help and if anyone can provide us with the arduino coding so it would be very helpful. thankyou

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How to make OBD II to USB adaptor

Can any body know or did any body have a project of making OBD II to usb adaptor. Kindly post with pics.. I want to make one to use with OBD II software on computer.

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Does anyone know where there are instructions to make a assassins creed ii hidden blade that goes out but also retracts without being pointed up to do that. cant be gravity powered

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Any Starcraft II players here?

Any Starcraft 2 players here?  Respond with League, Name, Player Code, and Favorite Race! Thanks

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Call of Duty Black Ops II

On May 1st 2012, The Call of Duty Black Ops II official trailer was revealed and has had some mixed opinions. Some people say it's too futuristic. Some people think it's going to be the best Call of Duty yet. Will it have zombies? How will the multiplayer be? Do you think it will be too futuristic or well worth the money and wait? Tell us your opinion in the comment section. We love to here from you. Follow the link to watch the trailer. =

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II Arduino Contest: Hacking Life

This just in:Hi again!In 2008 we promote the 1st Arduino Open Hardware Contest, which showed(one more time) the big potential of Arduino boards ( 2nd Arduino Contest is opened now, we encourage you all to participate!Info and prizes:http://contest.libelium.comGood luck to everyone, we are looking for your hacks!Libelium TeamIt is also important to note rule #3 from the contest page says that you should post an instructional video or tutorial demonstrating your project. What better place to publish your project than right here on Instructables!? ;-)

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First Ever K'nex Ray Gun Mark II On Instructables

Hey guys, yesterday I uploaded the first ever K'nex Ray Gun Mark II - Zombiekiller-93

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Danfoss Tempress I (not Danfoss Tempress II) cartridge/regulator needed

Hi - does anyone know where I can get a Danfoss Tempress I (not Danfoss Tempress II) cartridge/regulator to attach to the shower/bath tap handle? The attachment part which is plastic and "T" shaped is broken on mine.?

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Ii want to display the battery charge of a flashlight?

I am looking for a way to display the charge level and possible even control the light out put of a flashlight. It would be kind of neat to get one to control several.

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Back to the Future Part II Nike Shoes

Sup, everyone! So the idea I had was the nike shoes in back to the future part II. I got to thinking that it would be really cool if i could make a pair, so i looked around and found that nike had already made a pair back in 2011, it looked to me like they used reinforced foam. So then the next thought i had was get on instructables and get some ideas from you guys. The basic idea I have is to modole them out of strong foam, i'll probably make a cardboard mockup first, then line it with fome and material. after that I'll probably get some really stiff foam then make the outside out of that an probably make the sole out of rubber. Please share your ideas, thanks in advance

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In Starwars Balltfront II, what do the "Alternate Costume" codes do?

I enter them into the game, it makes the characteristic "beep," but I can't seem to figure out what it does. Help?

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Smoke bombs that explode on contact - version II

Smoke bombs that explode on contactmy idea is as followshave an outer layerinside that you have small glass capsules which will break and ignite the negative-Xthen another very very thin shellthen the inner core of a regular sugar & potassium nitrate smoke bombthe way it works is the bomb will hit the ground causing the the glass around the water to breake causing the negative-X to react then that ignites the smoke bomb which will make smoke billow out a designated holeps. if you want to know how to make these things go to for Negative-X the smoke bomb

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Good motherboard, for just starting custom builds?

Hi, I am relatively new to building custom computers. However, I feel like I know enough to actually build one. The first problem I'm having though is finding a good motherboard. I won't be doing a whole lot of hard core gaming, but probably a little(Halo, Fallout 3/New Vegas, MW2, etc...). So I would say I'd need the following specs(minimum, more is usually better): 4GB DDR3 RAM PCI Slot(s) 3 SATA devices(2 HDDs, 1 Disk Drive) 500GB HDD(s) AMD AM3 Athlon II x2 445 VGA & DVI I think I've found a good mobo to fit this bill: GIGABYTE GA-785GMT-USB3 Can anyone vouch for it, or offer a better suggestion?

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Need for speed Hot pursuit 2 Says that i have a debugger loaded? How can i fix this? Answered

But i don't have any "Debugger" loaded! In fact.its a fresh install of Windows XP Professional. I have tried upgrading DivX,nothing. I tried the thing with msconfig,zilch. I have even tried disabling any services that would interfere with it,Nada Any help? Edit:It says that i have loaded a debugger to try again after the debugger is unloaded,and it does not start the game.

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I need a help on fixing the OBD II codes P0452 and P0410 for a 2001 s10 4wd blazer 4 door?

I was told that the vacuum lines could have a problem with this if they are cracked or there is a leak 

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How do I use this music synthesizer?

I downloaded this music synthesizer called Triangle II. I have no idea how the heck I use it. Can anyone help me?

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Hammerhead Glider Z Prototype coming soon

Hammerhead glider Z Prototype coming soon. Z Prototype vs II # A lot faster than II like in lighting speed. # Heavyer. # Less glider.

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What can I do with a Pentium II processor that I found?

I found the motherboard of a computer in a dumpster, and I picked it out so that I could work on my desoldering skills. There was a Pentium II processor (in perfect condition-probably still works), but my computer uses a Pentium 4 processor. Our computer is VERY slow, and is there a way to annex the processor I found with my Pentium 4, and would this speed up my computer? If not, what could I do with this?

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gh3 my whammy bar broke but I fixed it here's how.

Ok my whammy bar recently broke meaning it would'nt spring back. the way I fixed it was I glued a spring on the inside of the whammy bars flat part on the inside and glued the other end of that spring to the back of the inside and it worked quite well.

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....someone's looking to believe..... Link EPIPHANY part I and Part II

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I tried installing Star Wars Dark Forces II on Vista, but it's not working, help? Answered

I got the sudden urge to play Star Wars Dark Forces II. So I tried installing it. I put the disc in. Ran the program. And when I click install, the program goes unresponsive. Is it because it's incompatible since it was originally made for Windows 95? Or what? Please help, S-C

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i have a G&P Metal M4 Rapid Fire II. i want to upgrade my spring to the Systema M130 Irregular-Pitch. can i will do it?

My airsoft aeg is G&P; Metal M4 Rapid Fire II Assault Rifle AEG the full name off the spring is Systema M130 Irregular-Pitch Airsoft AEG Power-Up Spring (420~450 FPS) and if i can. do i need to upgrade more stuff in the gun?

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My Cobra 18 WX ST ii will recieve but won't transmit! Can someone help me!?

My cb won't transmit (send) but will recieve. People tell me that the final burned up. I don't know what a final is. Please Help me or refer me to an instructable or website.

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Are all of the Pentium family Motherboards compatible??

      I was thinking of buying an old (Pentium II) laptop with windows 2000 professional on it.  I was just wondering if I could put a Pentium 4, etc. in to replace the old processor, and then put Linux on the machine.  Thanks!

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Making Copper (II) Chloride From Acid and Copper

Ok, so last 4th I made fireworks for a small- and I mean small- display, and it turned out fairly well. I only had two complaints- a) It wasn't that colorful, as I was only using pine and palm charcoal for color: reddish orange.b)it wasn't electrical, and took alot of visco, as I wanted everything to go off near-instantaneously. Well, I am going to solve problem b by getting e-matches off of Skylighter, but solving a is a little harder. Then, I read that certain copper compounds could be added to create a green to green-blue color in the flame. Well, I like that idea, but I didn't know where to get the copper compounds. So I kinda left it. UNTIL TODAY!I found this page on making copper (II) chloride. Well, it seemed straightforward enough, so I was going to try it. I was only wondering about two things:a) why on the description on this page about it include hydrogen peroxide, but the page does not even mention it?b)is this safe? I guess I should be outside for the hotplate part- I can't imagine boiling/simmering HCI, inside.c) is this even possible? Does it: 1)create a form of copper that could be used with success in pyrotechnics? 2)create copper chloride at all?Any answers are appreciated. Even if they don't directly pertain to the topic, POST ANYWAY! Makes it more interesting.

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Anybody Iis knows how to do amood rgb lamp thermo-controlled?

I want to do a light lamp, and configure it to change color with the temperature of the room with smooth transitions. We can setup it to light in blue with 18ºC or less, orange with between 19ºC and 22ºC, and red with 25ºC and more for example. Thanks

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Black Ops II - K'NEX Weapon Versions "Wanted"

Hey Guys. Well, Black Ops 2 is a pretty sweet game, and I am sure you already know this. The thing you may not know is that many people, including me, would like to see K'NEX versions of those guns included in the game (and trust me, I plan on building some of these...). So without further adieu, I present to you pics of the Assult Rifles, LMGs (Light Machine Guns), Shotguns, Pistols, Shotguns, Sniper Rifles, and SMGs (Sub-Machine Guns) of Black Ops 2 (see names below). Assault Rifles (pics 2 - 8): 2) TYPE 25 3) AN-94 4) FAL-OSW 5) M8A1 6) M27 7) MTAR/FLATTOP TAR 8) SMR Light Machine Guns (pics 9 - 12): 9) QBB-LSW 10) HAMR 11) LSAT 12) MK-48 Pistols (pics 13 - 16): 13) Five-Seven 14) B23R 15) Exicutioner 16) TAC-45 Shotguns (pics 17 - 20): 17) S12 18) KSG 19) M1216 20) R870 Sniper Rifles (pics 21 - 23): 21) SVU-AS 22) Balista 23) DSR-50 Sub-Machine Guns (pics 24 - 29): 24) PDW-57 25) Chicom CQB 26) MP7 27) MSMC 28) Vector K10 Some of these guns seem pretty impractical, but they will be cool none-the-less. Lets get building. =D -The Red Book of Westmarch

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Will this processor be able to handle good games?

I'm looking at an AMD Athlon II X4 645 Quad Core Processor and I just wanted to know if this will be able to play games like Portal 2, or Black Ops without lagging.

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My GE Profile Quiet Power II isn't letting me do anything?

It will let me select Rinse & Hold, Hi Temp rinse & the delay selections, but it won't let me push start or reset it. How can I fix it without too much trouble since I rent my condo?

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Adcom Amp GFA-555 II hissing out of the right side..too old to fix?

My Adcom GFA 555 II amplifier is producing a slight hiss/static sound from the right side. I made sure by switching the cables, and swapping terminal contacts and its always the right side (red and black). the music comes along with it, but its annoying to hear along with the static. You hear it most on quieter passages. It was coming and going, but now its heard all the time. I guess i have to take it in to fix, but its 20 yrs old, and i worry about paying to fix a broken part, only to have another part fail a week later.

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IIs there a way to take a song from a movie and turn it into an MP3?

I have a play that was released on DVD as well as other not so well known movies, and there are some songs in the movies that I can't find in any store or online as I don't think they have been released as a soundtrack.  Is there any way that I can take the songs from the movie and convert them into MP3 format?

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attaching a Canon 5D Mark ii to a spinning motor with variable speed controller

Hi, We're looking to attached a Canon 5D Mark ii to a spinning motor with a variable speed controller. We've attached a rough sketch to this post.  Does anyone know what kind of motor might work with a camera weighing 4.132lb/1875g? It has to be powerful enough to spin the camera solidly and at a steady RPM. We'd also like to add a variable speed controller to adjust the speed of the rotations.  We were thinking of using a battery powered drill. Is there a way to  add a variable speed control potentiometer to an electric drill? We are based in Europe. Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks! Matthew & Emelie

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Someone copied my 'ible - text, pics, and all - what should I do?

This was published last may but I just found it now... sorry I am not very frequent on here. That is my 'ible but under another username. This is the original that I created - Thanks for any help

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Is it possible to remotley adujust volume on Bose Companion II speakers?

I want to use my Bose Companion II speakers as my TV's main speakers. I currently have the directv box connected directly to the tv using HDMI then i have the bose speakers connected to the headphone jack on the back of the tv. needless to say this set up isn’t ideal. The volume isnt as loud as they can be. i have connected to speakers directly to the directv box using A/V cables and the audio was 10 times better the only problem with that is i can only adjust the volume using the knob on the front of the speaker itself. i did a mock up of what i think will fix my problem i am just unsure what i need to do it right. any insight will be appreciated.

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Guess My Mileage Mini Round - Kardboard Kammback II

Okay... I've got a 2 hour highway trip.... Same stats as before... except some aero modification :P I've done something unspeakable to my car... At least it looks a bit more like a kammback :p Looking from the front -- this adds no additional frontal area... So we'll see in a few hours if this helped at all :D Take a crack at it... I'm about to go fill up, grab some lunch and hit the road. Yes, you can still see the brake lights and you can still see out the back windscreen ;) I'm about to hit it with a permanent marker with some stats about my mileage :p And no, it doesn't damage the paint :p AND the radio still gets reception -- even though the antenna is held down like that :D

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NIckel Acetate Creation from Nickel II Oxide for Nickel Plating

Chemistry question here.  I wanted to play around with some nickel plating, and I started to follow a popular recipe that I saw on YouTube.  It started with Nickel II Oxide, placed in a malt vinegar for a week to create a solution of Nickel Acetate that you could then use as a bath to plate things with Nickel.  I purchased 100 grams of 99% grade Nickel II Oxide, and let it sit in 2L of vinegar for a long time.  After 2 weeks there's no hint of the emerald green Nickel Acetate.  So I purchased some glacial Acetic Acid, and added it to a liter of distilled water to make a 50% weight solution of Acetic Acid to make a stronger solution, and still a week later nothing green.  Solution is in a clean glass vessel.  A local chemist at work said it would be slow, but man, this is taking forever.  What am I doing wrong, or what could I do different? I know Ni Acetate can be achieved with pure nickel and electricity in vinegar, but I really want to try to convert the nickel oxide. 

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Freeware Games

I'm looking for some fun freeware games, currently all I have is Stranded II, Deathworm, FLaiL, and plants versus zombies, Any more you guys know of?

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Portable speaker

Hi, I need some help building a portable speaker with a td3116 2x50, 1x100 amp. II want details on how to build a 24v rechargable battery for my project...

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