Contests for India

Pls make Indians also eligable for contests THanks

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Internship in India

Would love to intern or volunteer in a DIY/makers group/company, etc. Preferably in south-India but elsewhere in India wouldn't be a problem. Any suggestions ? Thanks in advance :)

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Anyone From India

Hi I would like to know who of fellow mates are from India, I 

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PIC16F84 in india , nagpur ? Answered

Please give a shop in nagpur,india where i can get a PIC16F84

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buy picaxe in india? Answered

Where can i buy picaxe in india and if not where can i buy it frm the internet without using credit card

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Where to get microcontrollers in India?

Tonnes of instructables are based on microcontrollers, and i can't seem to find any. I can't get anything off of the internet, so that does no count. by the way, i live in india. And I will appreciate any help, just reply even if you think it would not be very helpful, it might just be.

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Fortune Telling Robots of India

Apparently, in India, there are robots that will tell you your fortune for a small fee.And, even stranger, there is a Flickr group dedicated to Fortune Telling Robots of IndiaIf you know anything more about this, please fill me in.(photo courtesy of Matt Logelin)

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"Oorja" Stove taking off in India

This is a stove being pushed by BP in rural India. It looks like an innovative product not just engineering-wise, but also in terms of marketing and distribution

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online PCB Fabricaion with shipping to india?

I am looking for a pcb fabriation shop, to design my schematic. Please help me if any online shop available in india or any shops that will ship the pcb to my home(Tamil nadu state, India)

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Robosapiens india and IIT-G presents

'Short Term Internship Program in Robotics and Embedded 'C' certified by Techniche'09 IIT-Guwahati and robosapiens India.http://www.robosapiensindia.comSTIP or Short Term Internship Program is a career oriented program which gives the participants the opportunity to have a tété-a-tété with the industrial approach to Robotics and Embedded C. It gives you an insight into micro controller and what goes into the making of an embedded system. This duration specific program has been introduced as a result of popular demand from participants of our previous programs.We fell proud to present you with this unique internship variation which will not only change the perception of an internship but will also improve its credibility and efficiency. The course outline is as follows:Course Outline:- • Embedded System Design and Robotics: An Introduction• Microcontrollers & their Architecture• Introduction to Embedded C Programming • Interfacing of peripherals to Microcontrollers • Project Building • Introduction to concepts of RTOSThis course includes the Free Embedded system SDK to all participants.Why this course is a ‘must’?So why should a student go for STIP. We think the following summarizes the plethora of reasons why STIP is a dream for every embedded system and robotics enthusiast:• Embedded System is best understood by applying it in robotics.• Robotics and Embedded systems have a lot of scope in college projects.• The AVR series that we will be using is the most commonly employed series for micro controller at both academic and industrial level.• A participant gets to learn and apply Embedded C programming which is the main programming language for embedded systems with resource constraints. • This is the best way to get to know other robotics enthusiast around the country. • One gets to be in touch with the most talented and experienced professionals in this area of academics and interact with them.STIP benefits in a nutshell:• Exhaustive training with extensive guidance by our panel of experts.• The project based completion of curriculum with both theory classes and hands on sessions.• One can also buy development boards and other robot parts that we’ll use throughout the program.• Certification by IIT Guwahati; Techniche’ 09.• Accommodation facility for participants coming from far away locales.Free Embedded system SDK kit includes :• AVR series microcontroller Based Reserach plateform.• 1 Atmega 16 Microcontroller.• AVR series Universal Programmer.• Connecting cables.• 1 LCD display.• Robosapiens india AVR Loader v1.0 Beta software package.Certification by Techniche'09 IIT-Guwahati and Robosapiens India.Robosapiens India ties up with Techniche'09 India Institute of Technology. All the participants will get a valid Certificate from us.STIP Program cost includes:• Two weeks instructor led exhaustive training.• Two weeks of industry defined, project work.• Take away Embedded system SDK Kit.• Post Training assistance for Project work.• Accommodation assistance.Course Curriculum Details :Embedded System Design: An Introduction Introduction to micro controller is the first step to know about embedded systems. What is a micro controller? What’s inside it? What makes it an embedded system? What are the different families of microcontroller, its derivatives and its applications in industrial projects? Why AVR is the most widely used micro controller family? What goes into designing an embedded system? Its criteria and handling resource constraints.Introduction to Microcontrollers and AVR Architecture This session includes introduction to the AVR series of micro controller, especially ATMega16, which we will be using in our program.Introduction to ATMega16 features viz. • I/O Ports. • Data Registers• Interrupts. • Timer/Counter. • External/Internal clocks• ADC (Analog to Digital Conversion using ATMega16). This session is for familiarization with various functional blocks of the microcontrollers and knowing the inside story of it. Introduction to Embedded C Programming • Embedded C-Programming for Microcontroller. • Introduction to C, Flow control statements, functions. • Data Types, operators and expressions. • Program structures and debugging. • Program Burning and Execution Interfacing of peripherals to Microcontroller(Atmega 16) • Actuators. • Geared DC Motor. • Stepper Motor. • Motor Driver. • Relays. • Solid State Drivers. • Integrated Circuit drivers. Interfacing of various kind of Display devices• Displays. • LED. • LCD. Interfacing various human interface devices with the microcontroller.• Input Devices. • Switches. Interfacing and Study of Sensors to enable microcontroller to acquire environmental data.• Sensors. • Temperature Sensors. • Light Sensors. Project Building and implementation of ideas• Designing• Devlopment• Programming and customizing • Debugging

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I live in India. I am interested in electronics and robotics. I built a Light following robot at low cost. I want to know cost of some electronic parts in India. Th electronic parts are   arduino uno, micro servo, HCSR04 ultrasonic sensor and QRD1114 reflective sensor. I am making plans for my new robot, so i want to calculate the total cost.

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The $2500 Car

From a NYTimes article, a story about a new $2500 car hitting the market in India. It won't pass US or European emissions or safety standards, but still- how neat is this?For Tata Motors of India, which will introduce its ultra-cheap car on Thursday, the question was, what could it take out?The company has kept its new vehicle under wraps, but interviews with suppliers and others involved in its construction reveal some of its cost-cutting engineering secrets — including a hollowed out steering-wheel shaft, a trunk with space for a briefcase and a rear-mounted engine not much more powerful than a high-end riding mower.The upside is a car expected to retail for as little as the equivalent of $2,500, or about the price of the optional DVD player on the Lexus LX 470 sport utility vehicle.The model appearing on Thursday has no radio, no power steering, no power windows, no air-conditioning and one windshield wiper instead of two, according to suppliers and Tata’s own statements. Bucking prevailing habits, the car lacks a tachometer and uses an analog rather than digital speedometer,

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Avr help

Help me in Programming my Avr...... Ques :- How to program avr using BRiCS Development board (avr 333) and usbtiny. I am new to avr programming....? When i used avr dude and entered following command i got this :- command by me ::    -c usbtiny -p m16 -P usb Avrdude's response :: avrdude.exe: initialization failed, rc=-1 Double check connections and try again, or use -F to override this check. Do i need to give external power to the board or it uses USB's Power supply....... WHY IT IS HAPPENING. Pls Help me.....

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Help me in Programming my Avr......

Ques :- How to program avr using BRiCS Development board (avr 333) and usbtiny. I am new to avr programming....? When i used avr dude and entered following command i got this :- command by me ::    -c usbtiny -p m16 -P usb Avrdude's response :: avrdude.exe: initialization failed, rc=-1 Double check connections and try again, or use -F to override this check. Do i need to give external power to the board or it uses USB's Power supply....... WHY IT IS HAPPENING. Pls Help me.....

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Hey guys i am intrested in electronics and robotics. i studied electronics. Now i want to study robotics. I live in India, Kerala. I studied craft and some paperwork myself. I started building spurt robots with the help of projects in instructables. I created an arduino robot looking at chicken parmi's instructable. I want to create a robot with my own ideas so i decided to go to a robotic class and study and make. I searched robotic classes in Kerala but i couldnt find one. There was one but it was over early in summer vaccation. I need a regular class so please help me to find one.

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Water purifiation for flood victims

Hi, I am a flood relief volunteer based in India. During flood, many children get seriously sick due to consumption of contaminated water. The flood water is contaminated with suspended particles,rotting organic matter& pathogens( specially E-coli) . These people do not have access to electricity,sanitation & medical relief. I am working on small, cheap & effective water filters that can be made/assembled at the site. If someone can suggest methods to make effective turbid water filters using commonly available materials, or send me the links which can help make these filters, it will be a big big help. Thanks, Chandan Singh,GreenPower India.Images of last yr floods 1Images of last yr floods 2 Images of last yr floods 2

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What prevents the decline of America according to Dr. Michio Kaku.

An interesting explanation from Dr. Michio Kaku about why America is still a superpower despite the substandard American education system.

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Socially Responsible Textiles - Bagru Textiles

One of my close friends from college , Jeremy Fritzhand, is spending a year in Bagru, India as a Union College Minerva Fellow.  He has created a business plan to allow the artisans of Bagru to market their textiles directly to Westerners by establishing a cooperative internet marketing strategy.  Read about Jeremy's journey and see how you can support his efforts and the efforts of the Bagru Artisans by visiting About Bagru Bagru - unique artisan village in India known for block printing, a technique that is used to create beautiful textiles.  It is one of the last print centers to use all natural dyes and no chemicals. The Problem The current system of textile trade in Bagru involves many middle men; the artisans have little to no interaction with the consumer. Jeremy's Solution Jeremy has formed a business plan to cut out the middle man and allow the artisans of Bagru to market their textiles directly to Western consumers.  He has been in Bagru for several months working with the Print Block Guild to establish a cooperative internet marketing strategy where the artisans can market their goods directly to the consumer.

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Radioactive lift controls recalled in France

NEW DELHI (AFP) - India's atomic safety body said Thursday that radioactive scrap metal which found its way into buttons installed into lifts in France had been traced back to a western Indian foundry.At least four Indian firms were involved in the manufacture of the components, an official said, but it was still unclear where the contaminated scrap originated."We are tracking back the whole chain," Satya Pal Agarwal, head of the radiological safety division of India's Atomic Energy Regulatory Board, told AFP."We are taking steps in each place. Exporters have been advised to buy monitors to check their materials before exporting."France's Mafelec firm delivered thousands of lift buttons to Otis, a subsidiary of the US elevator company, which installed them in at least 500 lifts in the country over the summer.Otis has said it is now in the process of removing the buttons, after France's Nuclear Safety Authority announced Tuesday that 20 workers who handled the lift buttons had been exposed to excessive levels of radiation.The French nuclear safety agency has said the lift buttons contained traces of radioactive Cobalt 60.AFP articleSteel items imported {into Sweden} from India showing faint traces of radioactivity were found in Sweden, before the same substance was traced on Indian-made lift buttons in France, officials said Wednesday.The levels of Cobalt 60, a radioactive form of the metal, were considered harmless and the steel components have not been recalled, the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM) told AFP."Dutch customs discovered that a shipment of industrial flanges from India to Sweden showed traces of Cobalt 60," SSM spokesman Mattias Skoeld said.Focus Agency feedFrench elevator maker Otis said it would remove the buttons from hundreds of lifts it has installed after a radioactivity scare over Indian-supplied materials.The company made the announcement after France's Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) said 20 French workers who had handled buttons used in lifts had been exposed to to excessive levels of radiation.An Otis spokesman said the firm's plan to remove the buttons "concerned 500 to 600 lifts out of the 2,500 that Otis has installed, modernised or repaired between August 21 and October 9 even if there is no danger for users."The ASN classed the incident at factory of the Mafelec firm in the east-central French town of Chimilin at "Level Two" on a scale of seven because of the exposure of more than 10 people to doses exceeding the reglementary limit.SA Times article

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where do i get a PIC16F84 in india?

I want to make 2 projects by macbot which need pic16f84 but i dont know where i an get it in india

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starting own website on "sending FREE sms' "?

Hi,i m viplove from india. i want to know what does it take to start "free sms"website on own . does it  require to contact service providers to start ?? i dont know anything about it as there is no such topic shared on the internet before,and even if it is present it isn't worth. can i get a help from you about how it is done and what to do?? thank you

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what is the price of digital multimeter in india (curreny-rupees)it should be range of 200mV-1000V.

What is the price of digital multimeter in india (curreny-rupees)it should be range of 200mV-1000V or can any suggest which is the best multimeter....(model numbr & company)

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I live in India and im 15 years old , is it legal for me to participate in a contest? Answered

I live in India and im 15 years old , is it legal for me to participate in a contest...and if I win a prize will it be delivered to here and should i pay extra money ?

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Ogden 200 - Teach basic english to India's poor

Hello I am looking for a solution to self teach English in Indian villages using a microprocessor based solution for audio together with a paper book. Learning English opens the door to better opportunities and job skills in poor countries. Requirement : 1. Final product should be dirt cheap ($1- $5) 2. Bilingual audio (English and a regional language) toy with buttons. I am a software engineer, can someone guide me what microprocessor or solution set for my need? Plan to develop it as an open source project.

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i want to be a part of an prototyping group near india?

Hello i am an indian i am good at drawing and creating ideas and i can good at many other but not too many things but i want sum oppertunity to do something  i actually want to be an  part of an prototyping group i would help them in any way i could  but i do not find any person to be helping me i simply am tired of doing nothing and as i am an geek every person takes advantage of me and now i want to be of use please tell me how to be in and good group in people intrested in prototyping / creating and / or how to find people like them

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is there any school for technology in India eg class 1 to 12 ?

I want to become an weapons designer and so i want to find an school of technology i am in class 8 looking for opportunity    

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PET Recycled fabric made from PET bottle scrap in India.?

Why nobody is manufacturing or supplying the Fabric made from recycled PET bottles. Requirement of such fabric and availability of such scrap are huge in India.

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Plz suggest a place in india to buy all the parts like audrino, LDR etc

Hello i live in kolkata, west bengal, india..and cannot find many a things to successfully make a project. Can u suggest me a place to buy the required parts in kolkata? i cannot buy from ebay as i dont have credit/debit card.. which type of shop do i generally get all the parts..? AUDRINO IS A TOP PRIORITY,,other things are...LDR, TRANSISTORS, variable and fixed resistors, breadboards, capacitors , batteries, RGB LEDs and LASER Modules...

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Contest is open to entries from India, but, what about Pakistan?

Hi, I like the way the "" has been emerged from starting with simple site to very up to date and helpful DIY guide to the obsessed DIY geeks like me. I really do appreciate the great job of the web site authors having this site evolved since! Since, I am from Pakistan, never submitted any entry yet, just avoid to fear that my entry will be wiped away, I want to ask the "" authros that could I submit my entry regarding Microcontroller contest? Is the contest entry from Pakistan is accepted here? Perhaps, the entries from our neighbor country INDIA are already accepted. Please reply ASAP. Thanks. M. Jawed

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in which online shop in india can i buy nintendo wii with emi? Answered

When i asked my father to buy me a nintendo wi he kept on saying no ? Today he said that he will buy me the wii if it is available for emi

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i live in bangalore,india...can anyone help me to find the dremel?

Hey ppl u all knw dremel is a must tool for many of the DIY projects and case can u plz help me 2 find one in my city...bangalore,india

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where can i get a under water ultrasonic sensors in india or online. i'm doing a progect on under water robot using arduino

Hello, im from bangalore india. looking for a under water ultra sonic sensor for a under water robot. compatible with atmega 8, arduino.

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Can Indians compete ?

Can an Indian compete in contest? If I win will the prize be shipped to India ?

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where should i get the USB transmitter reciever pair in india?

Actually i want to view the image of a web cam in PC with a distance of 100mtr so i need a wireless usb tranmitter & reciever pair .I already view it in other shoping sites except india.So i want to know in india where should i get this one 

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how to make a cheap programable rgb led tube light in india?

How to make a cheap programable rgb led tube light in india? which can be conected to 230 v ac supply................... actually i want to connect 100-500 leds.plz tel me formula with wich i can change my resisto nd capacitor etc specification according to the number of rgb led. thnk you

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how to make a bow?

It is for a boy 7 years old. We live in South India and would like to use indigenous materials.

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Can anyone in the world enter this competition? For example im from India and if my project wins will i be eligible for the prize?

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I AM A 14 YEAR OLD KID GOING TO SCHOOL AND I LOVE MAKING ROBOTS SO CAN ANYONE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT CAN I MAKE AND WHERE DO I GET STUFF IN INDIA,DELHI I am thinking of making quadcopter but i don't have the right material so where can i buy it in India,delhi

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Useless WorldSpace

I have a worldspace satellite reciever lying around at home. I'm from India and WorldSpace service in India has been stopped due to low profit. Now that reciever set and the antenna thing are thrown around useless. I wonder what I can do with it? And is it possible to make a mobile phone signal booster with it??? Or any other idea, anything??? 

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where shoud i found stepper motor and its driver also cnc packages and its softwer in india ?

I want to make cnc router at home for wooden engraving so, i want electronics parts of the cnc router including stepper motors and its driver boards also softwere parts compitable with windows, remeber i want all these parts in india pls help me!

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How to Run the "PAL" region games on "NTSCJ" Xbox 360?

I bought my xbox 360 from singapore(NTSC J).....but i live in india....i bought 2 PAL(India) region games...but that r not working dude......Give me some solution........i had done Googling but not found any easy method.........Thanks In Advance. '

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How to Speed up/ slow down of 230V LED alarm clock?

LED clocks in the UK keep accurate time. When I bring them to Chennai, India, they lose time. The clocks are 230V 50Hz. In India the AC supply is supposed to be 50Hz. I tried a clock from Singapore hoping it would keep the time. It works OK in Singapore and not in India! I guess the frequency of the AC current is not correct. I know a bit of soldering and very very basic knowledge about electrical components. Is it possible to correct the time by adding a resistor or a capacitor to the circuit? Alternatively is there anything else I can do to make these clocks work correctly? Thank you in anticipation.

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