IR Turns on Led

Http:// I want to know if anyone knows how to build this circuit im looking for a IR when you're hand or what not is above it. it flips on an led just like in this video Thank you.           Bobby

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IR LED for remote? Answered

I need to replace a LED in my remote because i dropped it and it fell out and I lost it. I need help to find an led right for the remote.. It takes 2 AA batteries if that helps any.

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IR Led Sources

Anyone have a source for near-infrared LED's? I want to build a night light for my video surveillance system. Maybe NIR wouldn't alert "strangers" until they are captured on camera. Thanks.

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power IR LED ? Answered

How can I power 30 IR leds comes from TV remote by a 3.6volt cell phone battery. the LEDs are 1.5 volt.

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Near-IR LEDs

Does anyone know of a good Near-IR LED that emits at about 775nm? Looking for a compact, high output package. Thanks

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IR Cake.

Hello, Some friends asked my wife to do a birthday cake for a girl of eight years. With her ‹age she is crazy about princesses. Well, what came to mind was that despite having done many projects with Arduino i had never applied electronics in a cake. So we decided to join forces and add some light (RGB LED) and movement (DC motor controlled with an L298) to the cake. Here is the link to the video:;

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IR heaters?

Hi all, So I've been searching / reading up on IR heaters and I can easily find IR bulbs /heaters, at 30W+ but the bulb's are pretty big (in regards to what I want). Is there not any smaller-scale /electronic componets for producing IR heat? I know there are IR LEDs but is that the same thing? I'm a bit lost and I swear I came across something before that had an array of small scale IR heating componets, but quite frankly I dont really know what I'm searching for, in regards to a correct name etc... Thanks in advance :)

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IR Receiver

I recently ripped apart a Sky+ box that was out of use. Of course, it contained many parts. Quite a few tact switches, a few LEDs, a lot of capacitors, lots of resistors. One of these parts was a little metal cube with a black sphere protruding from the front of it. This is the IR receiver for the remote. I wish to incorporate it into another project. The first problem is I don't know how to use it. It has 3 "legs" - 3 metal contacts. The second problem is I can't easily experiment with it as I inadvertently destroyed my breadboard earlier. A new one will come as soon as I can manage, but until then..... My question is this - any ideas how it would be used? Thanks in advance,     ~H4ZZ

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What is the difference between IR LED and LED?

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IR triggered LED strobe? Answered

Hey guys, im trying to make an IR(or other) triggered LED strobe. im including a you tube video so you can see what trying to make.  any suggestions?

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IR LED as Camera Remote

Is it possible to use an IR LED as a camera remote? I would like to have the LED flash at like two to three minute intervals thus closing the shutter and taking a picture. Is this possible? How do I learn and then repeat the frequency that the camera needs to take the picture? TIA

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IR triggered LED strobe

hey guys, im looking to build a IR triggered LED strobe. in the smallest possible size i can. it doesnt have to be from scratch so if anyone knows of a cheap trigger on a toy i could use that would be great. im looking to build an IR triggered strobe for an airsoft gun i have. the idea is to strobe an led (most likely a UV LED) every time an airsoft pellet trips the trigger. these pellets are glow in the dark so in essence i will be making my own homemade airsoft tracer system. these units are about $70 so if i could do this for free or much cheaper i would be thrilled. i know there are things out there i can use but im drawing a blank right now. i have makers block or something. here are a couple links to YouTube vids that explain the concept and more along the lines of what it should be like. at about 1:50 in the top video theres is a good demonstration on its workings. <br> <br> any part suggestions or ideas would be awesome.

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IR LED's, and the blood stream? Answered

Hey I am in the process of trying out a circuit that will act as a portable pluse checker. I was hoping on using the IR LED's to reflect light from the clot of blood and if it bounces off (which it should) it will be picked up by a IR Detector. The whole project rests on the question if the IR light will bounce off the blood in my veins, and if it will be picked up by the detector. So i ask you....will this work? Please keep in mind I am trying to keep the project simple, so no programming would be great!

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making a IR Light

Im planning to build a IR light using 10 IR leds in parallel with a forward voltage of 1.2 and a forward current of 100mA and five 6.8 Ohms resistors. Will 2 AA batteries be enough for this Thanks

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IR Robot Control

The cheapest way of wirelessly controlling a robot is IR, right? I'm in need of help for a schematic for an emitter and a reciever (this will be my first IR project). Please don't tell me to google it because I've been looking around and all I've found were vague schematics. I'd probably want to use a 555 timer for the emitter, but the schematics were vague again. For the reciever would I have to use 4, along with 4 emitters to drive 2 motors independently? As in Motor1 front and back, Motor2 front and back?

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arrey of nine or ten ir leds

Hi i'm making an arrey of ir leds and i will power them with 4.8v 180mAh battery i m using the given arrey. Can some one suggest me some better idea i have 10 leds rated 1.3V at 20mA

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Ir remote that activates 3 leds.

Hi, guys. I need some serious help. I need to build the following device: Remote control Ir transmitter with 3 buttons. Each button activates different led of different colours 1 button) red 2 button) blue 3 button) green A receiver device that acts in a different way for each button 1 button) red led lights for 3 seconds and there is a beep.  2 button) blue led turns on and turns off only after 5 minutes. 3 button) when third button on remote is pressed, then on a receiver device green light turns on, and turns off when the button is released. Also i need IR beam to be as thin as possible. On a distance of 1-10 meters its diameter must be something like 30cm. Is that possible?  Also how can i restrict IR beam to work only up to 10m distance. Also the problem is that i am restricted to 15$ budget, cause i need to build  60 pairs. If this is impossible for this budget i need the following: Remote control with 3 buttons. 2 buttons activates corresponding led for 3 seconds. third button activates third led only when pressed. The same thing with the IR beam diameter.

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Problem with ATtiny85 IR controlled LED

I am making a LED Light Stick with IR control to change the colour. Uploaded the schematics I made. Is there any mistake ? Do i misunderstand anything ? If yes, please forgive me, I am a complete noob and here to learn. I am going to add a 5v regulator to the Attiny85 power supply. And 380ohm resistor from pin5,6,7 to the corresponding transistor's base pins. I planned to use S8050 NPN transistor. How i calculate the things: 1. The RGB LED Strips i using is rated at 15W/metre @ 5V . Power supply i am using is 6V which is 4xAAA battery .I apply P=IV and get 2.5A/metre of current. Then I calculate current used in 60cm of LED Strips (2.5/100*60) and I get 1.5A current per 60cm. I devided the value by 3 and get 0.5A for each Red, Green and Blue pin. 2. Next step, I found the S8050 DC current gain (hFE/Beta) which is 40 and apply the formula Ic/Ib = B (Ic = 0.5A , Ib = unknown, B=40). I get the Ib of 0.0125A. Which mean i need 0.0125A of current in order to Fully-On the transistor at Ic=0.5A @ 6V. 3.To find the resistor value from Attiny85's Pin, I apply formula Ib = (Vb-Vbe)/Rb (Ib=0.0125, Vb=5 because the power supply of Attiny85 is 5v not 6v , Vbe=0.7V , Rb = Unknown) and i get value of Rb = 376ohm approximate to 380ohm. Another issue is that i didn't really know how to write the code. analogWrite seem didn't work for ATtiny85 sincce there's just 2 analog output for the controller. Or delayMicroseconds will work ? But i could'nt figure out how to write the code. I am very new to arduino. I know i should start at the basic first but i really need to get this project done. And please forgive my language. I didn't know English very well. Thanks a lot.

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IR Beam issues.

So I have been working on an airsoft tripwire type thing. I have the circuit entirely finished. I am using an infrared photoresistor and the one problem I am having is that I can't seem to focus the beam from the IR leds very well. I have three of these ( at my disposal. The IR leds are a pain to line up with the resistor on the circuit. So I ask you, what do you think I could do? Ideas on better ways to focus the beam as well as perhaps ideas for replacing the photoresistor are appreciated. The IR photoresistor came from radioshack. I'm pretty sure this is it:

Question by DesChamos 9 years ago

Do you need a resistor to hook up an IR led if you r using an AA battery? Answered

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What will be power supply given to IR leds?

I have connected 23 IR leds in a series. I want to know that what will be the minimumm voltage given to IR leds so that they do not blow. Please tell me the power supply for 31 IR LEDs in series also as fast as you can.

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Soooo... What can IR LEDs be used for?

I have three of them that I found in a Furby. What can I do with them and the rest of the Furby?

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IR (infrared) tripwire (arduino)? Answered

How can i build an infrared tripwire for my arduino bored i have a IR photo transistor and a IR led, What i want to do with this is control a relay which turns my light on when i enter the room and off when i exit. Thanks

Question by Daniel Deacon 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

IR remote control color change LED - how small is possible?

Hi.  You know those LED candles and such that come with a remote control to change their color?  I'd like to do this with a necklace.  I'm wondering how tiny a light and receiver set-up can be?  Thanks.

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Cheap IR illuminator

I have been wanting to make night vision for a while and I get the question. How do I make an IR illuminator? Well I can buy 15 long range IR LEDS or I could buy a pre-built one for under $20. I have searched everywhere and still can't find what i'm looking for.

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Easy way to get IR LED detectors?

I need a large quantity if IR detectors for free or very cheap. Are there any god sites that give samples or anyone here that has a large quantity they don't want?

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InfaRed (IR) Motion Sensor

So...If I buy an IR Emitter LED and an IR Receiver LED ...and put them face to face...and get power to each of them....Can I somehow create a motion sensor out of that? For example, if someone walked between the 2 LEDs, it would trigger lights to go on. Is that possible?

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does IR photodiode(reciever part not ir led) glow under mobile camera?

Question by Atul009 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

IR distance sensor?

Hi, im looking for a way to detect distance (around 4 feets) using IR. basically a person will carry the IR transmitter and walk around until he comes across an IR receiver. the receiver is connected to a buzzer  where the buzzer will emit louder sound as the user getting near to the receiver.  can this be done by using ir transmitter and receiver led? any other better suggestion is welcome thank you for your reply 

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What are the specs for 'standard' 3.5mm mono pluged infrared (IR) emitters?

An example of what I'm talking about can be found on Amazon.  I am looking for which conductor is anode and which cathode as well as the forward voltage and current requirements.  My inability to see IR is really hurting my normal LED testing techniques.

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IR LED on mega 2560 board

I am able to fire a standard LED in the circuit , but an IR will not function. Any ideas?

Question by jastone502 3 months ago  |  last reply 3 months ago

How to connect IR receiver ?

Is this an IR receiver ? If it is, how can i connect it to a (or a few) LED's so that i can turn on the LEDs remotely? Please help, Thanks fujiapple

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How to narrow an IR beam which comes from several IR LEDs at one place? Can I use a lens for this? Answered

How to narrow an IR beam which comes from several IR LEDs at one place? Can I use a lens for this? This is for a university project which is to track an IR beam's pointer movement.

Question by lks0912 9 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

are high power ir leds dangerous? Answered

Im experimenting with ir motion sensors and im think i have a working model, but then i realized i would have a ir led on at almost 150 ma and i didn't know if that was safe, so i managed to reduce it to 10 ma and still work, but then i realized that if i didn't know how dangerous ir leds are, then any level could be unsafe for all i know (i came to that realization after i changed the circuit because im smart like that) i couldn't find any safety info on ir leds, just ir lasers, is there a certain power to distance ratio or anything i should know? aside from not shining it directly into my eyes (im not that far-gone)

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rgb led controller with ir remote

Hello to all my genious m new here but from past few months i really wanted to do some with rgb led's.....i am having 100 rgb led's, i want to control them so that i can get diffrent colour according to would be more fun for me if i would b able to control it with tv ir remote.......plzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me nd giv me all the design or details so that i can make all of it at home....on a simple pcb....i live in india, nd near my home there is no pcb designing shopwould thankful to u,ur help would definately make my dream of " my ambient light room" come true.thank u guys, nd plz dnt mind for silly questions if any i askd.

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make iphone ir connector?

I want to make a ir connector for my iphone (to use it as a remote) ex. it looks like its just an ir led connected to the iphone but for 70$!!! no way! could someone show me the inside of one or tell me how to make one plz?

Question by tim13211 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

IR source detection on a screen?

Hello everyone, I'm trying to find a way to detect a IR source -a LED- from 100m. I only need to detect the source, I do not need to transmit data.  When I turn the camera towards a IR source the software would put an icon on the source BUT without seeing the beam. Namely, the led should look like it is off but the icon on the image should indicate that it is a IR source when it is on. Thank you all!

Question by Matienzo 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

How many volts is an IR LED? (from a remote)? Answered

I am trying to wire IR (Infrared) LEDs, and I need to know how many volts each one takes, they are from remote controls.

Question by shammallamaman 10 years ago  |  last reply 3 years ago

What are the specifications for the particular IR LED used in Comcast universal remote control?

I'm sourcing IR LED's from old remotes and need the specs in order to determine the apropriate resistors for reintegration. If anyone knows a good way to test the individual LEDs that would be great i can't find any data sheets on these remotes.

Question by Jman58 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Resistors and power supply needed for 8 IR LEDs? Answered

Should they be set up in parallel or series? If possible, draw up a schematic.

Question by PKTraceur 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

im looking for some help building an ir led array i have 150 10mm IR leds to power, must be from batteries

So which batteries to use? how many leds to connect ? series/parralel? additional resistors?thanks in advence guysmy leds claim to have the following spec:RADIANT INTENSITY 6mW/Sr If=20m/aRADIANT INTENSITY 30 mW/Sr If=100m/aFORWARD VOLTAGE 1.4—1.45vREVERSE CURRENT 10u/a

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How do I turn on LEDS with a IR remote? Answered

I have a IR remote and about 20 LEDS that are hooked to a Lithium-Ion battery and I would just like to be able to turn them on and off with my IR remote. I have seen things for home lights but I have never seen anything on how to do this with low volt DC power. All I want to do is have it as a switch ON/OFF is all it really needs to be able to do. It doesn't have to be IR either, I just need a way to turn them on wireless. Thank you.

Question by Zebrah 5 years ago  |  last reply 5 years ago

How do I use a high power LED in a a low power circuit? Answered

I want to replace a remote control's low power IR LED  to a high power IR LED, or preferably an IR laser diode. Obviously replacing the original LED with the high power one won't do it. What is: 1) The easiest way to make it work? 2)The best way to make it work? If at all possible, link to a diagram or an instructable, that would be super! Thanks :)

Question by Morgantao 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

dissecting an IR remote-controlled color change LED

Okay, I bought one of those remote-controlled color changing LED candle things.  I want to get its guts as small as possible.  My knowledge level is basically "LED + battery = glowy" so I need some help figuring it out.  I've attached a pictured.  I tested and it will work with 3 volts.  I get that obviously I need the RGB LED, the IR receiver, and the control chip thingy... but what is everything else?  I'm figuring resistors and capacitor/transistor, but I don't understand these and why I need them, and why so many?!  Any chance some of them are just for lowering the voltage down to 3, and now that I'm using only 3 they are no longer needed?

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in order to make ir rays travel longer distances from an ir led which circuit is appropriate

Either a multivibrator or an oscillator circuit input which will be to an ir led

Question by sandiri 6 years ago  |  last reply 6 years ago

can the infared led ( IR ) withstand 2 AAA batteris?

Can the infared led ( IR ) withstand 2 AAA batteris? if it can please tell me, if it cant and you know a way to make it withstand 2 AAA batteries with out resistors cuz they dont sell them here in dubai

Question by ahmad2117 8 years ago  |  last reply 8 years ago

How can I make LED tea lights remote control ON/OFF?

I want to be able to remotely turn off a bunch of cheap electric LED tea lights.  I have a total of 15 in a room I want to be able to turn ON/OFF with an IR remote but dont have a clue how to start.  They will be situated in votives around the room so they can not be connected together so I think I will need a circuit on each tea light.  I have looked into buying units already made but they are way out of my price range for this project.  Thanks so much for your help.

Question by ChrisLED 7 years ago  |  last reply 7 years ago

Why this led circuit doesn`t work? Answered

Hi everyone, you see build this infrared-led circuit for a school project (am 16 and not in america so sorry for missespells, like that, pretty sure that missespell is not the word) This are the parts: Breadboard 3v Led 3v Ir receiver (with 3pins) Switch Jumper wires Can please tell me why doesn`t work??? What i miss?? Above some pictures.

Question by Ik0 9 years ago  |  last reply 9 years ago

Can i power a TV without Remote?

I have an old TV and i cant power him on without remote. Why? i dont know. I called an specialist, but he said that to. I know something about electronics, so can i do something in the IR bloc? like make a bridge betwen leds legs? i dont know, this is an idea i have, but im affraid that it blows the IR bloc. i had another idea, to change the entire IR bloc,  but i cant find one and i dont have the knowledge to do that. so! i put a question here, can i do something or not??

Question by danyelo 4 years ago  |  last reply 4 years ago

UPDATE !!!! Sneak Peak: preview of initial results of my prototype display case....

Here is what I got when I fired up the project in total needs tweaking, which I will do this weekend and hopefully publish then. WOW !  Is this ever taking a LONG time (and back breaking work at my bench).   Had I thought ahead, I would have saved myself a LOT of trouble and gotten myself some LED sockets....soldering over 90 pairs of leads is tedious at best.....

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