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Luxury IceCream ?

So what is your favourite "Luxory IceCream" ?By "Luxury" I mean: Expensive the ones that normally cost about 4 sterling pounds, or 8 dollers.The price actually does suit the Icecream, becuase they normally taste better than the cheaper ones.There are many to choose from but these are the more common ones:Ben and Jerry'sHaagen DazHill StationCaramellae.t.cThere are so many, but mine is Ben and Jerry's - Cookie Dough Mix . (Just tried it yesterday and it was lovely ).What's Yours?

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how to make icecream

With out a icecream maker!!!!

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DIY icecream maker

I'm new to working with gears so I need some help with setting up the gears. I have an idea that I could use a an old welder tank of some kind, cut down to size to fit inside a wooden barrel with screws to hold it in place while churning I got at an estate sale and use copper pipes cut in half length wise as the dashers. What I need to know is what kind of gears I should get for the ice cream maker and where to buy it and how to mount it. Also I'm planning on using normal lead free sodering to hold the churner togeter but am wondering if it will crack with the temp in the ice cream.

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Motor for hand cranked icecream machine Answered

He guys, i wanted to make my hand cranked iceream machine into a motorised one so would like to know what rpm and torque the motor should have.

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How do soft-serve icecream machines work? Answered

Hi, Does anyone know how softserve icecream machines work? I have a rough idea that they use an aerator but thats all.

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How to make a silicon mold so i can make ice lollies in a shape?

I want to make icelollies in the shape of a word. You can buy little shapes to make ice lollies (i'm not sure how you call those things in English, in Dutch it's called waterijsjes) but i want to make my own shape. Any tips?

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Model bridge

Hello,             What is the best way to construct a model bridge out of small wooden icecream sticks  The requirements are as follows: 1) the icecream stick dimensions are 2mm deep 10mm wide by 115mm long 2) the bridge has to be 1 metre long and about 20-30cm wide 3) the only materials are the wooden icecream sticks , wood glue and cardboard to form the deck of the bridge. The idea is to construct the bridge so as to be able to hold the most weight.The most weight achieved so far is 450 kg before breaking

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Update any android device from İCS to JellyBean, KitKat, Lollipop?

İ run a Samsung Galaxy S Duos (the most dissapointing phone ever)  And i am dying to move from  ice cream sandwich. PLEASE HELP ME GET AS FAR AWAY FROM İCECREAM %&?@İNG SANDWİCH!!?

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how many watts for two freezers will i need to make solar panel?

Im trying to power two 4 amp 115 v 60 hz freezers for an icecream truck by using a solar panel but am having trouble figuring out how many solar cells i am going to need or watts i will need so i can figure out how many cells. i dont know if the voltage is right on the cells when they produce the right watts. any one know how i can figure this out?

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strange fluid inside a rear projection tv i was pulling apart? Answered

So i was disassembling a toshiba rear projection for the fresnel lense, and figured i'd pull the rest of it apart and see what parts i could salvage, i got to the gun assembly (i think its called that) and was pulling one of the guns to bits to salvage the lens mount and discovered there was some sort of liquid between the gun and the lenses, it smelt strongly like alcohol and burnt when i held a flame to it long enough, i got some on my hands and my hands started getting a burning sensation so i washed it off and stored it in an icecream container can anyone tell me what the liquid is? why is it inside the tv/projection guns? 

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EGiR, Gift Exchange

My skills include: Electronics, woodwork, textiles, visual design. Here's a link to my featured Instructable: What I'd like to make for someone: Something Novel. I'd be willing to make this size gift package for someone: Any! as long as postage doesn't break the bank I'd be willing to receive a smaller or larger size gift package from someone than the one I make for someone else: Definitely! What I like: rugged yet elegant, slightly useful What I don't like: things that break I absolutely can't have: antimatter (allergies) Type of thing I'd love to receive: blast-proof rubber gauntlets, USB icecream machine, dot-matrix waffle press, Igor. Would you be willing to ship to an address outside your own country? yes Confirm that are at least 18 years old or, if not, that you have the approval of a parent or guardian: Yes.

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